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How Will Earth Change If All the Ice Melts?

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Text Comments (28279)
Frank Carter (1 hour ago)
IntelPentiumMMX (2 hours ago)
The Netherlands would never become underwater. In a great flood The Netherlands would be the last piece of dry land remaining, even after the Himalayas sunk.
Wyatt Wyatt (4 hours ago)
honestly global warming is not affected by humans but the world goes through fazes cuz the world does change by it self through history lmao but that’s my opinion no one get all butthurt.
Hugo Bustamante (6 hours ago)
Man made global warming is the biggest hoax of our lifetimes. Sheeple
crashweaverda (10 hours ago)
Sorry were screwed!
Jayisbad (10 hours ago)
As long as it takes Florida’s people with it I’m okay with it 🤣
nO-One FunnY (15 hours ago)
Great. I live in delaware
Justin Rees (18 hours ago)
Yet real estate in these areas seems to be doing just fine...
Thomas Finley (21 hours ago)
You sound super cereal
Bjornarmar (22 hours ago)
Worth it.
Ryan Hernandez (22 hours ago)
Y'know, driving down to a beach city Palm Springs wouldn't be so bad, if the world wasn't in danger.
Owen Benjamin is Mentally ill (22 hours ago)
All the ice will not melt AGAIN for thousands of years no matter what we do.
Dillusion (1 day ago)
im gonna guess corfu island in greece will be fine? 3:38
Dillusion (1 day ago)
long story short we'd be fucked
Ed Robinson (1 day ago)
Can you show us the math on that because I am having a hard time believing there is enough ice on earth to raise the oceans 230 feet.?
Sonic Bellz (1 day ago)
F in the chat or all the countries and states that will my completely underwater if all the glaciers melted.
Don Fields (1 day ago)
A couple things not even accounted for in this scenario is 1st its time calculations are assuming the current state of melt will remain constant, but it wont, its not even linear its exponential. Know one knows the exactly time frame but its pretty certain to be far less time than any prediction based on current melt rate/temperatures not changing. And 2nd the weight of water, which is very dense/heavy and its effect on land masses is rarely accounted for in sea level rise models, its too complex due to geology bieng so variable throughout the globe, not to mention that weight effecting potential earthquakes etc, and perhaps most importantly the number of nuclear power facilities on coastal areas...its a much bigger faster shtf scenario than anything based on constants, the only constant im aware of in the universe is constant change, kind of an oxi moron, which sums up humanity quite well too. 😂😱
Darin Preston (1 day ago)
Its natural for sea levels to change with the climate, but changing this quickly is not natural without some catalyst like a volcano or meteor impact.
Jirki Hendricks (1 day ago)
Oh no I live in the netherlands😭😭😭
I| Cr3Ek |I (1 day ago)
If ice meltet the water would fall off the earth.
Camodo is the best!!! (1 day ago)
**ice has left the chat**
Daniel Moolman (1 day ago)
Anyone know a website where you can see this flooding of custom elevations?
Eric Oakley (1 day ago)
Inconvenient truth is we have too many people but to suggest population control would be political suicde so let’s continue putting out videos like this and never,never mention population control you dolt.
the one you dont see (1 day ago)
the thing you miss is the melting accelerates when less and less white snow and ice covers the surface when polar darkness ends so 5000 years becomes 3000 years with just that one factor you missed.
Teimur (1 day ago)
Cant wait for the ice to melt.
John koko (1 day ago)
Last great ice age the sea level was 600 feet less. 600 feet lower. It's been melting for a long, long, time.
SimplyOddish (1 day ago)
Uzbekistan would be landlocked if the ice on earth melt.
gargi das (1 day ago)
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Frost River (1 day ago)
This is only valid if you don’t believe in a flat earth
David Hull (2 days ago)
Check your 3rd grade math...when ice melts the water levels lower. If you don’t believe try it for yourself.
Jim Johnson (2 days ago)
More Waterfront property
Antonian (2 days ago)
If America could stop using fossil fuels, that'd be cool
Mit Navn (2 days ago)
The most stupid interpretation of climate change I’ve ever seen. Ha ha ha ha ... In 5000 years, everything has changed, nobody cares about a new coastline. Get a life
Eric Munoz (2 days ago)
Tbh it feels like the temperature is decreasing each year.
Søren Stilling (2 days ago)
The world's glaciers have no effect. They are already in the oceans, so they already raise it. It doesn't matter if they are liquid or not.
Patryk Wasilewski (2 days ago)
Well at least earth wouldnt be overpopulated hehe
Robert Trovato (2 days ago)
Blah blah blah the sky is falling the sky is falling now just wait 5000 years and you’ll see the sky is falling
Mr Istrate (2 days ago)
Kiribati is said Kiribas
ApollonCZ (2 days ago)
I want sea in my country 🇨🇿 so "Die ice die!"
gryph0n1 (2 days ago)
What if Africa was a real continent?
Budokai uzimaki (2 days ago)
The government controls the weather they will figure it out
CRX 1stGEN (3 days ago)
Al Gore against global warming... @ 6:10 flying in a jet that causes global warming.
tim priddy (3 days ago)
Oh my, the sky is falling....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Craneo Bones (3 days ago)
False video
Derek Davis (3 days ago)
I don’t know seems pretty cool to me. 🤷🏾‍♂️
Kevin Williams (3 days ago)
The earth is 2/3 water. Even if the polar regions melted it would be like pouring a hundred gallons of water into an Olympic sized pool. God made a promise that the earth would never again be destroyed by water which means much more than any imperfect man made scientific equation.
Stéphane Sabourin (3 days ago)
What about Canada, the second biggest country in the wold...?..a lot of bla bla about US tho !,,
dfguko (3 days ago)
Who cares about the future I will not live when that happens nor my children. So what?
dfguko (3 days ago)
Damn no ice in my whiskey? Lol
daddyrichten (3 days ago)
Here's the thing though, some scientists also say that earth was entirely covered with ice during the ice age. Yet, when THAT ice melted, the water RECEDED and exposed the continents we see today. (This makes sense, because ice takes up more space than water, that's why a full bottle of water will break if you freeze it. ) What's up with the inconsistency?
Gumpasia the player (3 days ago)
I think im save...i guess? 🤔
James Rosado (3 days ago)
send that water to the moon or mars bois
edgar carbajal (3 days ago)
¿Mexico and central america?
winter (3 days ago)
you can tell so badly thsat someonedrew over a map
Brad Cupitt (3 days ago)
The thing the earth has a protection mechanism that if the ice melts the bottom of the ocean will get so cold that it will freeze and therefore most of the ocean will freeze too causing an ice age until conditions are right to return to the way it is today
Aidiel Daniel (3 days ago)
Aidiel Daniel (3 days ago)
Human destroy earth
Eda Bean (3 days ago)
BULL. Scientists say what money tells them to say. My environmental science class stressed that above all things. Adding to that, the textbook was full of doomsday warnings that never bore fruit--yeah, there is problem with predicting such things. Robs the credibility. Being a scientist is not a money-maker, kiddies. Your career counselor did you an injustice. Folks that think man can change climate without a nuclear winter are mislead.
Nissy (4 days ago)
As an Africa, hakuna matata
Thomas Daley (4 days ago)
Bull shit. The climate has always changed. The planet isn't going anywhere. We are!!!! Life will be just fine without us. Swallow that pill!
robert bubnis (4 days ago)
why are you lying ?
robert bubnis (4 days ago)
don't worry about it we are not going to be here soon ! we are all doomed !
Ender Roblox (4 days ago)
My birthday is August 4 =-=
I am a meme (4 days ago)
I live in Sacramento good thing I’ll not be around for that
dave christensen (4 days ago)
Mini the dog (4 days ago)
This is going to happen in 12 years if we dont stop cows from farting
TheSswilliamsS (8 hours ago)
idk if you're joking, but I've heard people say that before, about the cow's farting. Methane is the gas expelled by cow's farting, however it's found in natural gas and other places, like volcanoes, vents in the ocean, wetlands.... Methane is the problem, not "cow's farting," thought I'd let you know :)
Aloha Ackbar (4 days ago)
You skipped southeast Asia.
Damnit Bobby (4 days ago)
I don't give a shit about 2100
Owen Keller (4 days ago)
Why do climate change graphs never include margin of error?
Edelson Espiritu (4 days ago)
Hoodmonger (4 days ago)
Animal fucking aggroculture!!
Sean Lann (4 days ago)
Given undeniable scientific facts -> Conservatives:Global Warming is fake No proof that a higher being even exist -> Conservatives: God is real because Bible says so
N5KDA (4 days ago)
BS alert !!! The earth is now in a warming phase, however, I remember back in the 1970's reports about the earth about to enter another ice age. The earth was warm like it is now back in the 1930's and or 1940's. So, the 1st statement about the earth warming since 1880 is BS and caused by manipulated data.
Walter Yellow (5 days ago)
Tfw using green energy to supply power for our nation's then you see China chugging coal fumes into the atmosphere causing global temperatures to increase
Ej joe (5 days ago)
Climate change is a money grab.
Lincoln Bautista (5 days ago)
Turkey and Switzerland: *dab*
Joe Lethert (5 days ago)
Easy... all the refugees get Antarctica. Anymore brain busters?
SuperVlog Time (5 days ago)
Stahlflower Animation 'n Art (5 days ago)
I still wonder if the global warning is because of the human greenhouse gases or a mix of a natural warming combined with the human influence. We can't forget that before 1880 the earth was 300 years in an ice age. Is this warming just the recovery from that ice age? It's not so unlikely because around 950-1250 there was the medieval optimum where the average temperature was 1-2°C higher than the average resulting in the harvest of Scottish wine and the settlements on Greenland. The roman optimum was even warmer so that they could get figs in the area of later Germany. These optimums were very short and weren't related to human greenhouse gases. The world was even warmer before without ice at the poles. Last time when it was very warm was 56 Million years ago where the CO² was three times as high as today and it was so warm that you could find rain forests on the north and south pole and a very rich fauna and flora around the globe. Strangely the temperatures started to sink since then, resulting in the evolution of man. The question her is: Is the warming right now because of us or is the earth just getting back to it's state 56 million years ago?
Shallum Design (5 days ago)
When Facts isn’t your thing, you create this video!
Joel Baldwin (5 days ago)
An inconvenient sequel? That's what you're basing this on? Yeah--'Al Gore, not only a scientist, but the greatest to ever live lol. Yeah, I take him seriously.
owen prince (5 days ago)
This is all bullshit. Mankind has NOTHING to do with the earth getting warmer. The earth has a normal temp and it has been getting back to the NORMAL temp of the earth for 5 thousand years. When there is a major event that blocks out the sun the earth goes into an ice age. Morons with a limited view then think that ice age is the normal temp of the earth and have a fit when the earth warms up after the sun shines again. You have climate scientists who are paid to spout lies about the climate so they do what they are paid to do and claim man caused the earth to warm up. You say in 2100 the ocean will be 8 feet higher. It will not matter because there will be no more life on earth by then because every living thing will be extinct. You think the planet looked like it does not when the dinosaurs roamed the earth. You are so stupid you think the dinosaurs caused the ice age and now the planet is not allowed to change because you say so. Arrogant, morons and idiot your all are. You can NOT stop the planet from changing so the only reason you push this lie is to tax people you blame for it. Make them guilty and then make them pay you because you claim you can stop the earth from getting warmer if people will just pay you a tax. I do everything I can to increase the temp of the earth and make the biggest carbon foot print I can to help warm the earth. You idiots and morons would not know the truth if you were hit in the head with it. This is just propaganda and so is your stupid film.
Purple Ninja (5 days ago)
we need a plan. we need to use more water
mikso123 (5 days ago)
When you are in 5.000 and just sitting and thinking what idiots
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guns_ francesca (5 days ago)
When u live in London
Marcus Viby Jensen1 5B Tungelundskolen (5 days ago)
its its just sad
m n (5 days ago)
Countries that have contributed to global warming the most seem to be devastated more. USA, UK, Brazil, China, India, Germany and what not ?
Eric Hobbs (5 days ago)
Any future where we loose Florida can hardly be described as a nightmare. More like a blessing.
Nxah (5 days ago)
I live in San Diego:(
Frederick Navarro (5 days ago)
If the climate changes humans will do what they have always done...adapt, or die. This model assumes nothing else changes but CO2 levels. Hardly the truth about our complex dynamic system that includes the behavior of the sun.
Grinners (5 days ago)
Laramie Cigarettes presents to you; Why cigarettes are good for you
Rick Moises (5 days ago)
I blame baby boomers
Colxrs (6 days ago)
When you live in Long Island....
Paige Knaughtfund (6 days ago)
Freedom Works (6 days ago)
You are a moron
henry dumor (6 days ago)
im not sure many people would be sad to see bangladesh disappear , i think the fish would find it disgusting to swim there
Rocky Mountain Williscroft (6 days ago)
Since Trump doesn't believe in global warming then we are all good. Nothing to see here.
Mondo O (6 days ago)
At least there will be no more Florida.😁
SNIF (6 days ago)
Its Kirabas not Kirabati