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Live Steam Accucraft Gauge 1 Daylight Express

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A live steam Gauge 1 Accucraft Daylight Express shows its paces on the newly refurbished White Horse Railway in winter sunshine. Lots of steam and action!
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Sarswati Thapa (56 minutes ago)
😚😚😚😚 cool and powerful train toy
jaaasgoed (14 hours ago)
"His master's engine" props for that reference. Really nice setup you have there.
dr nakos53 (1 day ago)
SuperGiulio (1 day ago)
congratulations!!!!! the dog is beautiful and very nice
Tino Nguyen (2 days ago)
look so beautiful !!!!!
quaz imodo (2 days ago)
Nice train set ! But where is this place ? Doesn't look like USA. The housing looks more like somewhere in England. Amirite ?
Санчир Горяев (2 days ago)
Дедушке делать нечего?!
from Clark (3 days ago)
I rode on the actual daylight 4449 almost every time it was brought down the coast from Portland. About the only trip i wasn’t able to go on was when Disney used it for advertising of the movie “Tough guys” .On the Daylights first run, it set a ton of records for a train! Fastest train between S.F. And L.A. most passengers, most meals served on board a train and a lot more i cant recall at the moment,!! Many years later in 1955 when the Diesels were taking the place of steam, the two trains passed by each other in San Luis Obispo by the world famous “Horse shoe Curve” just north on the Daylights last run. On the 1984 Louisiana exposition Daylight special trip, i met Rogers Whitaker who was an editor of the New Yorker Magazine and is called the “Worlds Greatest Train Buff” having ridden 2.7 million miles by rail during his lifetime! A jolly hospitable man who seemed to enjoy meeting people, EVEN my young niece and Nephew who I got photos of him with! The Daylight IS the most beautiful train in the world!! Then and now......
gibsondrummer (3 days ago)
Beautiful model railroad
Jim Anderson (5 days ago)
I love the whole property
Coolxv Douglass (5 days ago)
I would kill to own all that
Coolxv Douglass (5 days ago)
I bet it cost a bit
DANEBLUEGNOME (5 days ago)
Wow... That's awesome this steam train it is. What expect of that real train!!! 😎
Майя Байзакова (5 days ago)
И самолеты , вертолеты , грузовые автомобили и многое другое как настоящие все супер!!!! ВОООО !!!!!
Майя Байзакова (5 days ago)
Здравствуйте!!!!! Как настоящий поезд!!!! Супер!!!! Спасибо за видео!!! ))))))))
Priyesh Das (6 days ago)
What about the horn??
Linc F (7 days ago)
My favorite train
nitinpost (7 days ago)
Absolutely beautiful. Would love to see this in person!! Congratulations for the efforts
EGaming ShezZy ji (8 days ago)
EGaming ShezZy ji (8 days ago)
Great worl
Володя Тихонов (8 days ago)
Яйца седые, а всё хернёй страдают
CHUUMPASS (11 days ago)
reminds me of the "Gold Coast Flyer" Archie & Harry (Kirk Douglas & Burt Lancaster) 1986 Hollywood Movie Tough Guys.
J M (11 days ago)
5:48 It's like you're riding in the carriages behind 😂😂
SnowTiger45 (13 days ago)
Watching him trying to light that engine .... I was just waiting for a POOF. It reminds me of a joke. A guy is learning how to parachute and going for his first jump ever. He jumps out of the plane and starts to enjoy the free fall. But when the time comes to pull the rip cord, he pulls it and nothing happens. Now he's dropping like a stone and frantically pulling on the chute cord with no success. As he's falling, another guy is actually flying upwards. As they pass each other, the parachutist asks "Hey, do you know anything about Parachutes" ? and the guy flying up past him replies "Nope. You know anything about lighting gas barbecues" ? HAHAHAHAHAHA LOL
MRF from ZH (14 days ago)
Mutt is the best! ;-)
شہہامہہ آلہيہاسہمہيہنہ (15 days ago)
اكو عرب بالقناة 😂طج لايك لنعرف كم واحد
شہہامہہ آلہيہاسہمہيہنہ (15 days ago)
اكو عرب بالقناة 😂طج لايك لنعرف كم واحد
gary gullikson (16 days ago)
Reminds me of dodging oncoming Hiawthas in Milwaukee whilst looking for unburned flares amongst a lot of parallel tracks. Dumb kids!!
Taylor Alleyne (16 days ago)
Darryl James (16 days ago)
The _Accucraft_ line is just impeccable. Too rich for my blood - I'll watch you play with yours.
KCJ 51 (17 days ago)
The Original full scale engine and train, S P #4449 is Berthed in Portland, Oregon USA. I was able to get a ticket for the Puget Sound Excursion pull. On May 18 & 19, 2007, Union Pacific Engine, No. 844 appeared with Southern Pacific 4449 for the "Puget Sound Excursion", a round trip from Tacoma to Everett, WA and Back on BNSF Railway tracks in Puget Sound going thru Seattle WA during the day on a Saturday & Sunday. Wow, did the People turn out, and some got incredable videos of the train on the Waterfront from Ballard to Everett! They should be on YouTube? I got some great video back in 2007 on board leaning out from a vestable, the Dome Car Windows not so clear! They use UP CARS for that train I believe? Both Engines were paired in the pull and they switched positions for lead in Everett. The UP 844 is based in Cheyenne, WY with the newly restored #4014, a 4-8-8-4! (VIDEOS on YouTube of this summer's major Plains States Trips and 150 Annv of the Great Continental Railroad Celebration too at Promontory Point! The 4014 is the largest and only operating Big Boy Engine in the World Now! So in 2007, we only got permission to board & get out at the originating departure point in the Fife/Tacoma Rail Yards for pictures. I have but can't post a pic of the SP 4449 On Point arrving back at the Station.. Disappointing not to see the switch take place and film it. That was a great run! My dad enjoyed my digital8 videos... the only copy I transferre to VHS for him, but I haven't posted due to a faulty Servo Head switcher soon after, that goes back and forth 1000's of times a second to switch recording/play heads recording the signal on tape from my Sony DT-830?. Expensive piece of equipment....then the camera was stolen in 2009, before I got to fix it, for drug money I suppose, from my house, and a couple of family genealogy D8 Tapes, not transfered to computer/dvd yet. That will teach yah!. Love those damn people! Shoot your videos, download as fast as possible, and for God's sake, back them up. My stuff is gone.
Rapheal Francis (17 days ago)
Sayan Chowdhury (18 days ago)
Loved it. Built a Meccano train recently. In case if you are interested https://youtu.be/bZvxi7ElNFM
Cola Gaming (18 days ago)
top 10 trains 2019 high speed operating watch this https://smoner.com/mgfW
DADDY CLAYTON GT6 (18 days ago)
Grand Fa... You two is the best !!!! Fun like a kid grounded !!! AWESOME !!!! AWESOME AWESOME !!!!
Fred Flintstone (19 days ago)
1:24 I was wondering what that rectangular slot was for.
Zeo Geogami (19 days ago)
You look familiar. Ever driven a locomotive with the numbers 777
John Willier (19 days ago)
I love the dog...
oreo máster (19 days ago)
Soy el único que habla español
Dave Snyder (19 days ago)
663 thumbs down, you people are totally out of your minds. this is awesome.  what the hell didn't you like. God man this layout is awesome. sheeeeesh.
Padmavathi Palanivel Murugan (19 days ago)
What is a cost of this train
Shaik Mastan vali (20 days ago)
Excellent work 👍👍
K T (20 days ago)
so funny
James Joseph (20 days ago)
I wonder if the power to weight is to scale?
Станислав Маркар (20 days ago)
Thomas Patermann (20 days ago)
Is this Paint Scheme available for Model Trains like N Gauge or H0 Gauge ?
Apollo Smile (21 days ago)
@ 6:42 :Mutt the dog! @ 6:46 :Butt The Man!
Laurie Harper (21 days ago)
Beautiful. Would love to see a model of Norfolk & Western 611.
Demetrius Middleton (21 days ago)
What if the yard in the middle was a pool with model ships in an aircraft carrier, and an RC plane came and landed, while a RC blimp was flying overhead!
Michael McCarville (21 days ago)
I want to add Gauge 1 to my channel and backyard! Amazing! Subscribe https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ5hQbEZ3p1gc-yB2k6MAcg
Trains, Boats, Planes (22 days ago)
Great video. I've subscribed to your channel and would appreciate same. Thank you.
Tobias Maierhofer (22 days ago)
I hate it
Ravindra Singh Nathawat (24 days ago)
How to get this ?
Patrick Parreño (26 days ago)
5:00 Imagine you're at the wall of Shinganshina, riding on a train then a titan walking towards the vehicle planning to attack
Apollo Smile (21 days ago)
lol True!
Piotr Tester (26 days ago)
ujjal layek (26 days ago)
The dog is too excited 😊 😜
Akhilesh Panutula (26 days ago)
I want this😊😊
Lynette Kassis (27 days ago)
Iove hmmmm mi
Jhonatan Magaña (28 days ago)
Donde lo venden
john samuel (28 days ago)
The dog and train are adorable
TheYanotin (28 days ago)
ни за что ни про что обозвали пса. только из-за этого не поставлю лайк.
Parag Hule (29 days ago)
This train is non stop train from London to Scotland ,so who wants ticket ?????
Parag Hule (29 days ago)
Kooo koooo ride on the board , chu chu chu train ,
Parag Hule (29 days ago)
That dooggy was also so excited like me to see this toy steam train play ,
Joop Bielderman (29 days ago)
Nice . Very good filming to .
i_am_ khan (1 month ago)
Fantastic 👍
Aryo CountryBoy (1 month ago)
Use aroma therapy liquid...
John Norris (1 month ago)
Well done sir looks brilliant very nice train
Lynette Kassis (27 days ago)
Bnnjkk no
Juho K (1 month ago)
I was expecting a bunch of small robbers on small horses ride along and stop the train.
D Barton (1 month ago)
Awesome video. Thanks for sharing. I have train envy !!!
Juggle One (1 month ago)
Love ´bonjour de France magnifique 🙏💙🇫🇷
Allen Black (1 month ago)
You sell these?
Greer Hunter (1 month ago)
Loving that custom film direction. Beauty she is.
Prakhar Srivastava (1 month ago)
How to buy tracks in INDIA
PewDiePie L O V E R S (1 month ago)
Great videographer ❤👍
PewDiePie L O V E R S (1 month ago)
Train lovers hit a like 👍
Sasha Jumamyradow (1 month ago)
ᄋᄋ (1 month ago)
Wow! that's pretty nice.
Alex El chevere (1 month ago)
No se como.llegue hasta aquí pero me gustó lo que vi.... saludos desde Perú! un suscriptor mas
rick p (1 month ago)
I love YouTube. This stuff is simply magnificent.
Subinoy 11 (1 month ago)
One ticket plz😍😍😍
André Luiz Pereira da Silva (1 month ago)
This dog is so amazing!!!! ❤️🐕
-GoW_Felipe-_- [BS] (1 month ago)
Cute dog you have man 😀😀😀
Arup M (1 month ago)
Nice toy
Ernest Szczepaniak (1 month ago)
Where did buy this train?
ANDIKA CHANNEL imoet (1 month ago)
ILIKE YOUR..miniature train,,beatifull
balaji hustler (1 month ago)
Man Childs lol
Rodi Skin care Electric (1 month ago)
Amazing video😄
Zzbb Xnxnx (1 month ago)
sanjana sajjanshetty (1 month ago)
Aneta Johnson (1 month ago)
Great passenger train! It looks to be the size of Lionel, ")"o" guage, but this has a double track, not a triple! Is it a bigger guage?
Accucraft UK (14 days ago)
Yes this is Gauge 1 scale 1:32
Satyanarayanmurti Katta (1 month ago)
Fantastic. Big Boys childhood toys. Great
Ramesh Poojary (1 month ago)
Canal do Fernando (1 month ago)
Saudações do Brasil, também tenho um canal e convido a todos a ver os meus vídeos abraços.
。るー (1 month ago)
Good video !! めっちゃかっこええー(о´∀`о)
Валерий Мишин (1 month ago)
Поезд слишком новый. Состарить его надо. Не похож на реальный.
謙わなべ (1 month ago)
野球ファン (1 month ago)
Ali Yousha (1 month ago)
Wow What a train
Nikos Planoudis (1 month ago)
I became 10 years old watching this video ,thank you!
Gianni Pescatore (1 month ago)
Great!!! Compliments !!! Magnificent Daylight Express!!! Sooner or later I will buy it in N scale!!!