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FS2004 - Fatal Delivery (UPS Airlines Flight 6)

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UPS Airlines Flight 6 was a cargo flight operated by UPS Airlines. On September 3, 2010, a Boeing 747-400 flying the route between Dubai International Airport and Cologne Bonn Airport developed an in-flight fire, with the fumes and subsequent crash resulting in the death of the two crew members. The aircraft had departed Dubai International earlier, but returned after reporting smoke in the cockpit. It was the first fatal air crash for UPS Airlines.[4] The crash caused an examination of safety procedures protecting airliners from cockpit smoke. Credits go to Mayday (Air Crash Investigation, Air Emergency, Air Disasters in other places) for the video clips of the crash and aftermath! Watch the actual episode here! http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3rlpts Like, comment, and subscribe if you enjoyed. Follow me on: https://www.facebook.com/allec.ibay https://twitter.com/joshandroma
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DJWingoSnotrodboost I think it is 619 231 341 (8 days ago)
Disaster Notification Malaysia Airlines Flight 304
DJWingoSnotrodboost I think it is 619 231 341 (8 days ago)
Disaster Notification Malaysia Airlines Flight 304
The Wipits (10 days ago)
I'm very saddened by this, the First Officer gave it his all. I'm proud of him and his effort.
km o (15 days ago)
This is a flight on air crash investigation and both actors who play the parts of pilots act very well as in its very believable how they act and sound. This is probably the saddest episode of air crash investigation. The first office did an amazing job on his own and one little mistake cost him his life such a shame.
Mike Yerian (17 days ago)
That First Officer and Controller were freakin studs.
Aleos375 (24 days ago)
Weird how i got a medicine advertisement which featured an ATC controller handling an aircraft while having a headache. LOL
Aviation Unlimited (25 days ago)
c'mon, Bell tried so hard! :c
michael williams (30 days ago)
Respect to first officer Bell who did his all to try to do his job until the end.. RIP Mr. Bell.
Nancy Davis (1 month ago)
Nancy Davis (1 month ago)
Aaryan Mathure (1 month ago)
Please do of lauda air flight 4
Phạm Huy (1 month ago)
Guys,do you think this flight soooo same like the Swissair 111 ?
Effy Hidayaty (1 month ago)
Can i request, AirAsia Flight 8501 Crash?
Frank (1 month ago)
Why they tried to go to Dubai Airport? Should have gone to Kish Airport. Emergency location, after performing a 180 degree right turn back towards southeast was: 26.1616, 52.9017 Kish Airport(distance:115km) GPS: 26.526156, 53.980211 Sirri Airport(distance:166km) GPS: 25.908889, 54.539444 Dubai Airport(distance:267km) GPS: 25.254908, 55.364271 They just chose to die, rather than landing on an Iranian airport.
Craig Willoughby (1 month ago)
AJI - watched all of your 53 aircraft disaster segments - either means your very good at this or im a sicko for plane crashes....probably both
Russiarulz 14 (2 months ago)
Love these, new subscriber
Gixxer 1 (2 months ago)
Wal-Mart batteries I'm sure...R.i.P both brave men
Vaman Lobine (2 months ago)
Vaman Lobine (2 months ago)
can you make crab simulator of South African Airways flight crash in the Indian Ocean
zahid hussain (2 months ago)
I thought they were gonna make it.
The Wipits (10 days ago)
1BEAVIS13 (2 months ago)
I wonder if they climbed and maintained a higher altitude., could it have put out the fire? Just an odd thought.
Mason Mosolowski (2 months ago)
Bell was trying to be a hero. If they landed, Bell was trying his best, yup pilots make mistakes.
Allec Joshua Ibay (2 months ago)
Bell wasn't trying to be a hero. He was trying to fight for his life. No one tries to be a hero. They just do what they have to do.
WhackyWhatever (2 months ago)
I think this is the saddest one you've done yet, AJI
Manu Wizzgo (3 months ago)
Joshua,can you tell what song do you use (after crash)
Roshan S (3 months ago)
damn bell tried his best and i respect that
Paul69 Bakshi (1 month ago)
The plane was so good the pilots were able to put the plane in their destination
4 NOOBCH (1 month ago)
yup.. what a brave co pilot
Ananias Andrada (3 months ago)
Amazing job you have done, congratulations!
Llewell and Chelsia Tan (3 months ago)
First Officer Bell is a brave and courageous man. He fought hard to save his plane although he died. We shall remember him as a brave young man.
Moondog 151 (3 months ago)
i did he chose to land in Dubai yes i know there were bigger emergency services and runway's but Doha is also big and it was closer
DJWingoSnotrodboost I think it is 619 231 341 (9 days ago)
Aaryan Mathure Please do China Airlines 611
Tyler Roblox And More! (1 month ago)
Allec Joshua Ibay He meant 777
Aaryan Mathure (1 month ago)
Please do of lauda air flight 4
Moondog 151 (1 month ago)
something i forgot to mention if this was a passenger loaded plane with say 100 or 200 people the decision to go to dubai could of killed every one on board
Allec Joshua Ibay (1 month ago)
+Jayden Allward There has never been a 787 crash.
Matthew Holden (3 months ago)
Your dead your dead arrrrrrr plane crash landing and the the other side other side Uruguay it of the of the crash crash crash a and in more the detail same same as the original one one I of of the the Uruguay it fluffy gta the ft
Muzzie Najjar (3 months ago)
Poor bell
Mark Steffen (3 months ago)
watching it gave me a much better understanding of what those two guys went through. FAA basically doing nothing about it happening in the future. so terribly sad.
Loizos Loizou (3 months ago)
RIP both pilots.Bell and Lampe tried so hard.But bell though.He really gave everything he had but still that wasnt enough.WHY THOUGH?Sometimes its just so not fair.Good job to both pilots and RIP.
Visvesh Narayan (4 months ago)
Why did the pilots go back to Dubai rather than landing at Bahrain
Needle (4 months ago)
Delivery planes should have doors in the back to drop the cargo rather then being stuck with it
stephen curry Arango (4 months ago)
Volvoc70dude (4 months ago)
Hello! I was just wondering, do you use different sound files for the plane engines? And if you do can you give me a link?
mogwai fan (4 months ago)
the el al1862 flight. El Al jumbo crashed after takeoff from schipol airport.#3 engine fell off,hit #4 engine, that fell off aswell.plane crashed into an apartment block killing many residents. Could you recreate that crash? the Dutch investigation also mentioned depleted uranium used as ballast in the tail section of the jumbo.any view on that?great videos of all the plane mishaps. thanks
Chase 123424 (4 months ago)
So this is why my iPhone 2 was late?
Chase 123424 (4 months ago)
Dhsikx Bsidjcmc ikr I wanted to see how many people would believe that😂This is just sad
Dhsikx Bsidjcmc (4 months ago)
Chase 123424 He's kidding you dumbasses omg
maxspears chong (4 months ago)
wait what? the I phone 2 that u ordered was sent on this plane? it was destroyed in the crash so they needed to deliver a new one?
Cristianrpbeijo (4 months ago)
man you need to make more videos with the mains disasters of aviation.. like iran Air 655, korean air 007, uberligen mid air collision( dhl611 and bashkirian 2937), charki dadri mid air collision( khazakstan airlines 1907 and saudia flight 763).... Please !!!
PantsofVance (4 months ago)
Bell tried so hard. RIP to the pilots.
DJWingoSnotrodboost I think it is 619 231 341 (9 days ago)
PantsofVance R.I.P Douglas Lampe R.I.P Matthew Bell
Muzzie Najjar (3 months ago)
PantsofVance I know poor man
DJWingoSnotrodboost I think it is 619 231 341 (4 months ago)
Mike Hamlin This Year KLM Flight 174 The Pilot Is Josef Kaanan First Officer Ricky Newgarden Flight Engineer Helio Stenhouse Second Oficcet Brian Shieff
Chicago 90278 (4 months ago)
DJWingoSnotrodboost I think it is 619 231 341 (5 months ago)
Kyle D At Last is Cole Brack
DJWingoSnotrodboost I think it is 619 231 341 (5 months ago)
Kyle 7 is Joey Mears 8 is Alex Dortch 9 is Jeff Goldstein
DJWingoSnotrodboost I think it is 619 231 341 (5 months ago)
KyleTheDJBoy 4 is Kyle Kleet 5 is Matt Polizzi 6 is Ryan Blantey
DJWingoSnotrodboost I think it is 619 231 341 (5 months ago)
MONSTER Energy Delta Airlines Flight 125 From Las Vegas to San Diego The Pilots Name Is Isaac Pletcher And First Officer Cody Mack Also On Board Is Cory Rawler And There is 10 Crew Members 1 is Casey Marcads 2 is Tony Moses 3 is Clint Grantos
rachel diane Ames (5 months ago)
rest in peace the 2 crew members who died in that fatal cash unexpected
Moto Fan (5 months ago)
FIRE land as quick as posible they chose to go to a further airport big mistake
R4pt0r64 (5 months ago)
Bigger Airport, better fireteams, blah blah... no, it was not stupid.
Vignesh Ramesh (5 months ago)
Muffin & Buttercup (5 months ago)
Just wanted to be comment #200. I'm eating my cookie in my head lol
Unsalted Uset (5 months ago)
Why don't planes have fire extinguishers?
ThePilotMaster CVR&FDR/AircraftSightings (3 months ago)
They do. The Extinguishers are where the flight bags are. On an shelve upward where the oxygen bottles are. Even if they did reach the oxygen, it explodes because it was 230 degrees, so it was mostly like hell in there.
Antonius Nicko Djanurombang (5 months ago)
hi is good
maxspears chong (6 months ago)
You forgot to say that the first officer managed to fly the plane away from a neighborhood and prevented more deaths
Jason Jang (6 months ago)
Could you do EK 521?
Bob the Stormtrooper (6 months ago)
I never knew there was a UPS crash
Moondog 151 (3 months ago)
they had 6 crashes
Bertha Martin (6 months ago)
R I P both pilots.....so sad.......
I Heart Rangers (6 months ago)
Pilot all be like: "Sorry, guys. You'll have to repurchase your packages."
A UserName (6 months ago)
These videos are very informative, thanks for doing them. In watching though I can't help but consider the absurdity of most of the circumstances. It seems like the majority of these crashes were easily preventable. Why does it take a tragedy to design and implement safety measures as basic as a proper oxygen mask? Why are the communications systems so primitive? There should be a means of delivering data to the plane from ATC in the event of a scenario like this.
DMS (6 months ago)
It takes so much to make these videos for us all to enjoy and learn. What idiot(s) give something like this a thumbs down? Freeking morons who have nothing better to do than hate on others. LOSERS!
Syawaluddin Seliman (6 months ago)
seriously,im enjoy your video sir.
bcfc7890 (6 months ago)
04:28 it's getting hot in here so take off all ya clothes
Richard Whitenight (6 months ago)
Excellent recreation. Have you done a recreation of a crash on takeoff from DFW airport, north to south, on the west side of the airport. I believe it was an AA 727 jet. Pilot forgot to set his flaps before takeoff because he was fraternizing with a flight attendant.
PLEM ALADINO (6 months ago)
I saw a UPS Airlines DC-10!!!
RudyMontesFilms (6 months ago)
Can you not play music like this
Tom Skilling (6 months ago)
fucking primitive humans , where is your anti gravity lift???
Tom Skilling (6 months ago)
all aircraft should have sprinklers and parachutes
Symmetrix (7 months ago)
Thats sooo damn sad :(
Awesome Knight (7 months ago)
lol i think all packages is burning lol
factnotfictionpeople (7 months ago)
Sadly, once again learning from experience.....RIP
IFS Experton7 (7 months ago)
This doesn't make any sense. When I looked up ups flight 6 it said it had a fire in the cargo area in the front and then it crashed immediately after take off.
MaardAircraftsSP (7 months ago)
+Advait Unni i think you use a bad source
Allec Joshua Ibay (7 months ago)
Nope. It didn't crash immediately.
Comments (7 months ago)
Looks like the ATCs weren't offering help fast enough on several occasions. May be not experienced enough in dealing with emergencies?
apiece ofdirt (5 months ago)
+Spud machine Numerous people have already mentioned the misspelled word........
Spud machine (6 months ago)
You really need to spell "descent" correctly in your videos. It's misspelled in every single one. So, stop typing 'decent' which means something entirely different, and start typing descent Otherwise love your work.
Allec Joshua Ibay (7 months ago)
ATC was very well experienced in dealing with emergencies. Controller Richard Phillips did his utmost best. Unfortunately, delays with communications (due to the fact that multiple channels had to be used) contributed to the crash.
bill green (7 months ago)
Bad Shit, man.
ResiWorld (7 months ago)
2:20 why did he want to land in dubai???
Muzzie Najjar (3 months ago)
Rezdy Tofan actually Doha is huge I landed there a few months ago and its massive so we don't really know why he chose Dubai
Joseph Ragsdale (7 months ago)
+Rezdy Tofan seems legit
Rezdy Tofan (7 months ago)
+Joseph Ragsdale Doha airport is big is enough for 747
Joseph Ragsdale (7 months ago)
because that airport efficient, giant runways for a 747 and a lot of firefighters
Rezdy Tofan (7 months ago)
I don't know tell Allec.
Tristan Murphy (7 months ago)
Do Lauda Air 004.
Slave Of Christ (7 months ago)
I never understood why they didn't give passengers a parachute
JadonJJ16 (4 months ago)
Slave Of Christ the wind pressure would be to fast and you would most likely get sucked into the engine
Maxeriel (7 months ago)
I like your videos Allec, but a little correction mate...when an aircraft goes down it's descent or descend, not decent. Aircraft have no sense of decency, but they do go up or down, so they ascend or descend! Hope this helps!
apiece ofdirt (5 months ago)
There's always someone ready to correct others......
Cindy Barry (6 months ago)
I've been dying to correct a lot of the grammar and spelling in his videos but I didn't want to seem like a know it all. :D
Slave Of Christ (7 months ago)
Khamal muhtar (7 months ago)
Please Add Mid air collision Bashkirian Airlines 2963 Vs DHL 611 TU 154 Vs B757
adee mouhanna (7 months ago)
you putting the video in animation into aircrash investigation
AAC (7 months ago)
Can you do the first plane crash of Fly Dubai in Russia?
Cahyyam Bergkotte (7 months ago)
Why do all those safety features come AFTER some people have died?
HeHoZy (8 months ago)
The worst thing about this flight is that the Lampe went out and the Bell rang.
The Wipits (10 days ago)
Not the time man, not the time.
R4pt0r64 (5 months ago)
holy... x'D
Roni Doria (7 months ago)
not funny
Joseph Ragsdale (7 months ago)
No just.....no
JProductions (7 months ago)
Airplane fan 900.000 (8 months ago)
Do you do commercial Flights A to B?
Airplane fan 900.000 (8 months ago)
I love the 747-400
Richard Edwards (8 months ago)
Is there nothing available to suck all the smoke out of their cockpit?
DatGamerOnYoutube (8 months ago)
Well someone isn't getting their package.
banjomalc1 (8 months ago)
does that mean you don't accept my apology
banjomalc1 (8 months ago)
i don't want to argue lets be friends. i had a few beers when I wrote that i apologies plus.my banjo won't fit regards malcolm
gilberto guedes (8 months ago)
why the cargo-planes have not parachutes?
Lim Ming Quan (3 months ago)
And to add on, who knows where the aircraft is gonna crash land at? What if it's a populated area?
Poptropica player 123 (5 months ago)
That would be great but here're the problems 1. The outside pressure would make it hard to open doors 2. Even if you did, you would be killed by the jet engines 3. Even if you went to the back, you would be too fast to jump
Gabriel Cox (6 months ago)
I had exactly the same thought, the cost would be negligible, not like on passenger aircraft.
catothewiser (7 months ago)
Good luck getting out of the plane at that speed.
sillyone52062 (8 months ago)
Damned shame. They did all that they could.
Theairplanedrawer 52tv cool (8 months ago)
Can You Do Air France Flight 358?
ThePilotMaster CVR&FDR/AircraftSightings (3 months ago)
He did one.
LosRioDelMar (8 months ago)
I noticed Motorola hid that fact well regarding the lithium batteries.
Batfleck Forever (8 months ago)
Have you thought about doing flight 587?
RandomAppleGaming (8 months ago)
Is there a reason you use a fairly old flight sim? I don't mind, it's quite good, but still
Edwin gamming1162 (8 months ago)
R.I.P pilots
sam mich (8 months ago)
How come they didn't open their windows.
Balzac T. Bagher (1 month ago)
Mason Mosolowski because they're in the ground and the cabin is not compressed
Mason Mosolowski (2 months ago)
Mason Mosolowski (2 months ago)
Allec Joshua Ibay Then why do I see some pilot open their windows and be able to raise the flaps
Born2Rock (2 months ago)
apiece ofdirt Damn! It must have been a traumatizing experience! Happy that you survived!
Tom (6 months ago)
you could not if you tried, these are not like windows on a car, usually 1" thick, BUT ON A 747 I think its more like 3" thick, try breaking that
Jim Bo (8 months ago)
Couldn't the pilots just open the cockpit window a little to let the smoke out? Don't understand.
Emily Levy (8 months ago)
Where's that package I ordered? ...oh.
Stickblobstudios Books (7 days ago)
Emily Levy
Emily Levy (5 months ago)
+SwegMoose yep! huge vinesauce fan.
SwegMoose (5 months ago)
wtf... YOU WATCH HIM TOO? I see u on vinesauce videos
ndgo (6 months ago)
hehehe no
Joseph Ragsdale (7 months ago)
not funny
Noxygen (8 months ago)
Um, nice landing, kinda... ;-;