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How Will Earth Change If All the Ice Melts?

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Text Comments (29171)
Pycho Hobo (3 hours ago)
And the JOKE of renewable energy. Sure from the outside looking in it looks great. But you must account for what is required to make renewable energy. Now before get all ignorant snowflake hippy on me know this. I have been living true off grid for many years. My electric is 100% by my own means. That being 100% solar and wind. Nearest grid electric is MANY miles away. So don't get all high and mighty with me. I don't do it for green anything. I do it because I'm a greedy person, and don't want to pay someone for electric. Here is another truth for you. You must ask yourself a questions about the people pushing this green B'S. 1. Why are they making money of this green push? 2. Why is places like Los Angelos cleaner in Air Quality starting in the 1980s than PRE-1900? YET they are not telling you this. I LIVED in the area from the 1960s to the 1980s, and I seen this happen. 3. Why did they change from global cooling in the 1970s to 1990s global warming. HINT, it has to do with where thier money is invested. NOT IN THE TRUTH. 4. Pollution in effect does the same as nuclear winter. Making it COLDER, not warmer. So by claiming it causes warmth. The more they do, the more it looks like we are not doing it. This way they keep winning. Meaning they make even more money. Some would call this a form of a pyramid scheme. ...... If you want alternative energy. By all means do it for yourself. Not for these Hippocrates. ALSO, if you do it. cut off the grid. Don't half ass it. Do Not Be on grid with solar panels. Because they are ROBBING you. If you don't believe me on that last part. Look at how much they charge you for kilowatt, and how much they pay you. Then ask your electric company what happens if you produce more then your electric bill. Every electric company I know has clauses that you ALWAYS have to PAY them. It's a SCAM.
Pycho Hobo (3 hours ago)
Global warming is ok with me. This means I get more rainfall. Plus, what people don't realize is, that what really happens is parts of the world will get warmer. While other parts will get colder.. And I live in an area that when this happens. There will be no change to me. Now. For the truth. The world is getting colder. I knew some will not believe this. But here is what happens when global warming really happens. It gets hotter closer to the equator and COLDER closer to the poles. This is due to ocean currents. Places like England will, get colder, while places like Panama will get hotter. Now the reverse to this is global cooling. In that case the opposite happens. And again ocean currents comes into play. But here is the wonderful thing about global warming. Places that recieve little rain, recieve a lot more. For instance the Sahara. Yes when the Sahara was a grassland it was during global warming. And this was also what was known as an Ice Age. So, global warming is really just a regional problem. Where it's warmer in some areas and COLDER in others. Same goes with global cooling. Therefore saying global warming or cooling is an oxymoron. Since neither is GLOBAL. Saying global sea levels rising or lowering would really be better wording. But even that's not true I prefer for sea level to rise. This way I recieve more rainfall. So you may ask; other then oceans rising what else happens. Well, those areas that get hotter will recieve more rain fall. Places that recieve winds from those hotter places will recieve more rain fall. But places that recieve the colder will recieve less rain fall. Now for another interesting fact. If the whole globe was to get warmer. There is a complete continent that would open up. Remember, it is what you all are worried will melt. When it melts there is plenty of land to use. Oh almost forgot to add; ocean levels will rise in some areas and lower in others. This again is due to ocean currents. Ever wonder why the Pacific is HIGHER then the Atlantic? Same principle.
Weirdo On The Interweb (5 hours ago)
Real life lore: To stop this we can stop using fossil fuels Me: Throws Ice cubes in the ocean
Kelly Barthel (7 hours ago)
We loose florida but gain all of the continent of Antarctica, plus Greenland, northern canada and Siberia. So in other words we would gain 10 square miles of usable land mass for every square foot we would loose?? Huh well then I am good for it I guess.
Willy G (13 hours ago)
Nope, not humans fault.
Den Smith (17 hours ago)
According to this...I'm gonna have Beachfront Property...bring it on.
Michael Howell (20 hours ago)
Too late to stop it. Reduce it's effects, maybe.
silky johnson (23 hours ago)
Climate change is a left wing hoax.
CutexKitty (1 day ago)
Imagine 1000 years into the future: BREAKING NEWS: Sea levels are dropping and people are giving these strange landmasses that popped out of the ocean names like: Tuvalu, Maldives, The Marshall Islands and Kiribati.
Faeez Parkar (1 day ago)
RIP Netherlands , Denmark , Bangladesh , Qatar
fdslf eourwp (1 day ago)
This is Completely False. The rise in Earth's water level is caused by the heating of the ocean, which causes the ocean water to expand, not by ice/glaciers melting. Take for example an ice cube melting in a cup, it does not change the water level in the cup. While if continuous heating of water (as in this way by solar radiation) causes the water particles to expand, and therefore raise the water level. This is merely the result of fake news and fake science within our society today.
CaptainMcSplash (1 day ago)
Ever heard of ice on land?
Peter Edwards (1 day ago)
Fairy Tales. Or to put it another way bullshit.
Insert_Channel (1 day ago)
We should just sue the sea if it floods the land
WJack97224 (2 days ago)
Oh crap!
P. O. (2 days ago)
This video has a lack of valid scientific proofs.
NaifgmailQ (2 days ago)
Wait wait wait... Persian Gulf?? Wasn’t it The Arabian Gulf?
Jonathan Wapcaplet (2 days ago)
It may happen but it won't be anytime soon and there is nothing anyone can do about it anyway. To believe so is utterly delusional. CO2 does not cause climate change.
Peanutbutter Sandwich (2 days ago)
5,000 years and I still don’t get beach front property ☹️
Albert Nash (3 days ago)
Here’s an error in geography: Berlin is actually inland in Germany less than 100 miles west from the border with Poland. The city that would be underwater in that location on the map is actually Hamburg. Also, if all the ice melted, it would not affect the Earth’s tilting and the poles would still be cold, so the north and south poles would eventually and inevitably refreeze and lower the water level. It would be a shame to lose all those fantastic cities, especially the coastal US cities and people would have to relocate inland to other cities like Denver, which is completely safe from rising sea levels since it’s located one mile above sea level.
CaptainMcSplash (1 day ago)
he might have meant hamburg maybe? idk errors happen
JOSS #9851 (3 days ago)
I can imagine the fish be like: Fish heil! Fish heil! Fish heil!
Amadeous Magarev (3 days ago)
Ok I know this sounds ridiculous but couldn't we just launch all the ice into space so it never melts? Probably impractical but would it work if we could?
ItsMe Cyruz (3 days ago)
Is USA gonna be ok?
JL Luna (2 days ago)
Remove Trump and then they might be ok.
Joshua McCoy (3 days ago)
Please cover California
Ron Smith (3 days ago)
I'm OK with all this. I'm a little disappointed that there is no change to the Great Lakes. Chicago under water would make my day.
Blast Fire 2 (3 days ago)
What about New Zealand
Jerome Goodwin (3 days ago)
Did Sea water rise or did the land sink?
fakemeke 11 (3 days ago)
Ice melts: Balkan: laughs in war
Platipus23 (4 days ago)
Florida disappears? And here I thought the point of this video was to rally against global warming...
Colt45hyf _ (4 days ago)
Climate change is a hoax
CaptainMcSplash (1 day ago)
@Colt45hyf _ oh shit you just roasted him
Colt45hyf _ (3 days ago)
Ca8wxr GD ur mom is
Ca8wxr GD (3 days ago)
your a hoax
Ron Shinkle (4 days ago)
This music is from the movie Jeremiah johnson
Richard Craig (4 days ago)
Ice ages come and go. We're just in between ice ages right now. It's natural.
Numero Uno (5 days ago)
Too late unfortunately
DaCocoMaster :D (5 days ago)
Cmon man what about nz?
Chip (5 days ago)
Im just outside philly like 10-15 minutes away, would I be safe??
SETH other (6 days ago)
Denmark is the next global superpower. And everybody laughed at them when they colonized Greenland. They knew what they were doing.
Danny Mcmindes (7 days ago)
the interesting part of this is its just a model. it only takes into consideration sea level. when the last ice age ceased there is documented rebound in land levels. ie the weight of the ice pushed the land down. when the ice left the land again raised in elevation. remember land is floating on the crust. i am wondering if the documented sea level rise is due to real sea level rise or land subsidence. similarily i am wondering what the increased pressure of the water in the seas would do to land elevations. just like the ice age. ice gone land rises. if oceans increase in pressure on the crust in the are they occupy i wonder if the other land will rise. seems like mother nature is alot smarter than we are. and what 5000 years? i am not that worried for my safety. in fact i am looking forward to my ancestors owning beach front property!
BG21 (7 days ago)
Feel bad for Africa, even when the worlds sea levels rise and flood everywhere they still can’t get any water
Dikko Daniswara (8 days ago)
"Antarctica is Colonizable" *The British Archipelago would like to know your location*
Philip Freeman (8 days ago)
Myst_ Desendant (8 days ago)
GREENland 🇬🇱 has more ice than ICEland 🇮🇸
Boy Gilo (9 days ago)
Singapore will be flat
BlueyDESPACITO Robertson (9 days ago)
Yah so most of the popular cities in the world are underwater
BlueyDESPACITO Robertson (9 days ago)
Yah so most of the popular cities in the world are underwater
BlueyDESPACITO Robertson (9 days ago)
Yah so most of the popular cities in the world are underwater
Game Dreamer (10 days ago)
Southeast asians: are we a joke to you?
johnpaul jp (11 days ago)
Human activity dont you mean American and Chinese activity.....
johnpaul jp (11 days ago)
By 2040 most of the ice will be gone fact.
SpikeAndJer (11 days ago)
Shoot I live right on the coast
Elyas Alghaffari (11 days ago)
Why does all the good cities have to be underwater like really did the water have to choose all the good spots
Elyas Alghaffari (11 days ago)
When he said that nasa says it melting because man made thing my first reactions is f the human no joke but the same time I am a human so Idk
kharistudios (11 days ago)
the dislikes are the 3 scientists at 0:40
Kamrul Huda (11 days ago)
I hope this does not happen I live in Bangladesh btw
maximaldinotrap (11 days ago)
My problem is people talk about this problem but nobody seems to want to agree on a solution. Nuclear power? Nah man, radiation is bad Hydroelectric power? Think of the fis Wind power? But the birds Solar power? Not sure but someone probably has a complaint about it. Nuclear power despite the risks (melt downs) seems to be the best stable alternative to using coal and the risks of meltdown can be mitigated by having well trained staff and effective procedures. Chernobyl got as bad as it did because Soviet Union. Fukushima was nowhere near as bad as Chernobyl and that plant was from the same era and that thing survived multiple Earthquakes.
Jake Swagerson (10 days ago)
maximaldinotrap Chernobyl was a disaster because thorium technology wasnt a thing back then, not because of the tankies
xD xD xD (11 days ago)
I've heard that Maldivians are building new islands that are much taller than surface so they can move on them and survive
Powersettings M (12 days ago)
Ice: *Melts* Florida: Aight imma Head out
General Garrison (12 days ago)
So basically, in 5000 years, my home town of Chantilly VA would be a coastal town
XxEgsselent EllisxX (12 days ago)
Lucky me, I wouldn't be alive by then! Yay!
BlindingLight 7 (12 days ago)
BREAKING NEWS: Florida man moves to Wyoming to escape rising sea levels, now is Wyoming man
Rich Woods (12 days ago)
You Can't Fight Mother Nature.
Cycle Rider (13 days ago)
Chicken Little BS. It's all about the money.
Dan (13 days ago)
5000 years. LOL. Who cares?
Kaiju Kyle (13 days ago)
Global warming is only a problem from OUR point of view. Even if we die because of it, life will still live on and adapt to this warmer earth.
Tim Keulen (14 days ago)
No one: Dutchmen: hold my Deltawerken
coarsegrind (14 days ago)
Was China or India countries which sign the Paris accord?
TheInvisibleCountryball (14 days ago)
why isn't anyone talking about the sahara is green
WolfHowl (14 days ago)
I mean at least we’re getting rid of Florida and Long Island
Albatross_5000 (14 days ago)
how much did the mass of water push the seafloor down the last 10000 years?
G K (14 days ago)
Bring it on. There will be fight on Antarctica for sure.
Bryye (15 days ago)
Eva crisis will make this happen in 1 year
Tasia Craig (15 days ago)
Africa Stands ✊🏾
Ondřej Matějka (15 days ago)
Czechia still has no sea, go to hell with that, we need something more than only melting glaciers. Maybe some asteroid with water or something like that. :-D Will be Baltic sea more warm? I think Berlin gulf would be good for vacation.
Leezer (15 days ago)
gordon ramsay would probably be happy as there is less frozen stuff
Peterthepiper (16 days ago)
bull f!@#$%^ shi!
Grim Reaper (16 days ago)
I blame it on the EU now that the UK has left
I love Angelique (17 days ago)
2:22 The Central Valley going underwater would be really bad, it’s the best agricultural land in the USA.
I love Angelique (17 days ago)
Counties with lots of mountains: *Okay.*
TheTouge - Gaming videos (12 days ago)
s w i t z e r l a n d - cool
Eddietubecollin-oficial channel (17 days ago)
But what is an inconvenient sequel: truth to power Rated (Don’t answer)
T Guthrie (17 days ago)
you think the Netherlands is going underwater??? Are you insane?
PottuPatteri _ (13 days ago)
About 26% of the Netherlands’ area is located below sea level, and 50% is only 1 meter above it. So yes. If sea levels rise by over 1 meter, the Netherlands will be underwater.
Bozena Shymanovich (17 days ago)
Trump:let's build a wall all over Antarctica Me: ... this is the stupidest thing you've ever done
Gavan's Command Block (17 days ago)
i'm screwed
J L (17 days ago)
pause at 4:24 for SE Asia if anyone bothers to know what it looks like
I LOVE MARCHING BAND!! (18 days ago)
Dang heard my city on there and was like naw we fenna changes things now
gdaholic (18 days ago)
Well the Earth was supposed to be tropical by now but climate triggers for Ice Ages kept happening. Now we are making it faster as a species than it’s supposed to. And we do need to do something about it yesterday.
gdaholic (18 days ago)
Wrong pronunciation of Kiribati. Lol. But some info very correct, especially for those island nations.
Vladimir Putin (18 days ago)
Well if I wait 5,000 years I live 10 minute from Palm Springs I would have a close beach front property
Vladimir Putin (18 days ago)
The nations are rising first is Australia the fire nation now its gonna be the water nation what is next
Gorosaurus Xillion (18 days ago)
I disagree that Global Warming is man Made
Elias _2512 (12 days ago)
@Gorosaurus Xillion Maybe that's your opinion,but the man made global warming is a fact.
Gorosaurus Xillion (12 days ago)
@Rich Woods Its called a damn Opinion Dude.
Rich Woods (12 days ago)
You be wrong then.
Tin Kucelj (18 days ago)
6:40 we probably cant do anything. 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
Rudo - Armějec (18 days ago)
My country will be untouched.
Sean Studio (18 days ago)
4:50 Israel: Am I A Joke To You?! Serious i Israel usses Wind and salolar power
Sean Studio (18 days ago)
If its gonna happen.... Prepear swimmingsuit
danieldjz (19 days ago)
So... just move inland... cool
Big Father (19 days ago)
*bold of you to assume you can melt Siberia*
0 0 (19 days ago)
Looking at the us map it appears to be a significant improvement. Looking forward to the flood.
Hydra klin (19 days ago)
ok but why does the us's southern sea border look so satesfying
prongs (19 days ago)
well, kentucky would be fine, good for me then
SmashDtrash (20 days ago)
Don’t forget that all the houses by water is gone and a lot of beaches
Brendan Thornton (20 days ago)
Why don’t you recommend nuclear power? Wind and solar simply cannot provide enough power to sustain the United States.
PottuPatteri _ (13 days ago)
1/3 of Nevada would be enough area to power the entire US if filled with solar panels. Problem would be how to transport and store the energy.
Ondřej Matějka (15 days ago)
And even if can, it's not stable, you can't handle whole power network with such power sources, we don't have (except pumped-storage hydroelectricity) any way to hold that energy from windy or solar days for days without wind and sun. We need fusion energy finaly, but I am afraid it will be only for rich countries and companies, capitalists who have patents for such technologies don't let world just use that for free.
Matthew Mclay (20 days ago)
What about the best country new Zealand
Jesse Troyer (20 days ago)
Why don't these vids ever show Alaska.