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The NFL's Logistics Problem

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Text Comments (3131)
Zachary T (18 hours ago)
0:54 53*
Bill Woo (1 day ago)
I am so sorry for doing this, interrupting a serious and intelligent discussion, and maybe I'll go to hell for it, but: 6:17
Matt Sweeney (1 day ago)
This is clickbait. The video is not about the "NFL's Logistics Problem" its about the "NFL's" logistics problem: Trying to set up a team in London. Its not the there is a logistics problem with the NFL, its that the NFL has one trying to set up a team in London.
Matt Sweeney (1 day ago)
NFL teams are 53 players with a 10 man practice squad btw.
Моses M (1 day ago)
The NFL is phony.
michael Deatherage (1 day ago)
Thanks for showing a Bengal tiger logo! The Bengals NFL team... uses a B logo... >.<
Grant Sherwin (1 day ago)
NFL rosters are actually 53 players, not 56 like you stated numerous times during the video.
Random Channel (2 days ago)
In 20 years: "Introducing the DUBLIN LEPRECHAUNS!"
Blake Williams (2 days ago)
GIVE US THE LONDON REDCOATS IN THE NEW AFC EAST (because of a division redesign on account of the 2 new teams)
Mickey Corbalis (2 days ago)
53 players*
2A Talk and Politics (3 days ago)
On average 250 lbs?? Uh ok. The O line boys are no 250 pounders... There is no "average" weight. I lost interest after 6 mins, but after a brief second i saw cheerleaders then i was done again
Dustin Stahl (3 days ago)
Macon Leighton (3 days ago)
The dollar amounts you have cited seem large to the average person, but the base salary for an undrafted rookie that makes the game day roster is $480k. It's even $136k for practice squad players. With 8 practice squad players, teams pay nearly $1M for eight players that literally don't play. The dollar amounts cited for travel mean almost nothing to these earnings juggernauts. Given the amount of money teams make from just from TV deals mean this is all ready paid for before they even turn the lights on for a season. Good try though, keep it up!
Drinkyoghurt (3 days ago)
I just checked, cheapest tickets for an NFL match in London are 500 quid. Imagine paying that much money to fall asleep.
Kyle Chin (3 days ago)
Please do one for the overwatch league
Paul McRae (4 days ago)
If they add a team in London they need to add 4 teams in Europe altogether. That could alleviate some of the logistical problems.
LRWS (4 days ago)
You want a NFL team outside the US? Expand to Canada.
Mustache D. Luffy (3 days ago)
Doesn’t Canada have its own football league?
Ryu Fitzgerald (4 days ago)
This is another reason we need supersonic jets. https://boomsupersonic.com/
TL (4 days ago)
This is very enlightening. Thank you
ThrobbinHood (4 days ago)
It's amazing how much money these teams make.... and they still bitch about stuff they can easily afford to fix.. oi, rich people
C C (5 days ago)
The NFL should bring back its Europe division. If they're able to properly grow that league, then they could do the same idea as the MLB having 20 interleague games per team. After a champion has been crowned in each league, then they can have a world title game.
CP 9301 (5 days ago)
More jet lag an advantage? I don't think so. Good video though!
Battenkill Rambler (6 days ago)
This obsession with football is beyond ridiculous. Boring game to watch, stop start stop start...silly.
Daniel Lauterbach (6 days ago)
Too bad nfl players get absolutely nothing compared to nba players lol
kainoamh (7 days ago)
London already has an NFL team. It's called the London Sillynannies
Mirza Dzomba (7 days ago)
Thanks for the informative video. It is a small point but I need to note that the number of players on the active roster of an NFL team is not 56. It is 53. Not all of them always travel to away games, though. The game day roster is 46, and the teams regularly leave at home players who need rehab on a minor injury (i.e. injury that does not land them on injured reserve).
Daniel Ho (7 days ago)
18:35 some corrections from a person IN HAWAII "Hawaiian Rainbow Warriors" --> "U H Warriors" "Rainbow Warriors" refers to student athletes of every other sport EXCEPT football. "Warriors" is the accepted term for ONLY the football team.
82465amen (7 days ago)
Bring the Concord back!
Frank V (7 days ago)
Shit too much money wasted on logistics I have plans to cut these costs
zoperxplex (7 days ago)
Soccer is the number one sport in the United Kingdom. I don't think the British are interested in a sport where their teams are just an appendage to an American based league.
Luca Grandinetti (7 days ago)
Give Canada a fucken team.
JONOVID (7 days ago)
whatever happened to just managing a football business. why does a business need to grow, what is the problem in staying the same size? when is enough is enough. so middle management needs a pay rise? if the NFL is a successful business, then what is the problem with keeping it inside the US ?
your mom (7 days ago)
well they wouldnt need to bring their equipment to the US if they would for example store it in the US aswell or get help by other teams by any chance if it comes to simpler stuff which is just a pain in the ass to deal with when you have to fly over the Atlantic. Have like a secound storage for US games. In the same time you could make it an requirement that the London team has to help out the visiting teams aswell as they do in the US.
EanMac (8 days ago)
Of course the Patriots just bought some planes.
Ethan Bagshaw (8 days ago)
56 players??????
J Egner (8 days ago)
Why not Mexico or Canada
c0cksm4ck (8 days ago)
11:20 mark - the hot blonde totally eyefucks the guy behind her.
TheOneG36 జ్ఞ‌ా (8 days ago)
WTF, where is the Problem? Oil and Kerosin is Tax Free and Subsidized as well as the Planes and Pilots so where is the fcking Problem? if this dudes want to play NFL let them if they are ready to spent the majority of there Life (as players) in a Plane? why not let them it is not a Problem just Absurd when you think about it......
Nick Muse (8 days ago)
Air Force Academy got a mention! SKO FALCS
JBeasy 56 (8 days ago)
12:42 How did they fly off the flat earth and come back on the other side??
James Farrell (8 days ago)
Fantastic video Great job I love it
TheMarcRaspa (8 days ago)
53 players. not 56.
Jackal Matlou (8 days ago)
What name would a London NFL team go by?
Trevor Delepine (8 days ago)
You could solve all the logistics problems in terms of jet lag and distance and open up the whole world to having the ability to have NFL teams, just eliminate bi-weeks and have every NFL game be played two weeks apart, regular season expands from 18 weeks to 36, players have more time to recover from injuries, NFL fans have fewer games competing with each other for ratings, which would boost the individual games ratings, and it wouldn’t matter where in the world the game was played as each team would have a whole week to adjust.
KoolKive (8 days ago)
i read the comments before i watched and now i gotta blacklist the channel
Isaac Rowebotham (9 days ago)
It cannot be said enough how absolute trash american football/nfl is.
Andrew Kear (9 days ago)
Football makes money but flops as an international sport. Only America and Canada play it at the professional level.
Mustache D. Luffy (3 days ago)
That’s because talent levels
Arvind Talukdar (9 days ago)
Also, nfl cost shares this stuff.
Arvind Talukdar (9 days ago)
I’m really surprised about Canada not hosting a game.
Louis Pecceu (6 days ago)
Arvind Talukdar they have the cfl and are generally closer to the US, so they already have exposure to football
Jarred Masso (9 days ago)
How the FUCK do you know how many rolls of tape the seahawks shipped to london?
Shooter Sanoff (9 days ago)
This whole thing is kinda bullshit. He doesn't know what he is talking about for the Europe teams and how it would work. Bye weeks, staying on the east coast, time zones helping, and that England is as far away from New England as SF is to Miami so deal with it.. Also the NFL probably pays for the planes to sit at the airport all weekend so again dumb point.
Collin Abroadcast (9 days ago)
They should just make another US based team instead and call it The Greenland Sasquatches
RedRider1600 (9 days ago)
I would like to see German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, French, Nordic, Canadian, Mexican, Brazilian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese teams, an African team, and a Middle Eastern team.
C D (9 days ago)
Life: exists Wendover: ...but what about... the planes?
metalperslfx (9 days ago)
from what i see, it's the NFL and their business part that desire the expansion. the players on the other hands, i heard they hated it.
Zách TheGreat (10 days ago)
6:17 .5 speed Thank me later
Pirate1975 (10 days ago)
Shorten the season, lower the salaries.
garcemac (10 days ago)
You left Toronto out of this video.Hmm.
Doctor Medkit (10 days ago)
57% of Americans sexually identify as NFL fans
Konstantinos Ntinos (10 days ago)
"NFL the most valuable sports league in the world." Only Murica thinks the world is only themselves XD
Brian Wagenaar (8 days ago)
It literally makes more money than any other sports league in the world though, rendering that statement true.
Devin Lochridge (10 days ago)
53 man roster not 56, NERDS!
New England Angling (10 days ago)
A lot of teams have their own planes I've seen them at airports.
John Pannebaker (10 days ago)
NFL in UK won't work, not because of flights, but because their is no talent pool, as mentioned. That talent pool is focused in on Cricket, Rugby, and Soccer. Not to mention the UK doesn't have the American high school to college to pro player pathway. Because schools in the UK are actually centered learning. If you play a sport in the UK, you typically sign up for your local club as a kid, and if you're good enough, you play with them all the way to pro. The NFL in the UK will need to have local players for fans to latch on to, but that will require a decades long shift in the way sports are done in the country, which requires extreme patience because it's a bottom up shift. The NFL will try and do it top down, because expansion money.
Andrew Suttee (10 days ago)
NFL roster is 53 not 56
Joe Tilling (11 days ago)
I’m a Raider fan from the UK, and I definitely don’t want a UK based team (and I’m sure most other UK fans don’t either). I won’t be switching my allegiance to any team that comes here.
videogamebomer (9 days ago)
@Joe Tilling That explains it
Joe Tilling (9 days ago)
@videogamebomer I'm a masochist
videogamebomer (10 days ago)
But why the Raiders?
Wes B (11 days ago)
No NFL player is going to want to pay European taxes. Say goodbye to any Free Agents. As soo. As drafted players get to their 4 year they’ll leave
Evan Davies (11 days ago)
*53 players on a roster + 10 player practice squad *NFL teams always charter flights so I don’t know why the size of the players is such a big issue. These teams should probably just all buy their own planes. For the reasons you’ve outlined, there is NO serious consideration to put a team in London.
Christopher Peterson (11 days ago)
I had a little bit of sympathy until the video started going over what the University of Hawaii’s travel schedule entails...
Mike Que (12 days ago)
Click for Wendover, stay for the planes
AlaskanCabinFilms (12 days ago)
The anchorage aces shut down for this reason
M M (12 days ago)
The NFL is a joke lol
Houston born (12 days ago)
Joshua Gilbert (13 days ago)
56? A roster is 53 players 😂
sushi777300 (13 days ago)
My two favorite things Aviation and football 😊
charles ellender (13 days ago)
An above average quarterbacks makes 1.25 million a game
Wes Miller (14 days ago)
Apparently the Ravens and red skins are only 15 miles apart
Keegan Gain (14 days ago)
You said New York instead of Newark
Wyo Laskan (14 days ago)
I don’t mind the idea of the NFL expanding outside the US. But crossing the Atlantic is ridiculous. Let’s look to Canada and Mexico.
Mustache D. Luffy (3 days ago)
That makes sense but Europe already has a very big fan base for football games
Jason Jensen (15 days ago)
The British Redcoats vs The New England Patriots ..... Best NFL rivalry ever
SpacemanApeINC (15 days ago)
That is why we have different Conferences, so that teams don’t have to spend a lot of money on traveling to the other coast of the country.
Benjamin Davis (15 days ago)
When Jacksonville gets mentioned.
Liam Kearney (15 days ago)
You should check out the Wolfpack. They're a Rugby team in the England-based Championship, but their home base is in Toronto. Very similar scenario, though their travel distances and times around England pale in comparison to those of the US. But it's an interesting model and they're proving quite popular here in Toronto.
Richard Tipton (15 days ago)
NFL roster is 53...
Dan Rustle (16 days ago)
San Diego doesn’t have a nfl team anymore
NOO NOPE (16 days ago)
NFL is non profit....... soo until they start paying taxes, taking care of their players, treating them as humans, treating fans better, i cant spare 1 fuck for the nfl. and 31 spoiled rich bastards bitching about minor costs........ yes 31, Packers are fan owned.
CJ (16 days ago)
NFL: having a team overseas is a big logistics issue for us! F1 teams: *LAUGHS IN F1 CAR*
Dwizzle Schrute (16 days ago)
3:47 Pittsburgh international airport is a 20 minute drive (if that) from Heinz Field. Wtf lol that's not far..
Morgan Trottier (15 days ago)
Dwizzle Schrute Pittsburgh International isn’t a American Airlines hub airport
J Bril (16 days ago)
Gavin McDonald (16 days ago)
53 man roster not 56
KPeezy77 (16 days ago)
It’s a 53 man roster not 56...
Monkey123443 (16 days ago)
was expecting an interesting analysis about the logistics of nfl teams traveling internationally as the league grows more popular. instead i got a boring bean counting powerpoint of the nfl and airline companies wasting money. just tell the nfl you think they should have to get their own airplanes, 14 min video unnecessary.
ReinSouls (16 days ago)
Just wait for the Jags to suck again and then the NFL will ship them over to London. I highly doubt the NFL would give them an expansion franchise. And IF they did they'd need to add 2 for the sake of an even number. In which case they'd at the least be looking at Toronto too.
Josh 3456 (16 days ago)
You have seen the 2020 f1 season??????? That’s a logistical nightmare, not 8 away games of nfl a season
Sublime D (16 days ago)
Hell, Just go to Mexico, that’s much closer, and won’t make logistics crazy...
ZNom (16 days ago)
Shoutout to the Ravens!
phelpsboltusa 87 (16 days ago)
Correction : NFL Roster Max Size is 53 not 56 as stated in the video.
Christopher Peterson (11 days ago)
Logistically he may be adding the practice squad?
Nannette Battista (16 days ago)
Just look on ScreenVariety Tv if you'd like to watch NFL
Megan M (17 days ago)
Go Bows! 🤙🏽
Aj Demetri (17 days ago)
🤔 NFL Europe?
Aj Demetri (17 days ago)
As 1 or 2 new divisions. 8 teams.
jojotheindian (17 days ago)
does he practice that youtube speech cadence, but informative