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Botched UPS delivery turns into fiasco, attempted theft

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Jeff Smallhorn is calling on UPS to change its business practices after he says a botched delivery turned into a case of attempted theft.
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OtomoTenzi (19 days ago)
MUTHAFUCKA!!! That's why "United Pieces of Shit" is a name that they've clearly been makin' fer themselves as of late. It's been 3 WHOLE FUCKING WEEKS and still no sign of my package anywhere! These incompetent motherfuckers no longer even have to 'deliver' your packages anymore... They'll just drop it off at any so-called 'local' UPS Access Point; leavin' it UNATTENDED with some complete 'n total strangers who could not only steal your packages, but also potentially get ahold of all your personal info! Depending on where you live in the country, the nearest UPS Access Point could be MILES away from your house. You may end up havin' to drive all the fuckin' way out there just to pick up your packages (if it hasn't already been stolen yet). They have to make life harder fer everyone else just to make their jobs easier fer themselves! Like they give a fuck OR a shit. If I have to PAY fer shipping and then need to go out 'n pick up the packages myself, then what's the FUCKING POINT in even havin' a delivery service at all? <:  (
Sean Morrison (4 months ago)
He needs to sue ups
dave miller (11 months ago)
don't like it use someone else
Namelessandpure (2 years ago)
I ordered a laptop, it was shipped by UPS, and it took 3 months and 4 laptops to get them. Only when the company used FedEx because I begged them to do it, did I get my laptop. They say it was delivered, or sent to out to be delivered, when it wasn't. I ordered a disability seat for my dad, and the guy said it was delivered, swore he put it there, and that someone must of took it. Guess, what, NEVER delivered, later they figured out he never delivered it, by then I had already got a replacement from the company and had to have it sent back. UPS SUCKS BALLS
Youtube Guy (3 months ago)
Ugh I just orders a laptop 2 days ago this comment has me worried as ever
Nexarius (1 year ago)
+Namelessandpure Your country needs better laws like for example a MANDATORY SIGNATURE when delivering packets and NEVER leave them just at the door alone.
MrDanny1159 (2 years ago)
you can also have your package insured
Mandy (2 years ago)
Um, those are the risks you take when you ship something. There are added security's you can ad on, like signature, like they suggested. But really like don't ship anything that is going to be the end of the world if you lose it.
celtic knight (2 years ago)
Ups/fedex guys need to shut up. I'm sure your job is a tough one and I honestly do appreciate when I get my packages early/on time but quit it already. The way some of you fucking talk is absurd....  You deliver packages for fuck  sake not run head first into fucking mortar fire and minefields for your country........ You may not get home on Christmas till night/late but at least you go home and not in a body bag... Also it's not a job that's fucking FORCED upon you it was YOU who applied and if you can't do the job right GET THE FUCK OUT OF THERE and let someone who can do the job right have it.
Brandon Stout (6 months ago)
you act like some ups drivers aren't veterans.
zytxuy (3 years ago)
When you have a legitimate problem with a service and you don't like what one employee tells you, ask to speak to their manager (I emphasize that your complaint should be legitimate. People who take advantage of the system and create bogus complaints to get free stuff make it harder for those with real problems). If you don't like what he/she has to tell you, keep going higher up to complain. Eventually you'll get someone that will compensate you. You just have to stand up for yourself and threaten to sue or go to the papers/media about them. The higher-ups don't want negative attention on their company or to upset their stockholders.
Dr Mobius (3 years ago)
Another time, USPS was to drop a box off to my apartment, well later that evening when I was taking the trash out, I noticed a slip in my door. It was a note saying they tried to deliver something but nobody was home to answer the door and sign for it. Well, it was marked at 4 something in the afternoon - a time which both my room mate and myself were both in the living room just a few feet from the door and there was no knock. I had to wait an extra day or them to bring it back for me. Still on the subject of USPS, I once got a broken into box with well more than $1000 worth of my stuff from home was being shipped while I was in the military, more than half of my DVDs and games were stolen, some clothes as well, I had insurance on the box and I tried to file but it got nowhere. Months of waiting for a response and nothing, I tried bringing it up but they acted like nothing came in. I had to refill out my claim paperwork, again, waited over a month and nothing, I had made a copy of the insurance paperwork that time but again, didn't matter. I would've made legal threats but I didn't have the paperwork or the evidence to prove it by the time I lost all patience. I was far too lenient and nice, I never dealt with that sort of people before.
TheOpinionatedPerson (3 years ago)
My package didn't arrive on time, so I went on the UPS website and saw that there was a problem with the address I listed. So I call them, and the representative tells me the address they have, which is 100% correct. I ask why they can't ship it since they have the right address, and she can't tell me why, says to contact the company I bought the product from (why? I don't know). Long story short, the package has been "lost" now.
HeiZunberg (1 year ago)
Ups don't print the labels, don't no why you people think ups prints and sticks the labels on packages the problem starts with who ever you ordered it which makes it Amazon, someone on eBay ect
Life Quest (3 years ago)
why send a cheque through the mail!?  Ever heard of money transfer? If you are going to send something valuable get insurance.  
Steven Tyler (2 years ago)
+sharky123321 Not everybody (especially older generations) are comfortable doing such a thing. May be easy for you and I, but not everybody.
Ellie Avenelle (2 years ago)
+iTheGeek A money transfer costs less than the price of shipping an envelope UPS!  
iTheGeek (3 years ago)
Because money transfers cost money while depositing a check doesn't.
Luke Triton (3 years ago)
i'm getting something shipped via UPS i'm worried because i bought something Via 120.00 plus the 27 dollar shipping.
Life Quest (3 years ago)
hey Luke.  All shipping companies logistics/freight forwarders offer different kinds of insurance policies you can buy.  What you need to do is ask yourself how much this package means to me? if it is something that's valuable to you personally  than you should insure it.  Generally speaking though, most packages get to their destination with no problem.  This is just one story out of Millions of packages that were delivered that day.  Think about it! At the end of the day, what you need to realize is that when shipping a package it is never 100% guaranteed that it's going to get there but it's pretty close ;) 
Hector Velasco (3 years ago)
I think if everyone did this job once during peak season they would understand.
aznjc54 (3 years ago)
+Bigdealerboy lol u apply for the job and complain because you have no holiday break , how about changing jobs and stop fucking with people packages
john Doe (3 years ago)
Do you have an excuse for all the deliveries on this channel showing drivers throwing and kicking boxes,  Flipping of cameras (when they see them) Stealing other deliveries already on door steps when they can, I'll never use UPS again. Listen up America UPS does not care about YOU......! 
Scott Edgren (3 years ago)
The video of the flipping off the camera, was not a driver . It's a driver helper who is hired for a month off the streets. TV FORGOT TO MENTION THAT. Keep listening to the TV and believing everything they say . 
klazzikk (3 years ago)
UPS is not your friend, they just move your weight for you so u can sit at home and never worry about moving an inch.
Hector Velasco (3 years ago)
U could deliver your packages your self bud. I assure you every single delivering company is the same way.
dfierros83 (3 years ago)
Obviously UPS can't do anything about a mother who doesn't put the correct address on the box
HeiZunberg (1 year ago)
Correct half the time these people put the wrong address in their packages just like when they don't put an apartment number
dfierros83 (3 years ago)
Obviously UPS can't do anything about a mother who doesn't put the correct address on the box
Pop Warner (1 year ago)
thumbs up. Part of the story they did not put in.
Patrick Teague (3 years ago)
Point blank no valid signature then your credit card company has your back.
Patrick Teague (3 years ago)
and you are insured for $100 automatically.
Will C (4 years ago)
What about DHL?
Will C (4 years ago)
The customer is paying out the butt for them to safely ship packages! So I dont care if the box weighs 400Lbs! If its too heavy they should refuse to take the customer money! Or hire more help. I watched an idiot ups driver tumble a 150LB box of my deceased dads stuff end over end off the truck onto the street. Yeah they paid out on that one! I was signature ONLY & the dick left it sitting outside busted up & I had a 2 day drive home.
toxicgrape1234 (4 years ago)
lori prichard has talent. lol
Kandi Klover (4 years ago)
They should get government fines, that usually prevents most fuck ups haha.
joseandresreyes (4 years ago)
look guys the 1-800 number is there for the reason she needs to give the son the tracking number he needs to make sure the zip and place the package is going to is correct otherwise the facility the package is going to is going to be misdelivered
psiloveyoum0re (4 years ago)
Thank god we have an amazing delivery man named, Wayne!
PhoenixDIE (4 years ago)
Then you need to pay for Adult Signature required! lol, guess i didn't clarify that. Sig Required can still let someone who lives next door to you sign for it. Adult Sig does not! But, that being said. If the driver walked up to a house he thought was the right one and someone open the door and sign for it, he isnt %100 to blame. Yes he fucked up the delivery but the people who sign for it just committed theft and fraud!
TheVeR01 (4 years ago)
checks are pure evil. Always giving hobos your router number and making fraudulent withdrawals
An Nguyen (4 years ago)
I think thay just did that to me i check it said delivered and i check every fcking conner of my house and there non
GuitarSlinger2112 (4 years ago)
So because your insult was more polite that makes you a better influence? Fuck you too you dishonest pussy.
GuitarSlinger2112 (4 years ago)
do your parents know how fucking stupid you are? I'm guessing they do and just don't care. There is an alarming percentage of parents who don't realize their job is to make their kids BETTER than they were.
J Bones (4 years ago)
That spider scared the shit out of me, I had a hurrr durrr moment and kept trying to hit him.
Erik R (4 years ago)
His last name is small-horn. Ha
scronty (4 years ago)
Unlike you - Most of us have jobs we go to every day and cannot spend a day sitting on our arses with a tray of eggs
edward starling (4 years ago)
that didnt even make fucking sense at the end. keep playing with your legos. the ups drive could probably kick your ass anyway.
edward starling (4 years ago)
RonnieDobbz1978 (4 years ago)
ugh...union labor.
Sagarth R (4 years ago)
hahahahaa that's good IDEA man!
eN Locbeats. (4 years ago)
That's a ass coupon like for me i don't have a car my grandma and dad do so the driveways empty when they leave and I'm home so if I were to look out my window for my package to see you toss my crap ow man ass woupon his wallet emptied shoes gone ass woupon status
TIGERNET TV (4 years ago)
Using those companies are a gamble
Dill Doe (4 years ago)
Each UPS package is sorted, scanned and loaded by over a dozen people on it's journey. That means if it goes to the wrong state all those people would have to make the exact same error. Not gonna happen. What really happened was Grandma fucked up and didn't fill out the address properly or legibly. When the company refused to pay for Grandma's screw up, fat fuck went crying to the news.
TheAdventure (4 years ago)
Simple solution! Wait for the ups guy with som eggs, if he throws it, run outside, throw the eggs and scream FUCK YOU FAGGET!!
5150GANGSTER (4 years ago)
Wow, shocker! I am a Ups driver and can honestly tell you this happens across the board with all parcel companies. The best thing to do if you can afford it is to insure your package and ask for signature confirmation. Why would the news broadcast trivial, mundane news?
aux187 (4 years ago)
Next time be more careful when you write the address
GoNiners (4 years ago)
the pkg got delivered to the wrong city! what does signature required have to do with it? ups drivers don't ask for id when they deliver to my house.
PhoenixDIE (5 years ago)
All he had to do was pay for signature required and he would of had no problems.... cheap cheap cheap!!! lol
Demarcus Shoulders (5 years ago)
Now i see why my brother shoots his gun at a ups truck after they leave because of what happend to him
Nopiw (5 years ago)
sending a cheque via mail? that's just retarded
ted850760 (5 years ago)
geez blame ups for what they do wrong sure but not everything ...hell everyone his mother gave a check to got the routing and account numbers so to speculate it is somehow something to do with this delivery is stupid...easy enough to identify the account holder were the money was sent...thats the banks job