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ONE YEAR LATER | My Move from Sweden to L.A

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After 1 year of living in Los Angeles... |  IT'S OFFICIAL! Come support me on Patreon and take part in a bunch of exclusive stuff =) Love ya. Thank you. http://patreon.com/lifelikejosie All my videos in "The L.A Move" series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkUsG6yHXLh3nXNS35QYnqt0uagL1oai1 --- f i n d m e o n s o c i a l m e d i a ! --- I N S T A G R A M: http://instagram.com/josefinostevik T W I T T E R: http://twitter.com/josefinostevik F A C E B O O K: http://facebook.com/lifelikejosie --- CREATORS! Need better music? Check out Musicbed. They've got the BEST music for your videos! --- http://share.mscbd.fm/josieostevik
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lifelikejosie (1 month ago)
*Click here to go to my Patreon! **https://www.patreon.com/lifelikejosie** <3* I am honestly so stoked about this! Already have some blooper videos up and also a little vlog that I filmed yesterday! Your support means the world, regardless. Thank you for being with me this past year and for some of you, beyond that. It’s been a wild ride and I’m sure it’s gonna keep getting wilder. :)
Sonia Quezada (1 month ago)
Keep on going with your vids❤ Can you maybe do a video of how to say the básics of the sweden language?
Daniel Bjørn (25 days ago)
Aw thats cute 😭
Bart De Bruyn (1 month ago)
I always hoped of doing the same.. maybe one day. Well all the best there! :)
Attedus1 (1 month ago)
I would stay away from Sweden if I were you. Country is becoming a shithole, I'm getting out of here. Norway, Denmark and Finland are doing far better. Move to a country that isn't destroying itself with uncontrolled mass immigration. This isn't bullshit, it's bloody serious.
Dewey Watch (1 month ago)
Hur lång tid tog det dig att lära sig engelska?
Jahangir Alam (1 month ago)
💔💙😘 Wow Soo Very Nice Videos....i Know you're Soo beautiful & Soo Pretty Queen & Really Your families is Soo Great 😘💚💜
Hampus L (1 month ago)
Ny sub här! Har du nåt svar eller en serie där du förklarar hur du gjorde? Vad sökte du för visa? Har du fått green card, är du i USA för att plugga? eller får du stanna där för evigt?
Stephen McAteer (1 month ago)
I'm standing outside a pub with your mom in sweden and she told me she is so proud of you and I have to subscribe to your channel.
lifelikejosie (1 month ago)
HAHAHHAHHAA. Of course! Amazing.
Stephanie Safdie (1 month ago)
I remember watching your series last year, ESPECIALLY the one where you got on the plane and said, "fifth time in L.A., the fifth time is the charm!" and how well it all resonated with me. We're flip flopped: I'm from the U.S. (Washington D.C. to be exact) and my dream is to move to Paris. I'm hoping in a year (after I finish school - graduating this May!!) that I'm you and finally get to do my most terrifying and simultaneously exciting thing :) <3
J Barahona (1 month ago)
It's all for love... L.O.V.E
Alvin Tobu (1 month ago)
Guud vad sjukt att det har gått 1 år, jag har verkligen följt med hela resan.
Emily Harris (1 month ago)
Hi! My name is Emily from Teddy Blake New York. I just send you an email as we would love to sponsor a video on your amazing channel. Visit us at www.teddyblake.com and discover a wide range of designer handbags - Made in Italy. We cater to luxury quality without the luxury cost! Hope to hear back from you!
khs17 (1 month ago)
Hej Josefin, I was just asking do you plan on staying a Swedish citizen or do you wish to become an American citizen ?
Peter Östevik (1 month ago)
1. SUCH AN AWESOME AND INTERESTING VIDEO, I loved it 2. Who is not thrilled to see CELINE again??? 3. Damn eyebrow game going weeeell
lifelikejosie (1 month ago)
Hej Celine
FOXtvXD (1 month ago)
det är min födelsedag idag
FOXtvXD (1 month ago)
@lifelikejosie thx
lifelikejosie (1 month ago)
grattis på födelsedagen!! =)
A Fangirl named Marina (1 month ago)
What's best to overcome your fears of moving to another country?
khs17 (1 month ago)
Are you proud to be a Swede, or are you going to become an American ?
HAMMED TIJANI (1 month ago)
If you wanna apply for residency you can google search for us diversity lottery visa www.dvlottery.state.gov Registration starts October and ends nov3
HAMMED TIJANI (1 month ago)
@lifelikejosie I guess he meant applying for permanent residency in the us after studies
lifelikejosie (1 month ago)
Of course I am. My roots are important to me. I love Sweden with all my heart and miss it a lot :) What dooes becoming an American mean?
khs17 (1 month ago)
Have no idea what you see in plastic L.A. Sweden beats it hands down. My opinion only, not out to upset anyone.
khs17 (1 month ago)
lifelikejosie hej, sorry if I had upset you that truly was not my intention. I completely understand you moved from Sweden to further your career. Can you not get the break in Sweden that you wish to pursue ? I am happy to hear that Sweden remains in your heart, it is a country I wish to visit and have always wanted to visit. I am of Danish heritage and have friends in Scandinavia. I live in Australia and if I ever had the chance I would move to Denmark, as there is more opportunities than my home country as far as I am concerned. Whatever life choices you make I wish you the very best. Kindest regards Kirsten. 🇦🇺🇩🇰🇸🇪
lifelikejosie (1 month ago)
I agree :) I'm only here because of what I do which is music, acting, dance, film, youtube... If not for that, I'd be in Sweden. ( As I talked about later in this video )
Britney Hammons (1 month ago)
*cries in broke*
Britney Hammons (1 month ago)
why am i crying in the club rn
Johanna (1 month ago)
hey!! idea: you should do a podcast on patreon speaking/teaching swedish
lifelikejosie (1 month ago)
hey! yeah I mentioned in the video I posted on there today that I might make some stuff in Swedish :D
zeydi rodriguez (1 month ago)
I liked :)
Amelia's Kids Club (1 month ago)
Hello!im a big fan.anddddd yeah
abraham zamudio (1 month ago)
Hej josie jag är från mexico. Jag lära svenska with your videos in swedish. Om ett dag du come to Mexico i would like to meet you =) record more videos in swedish tack!!!
Frankflores111 (1 month ago)
Great video, can't believe that I've been following you for more than a year now
lifelikejosie (1 month ago)
Feels like I've seen you round here longer! Crazy :) Thank you!
tim tags (1 month ago)
They have started casting for the prequel to the Game Of Thrones and Naomi Watts landed the lead female role. You should get an agent, Join the union and audition. Never give up on your dreams, we believe in you. You are strong independent woman.
Neil Cudmore (1 month ago)
älskar dig du e jätte rolig och snäll
أسطورة العصر أوشا (1 month ago)
I Love you & your videos 😙 😘 😚 😍.
The Blue Bee (1 month ago)
Love your videos 🖤💙💚🖤💚💚💙💚💚🧡🧡💚💙
lifelikejosie (1 month ago)
THANK YOU <33333
Gabriel W (1 month ago)
tror du att du någon gång kommer att flyta tillbaka till sverige?
Hejsan Hallå (1 month ago)
Jag älskar dina videos :) fortsätt med det du gör 😊
Carla Borchers (1 month ago)
You are such a strong and inspiring person, it was such a crazy year and I really liked to watch some parts of your life in this year! I wish you all the best for the next year in LA❤
lifelikejosie (1 month ago)
I appreciate you so much <3
OJ NAVROS (1 month ago)
Tuva Raawall (1 month ago)
Hahhhahah ja dog😹😹😹
lifelikejosie (1 month ago)
HAHAHA! Vi överraskade vår roomie Siri på hennes födelsedag med massa ballonger och det stod 'Hooray' först! Men sen vi 3 svenskar i lägenheten ba 'hmmm om vi tar bort två bokstäver så står det Hora haha oj va roligt...' typ :p That's the story lol
Charly Strömberg (1 month ago)
Jag är från Sverige
lifelikejosie (1 month ago)
omg jag med
Zandra Wiik (1 month ago)
u answerd my question qrong .. "What u miss- Zandra Zandra OCH Kurt
lifelikejosie (1 month ago)
The only reason I did that was because I knew you were gonna comment this DUHH
MaltaLand (1 month ago)
lifelikejosie (1 month ago)
va händerrr
Abdul Aziz Shihab (1 month ago)
Hello, I'm your new YouTube subscriber from Indonesia 🇮🇩 I like all your video content 📽️
Abdul Aziz Shihab (1 month ago)
Yes I just found your Vlog in Bali 😁 Oh it turns out you've been to Bali before So what do you think about Bali ???
lifelikejosie (1 month ago)
​@Abdul Aziz Shihab Yeah I've only visited Bali so far but it is one of my favorite places on earth and I was so happy there. Did you find me through my Bali vlogs?
Abdul Aziz Shihab (1 month ago)
Indonesia is a beautiful country, a country rich in nature and culture 👍 I hope one day you can visit my country & I am sure you will feel happy in 🇮🇩🇮🇩🙏 "Oh yes today is my 74th independence day🎉
lifelikejosie (1 month ago)
Hey! Wish to go back to Indonesia one day soon hopefully =) Thank you!
Sarahkoruya (1 month ago)
i would love to live in LA 🤩
Emily Ann-Marie (1 month ago)
Josie, i love your videos! Please make more insipring and happy & amazing uploads 💖
lifelikejosie (1 month ago)
aww you're the best! I will!
Cryptonian (1 month ago)
how do u pay for your life in LA
lifelikejosie (1 month ago)
Hey, I briefly answered that question later in this video :)
I’m an idiot (1 month ago)
I’m an idiot (1 month ago)
lifelikejosie (1 month ago)
Frankflores111 (1 month ago)