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The NFL's Logistics Problem

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Text Comments (3327)
MFJ (16 hours ago)
Tottenham Hotspur Stadium: exists* Wembley: How could this happen to me
No No (1 day ago)
Provinces is not the Patriots
No No (1 day ago)
Newark m8
chrism3784 (2 days ago)
NFL keeps allowing their players to knee during the national anthem, they going to find their fanbase dwindling
drake ivy (6 days ago)
Whats wendover productions favorite football team? The Jets
cold soup (7 days ago)
6:53 “and 47,000 of which buy games to every game”
Just Rick (8 days ago)
the "Wenstminster Twats" will be a great team!
Here to comment/watch weird stuff (9 days ago)
I live in London but don't know anyone who cares about American football
Honda CRV (10 days ago)
10:43 OMG I live near San Diego!!!!!!!!!!!!! Their team is called the “Aztecs”! (I’m not a girl)
Honda CRV (10 days ago)
Sam, what state are you from?
Chris Gorski (10 days ago)
Fascinating topic and expertly narrated. Thank you
Joe Arcamonte (11 days ago)
why are they still trying to increase market saturation by promoting overseas games?
Joseph Turner (11 days ago)
When it comes to the University of Hawaii football for example, I have understood that because of their travel expenses to away games, the Rainbow Warriors get one extra home game per year above what teams usually get in order to help recover their costs. I’ve also understood that, those teams who travel to Honolulu for a game at Hawaii also get an extra home game permitted to them that season also to help recover their travel costs. That’s one thing that the NFL could do if they had a permanent team in London.
Joseph Turner (11 days ago)
For those teams in cities close to each other (New York, New England, DC), they should consider Amtrak for travel to/from those games - for example
Active Adam (12 days ago)
English people can easily play "football" as they already play a much tougher sport rugby and as I recall we got into the final while USA team didn't even make it out of the group stages plus se did play the USA team and the score was 45-7 to us! so it is easy for brits to play that over protected sport.
Mind of a Black Moderate Conservative (14 days ago)
If the NFL wanted to put a team over a large ocean, there would be a team in Honolulu by now......
Stovy Gaming (15 days ago)
Why not be Mexico?
Daniel Kintigh (16 days ago)
FUCK THAT. Europeans won't even let their teams play a regular season game in the US. Why the fuck should we let them have a team? Fuck off europeans, make your own handegg league
Caitlin Bodamer (16 days ago)
Can’t relate as a Patriots fan because as you mentioned, we have a beautiful plane we own with all of our majestic trophies depicted on it
Slack Key Traditions (16 days ago)
NFL teams should lease supersonic jetliners lol
Wiktor Prymas (17 days ago)
Every body that likes American football in europe is a traitor!!!
Cordell Booth (17 days ago)
Do season tickets holders get to go to games in other countries (Mexico and England) for free if it’s consider their teams home game?
Matt Kneeshaw (17 days ago)
You said the jet only made money for 30 min did you factor in the advertising you could get from said team by them saying "airline x is the proud airline of the jets " it's not traditional advertising but banners around the stadium saying that has a value just how much ? That would still fall under compensation for service provided
Jackson (21 days ago)
engalnd having an american football team could work, since its very simular to the sport known as rugby
Brad Penman (21 days ago)
Fifa has something to say about the claim that NFL earns the most.
L McNaughton (25 days ago)
11:36 I am from Ann Arbor...and I know for a fact you don't spell it "Detroit"
Abu Ibu (26 days ago)
Here's my suggestion: Create a mini European gridiron football League for a few years and eventually expand it to 32 teams as well (maybe even reaching North Africa), then the winner of the Superbowl and the winner of the Eurobowl play a World bowl final.
Dregs (27 days ago)
it would be best to have nfl teams in canada than the uk
Henry Ward (28 days ago)
The start was kinda pointless coz the prem is the only one of them that makes any money at all
Joshua 윤호 Han (28 days ago)
why not just sell last minute seats so planes don't fly empty
DinoSauros Rex (28 days ago)
Wendover productions More like Bendover Productions
Jonas Helmke (29 days ago)
So awesome to see aircraft used for thirty minute flights. I'm sure that's efficient as hell.
Will Harris (1 month ago)
1:07 Plane
Andrew Salamoun (1 month ago)
I don't understand why they would need "tens of thousands of pounds of equipment" moved for a game... They need balls, safety gear, uniforms... and that's it? What the fuck else are they carrying in the tons to games that they can't get locally? I also don't understand why they don't buy their own planes. They have crazy money. I also don't understand why they wouldn't (in the 30 minute flight video) not just take a fucking bus. It's cheaper, and you can get crazy nice buses.
Nunovia Gottdamnedbizzness (1 month ago)
The NFL Buffalo Bill's currently plays two games per season in Toronto, which is about an hours drive away. Canada gas its own CFL which has teams in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and soon may be expanding to Quebec City and Halifax. The CFL dies have slightly larger fields and slightly different rules and player number than the NFL, but it's close enough that it could easily modify the way Canadian teams play. So Canada would be a a much better expansion market than London, and the television broadcast times would line up with regular US teams as well.
Matrix Code (1 month ago)
2:24 *newark
SkeletonMan84 (1 month ago)
11:34 GO BLUE!
SkeletonMan84 (1 month ago)
Eclipse YT (1 month ago)
NFL Teams: Our players will get too Jet-lagged by flying to London and the US. SuperRugby Teams: *Laughs*
Chuck Tomney (1 month ago)
this is the most me video ever
Aidan Tanner (1 month ago)
american football and football, not football and soccer
arnold kanagwa (1 month ago)
Who else thinks he has the smoothest transition to adds ever??. I never see them coming!!!
Tom Jones (1 month ago)
Forty five percent in taxes. Lol.
Tom Jones (1 month ago)
Lol, at least the liberal whiners would get a taste of their own medicine with taxes.
Malacki 655 (1 month ago)
These NFL teams really need to cash in on their frequent-flyer miles, imagine all the reward they could get.
Sam Plautz (1 month ago)
The nfl only makes 12 million a year? I'm pretty sure I'm reading that wrong
Hannes S (1 month ago)
Is there anybody also worriyng about what all this travelling means to our environment?!
Raildriver (1 month ago)
Fun fact: The Detroit Tigers and Detroit Red Wings use the same aircraft; a McDonnell Douglas MD-81 for its flights around the country.
Liam Simion (1 month ago)
Tottenham hotspur stadium: costs a little over a billion dollars NFL: donates 12.5 M to the stadium Tottenham hotspur: am i a joke to you
Olix (1 month ago)
Can’t they just have team planes
Herahum Rafeu (1 month ago)
Can you guys make one for European Football/Soccer logistics.
TrickShotZz (1 month ago)
So Canada doesn't exist huh?
One Life Vlogs (1 month ago)
As a brit, 13 million is massively exaggerated, 13 million is the number of people who know what the nfl is less than 30,000 pr9bally care about the nfl
scifitoilet (1 month ago)
i feel like its only a problem if you look at planes that are slightly less efficient in terms of generating revenue a problem. What about using that layover time for maintenance or other overhead needs. Or just simply raise the price on the teams. Its not that hard.
Dylan (1 month ago)
Or they could create a league in England with loads of teams and maybe have a World Cup?
InvisibleTeeth (1 month ago)
They tried NFL Europe. It failed. But that's mostly cuz it was filled with guys who couldn't cut it in the real NFL.
Gus Driving In Australia (1 month ago)
Now you have to show us the logistics of SuperRugby. Multiple nations, and it doesn't end after that season is done either, those teams then contribute to the national teams to play more games overseas for a few more months.
kk 5579 (1 month ago)
If only the NBA gained the amount of cooperation in China the NFL did with London 😂
kk 5579 (1 month ago)
Actually it’s a 53 man roster...
Slobodan Visekruna (1 month ago)
"New England Patriots bought their own set of planes" I didn't know I could like them more than I already do, but I guess I was wrong.
OlliBrolli (1 month ago)
Are you half as interesting?
Caleb Symmonds (1 month ago)
Fortunately, that's not a logistics problem that fans need to worry about.
Daniel C (1 month ago)
The NFL’s Logistics Problem. The Solution: Enough money that God’s accountant also does their taxes.
Felix Culpa (1 month ago)
The London expansion idea is already stupid, but to actually have a team there? Beyond ridiculous... You're making billions, enjoy your billions, figure out a different way to make more billions...
Kyle Klendworth (1 month ago)
Jacksonville plays 9 away games, as they forfeit a home date to play in London
Edward Garcia (1 month ago)
Champions league is better
Prem Oxford (1 month ago)
Football makes more than nfl why you don't add english italian spanish french german lugues earnings as whole Europe and there you go
Red Sox 9904 (1 month ago)
Prem Oxford Because those are all different leagues. You don’t combine all of Europe’s GDP and then say it’s bigger than America.
Chuck Norris (1 month ago)
53 players
Nick Weber (1 month ago)
53 not 56
Jarek Jellison (1 month ago)
One word: kneeling.
Andrew Farrow (1 month ago)
In Rugby League we have a Super League team in Toronto and we have to travel across the Atlantic once a year and they have to come here every other week, although they do bunch them.
androkles04 (1 month ago)
As a European fan of the NFL, I dream of a day where the league is not split into two American conferences, but an American and a European conference, with the super bowl being played between these respective winners.
Dylan Shramko (1 month ago)
3:45 why did they drop the Dolphins and Cardinals, I understand the Steelers, Colts and Jags, but why the Dolphins and Cards, they have hubs at Phoenix and Miami, so WTF
Snl Rahman (1 month ago)
You should do a video on how NFL Europe worked! The NFL had a league in Europe from 1990 - 2007 and it was actually really popular
noble_eagle (1 month ago)
Stop using the flat earth map
Joseph Nagel (1 month ago)
I hate ads but damn does this guy give some smooth transitions
John Oke (1 month ago)
In Canada the CFL charters a few 737-200s and -300s from charter airline Nolinor. They have enough planes for the 9 soon to be 10 team league
Vegas Nights Slots (1 month ago)
On a totally unrelated subject. In the early days of the soccer world cup, national teams had to travel on boats for months to get to the hosting country, mostly between south America and Europe. And the players use that time for practice! Nowadays we got airplanes! And people are still complaining about logistics! If you're dedicated to the sport you will overcome anything!
Vegas Nights Slots (1 month ago)
Jack Wilcox (1 month ago)
What you mean not uk talent, jay ajayi might have something to say,
Jack Wilcox (1 month ago)
Glen Cheney personally I wouldn’t have a actual home team just go with one game every regular week, with spurs and Wembley stadiums both nfl ready there won’t be much double booking and it will keep fans from getting bored of seeing the same team, I’ve seen jags 6 times now it’s great but come on packers lol 😂
Jack Wilcox (1 month ago)
Glen Cheney fair point, I know the college teams do try to recruit in state but there’s only a few players who get to play for home town team. But the nature of how the nfl works swapping players is different, and if one wr doesn’t and to play in London there is a thousand kids who are willing to do that to play in the nfl, watch last chance u or all or nothing Michigan it’s all about getting to the league not the team.
Glen Cheney (1 month ago)
But NFL teams don't recruit players solely from their own area. How many Texans play for the Cowboys? Not like Celtic who won the European Cup in 1967 where all the players were born less than 30 miles from Glasgow
Jack Wilcox (1 month ago)
It’s not a purpose built training field, it’s the England rugby base posts are same shape
Mantorras Montquilla (1 month ago)
nfl is a stupid sport rip off of rugby , it also sucks
Red Sox 9904 (1 month ago)
Mantorras Montquilla Sounds like you’re an objective person.
Bartholomew Smutz (1 month ago)
There is a beautiful blonde girl in a classroom at the 11:13 mark which was a nice surprise.
sweetwater88 (1 month ago)
Go London Wankers!
Dylan Shramko (1 month ago)
Correction, London Sillynannies, if you get the reference
Paul Gaither (1 month ago)
I can see a future where the NFL has a European conference. A system in which most games stay within Europe, though they have a few cross Atlantic games a year and a new version of the super bowl where the American winners play against the European winners for an international title. A league where free agency and the draft is shared internationally as well. That would be 50+ years from now, but I can see it.
Fe Fid (1 month ago)
you forgot to talk about the pro 14 rugby
HowlingSnail (1 month ago)
I call bullshit on that many Brits being NFL fans. That's certainly not how it feels here.
JanitorIsBack (1 month ago)
11:16 you can thank me later
Thomas Lee (1 month ago)
* It's extremely obvious why the NFL and other athletic organizations are quietly going bankrupt. Their practice of overpaying players, even unimpressive players has finally come home to bite them in the butt. Yeah it's easier to get along with arrogant ball players if you just give them what they are screaming for. But when they begin insulting your fans by, essentially, giving them the finger at the beginning of every game, you have to expect that those fans who are already paying super high prices for tickets, tee shirts and team trinkets feel insulted by the very players they are supporting when they begin giving them the finger. Soon you will be laying off arrogant players and replacing them with less talented, but still overpaid players. Can you say "bankruptcy"?
John Smith (1 month ago)
London likes NFL FootBall? Never would think North Africans and Muslim would be interested in that sport.
loginavoidence12 (1 month ago)
no youtube video is ever complete without skillshare mentions barging on in and badgering your earballs. imagine you're relaxing on your couch after work, deciding to unwind to a few videos catering to your interests. all of a sudden, an 18 wheeled lorry come careening off the streets right into your living room, toppling any semblance of peace and quiet you had just a moment ago. In a large, bold font the word SKILLSHARE is lettered all over the front and sides. Instead of dismounting, the driver instead lays on the airhorns and screams, "BEEP BEEP MOTHERF***ERS" before backing away through the wreckage in search of the next unwitting living room. this is how i think of that company when i hear that god awful alliterative name anymore
Taylor Dively (1 month ago)
Why would American Airlines drop Miami and Arizona? They are located next to hub airports.
MPrime (1 month ago)
Phoenix is mostly a connecting hub, not a ton of wide bodies going through. Might also just have fallen through in contract negotiations.
Sanddab Z (1 month ago)
At 6:17....best part of the whole thing!!!
Wooster001 (2 months ago)
This man’s voice is shit and he has no clue how to talk
I like Toastbrot (2 months ago)
A whole European division could make sense, the best team joins one of the wild card games.
RoyalMela (1 month ago)
I don't think so. NFL games in Europe are popular, because they are so rare. That means, like this weekend, Raiders and Bears played in London, but the stadium was filled with people who just wanted to see the game. It was a neutral game for both teams. It is very hard to find fan base for a team filled with US players. I don't think a NFL franchise could survive in Europe. Yes, there are big cities in Europe and just by numbers alone, there could be over 10 cities with a NFL team. I just can not see London or any other city having that much support in any way, that any team could survive based in Europe.
The Football Huddle (2 months ago)
53 nfl players on a roster...
Greg Aycock (2 months ago)
I think another big problem with the NFL expanding into GB/Europe would be the salary cap and taxes. Who would want to play for GB/Europe if they had to give away 45% of their money in taxes?
RoyalMela (1 month ago)
NFL players do pay similar taxes. They are just not as clear as European taxes, where you basically have just one income tax, and that is it. USA has national and state taxes, city taxes, and sometimes they even have to pay tax to the state they play their away games in. And the taxes vary very much from state to state. Texas has the lowest taxes, California the highest. California players can pay over 50% in taxes.
George Prchal (2 months ago)
Yet what constitutes a "catch" is still up for debate and the bodyweight nonsense for sacking QBs as well as PI are still "Whatever the hell the official says it is" calls.
Dan Shreim (2 months ago)
It's AMERCIAN football; how about we just play it in AMERICA.
RoyalMela (1 month ago)
I though you call it football?
Sanddab Z (1 month ago)
does the same go for baseball and basketball?
earthdog7900 (2 months ago)
The London team would be a clear case for realignment and changing the way the schedules are set up. I could see the Rams or Seahawks going to London once every 20 years.
Alex Lawton (2 months ago)
It would have been great for you to give the example of Toronto wolfpack who play Rugby league in the British league in this video. London can support an NFL team and it is possible