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People raging (and failing), on games,internet,computers and other electronic stuff (compilation)

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READ THIS FIRST Song used for this video RCT3 OST; buccaneer To all the people saying some are fake. Ofcourse they are, i didn't say "legit people raging and failing". I just said "people raging and failing. And if some are actors and you don't like it. Simple press the downvote button and get on with your life instead of writing hate mail and death wishes in the comments. Thank you very much. PPS.10/10/2015. Closed down comments because of people not reading the description and continues to ramble about previously stated topics I explained in the description and even writing death threats to me for aparent reasons. I don't care anymore. Comments closed, don't like it? Leave. PPPPPPPPSSSSSS (And many more P's) Renabled comments, kinda curious to see comments on this video again, kinda miss the funny ones. Also, 6 million views, my god. More stuff like this? Check out this insurgency video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDhjNBxNliA Also, "FredenronnygamingHD" was my initial channel name, so no I did not steal it.
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Text Comments (5446)
Rydekk (4 months ago)
If you guys liked this video, and you like Rainbow Six Siege, I recommend you guys check out this little playlist i've made. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESmfk-j4Rq0&list=PLtdQAYrf8zIOEs6a6b1cvnfENsxvUOiSu
cute little ponny no.1 (2 months ago)
Rydekk wow 2018 from 2012
Johnny V (2 months ago)
One to add to Playlist https://youtu.be/SS8zc48d2hI
xtreme gamer (3 months ago)
Rydekk wtf is wrong with the first person
PaneledPear6555 (3 months ago)
Rydekk I suppose
Izac Johnson (16 hours ago)
Liz Richards (18 hours ago)
I think they all need anger management
The Last Survior (1 day ago)
if that was my girlfriend breaking my console I swear you have to call the cops
kingdomkrook (1 day ago)
"Uuaargh... Fuck Mom!!!" Things you say to your siblings when you're pissed off and Mom's not home. 👿😦😠😡😤=🙊😹😈
VipCentarSplit (1 day ago)
Spudzz (2 days ago)
Hopefully these babies know that throwing their remotes, punching the screen, slamming the keyboard, isn't gonna do nothing but break it
ClyDe YT (2 days ago)
8:49 there was a knife on the table I could just imagine her grabbing it and stabbing him
TheCubingFox (2 days ago)
Whack your computer
ZivAndGab Productions (3 days ago)
they should buy potato pc's because they are best for gaming
JC Starlite (3 days ago)
8:52 like that woman she's horny want to sex with me 😋🤣
JC Starlite (3 days ago)
6:00 You smack your bro with a keyboard his dead😂🤣
_MIFKI_ Play (3 days ago)
If you are man like this comment
Rydekk (3 days ago)
But I self Identify as a flying squirrel.
rgnlsaizo (3 days ago)
People with huge ADHD issues trying to play games..
rgnlsaizo (3 days ago)
Dude. Chill. You are fat. If not, then my Eyes are broken...
tamerlan Kagermaov (3 days ago)
5:59 O_O
LΔПςΟП GΔмIПG ƣȍ.ȍρ (4 days ago)
0:20 *300* points for having a heavy man and broken the scanner
Jorgebtc (4 days ago)
8:53 this girl is so hot, but is something crazy however is sexy
Alistair Kaname (4 days ago)
Laughing at people's misery is so satisfying, because there are moments when I also rage but I always make sure there is no witness at all
MrC (4 days ago)
Get Savage, rage here https://store.steampowered.com/app/307880/Savage_Lands/
Donald Cramond (4 days ago)
Boogi/Francis is a fat mental case fucktard.
Breno S. Gagnor (5 days ago)
Really sad
Rodary Windsor Cleveland (5 days ago)
Hahahaha that guy with the other controller lol. Fuck that brings back memories of what I used to do to my older brother on 360 lol XDXDXD. Used to disconnect the controller in another room to make it go blung, oh fuck, the fun everyone could've had if we could take control of the game with another controller like make the character look up or look down or just totally screw everything up lol XDXDXD. You'd be walking along in Halo and next minute you suddey look up or look down and blow yourself up with the rocket launcher XDXDXD.
Susan star (6 days ago)
w s (6 days ago)
You're not retired your retarded grow the fuck up, gamers are such losers
Juan Garcia jr (6 days ago)
Juan Garcia jr (6 days ago)
Mohammed Alaa (6 days ago)
thay stupids they lost his all moneys.
a person with no friends (7 days ago)
Sometimes i rage but not that hard
a person with no friends (7 days ago)
Guitars are the perfect item to destroy an xbox
Jupiter MX (8 days ago)
The Fat Dude 7:33 so funny LoL
Vainglory VENENOZONDA666 (8 days ago)
8:51 2018 anyone? shes mental for that
Carl Chaovski (8 days ago)
"what's going on..?" "computer virus" Fkn lol
SkulLord95 (8 days ago)
8:40 i hope that guy got the hell out of that relationship lmao
Conner Reynolds (8 days ago)
8:12 Geez, It’s JUST A GAME!!!!!
Franken Stein (8 days ago)
Ahh.. Man I remember watching this when it first came out. Man 2012 was a different time on the internet
Svein Grimstad (8 days ago)
13:16 He finally had enough.
Svein Grimstad (8 days ago)
8:46 Dude, what just happened...? ;-)
•{ Sky&Sky }• (9 days ago)
2:25 well, what did u expect
Mochi Sandvich (9 days ago)
We laugh, but sometimes that just be how it do.
bob junior (9 days ago)
7:42 how is this a rage? nobody is raging... the next clip with the guy screaming on his laptop is a video of him getting mad over world of warcraft, separate video so don't reply with that
Jonathan Davis (9 days ago)
6:06 that man just whip a guy with a keyboard as a weapon
Richard Lee (9 days ago)
Fat man in Black just want an excuse to go eat something
Mercury Black (10 days ago)
When I get a rage quit...My wife will always know how to calm me down 😏😏😏
L.C (10 days ago)
This is the reason i dont play video games, because i get agitated quickly with them. I have never gotten this bad though, all i would do was breath heavily and walk away and take a break for awhile. But this is just crazy!!
DarkWorld25 (10 days ago)
I love how most of them are going get fucking arrested for malicious destruction of property
CatireGarcia (10 days ago)
Brad's girlfriend may be a 10 crazy, but that's alright with me *( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*
PrankTube OFFICIAL (10 days ago)
6:07 did he survive
franco Valle (11 days ago)
5:58 brawlhalla spammer
Friendship (11 days ago)
*report this for promoting terrorism* ~ every computers in the world
M. K (11 days ago)
Real animal r here
Capped Storm (11 days ago)
people still think smashing their consoles are good to stop raging about the game, *1 Day Later* "Hey mom, where is my xbox?" "You threw it away didn't you?" Welp i guess they need another console. *Just a game*
ดิเรก. ไอ้เรก เกษรบุศย์ (11 days ago)
ที่บ้านกูเขาเรียกว่า แพ้แล้วพาร
dab gamer (11 days ago)
Lol first one 😂😂😂😂😂
Aaron McGee (11 days ago)
8:50 Hot damn...
Call of Duty man (11 days ago)
3:00 this guy is a fucking dumbass
sammy Casey (11 days ago)
most of these are on crapy monitors
TANQ Decay (12 days ago)
Everyone rages, right?
CheapSkateSimmer (12 days ago)
Damn Brad, when you got a chick as hot as her the fuck you doing playin soo many games! You fucked up bro!
Rinor YZ (12 days ago)
12:20 mom gonna have it to you ! - fuck mom ! 😂😂
prehistoric 2.0 (12 days ago)
The guy at 8:00 reminds me of breaking benjamin idk
[404 User Not Found] (12 days ago)
>When u lose in Fortnite
Panclips (12 days ago)
8:18 The guy is laughing. 8:29 The guy is confused. 8:38 Um, why did you do this to me, hide me mommy.
Panclips (12 days ago)
Khein Nico Dulguime (12 days ago)
What the hell......
Nimansh verma (13 days ago)
7:21 "Neighbors are watching"
paw gamez (13 days ago)
they mad only because of *games???*
JaggerBone (13 days ago)
8:50 She's cute :0
Nicholasvlogclips Fazbear (13 days ago)
The first one
iiFroggxble _Sparkles (13 days ago)
The first one tho
jan bramsen (14 days ago)
the guy i one of the office clip. why take photocopies on his screen haha. that was so funny.
Nicholas Hamilton (14 days ago)
4:10 LOL
Nicholas Hamilton (14 days ago)
What's the name of this video on 3:59?
me&evan (14 days ago)
me&evan (14 days ago)
Шюююю Дшлуююю Ершы!ююююю
me&evan (14 days ago)
victor_killers11 (14 days ago)
I guess it was these peoples time of the month
james warren (14 days ago)
Brad must be a homosexual no game is better than playing hide the tongue in her who who especially with a girl that hot
Beth Gamboa (15 days ago)
There gos money down the drain
Han Solo (16 days ago)
8:47 the moment you know your girlfriend is a crazy bitch but in the second moment you remember you have her cuz you fuck her. Think about bois
Han Solo (16 days ago)
6:13 feels so fucking awarding to punch his face
Kyokushin OSU! (18 days ago)
Yeaaah brad!!!! You never gonna get it, cause you are a fucking dick!!!! 🤦‍♂️😂
The Erdoys (18 days ago)
Why do these things?
ash (18 days ago)
0:50 what i wish i cld do with my life
J Sim (18 days ago)
Had too watch it again......Brad....Brad.....Brad.....Brad....lmfao...she went off bro....tell her too call me Brad
Proctor Productions (18 days ago)
5:50 what happens when you put yourself in a cubicle for 10 years
J Sim (18 days ago)
Brad you should've put the video games down...good job Brad....dummy
J Sim (18 days ago)
Brad fucked up.....lmfao.....
ikuro H. (18 days ago)
Lucifer Heller (18 days ago)
3:18 This dude sounds a lot like ScottySparda to me. Anyway else?
Anthony Salerno (19 days ago)
Me:here have a snickers Raging people:y Me:your not you when your hungry Me:better? People:better
Dayshon Campbell (19 days ago)
3:50 when you shoot up the shop in gta San Andreas and the store clerk be like....
Tg Jf (19 days ago)
6:02 assault
Natural Nate (20 days ago)
7:21 "The neighbors are watching" *Still posts it on YouTube where millions of other people will see it anyway.*
Aracelli (20 days ago)
Lol those people at work, stress surely is serious stuff.
King Joseph (20 days ago)
Cube jobs better be banned when I wake up
Sebastian Sejer (21 days ago)
6:20 i kinda feel bad for him...
JhamNoneL (21 days ago)
Some of them aare posses
Angus Aston (22 days ago)
wait about 8 mins in that's tomska init
saitama (22 days ago)
0:40 When my laptop run cs source on 15-25 fps