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How to Perform a UPS Transfer in a Critical Data Center

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The Markley Group demonstrates how power at a UPS in a data center is transferred without its critical loads seeing any interruption. Routinely this type of procedure is performed at One Summer Street to allow technicians to safely work on critical electrical equipment without any risk to your information. Video by Christopher Huang
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Text Comments (21)
kishor bodhale (6 months ago)
Sir why utility power is change over to DG?
Zul Yadein (1 year ago)
youtube help full my job
Chia hung Lin (1 year ago)
This can use DRUPS to make thing easier, it is automatically transfer u power and normally transfer to gen set power within few seconds.
Sbrabson04 (7 months ago)
Or just use a static transfer switch instead of an automatic transfer switch.
jejedala (1 year ago)
hymm.. no ups power directly to critical it ??
robinvannoor (1 year ago)
Is there down time when moving load from second UPS to the static bypass?
Sbrabson04 (10 months ago)
There should not be as the UPS will filter out the power blip. Depending on the total load, the UPS is able to support it for that short time of transfer.
CassetteMaster (2 years ago)
Russelectric switchgear at 0:47!
swastik mishra (2 years ago)
Very nice
Dip H (2 years ago)
Space suit??
Moe Whitfield (9 months ago)
PPE, it's required to work on any kind of eletrical equipment past a certain voltage where arc flashing can happen.
srtyeh (2 years ago)
Why can't i pause this to take notes.....
C. J. (3 years ago)
What kind of suit is that at 1:24?
Jeffrey Coumbe (1 year ago)
Touch Screen
gatewaysolo104 (2 years ago)
why weren't they wearing gloves?
Nicolas Comstock (2 years ago)
looks just like the 40 cal arc flash suit i use at my work. if things go bad, it essentially protects the body from the vaporization of a solid conductor such as copper into a gas. the arc flash could exceed 35,000F
MrVM77 (3 years ago)
As ups enginner this kind of job is very critical. The easiest way to fired you? Just cut of the load!!!
robinvannoor (1 year ago)
Is there down time when moving load from second UPS to the static bypass?
Mohamed Noh Saeed (1 year ago)
Is there down time when moving load from second UPS to the static bypass?
Taha Taha (4 years ago)
nomon95 (2 years ago)
I maintained a data center of an important bank,,,the Ups is Powerware,,,,400 kva,,,three phase 3x 400vca,,batteries 12v 180ah,,,for this purpose,,,in battery mode,at full load the battery use was 11(eleven )minutes,,,,ai 8(eight)minutes an alarm,,begin to sound.At middle power,,,20 (twenty)mijnutes,,,but the ups is "online,,,,works 24 hs,,,if the power goes out,,,the uops gives power,,,bacause the inverter works all the time. the configuration is ac charger,rectifier,batterry,,,and inverter ac,,,,dc....ac .sine wave with very low distortion<0,5%