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TOTAL IDIOTS AT WORK! Forklift Fails 2017

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Text Comments (267)
Jack Ripper (3 days ago)
0:04 that is some grade a retarded stuff there.
Next Nexit (4 days ago)
If you use americsn pallets then you ask for problems.We in Europe we have euro pallets or pallets 1m by 1.20 m en they are strong.This american pallets is the same shit as china pallets.
Vercgat (5 days ago)
Many of these clips are older than 2017...
PIXLHeart (6 days ago)
Gabelstaplerfahrer Klaus?
Blaque Link (8 days ago)
Ben Brown (12 days ago)
professionals at there best l.o.l
Ben Brown (12 days ago)
what a bunch of morons
Dre Day (13 days ago)
all of them dont know how to properly operate forklift
Joe red beard (14 days ago)
When all tht beer feel man tht hurt my heart
Be Jaysus (14 days ago)
When operating a forklift & you have a load up in the air, NEVER TURN!!!! You completely fuck off the center of gravity & the load can go at any moment. Another thing I noticed was a lot of the drivers reverse without looking behind, thats pretty fucking dangerous too.
Marty Contestabile (15 days ago)
If you can see that it will fall then stop get another forklift to help balance the load somehow. Don't keep moving.
cobbles56 (16 days ago)
these are all really old
Bertje Tolberg (17 days ago)
Is iT only one stupid asshole filming this or is iT just the same stupid asshole with this anoying smile putting comment on iT
massimo mercadanti (18 days ago)
il bello,è,che ridono....
holdengr (20 days ago)
Forklifts are fun.
maddog ryan (21 days ago)
what a load of wankers i hope they all got the sack
Fun Factor H.O.T (29 days ago)
I wouldn't put all the blame on the FL operators. These companies that stack from floor to celling to save warehouse space should expect that there would be some accidents. They also don't keep enough room clear in the isles, place unreasonable demands on speed in staging the trailer docks. Its' your too slow, pick up the pace until it's your fired for damaging the product.
avantgardeaclue (29 days ago)
Total forking idiots!
Alexis Gonzalez (30 days ago)
Haha haha
jaytube2112 (1 month ago)
The results of these is because of improper training.
KYNG Sea (1 month ago)
The last guy needs a kick in the ass Dilly Dilly f***** up the Bud Light
Mark Rothenberg (1 month ago)
Are there this many idiots on this planet? Lord help us.
FWG91 (1 month ago)
Was denken sich manche eigentlich dabei? "hmm, ja, des kippt... haja net mein problem, solls kippen..."
MeAndAlanya (1 month ago)
Mabye a new forklift license can help!
Trevor Donohoe (1 month ago)
i am a forklift operator and i cant watch this
Michał Mejer (1 month ago)
Pracuje już długo na wózku ale ale takiego debilizmu dawno nie widziałem. Zawsze myślałem że na takie stanowiska przyjmuje się ludzi kompetentnych a tu proszę bez mózg zdarza się. Najlepsi są ci co stoją i patrzą nagrywają czekają jak coś się stanie chusteczka że sami nie wiedzą jak to coś nawet odpalić i jak tym jechać ale ubaw po pachy banda prostaków też się uśmiałem.
Preston Benally (1 month ago)
OSHA is gonna have a field day.
Joel Shalom (1 month ago)
That laugh had me dying
Clorox Bleach (1 month ago)
Second lever tilts back what are they teaching these people??
joseph karl (1 month ago)
Two things I see on this video. 1. The first thing they teach u at forklift school is keep your load low. 2. Greedy owners stack their product way too high asking for accidents.
Steve Trimboli (1 month ago)
I am a fork lift trainer and safety manger at my company and have seen two severe tragic deaths because of similar stupidity from careless forklift drivers. You are driving a vehicle as heavy as a small car in most cases and 10 times more unstable. Wise up or go home in a body bag.
Kwanglebeh (1 month ago)
As a forklift trainer,you should know that on a medium sized forklift the counterweight alone weighs more than a large car.Of course you correct about the instability as a forklift has four wheels,like a car,a forklift only has 3 point suspension unlike a car,which has four point.To the untrained,this factor can be very deceiving and dangerous.
moreno franco (1 month ago)
Thank fukken god - none of these bozos get close to a Helicopter gunship or a combat jet! Let alone a paper processing mill
moreno franco (1 month ago)
Makes me sick. There is a SAFETY MANUAL. There is an OPERATIONAL MANUAL! These assholes never read EITHER. Of course they were fired. But TOO LATE. This is how people get injured or killed. ASSHOLES! aND THEN ALL THE LAUGHING AND GIGGLING?? Assholes
Aleksandra Sedina Datura (1 month ago)
Jesus Christ! lay off everybody!!
alex042687 (1 month ago)
Lowe's really scrapes the bottom of the barrel for their employees. Might as well get homeless right off the streets. No offense to Lowe's employees of course.
ferdo Vicenteno (2 months ago)
As a forklift driver, I can say that there are many errors for this type of accidents to occur such as broken pallet, bundles not wrapped properly and more important, drivers that move quick and dont have the pacient to move slowly and safe, remenber that people are behind you and have to watch out for them
김성수 (2 months ago)
Please. when get the sometiong. Never go to forward. You must go to backwards!
Sl3ppy (2 months ago)
Jacky Anderson (2 months ago)
Chicken Thai (2 months ago)
One of the videos was in a compilation made in 2015!!
Splaticus Blah (2 months ago)
These people look as though they are driving a forklift for the first time.
Kevin P (2 months ago)
Dear lord, the beginning of this video is hilarious :p
roy suherman (2 months ago)
dont laugh guys? is not funny
Randy (2 months ago)
A bunch of dumb ass holes who don't know how to drive a fork lift
Ostsol (2 months ago)
Was gonna quip, but I've gotta admit that I did a few stupid things, my first couple months on a forklift. I just hope these guys were utter noobs, too. (Probably weren't entirely...)
Justin Formed (2 months ago)
As of Feb. 11th '18, 195 unemployed accident prone idiot forklift drivers disliked this vid 🤣
a68k (2 months ago)
Jesper_117 (2 months ago)
That shipping container yeah your package will be delayed another month or so shipping error happened
Simon Hansen (2 months ago)
3:25 I keep going back just to hear this guy laughing
Stephen Van Asten (2 months ago)
These guys should learn where the tilt lever is.I drove forks for years and never had a pallet drop, probably because I have intelligence.
JTTV #familyTV (2 months ago)
Hope they got fired they can kill someone with those mistakes
KebabMusicLtd (2 months ago)
I cannot for the life of me understand what the operator at 2.05 is trying to do, but once he realised that the truck was moving under its own momentum he should have had the instinct to retract the forks to limit the balance-counter balance action. He just sat in his cab and let the truck swing like a pendulum
Roland Deschain (2 months ago)
"You've gotta do it fast" great advice....
John Castille (2 months ago)
Improper training, forklifts that are falling apart, pallets that are old and too long.. The list goes on. Companies expect people to work everything to perfect with the SHIT they give employees but get mad when it all goes wrong. Who thought it was a good idea to not only put something on a very long pallet when you know the forks are too short, but to also put said item on the very top of a shelf?? Companies have no one to blame but themselves when shit goes wrong. Give people the proper tools to do their jobs safely and without bull shit. Youll save more money later on down the line.
jean pierre raoul jallet (2 months ago)
Films a montrer aux assurances...
mike yan (2 months ago)
Amateurs its all I see
DAVID NEVILLE (2 months ago)
pathetic as forklift driver they should not behind the wheel
Javeon Gant (2 months ago)
Niggas is dumb u got lean it towards you duuuh
Renault Toyota (2 months ago)
0:45 good riddance.
Flower GemsGirl (2 months ago)
And they say children shouldn’t play with dangerous objects...same can be said about us adults.😉🙄
Z4Zander (2 months ago)
First one.LMFAO
Varri Varrichio (2 months ago)
If a pallet breaks when you are on hight you can't do nothing, its not your fault, the best way is when you can lower your load as quickly when it is possible.
Varri Varrichio (2 months ago)
Another tip, when you lift the load don't move, lift it first a fist high and look if the load is stable. Pull the load the to you and move slowly backwards, and when you can lower your load, don't turn befare you have lowered your load to a safe hight.
Sebastian L (2 months ago)
3:04 Evil Ren laugh :))))) ghchchcha-ch...
moshe kalaiski (2 months ago)
lee gates (2 months ago)
And that's why these idiots make $10 an hour because they're at a 3rd grade mentality
Frodokeuh (2 months ago)
accident happens even for the experienced forklift drivers but these idiots just don't have common sense/skill and shouldn't be driving machines like that they can actually kill themselves or ppl around him...
noobishsite (3 months ago)
all i see is videos of complete cunts who should be locked up charged of having no skill
Dennis Abby (3 months ago)
Fork lifts are dangerous, drug test
Joe Massino (3 months ago)
2:30 truck drivers fault....... should lock the front of the trailer until its safe for him to pull away
Ladylexy87 (3 months ago)
Soooooooo no one is going to tilt the fork back first. Then move? 🤔🤔🤔
The One (3 months ago)
Don't fuken claps...it's dangerous n I'm sure they didn't want it to happen
Marc Wright (3 months ago)
Shity American pallets
tunzafunz (27 days ago)
Their only made to stock away or to transport goods,there's no gain in money involved.That's why they use the cheapest and shittiest wood to make "pallets"!
RedShiftJellyfish (30 days ago)
pretty sure you get shitty pallets no matter where theyre manufactured...
SandsOfArrakis (2 months ago)
Yeah here in the Netherlands we call them single use / throw away pallets.
F Huber (3 months ago)
Generally takes EXTREME overload (more than 4X rating) to blow out the hoses... That's if they actually do maintenance instead of operating with visibly trash hydraulic hoses.
Larry L (3 months ago)
i like how these idiots laugh on there last day on the job maybe they move to russia
super marioz (3 months ago)
Anyone else afraid of being that guy when starting a new job or is it just me?
84Achilles84 (3 months ago)
6.20 nice hahah
Rey Sierra (3 months ago)
That is why you don't hire young people. Their still to stupid to use equipment properly and giggle like school girls and rather record then stop the accident.
Grundy Bear (3 months ago)
Amateurs. So many violations. OSHA would have a field day in half of those warehouses. Most of those were clear operator error. Tilt before ya move Make sure load is secure Don't cut costs with Chinese pallets. Idiots. Morons....
RedShiftJellyfish (30 days ago)
rofl as if all workplaces dont cut corners sometimes. also something tells me the drivers dont dictate what pallets their stores are dropped off on, half the stacks were wrapped ect sure a lot of idiots were featured in the video but there seems to be a lot of idiots in the comment section as well...
UK RPGFan (3 months ago)
There's always someone filming you laughing like an idiot, brilliant.
Mr. Fantm (3 months ago)
There are usually three reasons fails like these occur (speaking from years of experience) . 1- Operator disregard for the natural laws of physics ... such as a heavy loads being easily maneuverable close to the ground but not the same at 30 feet up. 2- Being in too much of a hurry. 3- reusing cheaply made pallets designed for one time use & then meant to be recycled. (as mentioned by earlier commenter) One last tidbit ... the forklift driver should never move a load if it is badly packed or not wrapped. The final responsibility rests with the operator.
Bambang Nugroho (3 months ago)
assuming the operators are trained peoples I found the most common causes of the goods handling accident are overweight, oversized, overspeed and palette or crates defected, also some cases of drunk or tired operator.
Russ Lehman (3 months ago)
Well one of those was the truck driver's fault. The brakes weren't set on the trailer.
Nigel Depledge (3 months ago)
Some of the clips here are just painful to watch, in a "what else did you expect was gonna happen?" kind of way. Maybe there's a reason we have physics lessons in school...
Albert Andrews (3 months ago)
At my work we had a guy killed in a forklift accident, these things aren't toys.
山瀬昇 (3 months ago)
父亲 (3 months ago)
holy moly lol
Stijm van Vliet (3 months ago)
Production soon creation flow strange guarantee flee estimated explore press valley.
Michael Gomez (3 months ago)
The dudes laughing get on my nerves..like they could do a better job.
Gaming With ViperZeroOne (3 months ago)
Title is accurate....
Lashs Karelidze (3 months ago)
Miguel (3 months ago)
Название на русском комменты все на английском.Где логика?..
Gregory Manning (3 months ago)
dirty reform bomb pm figure card parking adjust repair principal.
ali xena (3 months ago)
So much lack of appreciation for the weight of the products forklifts can, or can't, carry. Forklifts are very dangerous to even be around. I have worked around them, and driven them too, and they scare the shit outta me.
1985Viggen ツ (3 months ago)
1:08 lol xD
David Mcconnell (3 months ago)
Some seriously incompetent people
mrsiborg (3 months ago)
That's because like 90% of all American things, is made on a shoestring budget. Weak and disposable.
lyndsay lusha (3 months ago)
Worked in forktruck enviornments for 40 years. A couple jobs ago, we had a totally incompetent idiot, who single-handedly destroyed at least 100.000 dollars of materials and machinery. He was, however, the manager's ex-stepfather. As such, the damages were covered up and blame placed elsewhere. The minute the manager was fired, the entire crew approached the management and demanded that the stepfather had to go also. He was immediately fired.
DAVID BAILEY (3 months ago)
Why is someone filming these anyway at the time unless they are all set up just to get on youtube
Derek A (3 months ago)
Yup, that's what happens when you teach a person who has no concept of physics to do a job that requires knowledge of momentum and weight distribution.
Ad van der Meer (3 months ago)
I doubt there is a single one from 2017. All old material