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How a Fish Might Grow Your Next Salad | Decoder

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Could the future of farming rely on pooping fish? Considered to be a sustainable alternative to traditional farming, aquaponics is changing the way we grow food. ➡ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/NatGeoSubscribe #NationalGeographic #Aquaponics #Decoder About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible. Get More National Geographic: Official Site: http://bit.ly/NatGeoOfficialSite Facebook: http://bit.ly/FBNatGeo Twitter: http://bit.ly/NatGeoTwitter Instagram: http://bit.ly/NatGeoInsta As the world population increases and urban areas expand, the amount of land suitable to grow crops is shrinking, but aquaponics offers an innovative solution that could feed millions of people without a need for soil. It works by raising fish and plants together in a contained water system. The fish produce waste, which is filtered to remove solids and transformed into nutrient-rich water through a two-step bacterial process. The enriched water is then pumped into a separate tank where seedlings float on soil-free growing beds, illuminated by special LED lamps that provide optimal light for growth. Through this method, crops grow 20 percent faster than plants grown using traditional farming techniques. For that reason, aquaponics is emerging as a sustainable option for cities, islands, and developing regions where land and water resources may be limited. Learn how this ever evolving technique is growing food for the future in this latest video from Decoder: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLivjPDlt6ApQYPw1BUw0ziY-ztWAKOdSG For more, read "From Tank to Table" in the August 2019 issue of National Geographic magazine. Read more in "How a fish might grow your next salad" https://on.natgeo.com/2T24xD9 How a Fish Might Grow Your Next Salad | Decoder https://youtu.be/pLk32kxzNCY National Geographic https://www.youtube.com/natgeo
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National Geographic (6 months ago)
Aquaponics is being eyed as a sustainable farming option well suited to cities, islands, and developing regions where water and land are in short supply. https://on.natgeo.com/2T24xD9
6.5ft Kristaps Porzingis (6 months ago)
National Geographic pretty dom, where do you think the fish food comes from🤪🤦‍♀️
Murtaza (6 months ago)
Thanks for the star ❤❤❤
Ellie X. (2 months ago)
But the poor fish will have a terrible life in the small tank
William John (4 months ago)
I will grow my hair them eat them up
Sam Gao (5 months ago)
This is exactly where solar plants take the role.
Ivan M (5 months ago)
Feels like a new way to breed new forms of bacteria and viruses. But I guess it will help in macro scale.
K- dance (5 months ago)
Me: puts carrot seeds in the ground and grows it WEEKS LATER Me: pulls out a lettuce head where carrot supposedly grew
Noukz (5 months ago)
National Geographic thinks that fish is a fillet. Fish is just food?
French Sailer (5 months ago)
people eat too much today, tomorrow they will believe such videos with sympathic musics and nice animations to hope that the food they eat won't provide them a cancer or more sleeping neurones. Keep on
Rishik Sharan (6 months ago)
I would like to grow tomatoes
Rainy Day (6 months ago)
What an awesome idea.
Sulvi Fafiru (6 months ago)
I think we should grow our own vegetables even though the land in the city is narrow.
Sulvi Fafiru (6 months ago)
Can be hydroponic or aquaponic
Fernandogdc (6 months ago)
Fish are not ours to eat.
babecat2000 (4 months ago)
Yes they are. Fish are food for many animals including humans. It is life.
Saryn Drast (6 months ago)
Interestingly enough, the majority of the worlds oxygen AND food come from the ocean. This is yet another reason why humanity absolutely has to clean up the ocean. Furthermore, many people believe that only land produced vegetation is edible. This could not be more false. A clean ocean can provide more organic nutrition than any land based farm ever could.
Saryn Drast (6 months ago)
I thought about this 40 years ago and my wife thought I was nuts.
robinvan1983 (6 months ago)
after the Ikea add... I now think this is an Aquaponics add...
Irma Aguayo (6 months ago)
Love growing seeds 🦅🌱
mm kk (6 months ago)
How do you grow fish food?
Rah (6 months ago)
or just stop breeding!!!
astreakofcolour _ (6 months ago)
praying farmers learn new skills to keep up with new technology...
Creator Team (6 months ago)
amazing idea.thank you for this video for the wold.
Aman Gahukar (6 months ago)
I request national geographic to put a video on hydroponics farming
Hendry Suhartono (6 months ago)
Mindblowing !!!
General Malarky (6 months ago)
At least this wasn't another paid advertisement.
Caden S (6 months ago)
I built my own diy aquaponics system and we are continually harvesting from it. Its great
Narutogoku Sean (6 months ago)
And the electricity used ?
The Voodoos (6 months ago)
Yeah something we need to fully expand,but large amounts of sustainable crops are the problem,Thank you N/G
Sophia Ueberlord (6 months ago)
so microplastic with bacteria on it is very dangerous at sea but here it is even introduced to the system intentionally.
Oliver (6 months ago)
You didn't explain where the fish food or the energy come from. It's only sustainable if those inputs are sustainable.
T H (3 months ago)
The poor fish. :'(
Katherine Uribe (5 months ago)
Solar, geothermal, hydro, wind, plenty of cheap, sustainable energy sources out there. Got to start thinking outside of the box, folks!
Saryn Drast (6 months ago)
That's why they use Tilapia, largely in part, they are plant eaters. Which contributes to the overall cycle of sustainability. The leftovers from the crops produced are used to feed the fish reducing cost and extending life cycle.
Paul's making movies (6 months ago)
That's exactly the first question I had. Most fish food is by catch. Totally unsustainable
geeksquad smarty (6 months ago)
Isn't this how seaweed grow? Isn't this how all water plants grow in nature on their own.
Moein Ashrafalsadat (6 months ago)
donky dunky (6 months ago)
i am 39 never knew this method until. damm i am far behind in life
Problem Helper (6 months ago)
i will like to grow tomato
Lbolting005 (6 months ago)
I wanna eat fish 🐟 🎣 🐠 dookie 💩 bacteria 🧫 🦠 vegetables 🌶 🌽 🍅 ‼️
Yono Sepe (6 months ago)
no thank you make the world leaders and rich people eat these way I will continue to eat vegetables from the soil and not a lab experiment.
Lili Patty (6 months ago)
I would grow tomatoes, basil, and onions to make a salsa garden...
SubHek (6 months ago)
Sturgeon, Cannabis, and Magic Mushies
Kathleen (6 months ago)
just grew lettuce for the first time this summer...super easy! it just keeps growing. I haven't had to buy lettuce in 2..3..months
National Geographic (6 months ago)
Happy to hear that you're enjoying growing your own food!
genesis obscura (6 months ago)
I love fish and salad. That's what I'm having for lunch.
M S Nibuna Siranjeevi (6 months ago)
such a fascinating idea I've ever heard.
Samer Tabbal (6 months ago)
I'm growing an avocado tree in a water tank, so far it's working great but as it grows larger it needs more and more soluble fertilizers which aren't cheap, so this video will inspire me to get some fish to put in the water tank and see if that will help both the tree and the fish live together in a self sufficient eco system. Thanks for the video.
LiquidBreakfast (6 months ago)
The Institute did this.
Lord Maul187 (6 months ago)
So all that is simpler than plant a seed and watering it ?
National Geographic (6 months ago)
It's a great alternative when land is not available for farming. To learn more, you can read on here: https://on.natgeo.com/2T24xD9
Elham Rahmaty (6 months ago)
ı would try to grow Uzbek pilav but that is impossible :I
Teguh Suryadi (6 months ago)
I think this quite misleading as only focusing one part of the "energy cycle" as they didn't measured the energy / process that needed to feed the fish
Aspergillus Oryzae (6 months ago)
Raising insects could help with that problem. Use food waste to feed larvae, turn the larvae into pellets to feed the fish
IEatToaster . exe (6 months ago)
So bassically your salad once was a fish
James Smith (6 months ago)
Lettuce know in the comments below
National Geographic (6 months ago)
We seed what you did there.
Lisa Santucci (6 months ago)
Taking chemicals out of our food and letting animals graze on grass like they were meant to would make us healthier .
anand kumar (6 months ago)
the bestest invention ever hydroponics. I wanna increase these facilities in my country
National Geographic (6 months ago)
It would be great to see it be more widely used!
KatsaPoBane (6 months ago)
Bruh. Hydroponics have been around. Utilizing fish waste is not new. I was using it 20 years ago to grow crops.
Dana (6 months ago)
Now vegans would say that they won't eat salads because this harms fish😂
Athanasia P (6 months ago)
Dana sure everyone is entitled to their opinion. On the other hand no opinion is true just because it's someone's opinion. All opinions are open to criticism. If you have an opinion you should be able to support it with facts.
Dana (6 months ago)
@Athanasia P as I said, it's my opinion after a lot of studying , I respect yours as well.
Athanasia P (6 months ago)
Dana we can stop all practices and projects that are harmful to animals and invest as a society to alternative practices that are not harmful to animals or people or the planet in general. We just choose not to.
Dana (6 months ago)
@Athanasia P Actually, I am vegan and against what is being done for animals but I'm saying that we can't stand against everything, or this is how it seems so, if we cut everything it won't be a life, someone is going to be harmed. After all, it's just an opinion of mine.
Athanasia P (6 months ago)
Dana you don't need to be a vegan to say that. It's a fact. It's a rubbish method.
معاذ تركماني (6 months ago)
Nada Mohamed (6 months ago)
Claxton Johnson (6 months ago)
Anything as long as I get paid
Dragon Gamer (6 months ago)
Gummy worms
Nurazianie Abdullah (6 months ago)
Soil.. Need. Sea.. Need. So basically saying.. Water.. is in place for human race.let fish decide.. N my salad is lettuces 🥗🐟.
Shyamkumar Khangembam (6 months ago)
I have a lot of lettuce in my backyard and when I mean a lot I mean a LOT
Nurazianie Abdullah (6 months ago)
Soil.. Need. Sea.. Need. So basically saying.. Water.. is in place for human kind. So true.
Charming Diva (6 months ago)
Thanks NG 😊
Sam Vuong (6 months ago)
Sam Vuong (6 months ago)
Beautiful growing method
Bunny_2007 (6 months ago)
Yes, you can grow anything useing this method, I did it myself. The produce grows larger btw. Just look it up, plenty of video on this on YouTube.
swapnilshah28 (6 months ago)
Bunny_2007 (6 months ago)
They will grow I did it before, they actually grow larger than in the ground.
Maria da Luz Moutinho (6 months ago)
Tanta boca para alimentar e muitas ainda morrem à fome ...Este é um sistema bastante funcional e criativo num circulo ...onde tudo se transforma e que pode colmatar ou ser uma vertente para alimentar!! Os Viveiros e a aquacultura e a água .. e de facto um método cheio de variáveis!! a questão que muitas vezes as pessoas colocam é o sabor do peixe?? A qualidade!! O peixe que escolhia seria o bacalhau..mas será uma realidade futura??
R E A (6 months ago)
Sounds interesting but the question is whether food grown this way will still have any nutrients. Already today food has way less nutrients than in the past because of the way we grow it...
Oliver (6 months ago)
If there were no nutrients the fish and the plants wouldn't survive so yes there are nutrients
lara croft (6 months ago)
Yeah I was thinking about the same
geeksquad smarty (6 months ago)
I thought this was the way all water plants were grown in nature on their own. Isn't this the way seaweed is grown. Isn't this the way lily pads have grown in nature.
underdog5004 (6 months ago)
I run my own backyard aquaponic system, and I grow a lot more than lettuce. Zucchini is the most fruitful now, but my lemon cucumbers, beans and tomatoes are also exploding with growth and fruit. I'm growing kiwis and strawberries. Just harvested a double handful of strawberries. Sweet and tasty. If the nutrients are available in the water, and the ph is low enough, the plants will take up the nutrients and be more nutritious for the people who eat them. Besides fish food, I add sifted wood ash and Epsom salt as periodic supplements. I need to add iron every 6 months or so, and calcium sometimes too. It's not the most efficient or cost effective way to grow food, but it's fun, stimulating, and gratifying to set up my own system, and enjoy the produce that is produced.
R E A (6 months ago)
@K N Yup, a typo, thanks 😀
【Lychee】Productions (6 months ago)
lettuce know 😂
James Spencer (6 months ago)
Wow thats certainly creative 👍
National Geographic (6 months ago)
We agree! Such an interesting way to grow food.
Rupesh Reang (6 months ago)
As a botanist this is amazing 4 me
True Fishing BD (6 months ago)
Realistic video.
Thamindu kavinda (6 months ago)
Nice video
Bush Rhinehorn (6 months ago)
mmmm plastic
Mario Eskaroos (6 months ago)
Wheat to make my favourite food, pasta!
Jill Sacsayhuaman (6 months ago)
Well that's a grand reason to go pescatarian.
NAZAR (6 months ago)
Can I use this system for the cultivation of cannabis?
NAZAR (6 months ago)
@KatsaPoBane I am waiting for an answer from NG. Perhaps they will advise something specific.
KatsaPoBane (6 months ago)
Yes, you can. I can unequivocally answer, yes. Not that I'd admit to any experience...
underdog5004 (6 months ago)
Google "potentponics" ;)
Khnum (6 months ago)
But how can we grow potatoes and carrots for example that need to be in soil?
underdog5004 (6 months ago)
Wicking beds fed with ap water on a periodic basis
Lesser Dog has gone where no Dog has gone before. To youtube (6 months ago)
No they don't. Look for any hydroponics channel. Earth vegies are one of the easiest to grow.
0riginal _Panda_Child (6 months ago)
To not waste 4 minutes of your life my scrolling friend, farmers are starting to exploit the nitrogen cycle to make crops
BASH is obsolete. Python is my new gf. (6 days ago)
IKR it's amazing. why did no-one think of this before? /s
I. George (6 months ago)
because nitrogen in farmed animals manure is too easy to obtain and requires less science.
National Geographic (6 months ago)
​@Alan von Au***** Hi, Alan! You can learn more about aquaponics by reading on here: https://on.natgeo.com/2T24xD9
Alan von Au***** (6 months ago)
How so? Can you provide references? Thanks!
Taslim Chaudhry (6 months ago)
Excellent Video 🇮🇳
Medam Sravya (6 months ago)
This is the need of the hour in our country which is the most populous one!!!!
ADIL saleem (6 months ago)
General Malarky (6 months ago)
Why are we not trying to control our population growth? We know it is going to lead to serious problems and yet we are just sitting back and welcoming this nightmare.
RORSCHACH (6 months ago)
Just wait for war.... It's always gonna happen
Jina Gibson (6 months ago)
Vegetation not vegetables! Oh and shrimps, lobsters...
raja mourya simha reddy (6 months ago)
Fish food ➡️ fish waste ➡️ bacteria food ➡️ bacterial waste ➡️ plant food ➡️ plants themselves ➡️ human food So we eat bio and photochemically treated fish food😏😏😂🤣
raja mourya simha reddy (6 months ago)
@Shikha Sinha 🙂 thanks
Shikha Sinha (6 months ago)
U deserve more likes
Thanos • (6 months ago)
But where the vegans will go?
Janakiram R (6 months ago)
Who else read the title as "how a fish might grow out of your next salad"
Mihai Oprean (6 months ago)
Ioan Iorgu (6 months ago)
Chris Trinder (6 months ago)
Thamindu kavinda (6 months ago)
Thijs van Esch (6 months ago)
So it is basically a greenhouse coupled with a fishery, making only the delivery of nitrate more easy? Interesting concept, but most the speed of the growth cycle has nothing to do with the fish. That would occur in a normal greenhouse as well. It would be also possible to couple a waste water treatment plant. It does exactly the same thing but with human waste, no fishery needed. Only thing which needs to be overcome is that people don't like to know that, and if they do, might be less likely to consume plants grown in such a manner.
Bunny_2007 (6 months ago)
@Thijs van Esch that's my point. I take medication daily for anxiety. Unlike other animals we humans have to take meds for many reasons, for me it's for my mental health. Something I have to take the rest of my life. This is why human waste is a bad idea.
Thijs van Esch (6 months ago)
@Bunny_2007 i don"t know where you come from, but in the netherlands wastewater trearment plants use mostly bacteria for denitrification and such as show in the video. The problem is here more the medicin rests which are very hard to filter out.
Bunny_2007 (6 months ago)
Cant use human waste because of our diet and disease we carry, because of this human waste has to be treated with harsh chemicals which is bad for growing plants we have to eat.
Syeda pakiza Ali Shah (6 months ago)
Potatoes mainly
Ines Barros (6 months ago)
Murtaza (6 months ago)
I am a little fan of national geographic from my childhood Thanks for such type of information
Murtaza (6 months ago)
@National Geographic thank you very much ...
National Geographic (6 months ago)
We're glad you enjoyed watching, Murtaza! If you'd like to learn more, you can read on here: https://on.natgeo.com/2T24xD9
Azliana Lyana (6 months ago)
Sustainable agriculture is the way to move forward. Gotta use the most efficient way to feed all of us hungry people. 😀
Yono Sepe (6 months ago)
H. Yahaya I have already made my point you simply will never acknowledge it and keep pushing the aquaponics and hydroponics which I was not talking about; sustainable agriculture is not limited to those two means of cultivation, you are ignoring the socio political factors that go on in less developed countries; quinoa yields very little harvests in relation to time and surface area, nevertheless it is still being promoted and consumption is being abused; I assure you that if you take your time to study and research you will realize that my point is very simple yet you do not want to grasp it because it goes against what you believe not what you know as clearly your knowledge is limited to sources that follow your narrative and a critical perspective on them and their sensationalism is something you cannot withstand.
H. Y. (6 months ago)
@Yono Sepe absolutely.no.point. Come back when you have real answers apart from "fallacy". Til then: You.have.no.point.
Yono Sepe (6 months ago)
H. Yahaya even if I take the time to explain meticulously you will refute whatever I say; sustainable agro is a fallacy it is not the answer to hunger that is my point.
H. Y. (6 months ago)
@Yono Sepe sorry. I'm having trouble to understand your train of thought. You do realize you said agriculture is bad in the beginning right? And as pointed by the @Azlyana sustainable agri is the way forward. So.. what's your problem with sustainable farming? Your opinion is based on a negative sentiment towards traditional farming (which is NOT what the video is about). And now you went about people not adopting sustainable farming (while ignoring the fact to admit you didn't bother to understand this video which in essence is about sustainable farming). Truth is, you have no point.
Yono Sepe (6 months ago)
H. Yahaya yes a growing effort but it won't be adopted in a wide scale; these efforts are isolated cases in relation to the number of agro dependent poor people in these countries; it is a fallacy
Jason Tempel (6 months ago)
Plastic? NOPE!
Jason Tempel (6 months ago)
@Lesser Dog has gone where no Dog has gone before. To youtube bio-accumulation kills ecology. Try Hemp
Lesser Dog has gone where no Dog has gone before. To youtube (6 months ago)
Jason. There are several types of plastic which are fully biodegradable. PTA is one of the most commercially used one. Made from corn with bacteria. Decomposes just like paper. We have polymers which our own body can just break down.
Alexa World (6 months ago)
So nice and great 👍 thanks for sharing ❤️
Moronic_Bijj (6 months ago)
the title made me question my life I...
64 wanna die (6 months ago)
0:06 it looks like dirt
Ayla torun sarıgül (6 months ago)