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How Will Earth Change If All the Ice Melts?

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Text Comments (26962)
Nathanael Gentles (1 hour ago)
1.1 Celsius every 120 years!!!!!
Xx_ALPHA_xX (2 hours ago)
I live in Sweden. What will happen here? As I heard, you didn't tell
dat vergil doe (3 hours ago)
What about archamiedes principal as the ice is already in the water the bath tub should not spill over?
Sayed Mujahid Anik (12 hours ago)
what the shit 😂 I am from Bangladesh.. RIP
Isaac Bos (13 hours ago)
At it's very worst it's not that bad.
Charles Rand (16 hours ago)
3:23 ''buried beneath the sea'' is an oxy-moran.
Louis Emery (20 hours ago)
To reduce energy use, the leftists could reduce population of the earth by not having children, and then leaving us alone.
Kyle Dean (22 hours ago)
so your telling me temperatures have increased only 2 degrees sense 1880....................
Peter Downey (1 day ago)
In Africa the entire countries of Senegal and The Gambia would also be gone.
Covfefe Dk (1 day ago)
Once the rich sell their properties in the problem areas and move inland... When the prices drop dramatically along those shores... You know it is too late.
Rommel Ivan Mejia (1 day ago)
Greenland is not green
Oyuncunun Günlükleri (1 day ago)
I live in Bodrum(Turkey) and I will get fucked up too :P
Mary Empire (1 day ago)
Yay Tunisia is safe from water raising <3 <3
Mary Joan Jugo (1 day ago)
Uzbekistan would be happy.
Random Everything (2 days ago)
Im only familiar with my local topography, so its limited to my area. But that map would need to show more of eastern New England underwater, if it did rise by 244 ft. Likely the seas would reach inland as far as Worcester (central mass) in lowland areas. Creating many islands and coves out of the valleys and the rolling hills/highlands. CT river, Black stone, Charles, Merrimack and other larger river valleys. Would likely submerge deep inland, well past cities like Haverhill, Lawrence, Lowell, Watertown Waltham, Harford and Springfield. These river beds, are only a few dozen feet above sea level, at locations of all the cities. Leaving them well below projected surface levels. I mean the Hudson river has tidal, all the way to Troy, yet is still green? Northeast would be much different. Im sure its not the only region that has this mis-rep.
Billy Mulvihill (2 days ago)
Mayes Robertson (2 days ago)
San Francisco. The city surrounded on 3 sides by the ocean survives, but all of Florida is gone😂😂😂
erenja RBLX (3 days ago)
I am from The Netherlands 😭😭😭😭
Neejam Uddin (3 days ago)
Rip Bangladesh :(
F GamingTV (3 days ago)
easy shit everyone in the world 8 miliard peoples drink the ocean water and paaap its done no more water
Sebastian Gonzalez (3 days ago)
This wouldn't happen , melting ice isn't gonna cause the sea level to rise you can test this out with a cup of water and a couple of ice cubes , the ice is gonna cause the water to go up when you first put it in of course but when it melts it isn't gonna make the water rise up even more that doesn't make any sense , I have no time to bicker back and forth with anyone if you want to see for your self test it out , thank you for reading.
Sebastian Gonzalez (3 days ago)
Side note : the only ice that would cause sea levels to rise Is the ice on ground
Chris Atkinson (3 days ago)
The only way to stop global warming is the extinction of the human race all together.
Mixed Bucket (4 days ago)
Global warming myth. Sea levels have been rising for 10 thousand years. If you believe in global warming, don't go on holiday if you use a plane, don't buy products that need to be imported, don't eat meat, don't eat food unless it has been grown locally. Don't keep buying new cloths unless the old cloths are warn out, don't keep changing your car every other year. Don't have more than two children. Too many people on the planet. 90% of all ice is in the Antarctic which is increasing in size by 8" per year. We are damaging the environment and we are polluting the planet but CO2 food for plants and make up only 0.04% of the atmosphere. 1000 years ago the forests of Canada grew 100 miles further north than they do today.
Zoey Lowlands (4 days ago)
The Netherlands has realised this over 30 years ago. We just finished the new walls. We are prepared for a 2 meter rise. Protected untill 2050 and working already on even extremer situations. Poor or dumb countries are in trouble, we are not.
A Sparrow (4 days ago)
I think all of those countries and cities would gladly trade their coastal land for all that land at the poles.
Julito Parra (4 days ago)
I live in houston
Dihedral Dodecahedron (4 days ago)
The Paris Accord's woking so well in Paris, they're rioting over the fuel tax imposed as part of it. And most of europe hasn't changed their fuel consumption.
Gary Garratt (4 days ago)
Bloody hell, Britain will look like it has been smashed up.
Scores Focus (5 days ago)
RIP poor earth your children killing you everyday especially the two bad boys called China and United States
Absoloot Disastr (2 days ago)
That would be China and India, actually. The epa is pretty heavy in the land of fair wages
Brandon P (2 days ago)
nope china and india
iammimic79 (5 days ago)
This won't happen the world is heating up and that's why the ice caps are melting so what happens to hot water it evaporates so while most people on the planet think that the world will flood I think it'll drown but not in the same way all the evaporated water will come back down as rain and cause massive catastrophic damage like mud slides flash flooding erosion and crop death think of it more as a cleaning maybe one hundred years from now it'll be raining everywhere all the time we might survive we might not but the planet will heal its self
iammimic79 (5 days ago)
Sarah Espin I know, just like the end of your sentence right? Oh, you didn't use them either but decided to call me out on it. It's ok I was using talk to type and it doesn't recognize punctuation, but at least you decided to read what I wrote. I appreciate that thank you!!!
Sarah Espin (5 days ago)
Holy shit throw some periods and commas in there
Sean (5 days ago)
So Hitler was on to something . ..the earth needs to be depopulated
usual_toast (5 days ago)
If you put an ice cube in water and it melts, the water level dosent rise. So if all these glaciers melt I’m gonna take a solid guess that the ocean levels won’t rise.
Yael Cruz (5 days ago)
No video shows how alaska would look 😢
Yael Cruz (5 days ago)
If you dont believe in global warming ok but in alaska you can see it happening one year it didn't even snow
TheErow44 (5 days ago)
195 countries signed the Paris agreement and none of them upheld their bargain Progress 🤔
Cambri Mooney (5 days ago)
Kentucky here I come
Kelly Horton (5 days ago)
Some land was gained tho. Antarctica is habitable and the middle of Australia could be used since they would have water.
Irish Trash (5 days ago)
Florida will get raped
e m's mom (5 days ago)
So the raper becomes the rapee?
Jake Beaudry (6 days ago)
Only the Dutch can save us with their crazy ocean fighting technology snice the 12th Century.
Justin Carnes (6 days ago)
This isn’t a nightmare future, let’s detonate a bunch of nukes and speed things up!
Justin Carnes (6 days ago)
The lizard people just want us to heat things up so they can come out of hiding
Justin Carnes (6 days ago)
Have y’all heard of adaptive radiation? Mass extinctions are a good thing in a way 🤷🏻‍♂️
Randel Casanes Nudalo (6 days ago)
There would be no ice
Carson Griffin (6 days ago)
So. What your telling me is that Arkansas gets a closer beach?
Creepyjustin 2 (6 days ago)
How bout nuclear energy?
e m's mom (6 days ago)
So NY and Cali gone. But Antarctica arrives. This is bad becuuuuuuz???...
e m's mom (5 days ago)
+Sarah Espin did you miss the part where an entire gigantic continent will be inhabitable? Plus the refugees won't come all at once. Do you understand that the ocean isn't going to rise overnight? Is the sky falling? Did cavemen flip out when they discovered that the ice age was about to end? Who did they blame?
Sarah Espin (5 days ago)
e m's mom did you miss the part about billions of refugees?
Jim Murray (6 days ago)
This what happens when you take a little bit of knowledge and try to stretch it into the truth. Instead of being inconvenient, it becomes downright wrong. Near the end of the video, they make the claim that it is the petroleum industry that is to blame for the majority of the problem. Nice try, idiots. It has been conclusively demonstrated that the livestock industry is the main culprit, but you won't find these clowns pointing that out. Why? Because that would mean that they are a part of the problem, and that is much more inconvenient than blaming Big Oil. That's right, people, if you eat any meat, dairy, or poultry, you are the biggest threat to the globe.
Hamm Fam Official (6 days ago)
This is how the hunger games starts
Samsungsheep101 (6 days ago)
2:47 if that happened i would be dead
Minimalist Vegan (6 days ago)
All the ice will melt, it is biblical prophecy.
Redtailcatboi 930 (7 days ago)
How about north sentinel island
Redtailcatboi 930 (7 days ago)
Last time it was the dinosaurs.
Joseph Pawlowski (7 days ago)
he said 5000 years right? who cares? the world will be changed greatly inevitably anyway. it's not like the world as we knew it 5000 years ago was of any resemblance to us today anyway
Zeek zero (8 days ago)
It isn't that bad We still got sum dank mems to survive
H4PP13 CH4PP13 (3 days ago)
When we get more water they'll be danker ;D
epic Jacqueline (8 days ago)
Well.. I moving out of Philly
Cas Frencken (8 days ago)
He said Bangladesh would be gone and that there would be 150 milion refugees but bangladesh had 342 million people
Dot Dot (8 days ago)
omg I hope this doesn't actually happen Houston and los angeles are my homes ;(
Rivvy (8 days ago)
Africa and Antarctica would be flooded with immigrants... for the first time ever😂
Hans Schliegel (8 days ago)
5,000 years? I'm good to go, I'll probably be dead in like 2,000 years anyway.
British Columbian (8 days ago)
A lot of places will be flooded. And some edgy teens in 1000 years will make memes about it.
Roger Pointer (8 days ago)
Funny, but as frozen water (ice) melts, it LOSES volume. Additionally, Terra Firma (Earth's crust, the lithosphere) moves up and down as it floats on molten magma beneath the crust. Search "tectonic plates" and calm down and just hope we don't get a super volcanic eruption in our lifetime and freeze to death... if we survive it.
BLTGAMING (8 days ago)
*Trump has left the chat*
Gary Gray (8 days ago)
The Democrats want a new tax. I know, we'll concoct a bunch of stuff about "global warming" and institute a carbon tax. They have no shame.
D W D (8 days ago)
Politics backed by fake science. 97 out of 100 publishing climate scientists agree ..... give me a break. Take the grant money away from these scientists and see how fast climate change goes away.
0reolover123 :3 (8 days ago)
Lol what about Puerto Rico? XD
David Raymond Brown (9 days ago)
But.. but.. the beaches...
NotMeowth (9 days ago)
rip The Netherlands :(
superrowen (9 days ago)
just skipped southern africa
Português Portuguese (9 days ago)
It’s December.I am still using my air conditioner
Dumb Grunt (9 days ago)
The earth has been naturally warming since the last ice age.
luca micele silva (9 days ago)
John Smith but it’s warming quicker
Gyrenaica 135 (9 days ago)
If global warming is the price we must pay to get rid of Florida, it's worth it
Johnny Morales (10 days ago)
The video definitely overstates the results of all the ice melting especially if it takes 5000 years as predicted. 5000 years ago none of the deltas existed. The mouths of the rivers were far upstream. Over that time as they delivered sediment loads, they pushed their deltas further and further out to sea. The modern deltas of today were built and extending seaward even as the sea level was rapidly rising as we passed the peak of the current ice age causing the ice to melt rapidly and sea levels to rise. Because delta building is an ongoing process most rivers will prevent the sea from ever penetrating as far inland as the maps indicate. Those maps are all based on current elevations. Over a period of 5000 years, elevations can change dramatically. Once the sea levels stabilize even at their very highest the rivers will once again have the advantage and start pushing their deltas seaward building new land. Also over a period of 5000 years, substantial isostatic rebound in Antarctica and Greenland 100s of meters in height will have turned that archipelagos into one large landmass. That archipelago is based on the sea levels of Antarctica currently if all the ice simply disappeared. The ice won't simply disappear all at once. In the thousands of years, it will take to melt isostatic rebound will more than keep pace with the rising sea levels anyplace where ice caps meet the sea like Antarctica and Greenland. Just how fast it occurs is easy to see in Finland. Most of that nation was far below sea-level at the peak of the current ice age just like Antarctica is presented now only then the sea levels were MUCH LOWER. Yet today despite the sea levels rising hundreds of feet since the peak of the current ice age Finland has more than 2x as much land above sea level than it did then. It's rebound was faster than the rising sea levels which actually happened much faster than 5000 years time.
Irfan Danial (10 days ago)
I think Malaysia is safe
Tara Bonee (10 days ago)
This vid is all about the ppl and where they would go...but what about animal populations of the islands that would disappear? How many species would suddenly be extinct and how would that affect the rest of the world?
luca micele silva (10 days ago)
Deva Ramesh (10 days ago)
Glad the Filth called Bangladesh is Washed Out !
Xenomorph Biologist - XX121 (10 days ago)
Hurricane Harvey liked your post
alan merritt (10 days ago)
Not very well researched. You missed one rather LARGE country ... Canada, and the entire ice sheet covering the North Pole ... This one's a "fail"
Twilight Gardens presentations (11 days ago)
Wait...New Jersey is gonna be fine? ...crap.
Sebastian Rodriguez (11 days ago)
Wirh the BFR thousands of galons of water can be expulsed to outer space
Tristan Ramos (11 days ago)
Buts it’s cold outside
luca micele silva (9 days ago)
Tristan Ramos it’s hotter on average
Parker Weatly (11 days ago)
How can we stop it??? Trump for 4 terms!
luca micele silva (9 days ago)
Parker Weatly he literally left the Paris climate accord
Herbert Maricheau (12 days ago)
UNDER THE FLAT EARTH The Garden of Eden Exist and Icebergs are made under the Flat Earth in the North Pole where the Land of The Giants are. Ice bergs in the Global warming scheme is fake, because all the icebergs are made under the Flat Earth in vast fresh waters seas according to Olaf Jansen. Icebergs are LARGE body of fresh water frozen. Could Skull Mountain be Adam's Head Gen 6:4? Holiness to live very long Elephants 100ft long 75 to 85 ft in height Turtles 20-25ft in length and 15 t0 20ft in width and 7ft in high. Eggs 2ft long 15in in diamater Rivers northernly direction and southernly direction 35ft wide rivers Birds 9ft high Birds disappearing hosea 4:3 Olaf Jansen: Hazy mist that goes up in the land at evening and rains every 24hrs Genesis 2:6 But there went up a mist from the earth, and watered the whole face of the ground Ezekiel 1:22
Alex Scher (12 days ago)
There'd be some good changes, more deserts would be habitable
luca micele silva (10 days ago)
Alex Scher yeah, no, the ice reflex’s sun rays back out to space, without them the earth would become significantly hotter, on top of that if we do still use fossil fuels then the greenhouse effect would intensify, if anything the desserts would get worse and the earth would mostly, dare I say, not be habitable
Squidward on a Chair (12 days ago)
me: just stop launching rockets harvard: u want a degree
R. Rodey (12 days ago)
3:29 Italy has been skipping leg day
R. Rodey (12 days ago)
Welp better start drinking more water
Aidan Murray (12 days ago)
We would also have a lot more land, Antarctica, and Greenland would become more habitable
luca micele silva (10 days ago)
Aidan Murray not really, Greenland is like a bowl so would be fine *if* it wasn’t full of water, you saw what happened to Antarctica, so yeah more land but we may lose much more land then gain, on paper it looks like more but then again global warming means hotter climates, significantly hotter climates mean less hospitable land, it would be likely that areas of land now covered in ice like Greenland, Iceland and northern Canada/Scandinavia might be our only habitable places left, this on top of the fact that these areas are mostly mountains so we cannot grow much food there (granted if you put all the agricultural farms in one field they would cover most of Africa) therefore even less useful land
Angelo De Vries (13 days ago)
Fuck i live in holland
magazem magzkda (13 days ago)
4:02 you monster you forgot Kuwait :(
Bob HI (13 days ago)
You REALLY think that the Dutch would be defeated? Doubt it
Mr. TourBuild (13 days ago)
What I do know, the Maldives and other low lying lands will cease exist
8Jory (13 days ago)
So the West coast of Canada would lose Vancouver. But what about Canada's east coast? Or the Hudson bay? Would that inland sea in the middle of the country come back I'm guessing?
MerP_ MAn_210 (13 days ago)
false new Zealand has 83% renewable energy methods
I love Birds (14 days ago)
Well I’m moving when I’m about to die because I live in Long Island
ChickenNuggetDust (14 days ago)
Guys don’t worry this won’t happen in thousands of years
luca micele silva (10 days ago)
ChickenNuggetDust I presume you didn’t watch the first couple minutes in
Lightning Cloud (14 days ago)
I live in the UK and the island of Anglesey would be gone... I know every part of that place... I need a new house
Lightning Cloud (14 days ago)
Omg... My home would be underwater... Everything I know would not exist... My childhood home... All the places I love to visit... I'm just glad I'll be dead by that time...
Tari Tangeo (14 days ago)
Nancy Razo (14 days ago)
No Florida we need you cause my grandpa and grandma visit you
Nate :P Rinehart (14 days ago)
i live in london 🥺