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Mark Zuckerberg: We Don't Use Mobile Device Microphones To Listen In On Users

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In front of a joint session of the Senate Judiciary and Commerce Committees, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg answers questions from Sen. Gary Peters (D-Mich.). » Subscribe to CNBC: http://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: http://www.cnbc.com/ Find CNBC News on Facebook: http://cnb.cx/LikeCNBC Follow CNBC News on Twitter: http://cnb.cx/FollowCNBC Follow CNBC News on Google+: http://cnb.cx/PlusCNBC Follow CNBC News on Instagram: http://cnb.cx/InstagramCNBC Mark Zuckerberg: We Don't Use Mobile Device Microphones To Listen In On Users | CNBC
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Text Comments (1145)
justice Christopher (4 days ago)
I am so crushing on the beautiful lady behind him
Sex For you (12 days ago)
Facebook updates now do not see any improvement. Worst of my comments. I just applied for a new Facebook for less than 10 seconds. Let me confirm my identity. I, who have many followers, have been suspended for use. I tried not to return, not to me. It's the worst.
Minimalist Living (13 days ago)
He lies so much. Accounts are not completely deleted. I did my own test and I encourage you all to do the same even if its a fake account. I made an account in 2017 and was able to access it plus photos and friends still remained on page in 2019. I want all of my data including shadow data deleted permanately
Karnage Asada (23 days ago)
(Don't gotta reply if you dont like what I say) The first question, I truly respect. I get see where he's coming from because not that it's out there It just got me curious and not furious or annoying lol
Karnage Asada (23 days ago)
1:30 Isn't there like a little question that pops up asking you for permission to allow the app to enter the camera, microphone and like storage? I'm just curious because I've noticed that too
Adam Mellross (27 days ago)
He said NO so it’s a done deal we trust you again Feeewewwww
Ilya Liviz (1 month ago)
Without taking any position; my understanding the science community has been attempting to create AI just about from beginning of the dawn of the computer age. It seems that the main problem is that the computer fails to actually produce a "true" random number, id est, the microprocessor gets faster and the algorithm evolves into a more complex multi-layer algorithm, but it will be an incredible scientific discovery to achieve true AI without incorporation or reliance of organic material by the inanimate computer infrastructure. It is great to hear discussion concerning innovation and modernization of our technology, that hopefully I will live long enough to experience (of course with your expertise in putting the necessary independent team to assess ethical considerations and possible risks/dangers) - we live in a really exciting time.
mutc joshua (2 months ago)
All comes down to people hating quick success. Y them grind this young man? Not Google, Microsoft, etc?
Dixit Gondhia (2 months ago)
FB, Google or any social media platforms work on basic principles of advertisement, high traffic generation, it is a business model. You cant get away with it and that is how the circle created. If you are smart end user, you need to keep mimimum personal information on all these media platforms, Best way to utilize services, You keep a device to acess Internet that does not have SIM card, acess it through Wi-fi. Buy an old fashioned mobile for talking over the phone with limited space for your SMS and calls.
Sam ha (3 months ago)
1:33 they absolutely a 100% listen to your conversation on WhatsApp. No doubt there
Nuke No0dle (3 months ago)
Have we forgot how bad the microphones are at turning what you speak into English I literally asked Alexa what the weather was and she turned off my light
Gamer Mouse (3 months ago)
beerborn (3 months ago)
Government asking dumb questions that they can get answers from by simply contacting FBI, CIA, NSA, Homeland Securty....etc.
Strawberry Dobreva (3 months ago)
Stop facebook from showing my ex’s pics
Jez I AM (4 months ago)
This senator talks too much.
B1 FREQUENCY (5 months ago)
Facebook is only a small preview to how fast this digital evolution is upon our Beautiful society here in America and Globally.
Ashis Mandal (5 months ago)
Zuckerberg is great at answering questions he wants to be answered and avoiding questions whose answers he wants to conceal. Even a whole gang of senators can't crack him down . There's just no outsmarting this guy.
Knights Of The Black Table (5 months ago)
Whenever someone can not be direct with you, they are deceiving you. He can rarely give you a straight yes or no answer.
Punker87 (5 months ago)
He's just answering creatively to Belay suspicion.
Hayman Ak (5 months ago)
This my first time seeing mark on suit 😂
Shairbaz Bhati (5 months ago)
They really made Mark zuckerberg a dirty creature This trump Govt has totally spoiled & destroyed the image of Mark
Paul Gonzalez (5 months ago)
Info trader.
If something grow big and fast they will afraid
Heidi Cambareri (5 months ago)
I'm hearing Obama's wedding bells going off with the @cia coin term "conspiracy theory". AI is getting out of control. We "hope" we can contain it. 😬🤥
Jeffery muhammad (5 months ago)
Facebook doesn't listen in, but NSA does.
Hillshire (5 months ago)
If people are so bothered by Facebook, then they should be for the whole internet in America, so the solution is to shutdown the internet in America.
Ciaron Smith (5 months ago)
mark vietti (5 months ago)
hes Data from star trek
brahamdeep singh (5 months ago)
Next call Google and Twitter too.
WHO ? No problem (5 months ago)
Suckerberg you didn’t even create Facebook you stole the idea from your own friends ! ! ! !
WHO ? No problem (5 months ago)
Suckerberg I hope they hang you by the BALLS ! ! ! !
M mc (6 months ago)
Me and my wife where talking about switching insurance carriers. I log into FB and see an ad for the one and only insurance company in my small town of less than 500 people. WTF??? No way that was coincidence.
outta here (6 months ago)
dont believe a word.this message is artificially generated,love each other.that is all.
Russ G (6 months ago)
Typical Suck-a-Turd response: "Senator, the question you've raised is a really important one. That's why i'm going to dance around it for a couple of minutes without ever giving you a straight answer!"
Johnny thunder iowa (6 months ago)
RnB Mutant (6 months ago)
oooh thats why I always get ads with sexual content , it's everywhere , I guess i need to talk about something else from now on
Alan B (6 months ago)
I still use MySpace...
Guida Paiva (6 months ago)
Micheal Boulton (6 months ago)
Its definately true i sold weed and got marijuana ads
Micheal Boulton (6 months ago)
“When I place my coffee cup on the computer cup holder, will I get an ad for coffee? Yes or No , mr zuckerford”
britelikeadiamond (6 months ago)
I didn't sign up to be spy'd on !
Arun Sagayaraj (7 months ago)
Why google not questioned
MrCorvusC (7 months ago)
Couldn't they at least get a person who knows how to turn on their computer to ask questions? This whole farce about inviting him to congress to speak with thick minded apes was a mistake. Not that I'm defending him, but those people clearly are not COMPETENT to be anywhere near any kind of regulations related to internet or technology. They are CLUELESS.
deathbombs (7 months ago)
"That's what you guys do..."
Ayush A. (7 months ago)
One day I was speaking to my colleague about a special kind of soup which I had a chinese restaurant called "choy sum soup".... I never googled it.... Suddenly I started receiving ads about a nearby Chinese restaurant with served those.... *Weird... Guess what? They do have access to your microphone* 😱
Grace Chen (7 months ago)
Yes the biggest problem in the world is an AI knowing when you invite your friend over for pizza night via facebook!
Lorenzo Garcia (7 months ago)
why do people of america are loosing trust over facebook just because of irrelevant ads on their newsfeed? you see irrelevant ads on TV, billboard , posters all over the city yet they dont complaint about it. is it about your information collected by fb? c'mon you wont be killed just by seeing ads. Why over protect silly informations about you? r u wht vips?
ThE WaTcHeR (7 months ago)
How do I report this as spam?
Minh Dương (7 months ago)
How many people here ACTUALLY read terms of fb when they sign in? Because i am tired of my fr complain about fb, while their probs r mentioned in the terms
Adrian Johnston (7 months ago)
Suhas C (7 months ago)
Where can I watch the whole video?
Gordon Schnick (7 months ago)
*Z U C C*
Sonny D (7 months ago)
Nice job Mark!
Gary Coolboobs (7 months ago)
lies. ive been logged into facebook and have had ads show up from conversations that ive had. look up videos of people showing you this. they listen to you even without taking videos or anything.
LightNing FX (7 months ago)
Well Google definitly does
Meowth starlin (8 months ago)
Everyone do mistake. This should be known by senate. A young CEO of facebook face bravely in front of all them, I feel great of him. Is hard to create something what we need or want, but easy to destroy. A.I have don't mistakes that's bad news what if Law do mistakes. Whats the answers?
Vicky Vikram World (8 months ago)
edward snowden has been said that each and every person data has been collected by nsa. Facebook also uses the microphone to listen to its users my friend was an best computer engineer he has created a software once he came to me and showed that how facebook uses and collects our phone data and whatsapp and even google also
Pmts Pmts (8 months ago)
Facebook and Google record
Hypereia (8 months ago)
Sorry Mark, I don't believe you.
Mikkel Ulrich (9 months ago)
Google listens in... There are tests out there showing it.. Fresh chrome, reguler ads first time. Close it down, talk about dog toys what evs for 5 min and all you get it dog ads.
Alex Willenberg (9 months ago)
The "listening in" is a Google feature, not Facebook.
allen binion (9 months ago)
umm..ya CANT delete an account.
Harlan Mote (9 months ago)
I don’t think he understands that we the people have the power to shut it down..
Munkh Anar (9 months ago)
u s of a cares about privacy lololol... just stick to memes and funny baby videos peeps XD
blackklopi (9 months ago)
facebook doesnt but google does. think about what u got on ur phone ffs
_ (10 months ago)
Who care if the fbi, cia, or the zucc have pictures of you lmfao. Are there assassins looking for you?
angie shields (10 months ago)
angie shields (10 months ago)
That’s a lie
Alexis Amanda J (10 months ago)
lol no we don't but you're video has audio.. lol ok nice way to go around that question deleted facebook Fu Mark.
Browardcounty 954 (10 months ago)
Great a robotic lizard person
Lone Jo (10 months ago)
Saw the woman in green behind Mark in another video smiling so widely when there was nothing to smile about...WTF was that? Is she his handler? SMH
l5o161 b9kyit (10 months ago)
half of those senators don't even run by themselves their facebook account...
l5o161 b9kyit (10 months ago)
their questions are based on rumors... what a great country ran by super smart people
shamil syed (10 months ago)
There is an art to the way this man lies. That or society is very stupid. Or both Or it's just me.
BlankBoy (10 months ago)
Zucc blink count: 1000
Christian Torres (10 months ago)
Who else hasn't had a Facebook in more than 5 years?
Peter Dylan (10 months ago)
Equifax violates you 999x more...
Linktea (10 months ago)
Breaking news? WTF, that is common fkn sense.
Kitty x (11 months ago)
To save prestigious time of your youth.. this vid is about Mark explain to gramps patiently how internet works 👻👻👻
RepublicBeacon (11 months ago)
When will everyone boycott this mess...Move your lives to decentralization...for social media like FB, look up AKASHA...blockchain social media where they do not exploit their users data for profit and social engineering.
Joelis Santiago (11 months ago)
Why is Mark blinking like every second
Luxar Music (11 months ago)
I don't buy the argument that people 'want ads that are tailored for them'...on what basis do they think this is true? I don't want to be bombarded with any adverts, thanks. Targeted advertising works for the people selling stuff, not the other way round
SUNNY WAKEFIELD (11 months ago)
SUNNY WAKEFIELD (11 months ago)
blackenedchrome (11 months ago)
Zuckerberg is creating Skynet; Stop him NOW
Gabriel ArchAngel (11 months ago)
On PC/Windows disable any apps from using your Mic
MrCidVicious (11 months ago)
When I see Mark walking around in San Jose or Mountain View, I'm gonna sock him in the face...
ßryGuyD (11 months ago)
He didn’t swear under oath so he can lie
Baghuul (11 months ago)
Zucc looks like hes trying to disguise himself as human.
TheInfinitequest (11 months ago)
Talk about a CIA recruit that has made good...until now. He will probably end up with a self inflicted deadly wound while water skiing in the Caribbean.
TheInfinitequest (11 months ago)
@2:13 "we do record that to make the service better" In other words we record and run through our algorithms your conversations for key words to sell your information to the advertisers you will find on your computer by the time you get home. In other words Congressman, YES, we DO spy on the American citizen and steal their personal information!
Vacilando Con Belis (11 months ago)
its funny ,, things you write on messanger or comments like im going to target i need to grab a few things, seconds later you see a target ad on your fb hahaha
TheMysterySeeker (11 months ago)
In the wise words of John Cena... ARE U SURE ABOUT THAT
211of211 (11 months ago)
Nothing will come of this. Everybody knows what FB is doing, and yet the majority continue to use it anyway. People are so addicted that the only way they'll ever give it up is if FB is taken down, and that's not going to happen. The truth is we'll never know for sure exactly what FB is doing with all our data, regardless of what Zuckerberg or anyone else tells us. Using our data to generate ads is one thing, but I'm more concerned about what else they might be doing with it. The only way that we can protect ourselves, even a little bit, is to unplug completely, and most are incapable of doing that. I'm on FB, but I only check mine like once every 2 weeks, but then again I was never a daily FB user anyway.
Johnny Clean (11 months ago)
Mark has tapped his camera and microphone which means ...
She Wheels (11 months ago)
If he's not talking under oath, there's no point in listening. Zuck has proven over the past eight years, every time he's been caught, to not care about our privacy.
SoonClass (11 months ago)
This senator made good questions
Gamerbandit (11 months ago)
They definitely do, I have talked about stuff at work and gone in Facebook and even websites and all of a sudden the adds are things to do with what I was talking about
J T (11 months ago)
I don’t believe him.
Official Keona Jordan Music (11 months ago)
I know Facebook did BAD but don’t other companies do this to? 😐