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TOTAL IDIOTS AT WORK! Forklift Fails 2017

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Text Comments (522)
Adam Palka (16 hours ago)
Who the hell.. Lift forklift by a forklift?!
mike mccauley (1 day ago)
Some fine work
BoB Bi (1 day ago)
jaki debil każde tak wysoko układać te palety , jak już to duże przerwy i półki z grubej stali , tak samo i palety tylko EUR ,
cock putin (4 days ago)
I'm a forklift and reachtruck driver,I have never ever seen such a stupid inbred brain-dead low IQ idiots before...these idiots must be executed before they actually kill someone.braindead scum,if the pallet is fucked,why the fuck u stacking it, leave it on the ground
Victor Diaz (11 days ago)
Luckily I know how to use a forklift properly and safely. Since part of my job at the end of the day is pulling pallets of wine off the 3rd racks knowing those bottles are $500 and up. I can’t afford no mistake.
Alan Crocker (13 days ago)
rofl at 1:44 "you can't pull it out like that!"
twigstudios (19 days ago)
I drove forklifts for years with numerous companies and I saw a coworker lose a foot in a forklift accident...these things aren't anything to play with...
Michael Sparrow (22 days ago)
Nice job num nuts. Go smoke some more weed
conan boyle (28 days ago)
Tilt up, use a spotter, go slowly. If it doesn't feel safe don't do it!!!!
Dsdcain (28 days ago)
1:17 You'd think a company with the name Palletways would be better able to handle pallets.
Станислав Ушаков (28 days ago)
вы все пиндосы
McVicious (1 month ago)
Dude at 1:10 got PAID!!!
George P (1 month ago)
Your Fired!!
R S (1 month ago)
I wouldn't call an idiot...id say someone who sees the images of you enjoying your life living it up. While I'm the only one who's struggling whole you profit and spend it
Winston Carter (1 month ago)
Lifting another forklift with a larger forklift... brilliant.
Aaron Hickerson (1 month ago)
That last one I think is bud light, anyone want a beer party?
獅子 (1 month ago)
I do not understand the forklift at all. In Japan you can not ride a lifter without a forklift license. Only accidents not possible in Japan.
Scallie (4 days ago)
In USA it varies by company, which is EXTREMELY stupid. I was certified on a general warehouse forklift, cherry picker, and telescopic lift. I've only ever driven the telescopic one lmfao, the guys who trained me didnt give a fuck and certified me on the others =|
Ricardo Williams (1 month ago)
Forklift Certified My Ass
Minute Books (1 month ago)
Some of these mishaps look expensive.
Adrian (1 month ago)
5:00 This video pissed me off. People watching you increases your stress level when operating a forklift, making you more prone to mistakes. Where's the floor manager telling those morons to get back to work? Also I would love to punch that guy who clapped after the incident. Like he would have done a better job...
res08hao (1 month ago)
In any factory, the dumbest, most incompetent loser is the forklift driver. Most cannot read, none will amount to anything but forklifts. Smart factories automate the forklifts. Get rid of the high school dropouts.
Andrew Robertson (1 month ago)
Rating plates are for pussies!
Wayne Oneal (1 month ago)
1:12..if the load didnt kill me..im killing the mf that hit my load and caused it to crush me!!!
Adam h (1 month ago)
Erik Nelson (1 month ago)
1.Tilt before you lift. (one inch of tilt at the ground is a foot or TWO of tilt with the mast extended) 2.Stack pallets like you're getting paid to do it. 3.If things look sketchy, STOP MOVING. Evaluate the situation with a second opinion, then proceed.
Jo Fast (1 month ago)
Most of these people are just hauling ass if they would slow down half these accidents would probably be avoided
yo yo (1 month ago)
Haha, im a good forklift driver but i can understand the dudes in the video. Some of them suck but its all a learning experience. Ive toppled over some unstable unwrapped skids full of candies in flimsy little baskets a couple if times when i first started, the company is so stupid not ordering the workers to wrap the damn skids. It takes a lot of skill to move those tall heavy unstable skids on the very top shelves. Dont be greedy and stay calm and focused. One wrong move and you can topple everything down.
Big Whane (1 month ago)
6:31 let the bud light flow dilly dilly
Miguel Blais (1 month ago)
Why do people insist on turning when their masts are all the way up?
Serravallian (1 month ago)
As a forklift driver, I cringed like crazy after seeing these rookie mistakes and the poor quality of the pallets being handled. Glad I only handle wooden pallets and rims at my job.
Ian Hollis (1 month ago)
Gravity will *always* win!
Jay Best (1 month ago)
People are so fucken stupid on Forklifts I teach forklift training and everything and done all the machines from the heavy heavy construction forklifts to cherry pickers order selectors and everything if I saw this happening I would fire their asses that's not funny if they're all laughing I would fire the whole crew who was involved as bullshits you don't fucken do stupid ship like that
graybeardproductions (1 month ago)
Buddy I never wrecked up my forklift like that and I’m a friggn’ idiot!
kuban mangos (2 months ago)
THE 1ST ONE !!!!
Leon Roche (2 months ago)
half these guys were not properly trained to use a lifty boi and the other half were down to the shabby pallets being used or crappy shrink wrap jobs! KEEP IT LOW KEEP IT SLOW!
Dean Yokoyama (2 months ago)
All that money wasted
Pawel pablo (2 months ago)
Who gives licence for them for forklift crazy really
saxus50 (2 months ago)
Во многих случаях это банальная невнимательность и так же отсутствие опыта
Glen Doucette (2 months ago)
I Am amazed that these idiots can tie their own shoes
GeneralSantucci1st (2 months ago)
I’m sorry I just had to pause this video 11 seconds in and say wtf are these momos thinking . Ok pressing play again.
David Dowling (2 months ago)
All the assholes laughing should lose their jobs.
Paul Mountney (2 months ago)
I’m so furious at both these idiots at work, and the people they work with. Every single person who rejoiced when the items fell should be fired! Also, why were none of the loads on the pallets wrapped before they even thought about putting them so high up?
EliteFurret (2 months ago)
What those damn idiots using regular pallet and not higher grade
29kalel (2 months ago)
Mostly every video NONE of the drivers lean the load back. Once you Slide the forks in to get the load, you lift slightly above the shelf and turn the forks upward to secure the load then bring the load back by driving the lift slowly back to avoid the load from rocking. The minute you begin lifting and the pallet cracks or starts moving unevenly you STOP instantly.
Андрей Филлипов (2 months ago)
Бери ношу по себе, чтобы не падать при ходьбе.
Casey Phillips (2 months ago)
Kurva why are idiots even driving a forklift half of these could be fixed by picking the pallet out right and stacking things high above the boom
Mike P (2 months ago)
I cant believe how many pendejos are out here...
Geoffrey Martin (2 months ago)
some of these are not Operator error seeing the poor condition the pallet is in or how poorly stacked the skids were being accidents just waiting to happen. Most of these are %100 Operator error being not aware of their surroundings, not understanding the importance of the lift capacity and load center distance, not properly securing the lift in the heel of the forks. All of which could have been avoided That being said as an operator it pains me to see these mistakes when even an unsafe lift could have been handled and brought down safely if done properly and wasn't put up as an unsafe lift in the first place
kung siong (2 months ago)
that annoying laugh at @0:53
Combedy (2 months ago)
Marcusso88 (2 months ago)
Driving the forklift is a very serious matter. I don't understand laughter
Tony V (2 months ago)
The guy who dropped all that Pepsi was probably on Coke
zeplen300 (2 months ago)
Man.. OSHAs gonna be pissed
The Stig (2 months ago)
4:00 is not a fail
Mark Halstead (2 months ago)
1.00 tht cackle tho
Trevor Searcy (2 months ago)
2:22 this was not the forklift operator’s fault
Vlad (2 months ago)
02:20 the truck driver fault
Omar Garcia (2 months ago)
Seriously i got mad 😡 watching this , people is way beyond stupid
sudious mine (2 months ago)
Hell Yeah! My video is in here. 0:22
J Lansdale (2 months ago)
Just a typical day on the job
Tyler Clifford (2 months ago)
I'm so confused by the first video where one lift is holding up another lift....... Its not that high just use one wtf
Jeff Bourke (2 months ago)
0:52 was good
Doctor Kent Hopper (2 months ago)
this way we take safety course
David Ward (2 months ago)
Been driving a forklift for 31yrs and I noticed they don’t have the load all the way up against the mast or it Tilted all the way back
Ryan Secoy (2 months ago)
It's a war on freight. Fuck these items
Tyler Miller (3 months ago)
:) I build toyota forklifts
Bo Bellacheck (3 months ago)
Most of those are bad pallets. And a few unwrapped ones
UcEBreeZee (3 months ago)
g1zzle tv (3 months ago)
Where did some of these people get their license from..Walmart?
blackdaan (3 months ago)
some stacks i think. one putted the pallet on the rack like a idiot. and a braver person tries to fix it and fails..
Nazar Kovalchuk (3 months ago)
Nazar Kovalchuk (3 months ago)
шо таке
MSB 1997 (3 months ago)
Exactly 4 of those you could blame on 1) Things being stacked to high initially or 2) A shitty pallet. The rest is operator error
friedchicken (3 months ago)
forklifts are assholes
Andrei Skovorodin (3 months ago)
1:04 this laugh
sammy and jessie english staffy (3 months ago)
ive never seen so many bunch of fuckwits in one video .. no fucking idea.. how they got a license is beyond me.. probably tho foreign countries you dont need one.. in Australia you do..
WF6I WF6 eye (3 months ago)
3:43 not the most valuable cargo, but what a mess!
WF6I WF6 eye (3 months ago)
2:06 That could have been a lot worse!
H M (3 months ago)
1st video. Lifting a forklift with a forklift? Wow that's dumb.
Trick Hotspot (3 months ago)
Half the time the forks are tilted forward....no fuckn wonder these dumb cunts are dropping loads!
Ferenc Fajkusz (3 months ago)
Long live the shrink wrap!!!!
Илья Федюнин (3 months ago)
乙であります! (3 months ago)
James Bourgeois (3 months ago)
eadomino2 (3 months ago)
jajajajaj que guarrazos
Cluster Puck (3 months ago)
You can't fix stupid
許勝嵐 (3 months ago)
Experience and technology are very important
Ben Kraus (3 months ago)
You can't fix stupid
Zach Novosad (3 months ago)
Hmh interesting. Forklifts truly are awful machines. How many tractor fail videos show tractors tipping over due to a load, or losing a load like nothing. Or hitting each other... That and tractor operators are much smarter typically because most of them paid for their machines and know how expensive they are. Not like some employees who don't care and screw around doing stupid shit. Most people that drive forklifts are too focused on speed. Especially with unloading trucks. One of my coworkers said he trusts me more on the forklift than anyone else because of how cautious I am, and how I work efficiently but take my time. It's not a race. What's more important? Offloading the truck in 20 minutes rushing and increasing accident risk, or taking 40 minutes to safely and appropriately offload the truck decreasing the chances of having an accident.
HellsSonofAnarchy (3 months ago)
you know what sucks about all these someone has to pick all that crap up. most of these were people using the wrong types of lift not meant to handle the load or just plain stupid
Luciano Ferreira (3 months ago)
Os caras são foda... Rindo da desgraça dos outros, só quem opera essas porcarias sabe o risco que existe...
Matt Woldanski (3 months ago)
They’re literally pallets all he had to do was for them right in the holes and he’d be fineee
Rich L (3 months ago)
Americans really are an odd bunch
synth hero (3 months ago)
3:59 hes turning in mid air then puts his tilt forward, hope he was fired on the spot
Сергей Плотников (3 months ago)
Кто этих дебилов за руль посадил????
ルミナちゃん (3 months ago)
笑ってる時点で頭おかしいでしょ 教習所でどんな教育してきたの? 命を大切にして安全第一の事を考えて仕事をしてもらいたい
Didier miandyou (3 months ago)
on prends des cours pour etres aussi cons!!!!
Don Corleone (3 months ago)
That laugh 😂😂😂
George Payazitis (3 months ago)
The mast wasn't tilted back in some of them.
Johann Wundersamer (3 months ago)
you there's really idiots around here. givitup.