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Inside the Day JonBenet Ramsey Was Found Dead: Part 1

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The 6-year-old beauty queen was found dead in the family home's basement on the day after Christmas in 1996.
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Tehya Blackburde Moore (16 hours ago)
There was pineapple found in her system. I think the boy shoved pineapple in her mouth (out of jealousy) and it knocked her out. The parents covered it up and finished the job. Just something to think about.
Sofia Butini (17 hours ago)
I think the brother or the dad did brother , Jealous dad ,didn’t like it he hated how she would perform for people and the mother was so happy for the daughter that she stoped paying attention to the dad kinda like jealous
ragequiter yea (1 day ago)
so apparently the cops ignored john's interviews cause he was so not consistant, did you see there house you cannot tell me they could afford that and all the bills but not some sort of security alarm
Rose Hernandez (1 day ago)
The mom and dad only know what happened and they died to this day but in hell then maybe they can tell want happened to see there baby daughter dead wow rip little angle
Mademoiselle Karen Jean Tanner (2 days ago)
That investigator, Linda Art was a real WEIRDO...her statements are weird
Mademoiselle Karen Jean Tanner (2 days ago)
Pasor Bob Enyart was accused of these crimes by previous church members, Dani Kekoa, stating that Enyart had been conducting Fire & Brimstone crimes, Enyart also purchsed all of OJ Simpson's memorablilia and burned them on courthouse steps. The Lekoa's had to install vidoe in their home due to Deep Sate haassment, those videos are scarry...Enyart and his crew were also at the Curthouse carrying signs which PROVE they authored the Ransom Note, you can see the signs clearly...no doubt they are the authors of the ransome note! dani Kekoa's videos of harassment proves severe crimes against them for making statements!
Queen of Chaos (3 days ago)
Its the father. He even lied. He said that the alarms were "on" when they went to sleep, then later he said the alarms were off.
Nicole Hixson (4 days ago)
I think it was the brother that killed her out of jealousy and then the parents covered it up so he wouldn't go to jail.
B B (6 days ago)
If the parents did it then why do it? What would they get out of it?? The family was already wealthy
Wallace Bell (6 days ago)
911 call is very revealing at the end of the call, “ransom note” was a farce, parents “Lawyered Up” and the DNA evidence is very misleading!!! No intruder came into the house soooooooo I wonder who hit the little girl in the head?! Only four people knew what happened in that house that night and two of those people are no longer with us soooooooo now only two people know the truth and they are still stonewalling!!! The “Ransom note” tells a misdirection story, nothing more and certainly nothing less!!!
Jacquelen Bialozynaki (7 days ago)
That was a high profile case.
Miss Laura (8 days ago)
What I don't understand is why the ramsey house only became a crime scene once Jonbenets body was found and noone did a real search because at first it was a kidnapping, it shouldn't matter what the crime is, what should matter is someone has broken into this home and taken this little girl, if I was head of the investigation or the fbi, that house would've automatically become a crime scene and I would've had every room checked from top to bottom
Lyssa Gameing (8 days ago)
The mom is die years and I think it was the mom because she was so happy
Jacob King (9 days ago)
Adriana Totirlici (9 days ago)
Those people murdered their own daughter and then covered up the crime, the dad looks like a pedophile to me, also the brother is so involved...idk why the police didn't notice that...
Marina Reese (9 days ago)
I’m really suspicious that the dad forced the brother to help him with the crime
Phankitty (10 days ago)
what they don't tell you is that the note was written with a pen from inside the house and there was no evidence of false entry 🤦‍♀️
Anime Yandere (10 days ago)
Is it strange that out of no where the dad found Jonbetn(sry if I spelled it wrong)body in the basement and he had the BALLS to cover up her body with a blanke WITH HELLA GERMS!!!! It’s the Dad 100% he had the same amount of money that the killer wanted in his savings acc!
Elishia Santos (10 days ago)
She was just 6 years old 😭
rambo4war (12 days ago)
Y’all know damn well this couple killed their daughter or the son. Wasted all that time and money on lies “looking” for an imaginary kidnaper. The mother in a fit of anger caused her daughter to receive fatal injuries, probably because the mom was some prima donna perfectionist and little baby girl wasn’t doing something “perfect” that night causing momma to snap at her. Or the son killed his sister in a fit of spoiled rotten rage. In the hysteria, grief, Shame, and fear at the moment the father/mother concocts this dumb idea of a kidnaper. Saw through this 20 years ago and everyday I see the tabloids or a whodunit documentary I just shake my head in disgust.
Artur Górniak (12 days ago)
semi reconstruction of the garrote: https://www.facebook.com/JBPR.AiL/posts/706985612996610?notif_id=1539294919557770 http://jonbenetramsey.pbworks.com/w/page/121405527/The%20Burglar%20Theory
lisbeth young (12 days ago)
4:24 who does that??
mmmj4ever (13 days ago)
If they didn't kill her..they definetely know who did it.
SpIcY NoOdLeZ (13 days ago)
The dad so did it and he messed it up now they can’t tell who touched
Thobi Euiko (15 days ago)
at least Jonbets body was found and laid to rest, what about Madeleine Mccann
TheJoker (16 days ago)
jonbenet's brother killed her and the parents are covering for him. just look at the brother hes creepy as fuck.
wafa saeed (17 days ago)
Poor innocent child... Shame on that murderer and double shame on those people who sexualise such little innocent girls.. These beauty pagenst are nothing but made to demean girls and women.. Women are not objects for display.. What a horrible society we live in these. days..
Camelia Caravas (17 days ago)
This is a boy and not a girl. And he is alive. All staged.
Chubby Puggo (18 days ago)
My god. Looking at the evidence in other comments, her murder was most likely set up a day before. They should've checked what happened 2 days before and after. For example, their bank account, what the family had bought in the past, and whatnot. This is just wow.
Ruwayda Mahamud (19 days ago)
EVERYONE: the mother and father did not kill her. Recently evidence has come to light which has proved her brother is a psychopath and he murdered her in cold blood to get revenge on his mother as he felt she was excluding him from the family and made him feel lonely- this is a lie! He is now locked up and getting the help he needs.
Crystal Harter (20 days ago)
She was covered with a blanket, meaning someone she knew killed her and couldnt stand the site of her body. I think dad was molesting her and things went to the extreme
Cookie Msp (20 days ago)
I honestly think the whole family had something to do with her murder
A watchingalbert (7 days ago)
Yeah I think that so and am thinking its her brother was the murder..and her parents cover the whole thing..
Zohar Uzuki (22 days ago)
Obviously the son did it.. And parents tried to cover it up to prevent losing their other child
Emely Reyes (22 days ago)
That is so sad 😭😩😔🥺
Bunsong Magsayo (23 days ago)
If it is the Parents, why did they do it to their own daughter?. And if it is her brother, why would he do that to his own sister? Is it because of insecurities? Or envy? Why!? But I just noticed, the hand write on the note is like a child hand writing 😓 did anyone notice that?
Jose Rivera (24 days ago)
Her mother killed her and the father was involved due to he knew about the murder or the brother did it.
ELSIE (25 days ago)
I wish Sherlock was real He could solve this mystery
Portia Matthews (25 days ago)
I feel like the son killed jonBenet and John and Patsy wuz tryn to cover it up. They kept sayn no he's just a little boy. Him compared to jonBenet he cud have done wat the medical examiner said had happened to her. They hurried up and got him from out of there tho
A watchingalbert (7 days ago)
I agree with I am sure that its her brother killed her by an accident over a piece of pineapple..
kiara Solares (26 days ago)
I feel like if the Kardashian’s didn’t exist it would be keeping up with the ramseys
Tropicalpoppin ! (26 days ago)
It’s her mom who killed her
oscar navarro (27 days ago)
you come home after a party and dont check on your kids! why?
Megaton (28 days ago)
Whoever murder this poor baby did a good job cuz they literally got away with murder. And I’m sure her killer is dead by now. Srry ass detectives and police couldn’t do their job. And the parents and her sibling didn’t have shit to do with it
Rebecca Westman (29 days ago)
i think that the brother did it and then when the parents found out they covered it up so that they wouldn't loose another child.... they wrote that note to try to cover it up, but it makes no sense to leave a ransom note when the kid is dead in the house....
Olive Bella (29 days ago)
I don't know if this is all for show cause some times they do sacrifice dad had that much money n then they kill daughter fishy n weird or the brother is a perv period he strangled her cause she was going to tell he was touching her or the dad period it's obvious then put fruit in her mouth to see if she was passed out or dead that's why they found pineapple in her stomach one of them did it or the dad sold his daughter to perverted man for money n some mothers are ignorant from there happy life's they can't see was really going on man but women with gifts house n all the bullshit Christmas n now look none of that shit matters the brother with dad or alone or dad with perverted man
dave d (1 month ago)
Bunch of leftwing pedophiles protecting each other. Listen to Det. Linda Arndt's description of how John Ramsey and the Boulder "police" were in cahoots with each other. Patsy wrote the "ransom note" (lol).
Tyler Stewart (1 month ago)
I truly believe her mom wasnt happy with her becoming more famous than herself. Unfortunately her mom passed away and took any secrets she had with her. Which probably means she knows who killed her child and never said anything. Probably either Jonbenet's brother or dad.
irene morales (1 month ago)
the parents are not innocent, this was an inside job. no one else was in involved. ONLY her family .
PewDiePie Is awesome (1 month ago)
I just wrote 1. To 22. Things of what happened I have 3 more left.
Jani Myburgh (1 month ago)
WHY after 20 plus years, after hundreds of professionals have reviewed and investigated this case with all it's evedince is there still NO ONE arrested? One reason make sense to me, this was a cover up for a mistaken killing and they are looking everywhere but at one person; the one person who now conveniently sues every show that brings him in question the shows that to this day brings to light THE ONLY theory that makes sense,(to me at least) Not for a few bucks, but millions. Ask yourself why so much money.......why this weird behavior when interviewed......this should have been put to a stop long ago and the guilty is walking around freely laughing in the face of the police... This is just my opinion and hey, innocent until proven guilty right.
Rosalina Alvarez (1 month ago)
The brother did it
honey monet (1 month ago)
I’m convinced the brother did it and the parents helped cover it up.
lauren vega-cruz (1 month ago)
Neglectful narrating...where Jonbenet grew up....asshole
Rob Georgia (1 month ago)
That woman policeman gives me the creeps.
Patricia Goodwin (1 month ago)
Except the poor child never got to grow up
Sixto Gallardo Jr (1 month ago)
Who else reading the comments on here lol
Jennifer Cload (1 month ago)
As a mother myself I really hate to suspect the parents, but come on as rich and educated as they were, they didnt know how important it was to preserve the crime scene? The fact that they had so many people come over and went to the basement first and everything they did to taint the evidence, its no wonder they were prime suspects in the eyes of the public. I truly believe the parents were either responsible or it was the brother, they knew it and did everything they could to cover it up. Just like the episode of Criminal Minds when an older brother killed his little brother and the parents along with a cop friend tried to cover it up.
dont worry be happy (1 month ago)
There is to much saying it's the family that did it.
dont worry be happy (1 month ago)
I would more than anything love to find out what happened in this case and Maddie macann . I hope it comes out soon
Alex Will (1 month ago)
I think her photographer killed her because he also went to jail because of child pornography Edit: at 6:04
D S (1 month ago)
well the mother was teaching her child to something else. children should just play and have fun in their own way not the way their parents wants.
Angela Davis (1 month ago)
This poor child will never will getjustice
Sonu Sidhu (1 month ago)
This is so sad these she is a little child very sad
Lisa Gillum-Wells (1 month ago)
Jonbene. I pray you can rest in peace. You have pointed all these years at who killed you. What a better time to kill her than at Christmas? It is mentioned several times that the Ramsey family participated in the Christmas walk through. All the strangers leaving fingerprints and genetic material everywhere. Then the police not securing the crime scene. God knows what he did. You are a precious Angel and didn't deserve this.
Robin Luich (1 month ago)
The detective is full of shit.The DNA matched no family member, not even John!
Kyaria Snipes (1 month ago)
It’s the son because it’s a kids writing and when the went out he would have enough time to write the note and put it in place
Kyaria Snipes (1 month ago)
And he knows a lot about the family
Carmen Cain (1 month ago)
everything you said detail by detail is how i seen it in my mind
I’m Trash (1 month ago)
Apparently back at the beginning of 2019 they solved the murder. It was a grown man who had a shrine to her
PancakesPusheen ! (1 month ago)
she was a gorgeous little girl, may god punish the murderer !!
Tenikqua Adams (1 month ago)
I reckon her and her brother got into a fight and the brother got so angry he hit her in the head so hard it killed her( yeah idk bout the rape thing) and the parents tried to cover it up, cause how did the father know to look straight in the basement and who rights a note and leaves it there and also leave the poor little girl in the house and the window that was cute was cute from the inside and not the outside and there was no dust moved from the window that they said was the way the killer got in. There was no dirt or traces of snow in the house or near the window
DrElite (1 month ago)
Imagine if you had the power to time travel you could solve this case
Allan Cove (1 month ago)
Sadly I don't ever see this case ever being solved seeing how the police bungled it the way they did. We'll never know.
Maxwell 24 (1 month ago)
R.I.P She Never Deserved To Die 😭😭😭😭😭 I Hope her Family And Friends Recover 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Charity Madden (1 month ago)
The knotting on the string on the paint brush. The weird burns, the duct tape and sexual trauma plus the sheer amount of strength it would take to do that kind of wound and bruising on her neck. makes me think this person has done this more than once. And I was thinking a nine-year-old did this... probably not. that kind of bruising has to be done while the person is still alive. My theory is someone broke in caught her eating a nighttime snack.. attacker used what was around them and improvised. plenty of time to do what they wanted and sneak back out without having to be worried about being looked for in the house do to the note.
Keith Marshall (1 month ago)
bill clinton illuminati and the rest of the crew doomed
Nina Pritchard (1 month ago)
i found some information by my sister. when John called the emergency service or whatever, someone was screaming at Burke supposedly saying “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!” . interesting right?
Vickie Veronica Warren (1 month ago)
Such a beautiful sweet child. No child deserves this!!!!
PoopAnd ItHurts (1 month ago)
Her brother did it. Parents were just trying to cover it up.
The Boss (1 month ago)
Lil teca ransom
SNOWINGSART (1 month ago)
She knew how to decorate her house but not do makeup on her own face!
HD Documentaries (1 month ago)
dad did it 100%
forevermia (1 month ago)
Is there a Part 2, etc?
Shaliyah Johnson (1 month ago)
I believe her brother did it but it he did it on a accident
Vanessa Whitney (1 month ago)
The comments makes me wanna go buy CLUE
J. karma (1 month ago)
The father did it.
lbillie gene (1 month ago)
Sad pore baby
Splinter Cell (1 month ago)
I find it strange that people don’t find that dressing little girls up like adults and watching them strut around isn’t strange
Fayth Osborn (1 month ago)
Me and my cousin cloee are in pagents but we whant to be in them where 12 and 13
Rose Hernandez (1 month ago)
Very sick the way they show off there child just sick poor baby rip little angle may your killer soon be with the deval
Marie Mackey Hash (1 month ago)
Mother and father did it
Roman pac (1 month ago)
American bitchis
Tired of it (1 month ago)
I wish I could get a 118,000.00 dollar bonus.. dayum
Geena L (2 months ago)
The girl is strangled in the basement and murderer leaves a ransom note? Who the hell are you fuccing kidding?
crookerdog (2 months ago)
How could you feel safe in a world where "the Macarena" was at the top of the charts. Face it, you are surrounded by idiots! EVERY......SINGLE.....DAY!!
michael c (2 months ago)
Not knowing who the murderer is will always bug me.
Andlous Alatoom (2 months ago)
It’s not the mother.. it’s either the father or brother. Their keeping one dirty secret
Tori And Shayla (2 months ago)
I feel so bad for this poor little girl she was 6 years old !! Like that is not even growing up , I kinda feel like it was the mom dad or brother bc the mom seems jealous so does that dad and same with the brother
Rome Fortunato (2 months ago)
7:43 so who killed her?
Shawn Messick (2 months ago)
Family is so involved in this mess. They know what happened to her and this is just one more in a long line of unsolved murders that the perpetrator is going to get away with it.
Brenda Morris (2 months ago)
Patsy Paugh Ramsey was from Parkersburg, WV. She's part of my family.
Teresa Linton (2 months ago)
something happened in that house==if it was you or I we would be arrested and jailed.