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TOTAL IDIOTS AT WORK! Forklift Fails 2017

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Text Comments (650)
Wesley McJunkin (30 minutes ago)
I just love the guys laugh at 1:01mark!! Lol!! 12-9-2018
Michael Roberson (4 hours ago)
I drove a Hilo over 15yrs more than 5yrs ago. Some of these incidents were the way materials were packaged, and some of these drivers should’ve never been allowed to operate mobile equipment! Common sense plays a big part in this job as well as driver ability. If you’re lacking in either area, stay away from mobile equipment for everyone’s safety!
Jcurvs99 (14 hours ago)
Never ever assume that a forklift driver knows what he is doing or is paying attention. And never turn your back on one.
Ricky Sharpe (17 hours ago)
1:54 He told the stupid mother duckers
François Dion (19 hours ago)
You just can't fix stupid.
Rich P (1 day ago)
Bunch of fucking degenerates
Majik_58 (1 day ago)
Wow this beyond Stupid using a forklift lift another forklift in my 10 yrs of operating a forklift iv never see this before
A Wily Wolf (2 days ago)
I have driven different types on and off for several years. Never any major accidents, but best fun was had on overtime weekends when there was just 2 factory operators on 2 lines, 1 technician, and me on the forklift. I would drive the non-speed limited model breakneck around the parking lot smashing into cages, stillages, drums, bins, etc. Nothing more satisfying than careening the forks at full tilt into a nicely wrapped pallet of stock. Used to smoke a joint beforehand too, and was laughing like a maniac as I tore up the warehouse raceway. Oh, those were the days, lol.
Music Power (2 days ago)
I dropped a wall full of truck leaf springs using a fork lift a while back. I thought my boss would be furious. He walks over and says, "anybody get hurt?" I said, "no" and he just walked away as if I had just dropped a clip board or something.
Jason Sapp (2 days ago)
This video should be called "towmotor drivers whose mom's should have swallowed."
El Padre con Verga Larga (4 hours ago)
Or took it in the ass
Jerry Whitlow (2 days ago)
1:31 the worlds largest push mower.
Corey Roberson (2 days ago)
Jason Danick (2 days ago)
This video made me feel like a PRO. some people just have no common sense.
Stephanie Keever (2 days ago)
None of these dip shits tilt up after they grab the pallet
Chigim o (3 days ago)
im pregnant, should i be watching?
Red Forman (3 days ago)
Why are these not shrink wrapped?
overcast201 (4 days ago)
They can do this shit but i cant even bump a pallet without my supervisor screaming at me "SAFETY!!!" well atleast my feet and hands are still intact
Joe Jow (4 days ago)
Now that's comedy...
Bee Rich (4 days ago)
Pallets not worth a damn and most of these drivers are operating with no type of training
Alex Ventura-Pski (5 days ago)
Shitty pallets
anthony chacon (6 days ago)
Notice how most of this happens in the U.S ... no wonder companies go overseas cheaper and smarter people 😋
Monster Mash (7 days ago)
Some are bad pallets, some are way to heavy, and some forklift forks isn’t under the pallet completely
Sean McCoy (7 days ago)
I am curious ... why is that guy at 2:20 or so backing into the trailer in any case? Maybe if you didn't have a vending machine chilling on your dock you've have room to turn around or whatever. That one gave me the most cringe, too; I used to work with a lady who was unloading once when the driver decided to pull away. Her forks ended up 4 inches into the blacktop. Messed her leg and back up; after 6 months or so on light duty she had to find a different line of work
Netherwolf6100 (9 days ago)
I'm glad no one died in these clips
David Perez (9 days ago)
Man this brings back so many memories from night shift
Mckever Lewis (10 days ago)
Just ease your forks down so that you can balance the forklift, directed at the thumbnail.
Flor.R.R Romina (10 days ago)
Eso q estan varios .tan mogos son
Joshua Carvajal (10 days ago)
Any profession in LifE isn’t a master before being a student...😂🤣 Crawl before walking, & learn Life before the media trend brain washes ur 3rd eye birth 2 shift everything! 👌🏻🤫
Kevin Zachary (10 days ago)
"Where do you want it?" "Just drop it anywhere!"...
Carr Rexx (11 days ago)
Hey Boss, 'bout that raise?
Gman nubs (11 days ago)
YUP. Yer all hired
Graham Armitage (11 days ago)
The need to watch Forklift Klaus.
Jack (12 days ago)
loader falls off a dock on a 5-10 ton machine camera woman proceeds to laugh please kill that bitch
Juan Masa (12 days ago)
Forklifts aren't an Easy machine to Operate u have to get the correct training to start with the rest you could pick it up as time progresses ability manouvers skills in deph 3point turn ratios etc who knows will understand what I am talking about
Juan Masa (12 days ago)
Anyone could drive a forklift but can they operate it correctly tho ask me I'm 10yrs experienced Osha cert but never have gotten in to an accident thankfully these people didn't get proper training nor certification awful
Sean L (13 days ago)
Safety 1st
Rusty Bailey (15 days ago)
Pack of stupid fucking oxygen theifs
Steven Harris (16 days ago)
Is this wellingboro Northants
Demon Xd (17 days ago)
Co za debile. Uprawnienia w czipsach wygrali. Jak można wózkiem podnieść kontener promowy dodając gwałtowny skręt itd:
Jack Middleton (17 days ago)
6:01 full blown retard?
Dre _ (17 days ago)
What the name of the song at the end of the video
Gabe Carroll (18 days ago)
Somebody should yell “timber” next time
WK WL (18 days ago)
Smart but don't Act Smart !!
Silver Taker (21 days ago)
This is also whats happens with right to work laws. Bad judgment and no training
danik123456cz (21 days ago)
Jeremy Burke (21 days ago)
How the fuck did any of these people get their license?? None of them obviously know anything about physics
Andrew Barley (22 days ago)
As a rule, you don't laugh and make fun of your fellow forklift buddy who just messed up, cos it's just a matter of time before you also mess up...;-)
Andrew Barley (22 days ago)
Any you guys familiar with forklift/reach truck/Ride on's which are fitted with the personalized ID tag system. The tag is intergraded into the system driven warehouse setup, its registers any impacts you, unfortunately, may have during your shift, a major impact stops the forklift dead in its tracks forcing you to report the incident to your supervisor who in turn is going to ask a shit load of questions before he uses the override tag. The only problem with this system is if the sensors are set too sensitive on the lift you are using at the time, the system will record even minor impacts with a bleep on the lift when riding over a piece of broken pallet etc then be prepared to be summed to the supervisors/managers office to explain your 10 plus impacts on your late shift because it's all recorded on the SAP system.
Вячеслав Семерников (22 days ago)
Кто-нибудь объяснит почему долбаебы за кадром смеются?
Methen (23 days ago)
Why did that idiot keep saying SHIT SHIT SHIT was he taking a dump or something?
Sean Bettison (23 days ago)
In a sense it is the operators fault but in another it's the people who packed these pallets thinking it's a safe load to carry
Luck Benny Toussaint (25 days ago)
m nan djabb wi ti malere ou domi trop ...
Filthyfin (1 month ago)
Fucking idiots
CrazyJayBe (1 month ago)
ARNWRKR (1 month ago)
Your fired !
wfdix1 (1 month ago)
Physics never sleeps
SoManyNamesIllTryThis01 (1 month ago)
Some of these incidents could have been avoided if proper training and knowledge of the forklifts weight capacity was enforced.
Buck Johnson (1 month ago)
Most of the drivers in the video would use a rock for a hammer rather than go to their tool box to get the correct tool and use it properly.
Michael Dixon (1 month ago)
Why us nobody talking about this laugh at 0:57
CANALI Rodriguez (1 month ago)
5:09 the employees are just watching and a customer walks by. Ha
Lu Kago (1 month ago)
That old black guy voice: You cant pull it out like dat!! Rotfl
Plougher 85 (1 month ago)
Accidents don't just happen they are caused. Unfortunately most of the time its operator error, doing things too fast, being selfish cowboy. Also lack of proper training, inadequate supervision and management, ground and workplace conditions.
Spring0ni0n (1 month ago)
2:18 where are units keys?
Guido Weegels (1 month ago)
Ihr seit zu zum.loch in den Schnee pissen zu blöd
Anthony Fernandez (1 month ago)
I'd say some of these are caused by garbage pallets but some of these drivers.. no common sense.. tilted down the entire time, not going into the pallet all the way, taking a little less at a time.. idiots.
Omar Preciado (1 month ago)
I wonder if all those operators got fired
Brelok Brelokowski (1 month ago)
Who the hell.. Lift forklift by a forklift?!
mike mccauley (1 month ago)
Some fine work
BoB Bi (1 month ago)
jaki debil każde tak wysoko układać te palety , jak już to duże przerwy i półki z grubej stali , tak samo i palety tylko EUR ,
cock putin (1 month ago)
I'm a forklift and reachtruck driver,I have never ever seen such a stupid inbred brain-dead low IQ idiots before...these idiots must be executed before they actually kill someone.braindead scum,if the pallet is fucked,why the fuck u stacking it, leave it on the ground
Victor Diaz (2 months ago)
Luckily I know how to use a forklift properly and safely. Since part of my job at the end of the day is pulling pallets of wine off the 3rd racks knowing those bottles are $500 and up. I can’t afford no mistake.
Alan Crocker (2 months ago)
rofl at 1:44 "you can't pull it out like that!"
twigstudios (2 months ago)
I drove forklifts for years with numerous companies and I saw a coworker lose a foot in a forklift accident...these things aren't anything to play with...
Michael Sparrow (2 months ago)
Nice job num nuts. Go smoke some more weed
conan boyle (2 months ago)
Tilt up, use a spotter, go slowly. If it doesn't feel safe don't do it!!!!
Dsdcain (2 months ago)
1:17 You'd think a company with the name Palletways would be better able to handle pallets.
Станислав Ушаков (2 months ago)
вы все пиндосы
McVicious (2 months ago)
Dude at 1:10 got PAID!!!
George P (2 months ago)
Your Fired!!
R S (3 months ago)
I wouldn't call an idiot...id say someone who sees the images of you enjoying your life living it up. While I'm the only one who's struggling whole you profit and spend it
Winston Carter (3 months ago)
Lifting another forklift with a larger forklift... brilliant.
Aaron Hickerson (3 months ago)
That last one I think is bud light, anyone want a beer party?
疾風のゲハ (3 months ago)
I do not understand the forklift at all. In Japan you can not ride a lifter without a forklift license. Only accidents not possible in Japan.
Scallie (1 month ago)
In USA it varies by company, which is EXTREMELY stupid. I was certified on a general warehouse forklift, cherry picker, and telescopic lift. I've only ever driven the telescopic one lmfao, the guys who trained me didnt give a fuck and certified me on the others =|
Ricardo Williams (3 months ago)
Forklift Certified My Ass
Minute Books (3 months ago)
Some of these mishaps look expensive.
Adrian (3 months ago)
5:00 This video pissed me off. People watching you increases your stress level when operating a forklift, making you more prone to mistakes. Where's the floor manager telling those morons to get back to work? Also I would love to punch that guy who clapped after the incident. Like he would have done a better job...
res08hao (3 months ago)
In any factory, the dumbest, most incompetent loser is the forklift driver. Most cannot read, none will amount to anything but forklifts. Smart factories automate the forklifts. Get rid of the high school dropouts.
Andrew Robertson (3 months ago)
Rating plates are for pussies!
Wayne Oneal (3 months ago)
1:12..if the load didnt kill me..im killing the mf that hit my load and caused it to crush me!!!
Adam h (3 months ago)
Erik Nelson (3 months ago)
1.Tilt before you lift. (one inch of tilt at the ground is a foot or TWO of tilt with the mast extended) 2.Stack pallets like you're getting paid to do it. 3.If things look sketchy, STOP MOVING. Evaluate the situation with a second opinion, then proceed.
Jo Fast (3 months ago)
Most of these people are just hauling ass if they would slow down half these accidents would probably be avoided
Neguse Negest (3 months ago)
Haha, im a good forklift driver but i can understand the dudes in the video. Some of them suck but its all a learning experience. Ive toppled over some unstable unwrapped skids full of candies in flimsy little baskets a couple if times when i first started, the company is so stupid not ordering the workers to wrap the damn skids. It takes a lot of skill to move those tall heavy unstable skids on the very top shelves. Dont be greedy and stay calm and focused. One wrong move and you can topple everything down.
Big Whane (3 months ago)
6:31 let the bud light flow dilly dilly
Miguel Blais (3 months ago)
Why do people insist on turning when their masts are all the way up?
Serravallian (3 months ago)
As a forklift driver, I cringed like crazy after seeing these rookie mistakes and the poor quality of the pallets being handled. Glad I only handle wooden pallets and rims at my job.
Ian Hollis (3 months ago)
Gravity will *always* win!
Jay Best (3 months ago)
People are so fucken stupid on Forklifts I teach forklift training and everything and done all the machines from the heavy heavy construction forklifts to cherry pickers order selectors and everything if I saw this happening I would fire their asses that's not funny if they're all laughing I would fire the whole crew who was involved as bullshits you don't fucken do stupid ship like that
graybeardproductions (3 months ago)
Buddy I never wrecked up my forklift like that and I’m a friggn’ idiot!
kuban mangos (3 months ago)
THE 1ST ONE !!!!