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SUBSCRIBE HERE ► https://www.youtube.com/user/mrfoamersimpson?su... FOAMIE & BUCKETS: season 1 episode 181. The Air Jordan 1 "NOT FOR RESALE" or "NO L's" has been selling for way over retail with a crazy amount of hype on them. ARE THEY WORTH IT? Check it out and see for yourself! Thanks for watching as always! Like, Comment, Subscribe and Share! CONNECT WITH FOAMIE ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Snapchat ► https://www.snapchat.com/add/itsfoamie IG ► http://full.sc/1b2RF27 Twitter ► http://full.sc/H8tB5t Facebook ► http://full.sc/H8txms CONNECT WITH BUCKETS ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Snapchat ► https://www.snapchat.com/add/thouartbuckets IG ► http://bit.ly/2pIaGW8
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Text Comments (277)
MeSaDrums (2 days ago)
Lmfao, “General Release” Nike is shoving their cock down our throats while giving us the finger on this one. The irony only goes so far before they’re being dicks.
copper N led (5 days ago)
Why ppl hatin on these
King Reviews (8 days ago)
What u do for a living my man
Matt Grey (10 days ago)
Just curious. And I'm asking Mr. Simpson as well as anyone who cares to answer. Which sneaker would you buy for $1,000? For Homer, I ask in the context of... Trying to imagine a situation where you're just buying sneakers for yourself to enjoy, completely unrelated to this channel. I'm sure you spend some crazy $$ on sneakers to produce this content. If it's not content driven and just for personal use/wear/collection, what's the cap (most you'd spend) and what's the sneaker(s)?
Cheek Snatcher (18 days ago)
The “No photos” means don’t take pictures for resale cause the 1st thing you do when your about to resale a shoe is take pictures (I know someone at jordan brand)
Cheek Snatcher (18 days ago)
The “No photos” means don’t take pictures for resale cause the 1st thing you do when your about to resale a shoe is take pictures (I know someone at jordan brand)
Jason Thamrin (22 days ago)
I double up
ejip84 (30 days ago)
Well thank goodness the 1s don’t crumble. Can’t say the same for all the others
Mixxed King (1 month ago)
We 100% need more yellow jordans, more specifically like this colorway, but not with all that writing
Bjourn Hill (1 month ago)
I got these and they close to that Shadow backboard quality. Top 2 out of the line all leather wise. All that cardboard and crap on those off white ones. Leather never lets you down. Those off whites get heat they turn colors for 1500 to 2000 down the drain
Bjourn Hill (1 month ago)
No off whites here. I keep it authentic with Mr. Airness himself
RandomCass (1 month ago)
Where u be copping from ?
Ed Pedal (1 month ago)
They're all just shoes ffs. Why do we have to listen to others opinions before we form our own. JUST SHOES
sebastian hernandez (1 month ago)
However, I wouldn’t spend resell price on these particular Aj1’s. Most I would ever spend on a pair of shoes that I really love is 500$ but that’s just me.
sebastian hernandez (1 month ago)
I see them more as a collectors item based on their availability, and truth be told, when you have a very limited pair of sneakers, it’s feels great.
Squamp Ly (2 months ago)
Honestly mad corny imagine a non sneakerhead looking at a shoe that says “no photos” and “please crease”. Super pretentious, even if the shoes r worn as intended, which is not what sneaker culture shud be ab imo. Kind of an interesting social experiment by nike tho
dice1331 (2 months ago)
I like collecting shoes but I make sure to wear each one. Don't really get people not wearing them.
Chad Kusiar (3 months ago)
Nice kicks at 160. Anyone paying a grand needs their head examined.
John Cortez (3 months ago)
I’ll trade a union storm blue for these in the vid?
Juan Spence (3 months ago)
38 fire emoji‘s
Matty Ice (3 months ago)
Gatorade 1s are slept on and are going for 100 or so bucks on stock x. Rush violet color-way is great for winter .
Verified Matt (3 months ago)
Mike Medeiros (3 months ago)
I feel like sneakers are becoming more of a trophy instead of footwear
scubawithatuba (3 months ago)
You and Keith Adams have the most under-rated pages yet you guys fucking know so much and are great at what you do. Keep it up!
SirYeaouschAlot (3 months ago)
Where’d you cop cus those have only released in LA so far
Mode (3 months ago)
It's so ironic that everyone will buy them just to resell despite the name lmao...
K Mas (3 months ago)
michael reategui (3 months ago)
Need that Razor Ramon tee
Fuego G (3 months ago)
Where can i pick up some of your hoodies big bro??
jose scroggins (3 months ago)
2018 gotta love it 😫😫😫 Jordan came out mocking us and we still here hyping the shit out of these lmao They are fire but not a $1k sneaker at all,my favorite Jordan's are the 1 I have over 50 pairs but not spending $1k on these.For $300-400 for sure
joseph brodt (3 months ago)
He’s a skinny timthetatman
Philip Firth (3 months ago)
This is the best sneaker I have ever seen in my life. The yellow contrast just pops and the lettering is so on trend. I would spend $5000 on those but no more.
InZaneKicks (3 months ago)
I like the concept behind the shoe but they should have had a greater release volume because like you mentioned it defeats the purpose of what the sneaker is supposed to stand for.
Fisnik Abdyli (3 months ago)
These are absolute garbage. No creativity behind it. There so many better sneaker to get for that price range.
alex konstad (3 months ago)
I wouldn't say poking fun, Nike is straight up trolling.
Ivan M. (3 months ago)
Trash 1s
FOREIGNTREES (3 months ago)
orginaldeals OG (3 months ago)
check original.deals
Ruiz Alonzo (3 months ago)
Kicks 🔥🔥
Chōji Williams (3 months ago)
Pretty sure the price will drop on these lol
nate123450 (3 months ago)
I love Jordan 1s, but Im not feeling these. Way too many statements on the shoe. Wouldve been fine with just "not for resale" on the side or 1 or 2 statements.
Luke Westover (3 months ago)
Bro it was pretty lit i was the 1000th like☺
Josh N (3 months ago)
id spend $40 on those trashcans
Mark k (3 months ago)
from the inside looking in, it's ridiculous sometimes. us sneakerheads are ridiculous alot of the time. That being said. I love the creases on my ones, and the dirty spots on the heals.
danny13947 (3 months ago)
not worth the hype...
Lemnisgate (3 months ago)
Now that I have the red pair in hand, not worth the hype especially at resell prices.
Damien Jeremy Weir (3 months ago)
I just laughed. This is a funny video.
Swagura Mutsuki (3 months ago)
It's a big fuck you to resellers lol
flymin (3 months ago)
The Fomie
Ramon Rodriguez (3 months ago)
I had the red pair and got rid of them cause from the top view they're essentially a black toe J1 and I'd rather wear those instead. I loved the quality of the leather although the toe box felt a little stiff despite the tumbled.
Bin Lee (3 months ago)
Buckets def a better singer
Luis Morales (3 months ago)
Yooooo such a dope shoe too bad I can’t pay that much for them but for those who can please wear your sneakers 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Bang'em Smurf (3 months ago)
$160 plus tax & shipping. Dope but, not worth the outrageous resell.
Dominic_Guns (3 months ago)
I would only pay retail, personally I don’t believe any Jordan 1 is worth a down payment on a car but hey if you have the funds for it enjoy.
Gary (3 months ago)
rick.huften180 huften (3 months ago)
Love the style. I use it to go to work everyday.…At buys9。com
張星馗 (3 months ago)
trash if nike really want those to be not for resell they can just release great amount
littlelosito (3 months ago)
The wording is so cringe if they werent there i doubt the shoe sells out period
Ondrey Lewis (3 months ago)
$160 bro, they will have a bigger release later, dope vid as usual
You Are Beautiful (3 months ago)
Love the vibe you have man
jydveri (3 months ago)
that No Photos str8 up stolen from stolen item, smh not supportin these sneakers.nike always stealing shit..
Anh Nguyen (3 months ago)
Lol corny ass shoes...no resale? They know damn well whats going to happen, it’s like they are trolling these kids
ToastToTheSheeps Skrt (3 months ago)
Should been a kinda of GR
Cao Poz (3 months ago)
Do video about wearing air max 97 for month
CLEAN BLACK (3 months ago)
Spent $600 for the red 🔥
affectionate_chungles (3 months ago)
i love your shirt 💖
Jacob Lira (3 months ago)
Need them!
Juan Herrejon (3 months ago)
Jordan 1’s and 3’s are my favorite, I think they are 🔥 but I wouldn’t spend 1,000$ . The most I ever spent on sneakers were 480$ on the SB 1’s , and I was like what I have I done, so use to paying retail, anyways good videos like always 👍🏼💯
Antwan Frazier (3 months ago)
The writing makes these corny asf
clay pfrangle (3 months ago)
Retail at best.
Depnialex Pakpahan (3 months ago)
Again, Air Jordan 1 "Reverse psychology" colorway
bryan m (3 months ago)
colorway is 🔥 hate all the writing on them, wouldn't pay anything more than retail for these. asics, new balance, diadora and sonra (certain colorways of course) are the only companies I would drop a few hundreds for, tops.
rick.huften180 huften (3 months ago)
Love the style. I use it to go to work everyday.…At buys9。com
albert kosis (3 months ago)
i got made fun of for creasing my shoes
Thomas money (3 months ago)
Personally 200$
marques ingram (3 months ago)
Stock X has these for 787 in my size but no way I'm paying more than 250.
ReefTankTV (3 months ago)
Take all the off-white rip off lettering and lame jokes off of it, give it a yellow toe and it would have been one of the best jordans of the year.
DUMPTRUCK 77 (3 months ago)
Foam do you do reviews other than jordans and Adidas and nikes?, id like to see reviews on wallabees, Timberlands, greats, i like sneakers to im just saying it would be cool to mix it up a bit
Jay_ Ridah90020 (3 months ago)
It’ just looks too Off-Whitish vibe
Got the SAUCE (3 months ago)
KUGE RANGER (3 months ago)
How soft leather is?! Like a baby butt
jaime carrera silva (3 months ago)
You @mrfoamersimpson i recently watched the top 5 jordan 1 video from like 1 or2 years ago... i would love to see an update of that given to the amount of jordan 1s thathave release since then... Peace out ✌
Juan (3 months ago)
The colorway is nice I don’t really care for all the writing on it and I definitely wouldn’t pay $1000 for these maybe $300
SanFranFan30 (3 months ago)
Nike played themselves
Kel Kel (3 months ago)
The shoe is dope‼️ outside of the hype but 1000 is ridiculous even tho I kan afford it. I would only spend 350 on any shoe inkluding dress shoes too.
Laurenze G (3 months ago)
it just looks so corny with all that “no photos” and “wear me”. pass
cookmania (3 months ago)
Double Retail is my personal max
Neighborhood Worm (3 months ago)
Is soup worth the hype?
zeitgeist (3 months ago)
I got the red pair for retail. Would never spend 1k on any shoe tbh
avi6 (3 months ago)
What the hell is the big buzz? B&W jordan 1 with hints of yellow / red , that regardles nobody will see if yoy wearing your denim . Stupidity.
David M (3 months ago)
Preeeeeech!!!! Way too many shoes sitting in boxes like vampires allergic to the SUN ☀️
Dadasha (3 months ago)
Too busy and trashy!
Pedro Barragan (3 months ago)
If I could I would get them at retail
julio ayala (3 months ago)
Leon Reilly (3 months ago)
You boys singing RHCP made me happy
New Yorker By Imagination (3 months ago)
you're the unbox therapy of sneakers 👍👍👍 great channel
Eric K. (3 months ago)
unbox therapy is an idiot and a shill. don't insult him like that
beast mode muscle (3 months ago)
Travon Mcloed (3 months ago)
What you know about the red hot chilli peppers
Nicholas Spinarelli (3 months ago)
This one is a pass for me, hype and resale aside. I’m ok with most of the writing on the shoe, but I really don’t like the “no photos” on the heel.
mikeysyke (3 months ago)
Real talk, unless your a celebrity or have silly money, who is paying $1000+ for these??