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Allman Brothers Band - Soulshine

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"Soulshine" by Allman Brothers Band, 1994.
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Tammy lora susan Fussner (10 hours ago)
porkypine52 (2 days ago)
This REAL MUSIC, not the CRAP that some people call music today.
Juliem Pampalona (2 days ago)
This was one of my Daddy’s favorite songs. My Daddy was my best friend and confidant. I miss him terribly~5/2/2018😢😢♥️😘😘
Sheila Langley (3 days ago)
12:20Am on 12-8-2019 and still this is the real Music..Loveeee
kc ramone (4 days ago)
better then guns and rosies huh??:)
Owls eye see it (4 days ago)
Soul shine IS better than sunshine! 💯
lucky one777 (4 days ago)
My soul can shine now just took an od fuck this world!!!!!!!
Donna Thompson (4 days ago)
if you dont like this song you dont have a soul if i had 10 thumbs tha would all be up
Seamus Jones (4 days ago)
LPCustom3 (5 days ago)
My friend Warren Haynes wrote this back around 1994 or so. Great song! Always will be a great song! Great songs are timeless!
ola jonsson (5 days ago)
I will Always love the Allman Brothers Band. Saw them at Watkins Glen 1973.
Patti Karlberg (5 days ago)
love this song
Jake Carter (5 days ago)
I'm absolutely astounded at the impact this song has just had on me, I'm a grown man sat here crying. I've never in my 35 years of life been moved by a song like this before.
Mike Trammell (9 days ago)
Very up lifting song. The dual lead solo at the end is absolutely stunning..
Goodie Face (10 days ago)
Awesome song
John Rahed (13 days ago)
Good tune is f,n rite
Billy Mason (13 days ago)
It's taking long time of drug addiction but after this whole team of doctors to help me cleanse my blood and all there hard work this is Billy Mason all the community so much for praying for me I'll listen to this song all the time and I know it but it's time for me to settle down in the church house tell the people I'm sorry and get back to living I'm in no shape to live with the homeless too susceptible to diseases the germs and I got to have a clean place to live no more running like an idiot Gregg Allman and your whole band thank you for the song This is my God time this is what cleanses my soul thank you I love you I hear you screaming from heaven and you're telling me to stop to mr. Allman I'll Always Love You thank you for the music it makes my soul shine now
flyinsquirrel48 (14 days ago)
Thank you Josh
Cindy Fairbrother (16 days ago)
I Love these guys., never nothing ever will you ever hear it again. He’s frozen in time.
Dennis Sweeney (17 days ago)
What a great song and great band so many memories of great shows from the round up at J.F.K. stadium in Philadelphia to the BEACON THEATER .to GREAG ALLMAN solo were he headlined a blues festivals with TENS YEARS AFTER SAVORY BROWN JOHNNY WINTER HAROLD MELVIN AND THE BLUE NOTES. and some others just a great day of music. The brothers had so many great musician came in and out of that band like GOV MULE when they blew my mind at the ROXY in ATLANTA in 96 one of my top ten or DEREK TRUCKS open up for GREGG at a small theater in TIME square when his first album just came out he left me memorized can't say enough. LONG LIVE ROCK
Howard Rossell (20 days ago)
Should be the national anthem.
Herb of Grace Genetics (20 days ago)
it is in this part of the woods lol righton
his Mlady forever his baby (20 days ago)
Clw play the guitar I bought you for Xmas I'll sing it like we used to damn I miss the good days
Charles Ferer (22 days ago)
Watching interview with Greg. Said I'm the famous guitarist, Dickie is the good one.
Steve Sandoval (22 days ago)
Who would ever have figured, music, to have Healing properties! We're only on this Earth for a short time! It sounds like you've made good use of it! Hope I can take some of this music, with me, when I go!🌍✌
Otto Adalwulf Fischer (23 days ago)
Man this song still sounds great and it is almost 2020 I pity the youth that did not have this kind of music to grow up to or those who just plain did not like it
Alice Fulmer (23 days ago)
Getting better
E.J (23 days ago)
wow! by myself ……. this song... gives me 10010% courage.. when ur bf of 26 years … never has ur back!!!!
Craig McCauley (26 days ago)
Love it!
lbelt451 (26 days ago)
lbelt451 (27 days ago)
God damn better than rain!!!!!!
Shana Carden (27 days ago)
Ya are all right not left lol🤣🤣🎵🎵
Claudio Casemiro (29 days ago)
Linda! Sem mais palavras, apenas o silêncio, de olhos fechados...
Bob McKay (29 days ago)
Awesome - many memories
Karry Johnson (1 month ago)
They should've featured this song in Doctor Sleep
Justin McNeal (1 month ago)
Stevi Jones (1 month ago)
I was diagnosed with cancer 20 years ago on10 of November and this song has always been an inspiration.im still letting my soul shine as an inspiration to others.peace love n rock n roll
XDsophie g (1 month ago)
Looks like 4392 Dipshits who don't know anything about what great Music is Viewed this. RIP Greg Allman.
Global Nomad (1 month ago)
Let our soul shines. Get me through a cloudy day.
Larry Goodwin (1 month ago)
4.3 K thumbs down? What is not to love about this?
Tanya Kadrmas (1 month ago)
Stan Simpson (1 month ago)
Soul ....is like a break of day☮
Jeffrey Schmoldt (1 month ago)
Classic. You got to love the way the guitars talk to each other..rip Greg
Brent Eling (1 month ago)
Cannot believe or begins to understand why this music seems to have passed. Blessed to have lived in time.
Matt Bell (1 month ago)
God Bless the Great Warren Haynes
ralberty (1 month ago)
Hope they shut the Tour Bus down for them, Set Break out there with the Bus dieseling is a trip. ;-) LA Pew .. Orpheum Theater picture
Rebel Justice (1 month ago)
Great song! About living life, not lamenting death. About standing up to the evil folk in the world by shining on, despite them. Great song!
Tammy lora susan Fussner (1 month ago)
Let your soul shine
Mike Clontz (1 month ago)
Over 4k dislikes, you know America is turning to shit,god bless us all...
Sharon Pinyon (1 month ago)
Still love this song 2019❤️💯
rene rivera (1 month ago)
From the Bronx NY....Kept me sane on CLOUDY DAYS.
Leo Hamilton (1 month ago)
These comments are so pure just like southern rock
Teresa Pesek (1 month ago)
Kathleen Shaw (1 month ago)
*Fuck, man - this is M U S I C ! ! !*
Pearl Ritchie (1 month ago)
I love this kind of music.i am old school
Tammy lora susan Fussner (1 month ago)
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/pDIQ7Otf1mw?start=3" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
murp h (1 month ago)
Truly a moving wonderful soulful song _____ play it in 2050 ___ it will sound great ___ great music is forever
Daniel Cooke (2 months ago)
Ok so I’ve never listened to this band before but I found a shirt with this bands name on it and decided to check it out. I’m really loving this lol
Faith Lee Feathers (2 months ago)
+h0uGH+ AND Ac+¡○n$.. B.C. lions c¡RcL€S eV0. C0L0Ur ₩¡||YOU know how to make the formula B☆||f1£|d.
Dimas Vicente (2 months ago)
Problema Se você Usa terno Problema Seu Se eu ando Nu' problema Meu! Se você Escutar Funk Meus parabéns Se eu curto Rock! Problema Meu Se você Não quer Viver! Problema Seu Vou curtir À vida! Problema Meu!
Dimas Vicente (2 months ago)
Belchior Poeta eterno Belchior Sua música Encantou Belchior Sua voz Emocionou! Belchior Nosso cantor! No céu Com Deus Se encontrou! Belchior Em paz Descansou! Viva o compositor!
Henry Blickenstaff (2 months ago)
This song perfectly represents why I love the Allman Brothers. Beautiful, powerful lyrics that never seem repetitive or long-winded surrounded by amazing instrumentals. One of my favorite bands ever. RIP Duane and Gregg
Eric Tina (2 months ago)
Eric kendall makes me his wife Tina's soul definitely shine
Seamus Jones (2 months ago)
To Juile 907. May your beautiful eyes be lit with joy, for the rest of time! Soar with the Hawks girl!!
C. B. (2 months ago)
MAGNIFICENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kathy Anderson (2 months ago)
Donovan Thibodeaux (2 months ago)
Who in their right mind would thumbs down this song???????????????????🤦🏻‍♂️
Ethan Wheeler (2 months ago)
This is such a great song
Samuel Pudwill (2 months ago)
Andrea Bieschke (10 days ago)
way to live
Johnny Reb (1 month ago)
My absolute favorite Allman brothers tune (including Ramblin Man)
Made You Look (1 month ago)
You must be a wise man
Daniel Northcott (1 month ago)
Keep On Rockin in the Free World
Sandi Cullen (2 months ago)
Between Allman Brother Band doing Soulshine, and Government Mule doing Soulshine, I PREFER ALLMAN BROTHER BAND!!!
Chad Orr (2 months ago)
This song has taken me through the worst of times, the saddest, happiest, and most of all it made me realize that things are not that bad. Music is the healer to my heart and soul and this one is the MAIN DR.
Debbie Greene (2 months ago)
Chad Orr Right on!
lilyvampwolf (2 months ago)
Wow this is yummy to my ears
Tim Sweeney (2 months ago)
I was born into a family with good music taste. Allman brothers, lynard Skynard, Grateful Dead, Blues brothers, Rolling Stones etc... I have a wide range of favorite music categories. I can listen to a lot of rap but not the mumble shit my generation likes. Only real rap. Cheers to great music
Michael Hartman (2 months ago)
saved saved (2 months ago)
My soul shines even in the rain......love this song...
Julian Vickery (2 months ago)
"Soulshine" by the Allman Brothers Band, a song written by Warren Haynes, released on their 1994 album, "Where It All Begins", with Gregg Allman on lead vocals. https://youtu.be/pDIQ7Otf1mw
Raynee Dae (2 months ago)
Jei Thorpe (2 months ago)
This is where it's at. When I was in culinary school in N.Y., I asked my instructor to get out early one Friday night to see the Allman Brothers, and got denied, even though I had tickets. I was so bummed! About 45 minutes before our restaurant closed, my instructor winked at me and asked if I was ready to go. He had tickets too and was just messing with me, so we went together and had a blast. They opened with Sweet Melissa (the name of my then-current love) and closed with Whipping Post. Pure magic!
Nick Hill (2 months ago)
@Jei Thorpe Yes I'm sure it was great.
Jei Thorpe (2 months ago)
@Billy Joe Chambers Luckier than I deserve!
Jei Thorpe (2 months ago)
@Nick Hill It was the best of shows!
Nick Hill (2 months ago)
@Billy Joe Chambers Yes I'm sure it was a great show.
Billy Joe Chambers (2 months ago)
lucky guy
Taylor Crain (2 months ago)
I let my soul shine, while you let them... shine your soul! Re-post, just to see if you are runing my habits of hitting my favorites! Freemen live here, and they have always lived here!
Danny Meyer (2 months ago)
Love this song as I sit here with the tears streaming down my face. I can't shine my soul today just to much sadness.
Nick Hill (1 month ago)
@Mack Benton Yes your right. A great song to sit on the porch look at the stars and think.
Mack Benton (1 month ago)
Gregg Allmann's beautiful voice was said to be 100 year's ahead of himself! Still love the Allmann Brother's band. Thank God for Gregg, Dickie, both drummer's. Just gotta love them. Yes RIP Gregg, Duane, Barry, Butch and everyone whom played in the Band! Saw them one time in my life live! I'll never ever stop listening and playing and singing thier Awesome music!
Nick Hill (2 months ago)
@Jeffrey Petro Yes I don't think anyone could have said it better than you. It really gets me when I'm sitting on the porch looking at the stars and remembering. It's been to hot to do that lately but cooler weather is just a day away.
Jeffrey Petro (2 months ago)
@Nick Hill sometimes I find a sad tear, thinking of days or folks passed, often it's a joyful tear, touched by human connectedness that we share, or touched by the loving kindness this song radiates. Truly a very special song!
Nick Hill (2 months ago)
@Jeffrey Petro I don't know how many times I've listened to this and every single time it gets me.
Kennedy Rae (2 months ago)
song that always gets me through the tough days 🤘🏻❤️
Nick Hill (2 months ago)
Yes your not alone .
Jodie Davis (3 months ago)
This will always be my favorite band. I love the Grateful Dead but I will always be an ABB girl at heart.
Taylor Crain (3 months ago)
I say it is like your bible good man, you must read every word ever written as a thought toward freedom if freedom is to last chief Three Stones, Cherokee, nations clan of the Bear, and a skin walker!
murp h (1 month ago)
I guess
Taylor Crain (3 months ago)
See I ain't changing just to met your lie half way!
keep on rollin 79 (3 months ago)
I was 15 first saw these guys in 94 on the hoarde festival columbus,oh and this was their new album,and 25 yrs later after discovering every thing these guys have done this song ranks right up their with their best.
Taylor Crain (3 months ago)
When the shit hits the fan, what kind of freeman will you be?
Christopher Carr (2 months ago)
William Gunn (3 months ago)
My favorite song tells my story in some ways
elchamber (3 months ago)
Thank you, Joey Diaz for bring me to this song.
Sam Martinez (3 months ago)
This is a good song just to kick back
G W (3 months ago)
For some reason reminds me of an old hymn I remember from my childhood. I recently found a video of it sung by an old friend of the ABB, Leon Russell. Leon has now passed, but I’m certain his soul is shining. Listen to Leon sing about it: https://youtu.be/N9e7QJblAk8
debbie j (3 months ago)
Played this at my 31 year old daughter funeral. Great music!!!!!!
steve redfish (3 months ago)
I’m 66 years old and still rockin an rolling to the music
Kenny Grimes (3 months ago)
Best song Warren Haynes will ever write. From the Heart!
Jeremiah May (3 months ago)
Im just here for the music, not to hear people whine about life. God, shut the fuck up and enjoy the music that you dont get to hear often
Carlos Guzman (3 months ago)
Great song!!!!
David Thomas Wood III (3 months ago)
Gotta let your "SoulShine"
Alan Eisenberg (3 months ago)
Another great song from one of the greatest bands of our time.
Jeffrey Schmoldt (3 months ago)
When down and missing home in Sarasota I play this tune and get a smile on..rip Greg. This song should get him into yhe pearly gates..i would bet duanne and Greg are busy catching up..
Steven Snider (3 months ago)
Old song but still has alot of meaning
Antonio Cicero Oliveira (3 months ago)
Jenna Boyd (3 months ago)
RICK JOHNSON (3 months ago)
Sang it, Gregg!