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TOTAL IDIOTS AT WORK! Forklift Fails 2017

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Text Comments (329)
Chris Finke (8 hours ago)
I was loading a truck today, third pallet in, the mast on my truck caught the pull strap on the trailer door and ripped part of the door off... Fml...
Lazy Creepypasta (19 hours ago)
I wonder how many of these people got fired lol
DannyGreenKP (1 day ago)
"You can't pull it out like that" @1:49 That's what she said 😂😂
chukky1124 (2 days ago)
seriously im a forklift driver fulltime job and how can people fuck up this bad .... if you see you cant do it or trouble with it ... dont do it, Btw the people trying to lift massive loads on the pallet but the machine barely has any footing .. are just retarded...
Raul Vlad (3 days ago)
Ihr erzählt nur scheiße. Ihr habt keine Ahnung, was stapler Fahrer ist, aber lachen 😂 könnt ihr😤. En aller erste seite, wen die Palette an arsch ist, dann kanst du der beste stapler fahre sein, weil die Ware würt e sowieso kaput gehen. Wen du nicht komisioniren kannst, und du die Ware nicht gut baust, bezüglich nicht gut entwickelt, dann muss der scheiß Staplerfahrer einen Unfall bauen. Und dann lachen aller schön🤫🤫🤫
HIKKUPZ (4 days ago)
they began doing drug testing in australia for forklift jobs---i dare say near 100% of these fuck ups were by sober people......drugs are not to blame foolishness or inexperience is to blame i saw all my sober coworkers do things similar to this video all whilst not on drugs.
And I'll bet these guys were getting paid $20 or more an hour! Up until 2011 I was a forklift driver and a damn good one. People talk about wanting $15 an hour to flip burgers and I was getting paid $11 an hour in 2011 to be a forklift driver and an order puller and a lifter and a carrier, you name it! I had worked at that place for 7 years and started at $10 an hour.
Omar Rodriguez (6 days ago)
Last video!! All that bud light gone !! So sad 😭!!
Thor The Northern (6 days ago)
Retardo Dumbez and Retardo Stupidez at "work" Dumb mexicans!
MrSardine23 (8 days ago)
This is why we have high risk work licences to drive a fork.
Ian Smith (10 days ago)
Most of this is a result of operators not realizing that a fully extended mast is only good for one thing.
Constitutional American (11 days ago)
Guy laughing @ 1:00 is so contagious and awesome.
Chris Goulet (12 days ago)
5:26 just keep going like nothing happened
R O M C H O M P A (16 days ago)
Jakob Frandsen (17 days ago)
In 2015 the windscreen broke in a million pieces in the forklift, I was sitting in. Luckily no colleagues were present at the time. And my boss did not make any fuss about it.
Hardon Cowboy (20 days ago)
This is me at work. Me and my boys can fork some lifts up.
Grinder-one (23 days ago)
As others have stated, a lot of these are due to cheap pallets, double sided pallets should be the industry standard. The clip where the truck rolls backwards with his forks landing in the road, the first thing he should have done is, lower his forks, that would have prevented the roll over.
sceeZ er (24 days ago)
some of these arent "bad driving" so much as wrong equipment for what you're trying to do. the 2nd clip for example. theres no way in hell that would have ever worked with forks that short on a pallet that long. it was always gonna tip over unless she used longer forks. also wtf are the shitty pallets in most of these clips? thin pieces of wood that seems to just fall apart if you arent all the way under the pallet. like at 1:50 the pallet just breaks.... they are very different that euro pallets that are standard here. i have never had a pallet fall apart just from lifting it like in some of these clips.
michael valadez (25 days ago)
Man, I thought our forklift drivers were garbage.
Reginaldo lopes oliveira (1 month ago)
Gringo só é bom em criar as máquinas,deixa a operação com nos brasileiros
阿保 (1 month ago)
heriberto enciso (1 month ago)
the kid at 4:00 had the pallets over the forks, oh my 😂
Freshprinceeggtv (1 month ago)
heriberto enciso ohhh my gawd lmaoo
Will Scrudato (1 month ago)
10 points for the guy in Lowe's that clapped hahahah
モンドスミオ (1 month ago)
俺も二百万円の始末書出した時は終わったと思いましたw 世界中のフォークリフター達に幸あれ。明日も頑張ろうぜ
Dean Doxtator (1 month ago)
My god I can't believe how many ppl are laughing. This isn't a joke people using this machines ppl get seriously hurt using these machines the wrong way. So money down the tube bcuz yous lack proper training. How many hours got wasted bcuz u had clean the mess up. Or how money the company had to pay ur bcuz of ur lack training.
Duy Phương Võ (1 month ago)
David Atkins (1 month ago)
Boy I'm sure glad a lot of the bystanders in the videos thought some of these accidents were funny. This is how people get seriously injured or killed.
Just an ordinary commenter (1 month ago)
I am a forklift driver but i didn't have any of these freak accidents. Most of these are preventable if only the products are wrapped correctly and the pallets being used are stable and not broken or disintegrating. On the driver's part, a lot of drivers are not tilting back when they have the load mid-air (keeping the product as close as you can towards you on the lift), removing stuff with the forks not totally inserted, and ignoring the principle of weight momentum (making sudden turns and movement while carrying the load). I hope this doesn't happen to me.
David Heller (1 month ago)
Who was the idiot who licensed these morons
Bizzy jones (1 month ago)
2:26 that’s not his fault
Bradley Donovan (1 month ago)
OMG @ 1:05 I would fucking sue that guy for everything he owns
The Legend (1 month ago)
at 2:25 that wasn't his fault. probably the driver
The Legend (13 days ago)
Chris Walsh it's not osha law to secure the drivers keys. It is a lot of companies policy to do so though.
Chris Walsh (13 days ago)
The Legend they hadn’t secured the vehicle keys before unloading as part of their process. Failings all around.
craig shrimpton (1 month ago)
The guy in the red high reach forklift at 2:01 may have saved it by pushing the boom forward as far as he could while he went down but he may have been shit scared preparing for the big hit.
Loco XX (1 month ago)
They say the amount of weight a forklift can handle and they just dont got the weight balance good thing i dont fuck up like that 😂😂
Steven Bastida (1 month ago)
What dumbasses lol
Fire hawk Gaming (1 month ago)
I’m a forklift mechanic and I see this kind of stuff every day...if you donate just $0.50 a day we can keep dump operators from driving forklifts
Andrie Byers (1 month ago)
This people need to learn weight limits....and those pallets r too loose as well as to big for some of these forklifts
John wall (1 month ago)
I don't see the problem at 1:00! Lol
Michael Tea (1 month ago)
Bob Sum (1 month ago)
So much fun. It is so laughable. Especially when you don't pay for damage you caused.
Morgan Bowe (1 month ago)
Disaster for dumb ppl = social justice . lol 'giggle' , i mean Darwinian Justice
Reggaeman YO (1 month ago)
1:08 what a fucking idiot
Gage Hall (1 month ago)
2:18 it wasn't even his fault it's the stupid ass truck driver's fault for not putting it in park
Uruk Gilgamehs (1 month ago)
goodbye to my salary increase💸
Myriad (1 month ago)
2:51 Was after a hydraulic hose busted. That's why the clamps dropped immediately after he pulled out. Not really his fault and not him being an idiot. Often if the pressure is low enough you cant even open the clamps to release the load. The increased pressure after it already bursting is why the hydraulic fluid sprayed out so bad. I work in a facility that makes cardboard boxes and the paper stock we get comes in huge rolls and we've had it happen a few times. Nothing you can do and the weight of the load dragging on what is under it while you are pulling out of it will cause the forklift to start to tilt.
Timber Creek Mill (1 month ago)
The real idiot is the person who blurs out the sides of the video taking up more than half of the screen
Big_snipe 124 (1 month ago)
Well.... I now know why my truck parts are always fucked lol
Next Nexit (2 months ago)
If you use americsn pallets then you ask for problems.We in Europe we have euro pallets or pallets 1m by 1.20 m en they are strong.This american pallets is the same shit as china pallets.
Vercgat (2 months ago)
Many of these clips are older than 2017...
PIXLHeart (2 months ago)
Gabelstaplerfahrer Klaus?
Blaque Link (2 months ago)
Ben Brown (2 months ago)
professionals at there best l.o.l
Ben Brown (2 months ago)
what a bunch of morons
Dre Day (2 months ago)
all of them dont know how to properly operate forklift
Joe red beard (2 months ago)
When all tht beer feel man tht hurt my heart
Be Jaysus (2 months ago)
When operating a forklift & you have a load up in the air, NEVER TURN!!!! You completely fuck off the center of gravity & the load can go at any moment. Another thing I noticed was a lot of the drivers reverse without looking behind, thats pretty fucking dangerous too.
Marty Contestabile (2 months ago)
If you can see that it will fall then stop get another forklift to help balance the load somehow. Don't keep moving.
cobbles56 (2 months ago)
these are all really old
massimo mercadanti (2 months ago)
il bello,è,che ridono....
holdengr (2 months ago)
Forklifts are fun.
maddog ryan (2 months ago)
what a load of wankers i hope they all got the sack
avantgardeaclue (2 months ago)
Total forking idiots!
Alexis Gonzalez (2 months ago)
Haha haha
jaytube2112 (3 months ago)
The results of these is because of improper training.
KYNG Sea (3 months ago)
The last guy needs a kick in the ass Dilly Dilly f***** up the Bud Light
Mark Rothenberg (3 months ago)
Are there this many idiots on this planet? Lord help us.
FWG91 (3 months ago)
Was denken sich manche eigentlich dabei? "hmm, ja, des kippt... haja net mein problem, solls kippen..."
MeAndAlanya (3 months ago)
Mabye a new forklift license can help!
Trevor Donohoe (3 months ago)
i am a forklift operator and i cant watch this
Michał Mejer (3 months ago)
Pracuje już długo na wózku ale ale takiego debilizmu dawno nie widziałem. Zawsze myślałem że na takie stanowiska przyjmuje się ludzi kompetentnych a tu proszę bez mózg zdarza się. Najlepsi są ci co stoją i patrzą nagrywają czekają jak coś się stanie chusteczka że sami nie wiedzą jak to coś nawet odpalić i jak tym jechać ale ubaw po pachy banda prostaków też się uśmiałem.
Preston Benally (3 months ago)
OSHA is gonna have a field day.
Joel Shalom (3 months ago)
That laugh had me dying
Clorox Bleach (3 months ago)
Second lever tilts back what are they teaching these people??
joseph karl (3 months ago)
Two things I see on this video. 1. The first thing they teach u at forklift school is keep your load low. 2. Greedy owners stack their product way too high asking for accidents.
Steve Trimboli (3 months ago)
I am a fork lift trainer and safety manger at my company and have seen two severe tragic deaths because of similar stupidity from careless forklift drivers. You are driving a vehicle as heavy as a small car in most cases and 10 times more unstable. Wise up or go home in a body bag.
Kwanglebeh (3 months ago)
As a forklift trainer,you should know that on a medium sized forklift the counterweight alone weighs more than a large car.Of course you correct about the instability as a forklift has four wheels,like a car,a forklift only has 3 point suspension unlike a car,which has four point.To the untrained,this factor can be very deceiving and dangerous.
moreno franco (3 months ago)
Thank fukken god - none of these bozos get close to a Helicopter gunship or a combat jet! Let alone a paper processing mill
moreno franco (3 months ago)
Makes me sick. There is a SAFETY MANUAL. There is an OPERATIONAL MANUAL! These assholes never read EITHER. Of course they were fired. But TOO LATE. This is how people get injured or killed. ASSHOLES! aND THEN ALL THE LAUGHING AND GIGGLING?? Assholes
Aleksandra Sedina Datura (3 months ago)
Jesus Christ! lay off everybody!!
alex042687 (3 months ago)
Lowe's really scrapes the bottom of the barrel for their employees. Might as well get homeless right off the streets. No offense to Lowe's employees of course.
ferdo Vicenteno (4 months ago)
As a forklift driver, I can say that there are many errors for this type of accidents to occur such as broken pallet, bundles not wrapped properly and more important, drivers that move quick and dont have the pacient to move slowly and safe, remenber that people are behind you and have to watch out for them
김성수 (4 months ago)
Please. when get the sometiong. Never go to forward. You must go to backwards!
Sl3ppy (4 months ago)
Jacky Anderson (4 months ago)
Chicken Thai (4 months ago)
One of the videos was in a compilation made in 2015!!
Splaticus Blah (4 months ago)
These people look as though they are driving a forklift for the first time.
Kevin P (4 months ago)
Dear lord, the beginning of this video is hilarious :p
roy suherman (4 months ago)
dont laugh guys? is not funny
Randy (4 months ago)
A bunch of dumb ass holes who don't know how to drive a fork lift
Ostsol (4 months ago)
Was gonna quip, but I've gotta admit that I did a few stupid things, my first couple months on a forklift. I just hope these guys were utter noobs, too. (Probably weren't entirely...)
Justin Formed (4 months ago)
As of Feb. 11th '18, 195 unemployed accident prone idiot forklift drivers disliked this vid 🤣
a68k (4 months ago)
Jesper_117 (4 months ago)
That shipping container yeah your package will be delayed another month or so shipping error happened
Simon Hansen (4 months ago)
3:25 I keep going back just to hear this guy laughing
Stephen Van Asten (4 months ago)
These guys should learn where the tilt lever is.I drove forks for years and never had a pallet drop, probably because I have intelligence.
JTTV #familyTV (4 months ago)
Hope they got fired they can kill someone with those mistakes
KebabMusicLtd (4 months ago)
I cannot for the life of me understand what the operator at 2.05 is trying to do, but once he realised that the truck was moving under its own momentum he should have had the instinct to retract the forks to limit the balance-counter balance action. He just sat in his cab and let the truck swing like a pendulum
Roland Deschain (4 months ago)
"You've gotta do it fast" great advice....
John Castille (4 months ago)
Improper training, forklifts that are falling apart, pallets that are old and too long.. The list goes on. Companies expect people to work everything to perfect with the SHIT they give employees but get mad when it all goes wrong. Who thought it was a good idea to not only put something on a very long pallet when you know the forks are too short, but to also put said item on the very top of a shelf?? Companies have no one to blame but themselves when shit goes wrong. Give people the proper tools to do their jobs safely and without bull shit. Youll save more money later on down the line.
jean pierre raoul jallet (4 months ago)
Films a montrer aux assurances...