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How UPS Works

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In 2005, UPS delivered 3.75 billion packages and letters. That's more than one package for every two people in the entire world.
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Hanliang Liu (19 days ago)
I’m so done with ups
dreamgrl3 (1 month ago)
2019 -Waiting for my new galaxy watch
Dylan Koury (2 months ago)
Anyone here in 2019?
{Kayla} M (3 months ago)
Anyone 2019 : Ugh only me.🙁
Ricky Dupon (3 months ago)
{Kayla} M nah, me too. My teacher always showed this to the new kids every year. It was a running gag.
sarah 20 (4 months ago)
does ups stop updating tracking info when close to the destination cause i ordered matching sweatshirts for me and my best friend and ups hasn't updated since june 21st after getting a departure scan and i ordered them june 17th was my package stolen or lost?
sarah 20 (4 months ago)
@nora lemus i got the stuff now but thanks for trying to help dude :)
nora lemus (4 months ago)
It might be lost if it hasn't shown any other information. You can call and the customer service rep can help you, first you'll talk with a tracking rep, he or she will check the information, UPS has to enter an investigation if the pkg doesn't shows anything else. That's called lost in transit investigation, takes aproximatelly 8 bussiness days to get a resolution because they get in contact with the shipper of the pkg, they check on both sides (shipper and carrier) what the propper resolution is for this case. Sometimes the shipper gets in contact with you but it is on really rare ocations, most likelly you will have to get in contact with the shipper of the pkg to get the information for the investigation. But it take some time to get to talk with a rep, the automatic voice system is not as efficient as we would like so please be a bit patient. And please speak as clear as you can sometimes the rep has a headset that is not on the perfect state that we would like, trust me they want to help you but it is hard sometimes because of the headset that they are given and that they have co-workers that speak with all their lungs capacity. Or You can go on UPS.COM and enter the information of the content of the pkg, price and all the information that the webpage asks you and all the information and the resolution will be emailed to you.
fmg gaming (4 months ago)
The funny thing is. I just ordered something that is coming from UPS and can I say.... they fucking suck
Jared Johnson (5 months ago)
So that big ass warehouse is probably where all my missing packages end up...
Bartek Waw (5 months ago)
how ups work, dont give the package, just throw it
Mike Smith (6 months ago)
You left out or severely diminished a few steps .a package may go through that process at several different smaller hubs .plus their system is flawed the package is recycled until a human loader can catch up with the automated sort. They might get it worked out one day..shippers you need to use more than one piece of tape to secure enclosure of your package da most damages could be avoided thank you
joey cunningham (3 months ago)
Mike Smith this was years ago dog
you mom is gay
Don (8 months ago)
They forgot to mention the 5 foot drops packages go through. Forget how loaders throw the packages, those drops are insane. The conveyor belts show no mercy to the damage it can really do to a package. P.S This massive drop is only applicable to UPS Ground and any other non-air service.
Kris Elmazaj (9 months ago)
I wont be surprised if my 500$ monitor is broken when shipped lol
AyeItsIsabella __ (9 months ago)
Wow... it’s nice to know how thrown around my brand new iPhone XR is getting.
cbkidd (10 months ago)
That should call there self's UPS damage inc, I have shipped so many items that got damaged. I will never use UPS again. FedEx gets 5 stars for Delivering item's undamaged.
Anthony Townsend (10 months ago)
UPS UK. Tracking site says parcel is "in transit" on the way to be delivered, but it hasn't even been collected and scanned yet?
FluffyDuck (10 months ago)
How about Ground service?
Scott Sweeney (11 months ago)
I love UPS
toon123ful (1 year ago)
Yo i ordered an 18 inch dildo online but some black man showed up wtf
toon123ful (1 year ago)
you forgot to put in the part where they break your shit
Brad the impaler (1 year ago)
They better not break my bong
Gamefan PS3 (1 year ago)
Bull shit
Armyan Alam (1 year ago)
I ordered twice off ups, once i didnt ever get the package😮🏢🏪, the other time i had to pay 120 pounds for shipping
Rep0007 (1 year ago)
UPS. The Brown Losers who will lose your package.
Rep0007 (1 year ago)
Typical UPS experience: UPS brings the package. You leave a note, "don't leave at door, please drop off at UPS store". Driver does. Ahole at store sends it back to driver next day. Leave another note. Driver brings it to store again. Store ahole *sends it back to shipper*. This is why UPS are known as "the Brown Losers". #upsbrownlosers
Steven Rubio (1 year ago)
1:54 ups at its finest ...
Samuel Murugi (1 year ago)
nice work down here
/dev/etresevo (1 year ago)
It's incredible how much of a complex delivery empire UPS and Amazon have created. Seriously,WorldPort looks like a real life Wily Castle.
Honeyhead Vlogs (1 year ago)
I’m only watching this because I ordered something and it never came and I’m wondering what their doing to my package
Angie Camellia (10 months ago)
Have you received your package?
sojourn Traveler (1 year ago)
Over simplified / Use ( track your package ) some time and see a much better path about all the in and out this center to that center and on and on, before it gets to your door. Some times like in NY it only goes short distances to go in and out of another center. Makes me wonder beyond the scope of this video for sure.
nessa (1 year ago)
waiting on my Golf Le Fleurs and i never been more anxious LMAO
For Bros (1 year ago)
Mine still says order processed: ready for ups
Vybl08 (10 months ago)
Phillip GoJags (1 year ago)
This is the voice of why doesn’t god heal amputees
MOPARman MOPAR (1 year ago)
Man I've been checking my tracking number every 10min 😂😂
The Ball (3 months ago)
me too I've been waiting for a graphics tablet
JOKES APART (1 year ago)
Fucking liars! The worst courier company,
XmaN OfficaL (1 year ago)
My kiesle 8 string vader is in there 😭welp theres $1,000+ down the drain..
Biracial_ Beauty (1 year ago)
gokinsmen (1 year ago)
3:38 The only known footage of UPS successfully delivering a package.
War Zone (7 months ago)
hmm, that's strange considering that UPS is the only country in the entire world that delivers to almost 200 hundred countries across the entire world and there are only slightly over 200 countries in the world. I mean UPS has over 200 large commercial aircraft that could never deliver more than one package across the planet right? You are a dumb ass piece of shit.
xavier daniels (1 year ago)
That is crazy😂😂
1102 Cuber (1 year ago)
Great to know how "well cared" my new $2,300 computer was.
Daniel R (1 year ago)
Interesting. I’m glad I don’t work for UPS. It looks hectic
Valerie Mckellar (1 year ago)
I paid $44.00 Saturday for overnight delivery, only to find out today my package will not be delivered until tomorrow after 7 pm. Then they had the nerve to tell me my package was picked up today, when I was still standing in the UPS Store when UPS came to pick-up deliveries. I have never been so disappointe. It was after Christmas so what is the problem. Anybody know a good lawyer, I need a good lawyer asap. This so called overnight delivery cost my daughter a good job. I was expre
Bryan Southard (1 year ago)
Valerie Mckellar hey, i work for ups, over night on saturday is spotty because most air hubs dont have ramp work on saturdays!, contact the hub your package went through
RobTapps88 (1 year ago)
Fuck UPS...
slo non (1 year ago)
they send it to USPS the end.. saved you a load o BS and almost 4 minutes of your life.
Anonymous Anonymous (1 year ago)
slo non reported for ignorance and lies
Military History HQ (1 year ago)
I’m delivering a defected airsoft gun and I need to get it back after they inspect it it’s from the company not ups
Boris Kendev (2 years ago)
UPS... I sent my passport with UPS 45 miles away for a visa and they lost it.... Their customer service is virtually useless I will never use them again and I recommend FedEx...
Wayland Coffman (2 years ago)
Talk about getting it done.
Steffers 71914 (2 years ago)
Forgot to add the clip where they chunk all the packages into the back of the truck, no matter the fragility.
OneManArmy (2 years ago)
So this is how my stuff got delayed ! C'mon UPS where is my stuff ?
War Zone (7 months ago)
Don't complain about your stuff not arriving on time...UPS should reply that because their employees are sub-human contractors getting paid slave wages and not being allowed cost of living wages there is no reason to work any harder to allow a reason to make a more reasonable wage...? UPS employees have been giving up the COLA wages for new shitty full time 22.4 jobs that won't work. This new contract was bullshit from the beginning and will always be bullshit. Your stuff doesn't arrive on time because at one point your company leadership decides that benifitting shareholders means that upping your shipping costs is justified by spending less in shipping your packages throughout the year and then destroying it's employees (UPS employees) by shippings way to much bullshit through it's systm for Christmas.
Angie Camellia (10 months ago)
So have you recieved your package now?
wheelie biker49 (2 years ago)
Thanks for telling me how this works
Tenley Lines (2 years ago)
Then why does it take at least seven days for the package to arrive? Cause one Time, mine too a whole week to arrive and it's being brought by ups
BCKingz (2 years ago)
so this is why my laptop isn't here.... instead of seven thousand converter belts it should be eighteen thousand converter belts like really I've order my package on jan 27th and its supposed to be here on 7th like really?? the bad part is i order a package out of country and it got here faster 😑😐
Katriace Swingler (1 year ago)
BCKingz my shit got sent to another city im still waiting on mine's smh
Tony Stark (2 years ago)
Do they sleep or they work 24hr a day?
Ranel Gallardo (1 year ago)
They have workers that work different shifts dumbass
Creep Show (2 years ago)
Packages don't sleep or work.
Endy Rodriguez (2 years ago)
is anybody else watching this so they can do the human mail challenge?
Marquise139 (2 years ago)
do it and you'll die. i know i work for ups
honeybun33 (3 years ago)
this was very simplified. however when i was a driver's helper in 2013 we often made piss cups because there was no bathroom near. and we found piss cups in trucks used by previous drivers. the clip here did not mention that.
Lolo 945 (2 years ago)
Endy Rodriguez You would've probably done the same thing.
honeybun33 (2 years ago)
@Endy Rodriguez you made due. No piss poor excuses tolerated back then.
Endy Rodriguez (2 years ago)
honeybun33 disgusting
Ryu Takeru (3 years ago)
Kinda Dumb Question can i send someone a juicy hotdog fresh off the grill with all the dressings on it via ups or fedex, i've always wanted to and i don't know why.
Emerson de leon (3 years ago)
can a kid sign the thing 2?
Ranel Gallardo (1 year ago)
Seth Treadaway (3 years ago)
I'm 14 and I sign for packages all the time.
The Proud Sun Bro. (3 years ago)
Wow. People are too busy thinking about what the future will look like, when we don't realize that we ARE the future.
Brad the impaler (1 year ago)
No we are the present and always will be
Riding With Ralph (3 years ago)
am I the only one amazed by this
Cyber Tweaks HD (5 months ago)
@Mike Smith lol you're wrong cuz I'm amazed
Mike Smith (6 months ago)
Noosey (3 years ago)
Usernamee101 yeh
Ryu Takeru (3 years ago)
Me Too
Usernamee101 (3 years ago)
+BLKRAF52 No, this is pretty astonishing. I've always wondered how this worked
Crissy Young (3 years ago)
hoping my PS3 wont be damaged this week 😨
Samuel Antonov (1 year ago)
Build a PC.
Anonymous Anonymous (1 year ago)
Jonathan Carpio lol
Jonathan Carpio (3 years ago)
You don't have a ps4?
admit it. you ordered something
SuperCMTR CT (2 months ago)
I ordered a Apple Watch
DJ Electrons (2 months ago)
I ordered very expensive 2 way radios
Envyz (5 months ago)
Mokeyisaprettybird same
Ethan Vue (7 months ago)
My mom ordered me some fishing lures online for my birthday a couple days ago, I'm still waiting for it
Jacob Ruhl (7 months ago)
I order Sony headphones
Jaime Uh (4 years ago)
I'm always misloading packages. The drivers truly hate him.
Joshie Josh (5 years ago)
That looks easy enough just put package label face up And put them on a belt Easy enough
Joshie Josh (4 years ago)
@GamingInSlowMotion haha idk man i dont work there but yea when u say it like that then yea 
GamingInSlowMotion (4 years ago)
@Joshie Josh Right?! Are you that dumb? srly though. Do you think putting 15k packages in a belt not even mentioning weight. Is like doing dead lift for a whole day with different weights.
Jordan White (5 years ago)
Can't wait for my package
Merdoc Avila (5 years ago)
Mann my package could have beem broken
Marquise139 (2 years ago)
i work for ups and i probably was
The Real Lange (5 years ago)
LoL, look at them just throwing giant amounts of packages around like that. Nice to know what my PS4 has been through
Katriace Swingler (1 year ago)
The Real Lange ups aint shit they had got my shit sent to another city i was so mad
Eddie (1 year ago)
To be entirely honest, you know very little of the life of us warehouse workers. You say that, but think about what he said of the "Over 300K from 11-4." 5 Hours for that many packages? Granted, they have a lot of warehouses machine based, but in one like mine and I'm sure others that have workers familiar with what are called "Slides" "Cages" and "Outbounds" know where I'm coming from. The sad truth is we don't choose to throw packages. We're just given significantly little time to do it all in a proper manner. I will admit there are some bad apples, but not all of us are at fault. We have supervisors on us about doing the job in whatever way it works, even if we know it's unethical. Our life is rough. And I, as a loader, can testify to that. But to some supervisors, I don't see it as their fault either, because this problem leads eventually to corporate who doesn't want to pay us. Just the bare minimum time to get the job done.
Fire (2 years ago)
Your PS4 deserved to be tossed like trash cause that's what it is.
Brendan Larsen (2 years ago)
Noel Leon lol
The Real Lange (4 years ago)
@Drake Is God 100%
Kami Sama (5 years ago)
Where the hell is my package? Theres a phone inside it!! Hope it wont get damage
Kelvin •_• (5 months ago)
Oh yh yh
Oh yeah yeah (6 months ago)
@SaRCasm princess Yea I wanna know too
SaRCasm princess (1 year ago)
Kami Sama xox did you get it at the end?
AirsoftBambooStuff (5 years ago)
Takes for ever to get to my house once shipped!!!!!!! So annoying
Daniel Eum (6 years ago)
Busta Nut (6 years ago)
They supposedly left my $900 dollar package of computer parts in the front door. I live in front of an avenue. Needless to say, gotta file a claim now.
Anonymous Anonymous (1 year ago)
Busta Nut lol
bengy465 (6 years ago)
You skipped a whole lot of stuff in that video.
Let's Drive Somewhere (6 years ago)
Not, if they don't pack it right. (And my original post was meant as a joke!) I work at my family's UPS Store!
MauiHeidi (6 years ago)
Aloha, If a customer packs his own package then by and large they are responsible for how it arrives..... all the will receive under the declared value coverage is what the can prove the item is worth. The get no shipping charges....
Let's Drive Somewhere (6 years ago)
This video is to see how UPS works, not to complain about your damaged packages. Packages go through hell and back to get to you. Pack it right and it won't get damaged.
Let's Drive Somewhere (6 years ago)
File a claim, they made the mistake.
Let's Drive Somewhere (6 years ago)
Why spend $3.50 extra when the customer can throw it in a box they found from the dumpster, then complain to you when it gets broken? That makes so much more sense!!!
Christopher Schaefer (6 years ago)
Amen.. PreLoader. Franklin Hub TN.
b brady (6 years ago)
Oh my god I hope newegg Packed my 500 dollars of computer hardware real nice! We will see tomorrow haha
My Name Is Carl (6 years ago)
Usps in my opinion is better, quicker, and a lot cheaper!
Rww (6 years ago)
lets just say, pack it right it will get there right, pack it shit, might aswell skip it
Rww (6 years ago)
not in the uk,now they are called yodel, struggling here nevermind usa
VirajKoth (6 years ago)
oh wrong place....i thought Computer UPS !!
planetrob555 (6 years ago)
I live just 90 (freeway) miles southeast of Louisville. I see tons of both UPS and FedEx planes going over my house in central KY. At that point, they have their landing lights on and in the middle of the night, they look like space ships coming in for a landing. I see 6 or 7 in a row when I look up at night. It's pretty cool.
AspiringChristian (6 years ago)
I just pay extra and have ups box it for me
Joel L (6 years ago)
MauiHeidi (6 years ago)
Aloha, I work for The UPS Store... and this is why we pack sooooo well. 200LB crush weight boxes, lots of bubble wrap and peanuts. Cheap and lousy packing = broken items. Quality packing = unbroken items...
ProSakero (6 years ago)
Jesus Christ 1:55
boinkeddinggy (6 years ago)
Vote NO!
boinkeddinggy (6 years ago)
or Unfair
boinkeddinggy (6 years ago)
Unrealistic Production Standards
Gang Zhang (6 years ago)
Great video for amazing technology driving logistic.
Kevin Vera (6 years ago)
lol the only reason why im watching this video is because im waiting for ma TR jean jacket too ship to ma house , they better be careful with maa shit !
MrPhil0267 (6 years ago)
God bless what you said. All packages need to be packed in a good sturdy box with address labels on both the outside and inside of the package. Pack your items well, use good tape and your package should get to its destination fine. P.S. I work for UPS too. Love the company.
Vaefresh (6 years ago)
Just waiting on my xbox.
PirateKing1256 (6 years ago)
My Audio Technica M50 is there . OMFG.
Demon3611 (7 years ago)
Wow :)
Jasmyn Sharif (7 years ago)
I love lucky yes i do I love Lucky how about you JK cowans New ARt and TAROT Appear
Jasmyn Sharif (7 years ago)
META Rapheal Can you make sur my copy of J K cowans New Art is here tommorroqw? META Queen Rapheal zachariah @kingsofcowan
jstyledipset (7 years ago)
UPS is honestly horrible. They delivered my package to the wrong address, left it on their porch, and someone stole it from them, yay
ernesto456100 (7 years ago)
i just ordered a laptop and knowing these people are going to handle my package worries me. i always thought they were more careful but so far anything ive bought online has come in one piece
ernesto456100 (7 years ago)
1:55 workers ony touch packages twice... slam here toss over there.