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How Will Earth Change If All the Ice Melts?

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Text Comments (28446)
David Smith (5 hours ago)
Climate change is an idiotic communistic joke
Everett Evola (10 hours ago)
I’m here in Dallas
PhoenixGaming (11 hours ago)
You should say warning, political views.
Ilikepie Mapper (12 hours ago)
The Netherlands would probably get bigger. They already reclaimed like a fifth of there county already why not more?
Brian (13 hours ago)
Quick, somebody alert manbearpig!
Holroyd02 :3 (14 hours ago)
Need we all need clear dirt, but no oil. So new car energy. I idea
Rodney Powell (14 hours ago)
I can live without the west/east cost!
Fearless Phoenix (17 hours ago)
Switzerland is still okay!
Insert_Channel (22 hours ago)
How about we just melt the oceans?
timpyrules (1 day ago)
Great video, 1 thing though the Netherlands wouldnt seize to exist it will become the island of the Netherlands. We aint afraid of no seawater
Ramon Santa Ana (1 day ago)
I'd like my 6:33 refunded back.
hi bye (1 day ago)
We should just start drinking more water
Stephon TheDon (1 day ago)
Red rangers blue rangers
randy ice (1 day ago)
It will never happen
TheCaptain (1 day ago)
NOAA warning people of an imminent worldwide flood...where have I heard this before!?
CrazeyMan (1 day ago)
>_> were fine
DeadlyGaming (1 day ago)
Tokyo: Hmm the water is coming very close. Tokyo: *expands outside of the water zone*
Joe Scoggins (1 day ago)
According to Al Gore's book, An Inconvenient Truth, parts of Florida would have been already under water, or at least muchly. What happened? Was he wrong? If he was wrong (and he must have been because I'm still here on the coast of Florida), then how can we know that he is right this time? Is being right a politically correct, subjective sort of thing? Or should we say, "Sure, he was wrong. But this time...watch out!" I'm beginning to doubt his veracity.
Nikkaela Loves Frenchfries (1 day ago)
shit i cant swim im screwed
Stephen Smith (1 day ago)
Al Gore is an idiot it a cycle of earth this is not caused by man earth warms and then cools its been happening since the beginning democrats are idiots.
Stephen Smith (1 day ago)
@Zquirrelthing I think you are an idiot libitard....and those 97 % scientist work for CNN its a natural cycle of the earth not caused by man but by the movement of the planet and solar system in the galactic plain explain that to all the libitard idiots you drink the kool aide from
Zquirrelthing (1 day ago)
If you can barely spell, maybe you shouldn't be debating against a subject 97% of scientists agree is a fact.
Namahn (1 day ago)
Why does this have 11k dislikes? Are people really this ignorant?
Zquirrelthing (1 day ago)
Jonassoe (1 day ago)
Correction: The Netherlands would be entirely unaffected. They'd just build higher dykes.
Lindsey Corum (1 day ago)
These numbers on rising sea levels is a BS lie. When you average sea levels from around the world there is practically no sea level rise at all. Remember, all of the sea level readings from the US East coast are taken on land that is subsiding.
Waaqeffannaa Community (1 day ago)
Wow Im looking forward to this. Go humans!
Anthony Winter (1 day ago)
the elite win no matter which way it goes
C Moeof4 (2 days ago)
I know that Human being and Fish can coexist peacefully. ~George W. Bush
ME3 (2 days ago)
How about having countries that are breeding like rabbits be left on their own? No more medicines or vaccines and don't let them immigrate to other countries. If the world's population was HALF of what it is now how many of our problems would be solved? This would mean far less CO2, far less garbage and we would use far fewer resources.
Loghan ! (2 days ago)
How did you make the map? I don’t want to copy ur but I need to know what u used to make it As I doing a project on melting ice
getnasty08 (2 days ago)
I was like “oh no!” until he mentioned that all of Florida would disappear then I was like, “fuck it, let’s do this shit!”
wolfy plays (2 days ago)
the ocean is pissed that all the hurricanes they attacked Florida with hasn't got humans out of it now the ocean has a new plan there gonna swallow Florida
Ken Ogu (2 days ago)
Laughs in Africa xD
Ken Ogu (2 days ago)
Atlantis Imperium Expands!!
Stormy Core (2 days ago)
not norway atleast.
Phos is dead Lapis is insane (2 days ago)
No more Florida men
fenrar36 (2 days ago)
Baa baa bullshit have you any hype? Humans have nothing to do with it. The earth has always gone through hot and cold periods. Right now we're in an inter-glacial period. The ice is still melting from that time and they always neglect to mention land rebound. With the weight of the ice gone a lot of land is raising again but that doesn't fit with the agenda of gouging you for for taxes as carbon tax etc. whatever.
wolfy plays (2 days ago)
you gotta be joking
MrLennybach (3 days ago)
Here comes propaganda
Stephen Stocks (3 days ago)
Then why are rich people buying up coastal places if this happing ?
BlankSequence (2 days ago)
Cause they are rich and they can buy new ones once the first one floods.
Shinobi Shade (3 days ago)
Maybe they could turn it into an under water utopian 🤷‍♂️
warman58 (3 days ago)
A hundred years ago people were told there was life on Mars. Roads and canals could be seen from telescopes they were told. That’s one reason the War of the Worlds radio broadcast was believed by some. A hundred years from now they’ll be peddling something else.
Ulysses Enriquez (3 days ago)
Why don’t we just harvest icecaps? Instead of letting it melt and flood everything
John Marston (4 days ago)
Well then future scuba divers have some cool things to explore
Loll Ger. (4 days ago)
I love you Lore, but there’s no such thing as the “British Isles”. There’s Britain and Ireland.
0_0 YT (4 days ago)
Westernman Fisher (4 days ago)
There is a debate ! But you self righteous Social Communist want total control AND SHUT DOWN DEBATE ! My BS METER is in the RED ! More Fake News Propaganda !
جيمي جيمي (4 days ago)
Most of the Cities are near to sea. . .
No Prob-llama (4 days ago)
It's odd knowing that in the next 6000 years this will be a reality. If not much sooner as trees burn and more factories spew shit into the air.
Mike Hasted (4 days ago)
Sadly delusional person where did you get your data from it absolute rubbish... Maldives disappearing? nothing is happening not in New York your a disgrace. You try and scaremonger hey you should be ashamed of yourself it's embarrassing a five-year-olds wouldn't believe you! I suggest that everybody does their own research don't listen to this propaganda you'll soon find out what is real and what is not real!
Bruce Harvey (4 days ago)
Not going to happen in my life time.Good luck everybody.
Mark Jackson (4 days ago)
Let’s build the wall
Danny Moore (4 days ago)
All floating ice will not change the water level at all. Do people realize this?
Robert E Lee (4 days ago)
Such BS..
Benjamin (5 days ago)
We're just a fucking fungus aren't we?
Izzynasty 95 (5 days ago)
Can we jus get rid of Florida... NOW??
Ross Smithers (5 days ago)
The orbit of the earth around the sun changed 25,000 years ago and became a bit more elliptical (by 4 degrees) these are things usually not taken into account by those in a fixed position, as they tend to avoid all things that are a threat to their narrative such as seasonal changes.
Ross Smithers (5 days ago)
Check the origin of the often touted 97% - it is not valid, who counted? It was just a number snatched out of the air. Yes, there is warming but it is argued that it is not due to the minuscule .04% of C02 credited to industrialisation by man. And it is surprising just how many scientists there are who do not agree & give scientific evidence to the contrary. Some are dismissed, careers ruined for speaking against the generally accepted narrative - a major red flag! Apart from that C02 is not pois- onous, what is an acceptable parts per million in a submarine 5,ooo parts per mill. in a spacecraft 5 to 6,000 parts per mill. - the optimal for plants is at least 1,000 they flourish. They evolved with more than they are getting now and are trying to adapt to a shortage of C02, if we dropped to half the C02 that we have now plants would be dying and us with them. The activities of the sun control our climate. LOOK AT ALL ARGUMENTS.
Raidon (5 days ago)
maldives gone
James Jordan (5 days ago)
Well darn, I'll be dead and gone and never get to see it
Dennis Pearson (5 days ago)
Sorry but this is all crap. all lies and false junk scientists stories. Facts are that Al gore said in 2004 that by 2012 both ice caps would melt and Florida and New York city would be under water.. Actually independent scientific studies agencies said the polar ice caps are at a 100 year thickness record. Also real scientists said if all the ice melted only a 1/4 inch increase would happen. All ghore pushes this crap because he wants cap and trade to be implemented, making him a billionaire. The paris climate accord if you take time to dive deep had no one in it list anything they would do and it was a photo opt for everyone to stapele their papers together. Many said in 20 years when our co2 reaches the max we will look at ways to lower it. I am tired of the same climate lies in the 80s, 90s and 2000s.Doom and gloom in the next 10 years. Every 10 years none of the computer models are right and but in the next 10 years we will be in climate trouble. Let's tell you the end game in all this climate change. Making America a Communist Country is what this is all about. Call it progressive ideas. Call it socialism. Making America Communist is the end goal. Wake Up.....Oh one more thing if they push this crap down our throat a civil war will happen. So 182.000.000 guns against liberals with no guns. Oh the only way this stuff gets traction is to try to take away our 2nd amendment. that will also cause a civil war.
Chadd Lindsay (5 days ago)
The only affect this would really have is people that own land on the coast will be shit out of luck. This is a gradual thing that will take 5k years. Not a day after tomorrow scenario. Animals would adapt and move inland. The land owners woild lose trillions. Yes some people will may die bjt we are over populated anyways. Only those stupid enough to stick around in the water logged ares will die. Cant fix stupid. The polar ice caps have melted several times before. Nothing to worrie about. Life will go on.
Stevie Moon (5 days ago)
the crimean island would be crimea river
constant wind544 (5 days ago)
Well looks like no more florida man
Siwei Li (5 days ago)
If ALL the ice melted, then what is that white thing on the map???
Kevin Christoffersen (5 days ago)
When the oceans recede....THAT is when you should start to worry.
Heugh Jassman (5 days ago)
Just goes to show that when the population is too great and there are no evil bastards performing genocide, the earth itself takes to the task. Because we're not responsible enough as a race to police ourselves. Mother nature has to step in.
Candy Neige (5 days ago)
This is basicaly where the events of the Hunger Games took place: In an alternate future where all ice on Earth melted, causing the sea level to rise by roughly 70 meters. in North America, the USA and Canada somehow decided to unite to form the country of Panem which is where the Hunger Games happens, no one knows for sure what happened to the other continents, but it was suspected that in Europe, the entire continent was united under one country called "The United States of Europe" or just "USE" while in South America, Brazil took over the entire continent, south of that, in Africa, just like in Europe, the entire continent was united under one country, this time called "African Confederation" or 'AC" for short, meanwhile, in Oceania, Austrailia took control of both the mainland and the many islands of the continent, and as for Asia, Russia took control over the northern part of Asia while China took control over the southern part of Asia and both countries would fight against eachother for total control of the continent, but wait a minute, you might said "How about Antarctica ? What happened there ?" well, it was so habitable that more people would live in Antarctica than it was on our universe today, and that it was so habitable that Antarctica will be a country.
William TOAD (5 days ago)
Somebody call Kevin Costner
Stefan Kosikowski (5 days ago)
How can all the ice melt when we still have snow from last winter on the ground and now being covered with fresh snow already this early in the late summer? Major highways in Montana and Wyoming were closed in August for major snow storms, oy veh.
Stefan Kosikowski (5 days ago)
So there are pictures and news reports from June 22 and Sept 11 of this year, if you dig deeper there is at least one more from early August, but Google has it buried deep to hide the truth from you!
Ahmad Griffin (5 days ago)
I live in Ohio, so I'm safe
andrew thompson (6 days ago)
Dont think there is that much ice bud😂
Husler 1 (6 days ago)
Mike Cronis (6 days ago)
Ice cannot melt on both poles because of seasons. One side is always frozen.
ibis otter 273 (6 days ago)
You forgot savannah, Georgia
Keith Cripe (6 days ago)
Extended Solar Minimum. Solar scientists think we're about to go into one, if it hasn't already started. Ice won't melt, it will grow. Welcome to the new ice age baby.
We The People (6 days ago)
Well if not for Global Warming your Asses would still be in a Giant Block of Ice. Freeze or Swim.
Lycopod (6 days ago)
But I would be able to get to the beach in 13 min.
ZEZERBING (6 days ago)
nonsense. the earth is flat so the extra water would fall off the edge.
Swinkyy Pants (6 days ago)
I'm sorry but that 97% of scientists saying it's man-made stat? Yeah that's been debunked, it isn't true. It's 72%
Joketh (3 days ago)
still a vast majority, conservitard
Josephine Oaks-Courtney (6 days ago)
All I can say is that I've lived in Florida my whole life and it seems like lately each year has gotten hotter and hotter. We moved into a house with a fireplace in 1990. We used to use it in the winter on and off for about two months. We started using it less and less as the years went by because it just did not get cold enough anymore. We have not used it at all in the last 3 years because they're just has not even been one day where it was cold enough. I like the sunshine, but the heat here is Horribly oppressive. It's like reverse cabin fever. You can't really go outside for very long except in the early morning hours because it's just way too hot.
Anthony Bilic (7 days ago)
ManBearPig is indeed real. I'm Cereal
Pro Doge Community (7 days ago)
What nothing happeneds at philippines?? Will it be underwater??
Raptor 101 (7 days ago)
I think I will wait out the prediction of 5000 years.
Meme Juice (7 days ago)
This is high-key making me sad
Jesse Johnston (7 days ago)
Not going to watch the vidio the map depiction is all the inaccuracy I needed to see.
Tom Dockery (7 days ago)
ICE is going to melt the Democrats' voting base during Trump's second term.
Tom Dockery (7 days ago)
Will it flood all of the soccer fields that the Democrats are building for their illegal alien voters?
José Ruiz (7 days ago)
It will be better, the inner states will be flooded by Dems who are feeling form the coastal states, making your state 'safe' for Democrats.
Alan (7 days ago)
What about live stock? Doesn’t that contribute to pollution
Lionel Mandrake (7 days ago)
All those Democrats will lose their electoral votes. I love it. No DeBlasio, no Los Angeles, no San Fran. I can't wait.
Lionel Mandrake (2 days ago)
@José Ruiz It's OK. It will be worth it.
José Ruiz (4 days ago)
@Lionel Mandrake Well there goes your GDP
Lionel Mandrake (4 days ago)
@José Ruiz No. They will all be shot trying to enter. Anything with a man bun, a Celtic tattoo, or an eyebrow ring will be dead within 100 yards of the state line.
José Ruiz (7 days ago)
All those people will move to the inner states, effectively making those states 'Safe' for dems.
Danny HillJr (7 days ago)
Global warming is a hoax. Earth goes through heating and cooling phases always has. Science backs this. Ice sheet gains have outweighed losses and polar bears aren't even endangered anymore. Stupid fucking low IQ morons
Commander Fox (7 days ago)
my country is safe lol
Doge Bro 200 (8 days ago)
I got an idea people lets just throw the half of our sea on mars the np
Marciel Luta (8 days ago)
This thing has been predicted from the ancient mayans before happend, them ancient astronomers ,has knowled that will happend .They have been knowled the earth has a long cicle with more baktuns periode, and the beginning of the end of the last baktun has begin in 2012 and untll 2030 all the world ice will be melted in 11 years from now this are writted by the ancient mayans ,five procent from all the land which are 30 procent, will disappear underwater. Moreover all this climate change will grow more in intensity every year from now,the huricanes will be mire intensive ,even in europa. Don't expect happy years ,the mankind should expect nightmare years .The people should be prepare and make some food suplies , because who do not make that, will die in the firsts mounths , sorry for my spelling !
Jay Limited (8 days ago)
See nothing will change When you put a ice cube in a cup and it melts... The water doesn’t rise does it? So really it will be ok
grumpy sod (6 days ago)
The ice that in the water is just as you say. Unfortunately, what they are taking about is the ice that is on land. If you melt you ice on a plate, than add it to you cup, the water level will rise. It's just that simple.
infinitecanadian (8 days ago)
Glad my electricity is hydroelectric.
Jason Voorhess (8 days ago)
Nobody: Literally Nobody: Water:I am I inevitable
nutonmychoppa (8 days ago)
Day after Florida is sunk *Florida man drinks all the water to reclaim Florida*
Max Power (8 days ago)
Fake news...
Lynn M (8 days ago)
It feels good to live in Nebraska
Obi wan Kanabis (8 days ago)
Let china sink
Stephen Harriau (8 days ago)
Why prevent it?
Sepction (8 days ago)
I'm Australian I need a nice lake to cool off in would be appreciated
James Edmister (8 days ago)
Lol! You can't predict what you are having for dinner Tuesday!