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Amazon airship to launch its delivery drones; Amazon Go grocery store - Compilation

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1. Jan 4, 2017 — Amazon has filed a patent for a self-driving airship that can store inventory and be used as a base to launch delivery drones. 2. Jul 21, 2016 — Amazon has submitted a patent for using tall structures like lamp posts and church steeples as docking and recharging stations for its delivery drones. 3. Dec 7, 2016 — Amazon is opening a grocery store in downtown Seattle early next year where customers can make their purchases without waiting in checkout lines. 4. Jul 30, 2015 — U.S. online retailer Amazon on Tuesday called for new air traffic rules for commercial drone flights. 5. Jul 10, 2017 — The most important holiday of the year is here. It’s the single greatest day that exists and if you have to work, think of a good excuse to get out of it, so you can enjoy Amazon Prime Day 2017. ----------------------------------------­--------------------- TomoNews is your best source for real news. We cover the funniest, craziest and most talked-about stories on the internet. Our tone is irreverent and unapologetic. If you’re laughing, we’re laughing. If you’re outraged, we’re outraged. We tell it like it is. And because we can animate stories, TomoNews brings you news like you’ve never seen before. Visit our official website for all the latest, uncensored videos: http://us.tomonews.com Check out our Android app: http://bit.ly/1rddhCj Check out our iOS app: http://bit.ly/1gO3z1f Get your TomoNews merch today! http://bit.ly/tomonews-teespring Get top stories delivered to your inbox everyday: http://bit.ly/tomo-newsletter Stay connected with us here: Facebook http://www.facebook.com/TomoNewsUS Twitter @tomonewsus http://www.twitter.com/TomoNewsUS Google+ http://plus.google.com/+TomoNewsUS/ Instagram @tomonewsus http://instagram.com/tomonewsus
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Text Comments (64)
Joseph Comerford (1 day ago)
dont steal other shops Amazon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or that's greedy
Beastmode 567 (15 days ago)
Sorry to say but this will never happen it is illegal in the America
Spaceman Spliff (18 days ago)
This guy's voice makes me want to arrest a police officer.
Oscar T (25 days ago)
All that Just Because They wanna Save A Few Cents, I have to deal With More Noise Pollution And Garbage Flying Over My head etc, Thanks Amazon For thinking To Make The Future Of My Kids Even Worse,
Nikita Drovinskiy (3 days ago)
Oscar T Its beneficial to us in terms of very fast shipping.
BigBadSloth (17 days ago)
Oscar T drones are electric
Toxicity (26 days ago)
5:15 enemy squadron inbound
Toxicity (26 days ago)
Enemy mothership deployed
Jacob Adkins (1 month ago)
The use of the drone for police work literally made me think of 'Detroit: Become Human'! Holy hell! This type of technology could really take off if implemented correctly.
Conner Cafero (1 month ago)
Did anyone wonder why the bottom left corner was blurred. This is because they stole the content from different videos and blurred it and sold it as there own so they can’t get copyright striked.
Nikita Drovinskiy (3 days ago)
Conner Cafero No, It was their old logo. This is the official tomonews channel.
Conner Cafero (1 month ago)
Did anyone wonder why the bottom left corner was blurred. This is because they stole the content from different videos and blurred it and sold it as there own so they can’t get copyright striked.
Blake McNally (1 month ago)
Only major problem I see is people purposely injuring themselves with the drones and suing amazon xD
Muhammad Saleh (1 month ago)
Amazon should take into consideration about hawks and eagles. Those birds can attack those drones if they see it as a threat. Trust me, I seen videos on YouTube of hawks taking down drones.
Leo F (1 month ago)
sam shamanski (3 months ago)
Oh plz don’t let them do this
Idiotinfront ofadesk (3 months ago)
But what if the smaller airship needs a airship
Jovany Zavala (3 months ago)
Yay more stuff to get
Jim Bean (3 months ago)
Clueless Wisdom (3 months ago)
The heaf of Amazon had to stand down for Sexual Harassment dint he ?
j barnes (3 months ago)
The dependance will form because they will attract the cheap. They will kill the competition,then in the name of the globalist prophecy, Fulfill the 12$ loaf of bread. He who controls the food supply controls all.
MadeAUsername (3 months ago)
OMG Anti shoplifting? Won't that piss off BLM folks? I mean, the white people do owe them shoplifting rights.
MadeAUsername (3 months ago)
It's sort of sad that we've become such a materialistic world.
Sir (3 months ago)
zom noe (3 months ago)
Sasuzeke Kory (3 months ago)
This won't work
KUYAMAKO GT (3 months ago)
N00B SAIBOT (3 months ago)
An enemy airship has been deployed
8 Bit Pilot (3 months ago)
N00B SAIBOT Fellow battlefield 1 user lmao
Ekzdee TV (3 months ago)
Sounds like a glitchy mesz
Redplanetary Skywalker1/11 (3 months ago)
Fuck Amazon
Andrew Sawyers (3 months ago)
Redplanetary Skywalker1/11 Nah fuck you Amazon is the bleeding edge of convenient consumerism Stupid commie
Burgerbou F (3 months ago)
Soon humans are gonna be forced to leave earth and colonize other planets knowing that robots have taken jobs on earth.
DAEDRADONKEY (3 months ago)
addictive object O (3 months ago)
next they will be spraying u with vaccines
Michayla Gussler (3 months ago)
I can't enjoy Prime Day, I work at Amazon! So I'm at work! 😂
Michayla Gussler (3 months ago)
MadeAUsername with the amount I make, that isn't a good decision 😂
MadeAUsername (3 months ago)
That's easy to solve, just quit. You'll probably be replaced by a drone anyway.
a rainbow Fishy (3 months ago)
ThE fUTuRe Is NoW
KJ GBG (3 months ago)
They taking over
liquid scarecrow (3 months ago)
Jim Spencer (3 months ago)
This is just ludicrous.
Dipesh Majhi (3 months ago)
Wow.!!supOp niCe1
sunsun1121 aj (3 months ago)
Wow great!😊😊
Lance Nepols (3 months ago)
If i saw that i will pop it with paint gun
Spaceman Spliff (18 days ago)
Sir, blame the Republicans. Grabbing all the money and leaving none for education.
Sir (3 months ago)
your shitty ass paint gun wont do shit with its low range. Idiots like you actually think it will reach 45,000 feet wow...pathetic and retarded
NowYouOuttaHere (3 months ago)
all this relies on not having assholes that will damage and destroy the drones
Score Fuxxon (11 days ago)
They most likely would not, since Amazon aren't allowed to have flying surveillance cameras all over America. :)
solid 6/10 (12 days ago)
They'd most likely have cameras.. Taking every single piece of evidence needed to not get sued.
Blake McNally (1 month ago)
Or injuring themselves purposely and suing amazon
8 Bit Pilot (3 months ago)
Yeah lmao
addictive object O (3 months ago)
aye get the sniper out lol
52,928,826 Subscribers (3 months ago)
Abort 9/11 hijack dat shet
D Bannerman (3 months ago)
Tomo was first
miriclepaintcat aj (3 months ago)
Amazon should be based in the Amazon
Andrew Sawyers (3 months ago)
miriclepaintcat aj Then the Brazilian pirate fucks can steal your packages AND drug shipments Amazon should deliver cocaine
D Bannerman (3 months ago)
Oh and second
0IIIIII (3 months ago)
D Bannerman (3 months ago)
Cuz tomo was first.
kylli ngen (3 months ago)
First like
Syed Abbas (3 months ago)
I first vewer
D Bannerman (3 months ago)
Syed Abbas tomo was first
D Bannerman (3 months ago)
I'm ded