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Every Dumb Start-Up Ever

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People have been buying bowls in a store since the beginning of stores, and bowls. Isn’t it time for a change? Bobby Moynihan stars in the new CBS comedy Me, Myself & I Premiering Monday, Sept. 25 at 9:30/8:30c: http://bit.ly/2x9vFrD See more http://www.collegehumor.com LIKE us on: http://www.facebook.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.twitter.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.collegehumor.tumblr.com CAST Bobby Moynihan Grant O’Brien Katie Marovitch Zac Oyama Rekha Shankar Raphael Chestang CREW Director - Ryan Moulton Writer - Grant O’Brien Producer - Pamela Robison Production Coordinator - Kate Strauss Director of Photography - Cooper James 1st AC - Chris Macdonald 2nd AC/DIT - Santiago Bahti Gaffer - Saul Cervantes Key Grip - Misael Pastor Production Designer - Rick Mader HMU - Denise Valentine Sound Mixer - Chris Bennett of BoTown Sound President of Original Content - Sam Reich Senior Vice President of Production - Spencer Griffin Director of Production - Lesa Greenfield Production Legal - Karen Segall Production Accountant - Shay Parsons Production Accountant - Chetera Bell Production Assistant - Esmeralda Pelayo Production Assistant - Kennya Rivera Post Production Supervisor - Melissa Balan Post Production Coordinator - Marissa High Content Management Supervisor - Theodora Hart Content Management Assistant - Caroline Langella Content Management Assistant - Jane Cripe Editor - Ryan Moulton Visual Effects & Graphics - TJ Gonzalez Head Assistant Editor, Post Prod. Systems Engineer - Mark Chernausek Brittany Joyner - Assistant Editor Matt Decker - Assistant Editor A.J. Bedard - Assistant Editor
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Text Comments (3819)
Ian Ribeiro (8 hours ago)
I know you thought about typing "bowlshit" but, on a second thought, it wasn't that good of a pun. It's ok, I did it for you.
Deem (1 day ago)
Hold on guys, What about a smart bowl?
Alex Mills (3 days ago)
Not gonna lie I just really wanna get a custom made bowl for me now
hybrid green (5 days ago)
Bowls ARE cool. That's what vsauce does with their curiosity box. You can go on Amazon and buy what you like ...or you can pay 40% more to be surprised every so often and they will donate something somewhere. Imho, if you dont have curiosity to research and don't even know what your kid needs...its just another consumerist bit that will collect dust. People go for it though
Ethan Victor C. (7 days ago)
I just realized "Oyster and Toot" is a queef joke.
t s ó l a r i a (8 days ago)
I read the title as " buy my *bowels* " and didn't even question it
ryan smith (9 days ago)
Zac was the best part of this video
Ultracrepidarian (9 days ago)
It's not about "water from air"?
Juan Carlos Martinez (11 days ago)
1:18 that's what she said
Erik Valdemar Sköld - Composer (11 days ago)
I had an start-up ad before this video started... xD
sakar181 (11 days ago)
He just stole this idea from Weird Al; Spatula City.
Areku (12 days ago)
i guess this exists somewhere in the world |:P ibowls
Steve Noh (12 days ago)
CH missed the chance for a "bowl-shit" joke this whole vid
TTV5 (13 days ago)
Easy 200 000 000 series C funding
natalie enriquez (13 days ago)
Snl x college humor
Weeberry (15 days ago)
maybe bowl is vampire
Ethan Manuputy (16 days ago)
New game spot all illuminati references
Dog8MyHomework (17 days ago)
Zac Oyama is the Pete Davidson of College Humor
PokiYin (17 days ago)
We need a Bowl CEO
mccloaker (18 days ago)
He looks like Jeff Faskrab, of Fast Crab Marketing. "Fast Crab. Whats Our Plan?"
xchiaroscura (22 days ago)
I'm bowled over by this
İrem Güler (23 days ago)
Is that the guy from SNL
Yes I know. I'm Gay. Thanks for noticing (23 days ago)
I want someone to actually do this just to see how many people would donate to the startup
Francisco Mariño (23 days ago)
Elon Musk can learn a thing or two from this
John Byron (23 days ago)
... and see how you would look interacting with our balls. Yeah, no,sir.
kelvinbill (24 days ago)
This might actually work....
Naeren Vastir (24 days ago)
yea but... just buy your bowls on amazon. like wtf?
Rayman34128 (25 days ago)
The confused guy is me irl
Andy's Channel (25 days ago)
I want those bowls!
Andrew Hawkins (26 days ago)
Shouldn't the background music be by Bowling for Soup?
Adam Kingsbury (27 days ago)
You forgot the ukulele and xylophone music
Angry Yogbuscus (27 days ago)
I love *B O W L S*
Kaname Fujiwara (27 days ago)
A bowl company is not actually a bad idea - if you focus on personalization and use that as its value proposition.
kAsi (28 days ago)
More like dumb marketing?
Drake F (28 days ago)
This is unbowlivaly hilarious
BlueScorpion (1 month ago)
1:51 another eye
Robert Kreiling (1 month ago)
The music towards the end sounds like it's from the trailer for an indie coming-of-age movie.
Annemarie (1 month ago)
Not gonna lie they made me want some new bowls
Joseph Gerber (1 month ago)
I live in a potter village...this is way to close to home
Not Really with Stuff (1 month ago)
It sounds like balls noe
Molybdenum Rose (1 month ago)
those are nice bowls tho
I would buy these bowls
Safir (1 month ago)
Youtubers selling merch that’s just their crappy logo on a china shirt & it’s 50$. Smh.
Inebriatd (1 month ago)
The easier things are made, the dumber people get. IRL
*laughs in Obesity* (1 month ago)
Gene Phillips (1 month ago)
Is this just a failed sketch Bobby wrote that didn't make it to SNL? Lol
NoHaxJustCacti YT (1 month ago)
can I get a Minecraft bowl?
PERU BASED (1 month ago)
Alyza Kashif (1 month ago)
For a second I got a confused whether I was watching SNL or CH
Bryan Hartono (1 month ago)
I can't believe they got Bobby Moynihan!!!
antiisocial (1 month ago)
Magnus McKie (1 month ago)
They nailed the slogan thing, there are always those people who say it with actions or have a certain tone to their voice just like the ones in the vid.
Aaron Mudd (1 month ago)
Just watched an ad about a guy who reinvented belts and thought of this.
Warren Ayen (1 month ago)
We’re all one, yo. One big bowl of humanity, swirling in a bigger bowl of Earth inside of a huge bowl of the universe
LuciferMegatron (1 month ago)
I don’t know bout you crackers, i’d defo buy my bowls from this site, seems blooming bowltastic.
Lilitu (1 month ago)
"the comedy guy?!"
Julie McKee (1 month ago)
Is that an snl actor
Andrew The Sloth (1 month ago)
Now I want to buy a bowl
Caleb Smith (1 month ago)
Living in the PNW I can say this is a better idea than most startups in Washington
Spencer Dalling (1 month ago)
The bowl guy seems really familiar to me, was he on SNL?
EndieGLITCH (1 month ago)
Now I feel like buying bowls
pancake cat (1 month ago)
after hearing the word bowls so many times it doesn't sound real.
Dhairyah Shroff (1 month ago)
julioCesarNO (1 month ago)
Is this real? Or is it just, *bowl-shit*
Maddy Economou (1 month ago)
This will forever be one of my favorite college humour sketch
doris the slug (1 month ago)
_"Complete vertical bowl integration"_
Jon Lesher (1 month ago)
The music in this is actually inspiring
Cat (1 month ago)
Jade Lin Lee Chen (1 month ago)
If you remove Zac, it actually looks pretty legit.
Junior Studios (2 months ago)
RIP Me, Myself, and I
weckar (2 months ago)
Should've gone the Shark Tank route.
T Potato (2 months ago)
When you are just pointing to any part of the screen and no link appears
Tshepsy Seobi (2 months ago)
"Fit what?!" This just broke my entire spirit 😂😂
DubbleBubblePillows (2 months ago)
I thought this said "buy my bowels"
ViciousProphet (2 months ago)
*That's not the kind of bowl that I mean...*
Andrew Neel (2 months ago)
I really want to eat something from a bowl now....
Finn Offer (2 months ago)
Man, I hate going to the bowl store.
N8Dawg61 (2 months ago)
This was one of their better episodes they have had in a while
Videre Licet (2 months ago)
Zac is woke af
Joshua Vo (2 months ago)
3:19 “bowls are cool I love bowls” does that seem a little dirty?
Junaid Khalid (2 months ago)
Gave me chills for no reason. The part about we are all one
Liam O'Connor (2 months ago)
Aaron Rodriguez (2 months ago)
Zac gets it
ruuoxi (2 months ago)
everytime i saw bobby...I always remember..kitty caaaat 🤣
Kevin Vu (2 months ago)
The soundtrack is what I'm interested in
Josh Smith (2 months ago)
Yeah no thanks
Myles DeClercq (2 months ago)
1:18 thats what she said
UncleDidlles (2 months ago)
The first time I watched this I didn't laugh. The second time I laughed around the two minute mark. Now I just crack up in the middle of the day thinking about this.
Masla (2 months ago)
*b o w l*
thunder booster (2 months ago)
It really seems they made this video to just say bowls as much as they want
HeatWaVe _X (2 months ago)
This should be a fake start up series in my opinion I would love the series
yoshimickster (2 months ago)
When more people remember the comedy sketch you used to promote a sitcom, than the sitcom said comedy sketch was promoting.
Min-seo Cho (2 months ago)
bowl has lost its meaning. LOVE Bobby
Noëlle Meisser (2 months ago)
This makes me really want to buy his bowls
dark games (2 months ago)
Bowl showroom? Wut
Hadi Bendakji (2 months ago)
I hope he's not bowls-deep in debt after this commercial.
Convention Expedition (2 months ago)
What’s the worst part of buying bowls? They’re very—FRAGILE!😂😂😂😂😂😂, I mean seriously. I’ve usually destroyed at least three bowls a month.✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻
Eden Lul (2 months ago)
Grant, this is the best thing you’ve ever wrote. Oyster and toot is such a bowl company name.
DXHaseoXD (2 months ago)
I’ve been buying bowls the wrong way my entire life.....
Henrique morais jones (2 months ago)