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10 Most Unusual Vehicles

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Today we present to you the 10 most unusual vehicles, created by both professionals and self-taught inventors. Some of these vehicles already exist, and some will appear in the near future.
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Text Comments (2057)
THE MAGNUM (5 months ago)
Hey guys! Would you like to have any of these vehicles?
Allan Ballan (1 day ago)
The VW 👍👍👍
namia (2 days ago)
Subway bike lol
Oluwaseye Michael Akinware (4 days ago)
i want to be part of the building team
Villegas Bj (16 days ago)
Yes! All are amazing, but i the last one is the best! ;)
George T Peppel (20 days ago)
Sure, except they're fake.
Mark Zhang (2 hours ago)
this is so cool I love them
arcadian mystic (2 hours ago)
love how they say the vw hover car will be used on specially designed roads....yet it is showing it on a normal road?
Anand Kumar (4 hours ago)
Kids! Kids! Roll your way to childhood obesity!
ARMY (7 hours ago)
Bruh there alot of bot comments
貓貓 郭 (8 hours ago)
The Last one seems like pacman to me
gadilingappa sirigeri (8 hours ago)
nice & required for now days ....
Brandon C (14 hours ago)
Nice click bait image DOUCHE BAG!
paul leinweber (15 hours ago)
The VW would be ideal, no tires to wear out
Ray Powell (15 hours ago)
Yes I do😁😁
Thomas King (18 hours ago)
The VW hover car at the end is clearly fake. The Snopes page says it was done with GGI. Not even good CGI.
Cupa Cups (18 hours ago)
I would love to have the last car cuz when i'm going home from school i'm tired so badly and i'm lazy xD
hamza hamza (23 hours ago)
I like in Volks Wagen
vovo G (1 day ago)
Head Communications (1 day ago)
These vehicles here in the Magnum video are great examples of the future of logistics contact us for these and other logistics research collaboration at www.headcommunications.nl
Friday Nasikpo (1 day ago)
Please i just need the Quandro Four
Kelvin Ushie (1 day ago)
I will love to have it, but how can I get it
Mike Solomon (1 day ago)
Is it real or fake news ?
Yan ho (1 day ago)
Sik Lau (1 day ago)
Be careful of the manufacturing sketches of these new products, as China's hackers will try to steal and copy the same, then claimed made in China.
Mo Lee (1 day ago)
TV China (1 day ago)
Fengbin Huang (1 day ago)
namia (2 days ago)
so good
chao jay (2 days ago)
i can't believe that i just saw the virtual model of a hover car ?! i love our future lifestyle
Sebastian Edwards (2 days ago)
Some jarring narration right here. I don't mean to be cruel, but did they check their reading comprehension before recording?
Modern Modern (2 days ago)
1:45 needs micro computer orchestration🤔🥁🎯 6:23 is NOT a CAR! 8:30 needs lots of infrastructure, therefore BS!
dallas texas (2 days ago)
The last one is good for russia where there aint roads
Ultimate Spider-man (2 days ago)
مسابقه ما بينهم
Chris Bennett (2 days ago)
I know businesses don't care about people and only care about money, but can I get a personal transportation device that has good wheels that can drive on a lot of different terrain and I wont waist my money buying something that breaks down in a year ??? !!! 😡
L. Cleveland Major (2 days ago)
For just about any of these to become well used, they will need to get the price down and production up. Production will become cheaper as the materials needed are bought in greater bulk by the manufacturers. This savings can be passed on to the dealers/retailers, and ultimately to the consumers. All that said, there are a few in this video I would have an interest in owning. At the top of my list would be the VW Hover Car. I have to wonder how well it will actually do in real life situations though. There are bound to be many factors not yet thought out by the developers. If it can become a successful item, I would definitely enjoy owning and using one.
baby breath (3 days ago)
The last on 😍😍😍😍
黃小妹 (3 days ago)
sing hon (3 days ago)
哆啦A夢 3D stand my be 電影 內 有 出現過 這 車
ms.sammantha lee (4 days ago)
now only they could do a vw camper van of the floating car that would be fantastic .....they could cover the out side n wind sheild wth transparent solar panel fil to help keep the auto charged ....
David David (4 days ago)
Albert einstein : small is beautiful
edwinhopkins0 (4 days ago)
Just another out of work add monger
Joseph Oggy Mwila (5 days ago)
I could like to take the last one
Doc Hollywood (5 days ago)
No idea how fast 12 kilometers an hour is. Call me when these guy's figure out how to sell it to Americans and no, I'm not interested in learning a whole new system of measurement or screwing with conversion charts.
Gary Z (5 days ago)
How is that VW hover car, the last vehicle, getting around on roads that don't seem to have magnets in them, such as the freeway, etc?
Margaret Pfeiffer (5 days ago)
I'll take one of each please...........this is awesome!! Tech is moving too fast for me.
John Gordon (5 days ago)
p r chayl (5 days ago)
All vical nice
FoxyAnimesHD (16 days ago)
Yo quiero el último y la moto de 4 ruedas!
Light House (17 days ago)
The last one VW flying Hoover from Jerrasick World.
Mrcloc (17 days ago)
5:33 - I thought he was gonna go for it.
michael fair (17 days ago)
Cool cars!
Edwin Valentin, Rev (17 days ago)
The Volkswagen looks awesome
Doug Fraser (17 days ago)
I would love to have the air car.
ashley ramraj (17 days ago)
The last vehicle was something interesting to me but how much would it cost and how long does it last after fully charged
JP (18 days ago)
Thanks for the upload.I am from Delhi, INDIA. Love to have Walk Car & Solo will IOTA.
dean lewis (18 days ago)
Anything powered by electricity and not diesel or gasoline is stupid and to complex in my book
John Wendt (18 days ago)
The VW vehicle is amazing. I can see the future. Most practical in urban areas.
Lien Pham (18 days ago)
Design perfect for future but maybe make are humans getting fat .... any way fantastic 👍😊
Cathy Schwab (18 days ago)
Thomas Kelly (18 days ago)
Love the Vw model and the jet surfboard
John Kidd (18 days ago)
hi said for years we will all end up in a bubble step in and tell it where you need to go. so in 65 years, a shuttle will call on you to go to work. that's if we get there 1 will be a 130 i wish. i think we have been hear before .i after say youtube is a good thing to watch better than paying 146 a year .lots of interesting things people make up. do your self a favour don't skit. thank google 21.53pm 3/3/2019
Rutwick Gangurde (19 days ago)
Human beings are becoming more and more lazy.
HDL Angelo (19 days ago)
Jageshwar Verma (19 days ago)
TN1183 (19 days ago)
It's bad enough these bicyclists don't obey street traffic... They are going to drive boat insurance up
Karen Bling (19 days ago)
I have dreamed of the hovercar for years!!! I want one!!!
meep morp 110 (19 days ago)
Yes all of them
Eliezer Negron (19 days ago)
My name is eli And i will love to have one of this vehicle to be able to make a video and review. I leave in Hartford CT
E BRAY (19 days ago)
hover car completely fake
Fyodor48 Alyosha (19 days ago)
The last one the VW looks like the most practicable. Is there a date for their release? I thought you said for use with electric roads. But the couple using looked like they were using ordinary rds
Oscar Soto (19 days ago)
😂😂 too lazy to walk
rufus rozelaar (19 days ago)
Did I understand right, the VW hover car at the end needs a special magnetic road to work? If so that means it will only work when all the roads have been changed. I remember ages ago they were talking about magnetic trains too. What ever happened to them i wonder.
Mike Baugus (19 days ago)
This one most definitely....this one should be the wave to the future.....replacing all cars in heavy travel roads
as bhatti (19 days ago)
In indian Party Shev cina is trerist party thats doing killing off moslim
as bhatti (19 days ago)
Amazing Indian PM Modi is idiot man Indian hindo peopal is drink cow urine..
GIZELLA TOFALVI (20 days ago)
GIZELLA TOFALVI (20 days ago)
Es van akiknek ,nem tetszik....
(20 days ago)
Miranda Star (20 days ago)
Wolsvagen is just consept! car in video is fake)) and thats 3d modeling and rendering of this car animation is very rar))
Faris Monassar (21 days ago)
The last one is amazing
老司机哈利菠萝 (21 days ago)
Nimisha Maru (21 days ago)
All of dem
Dr. Ronald Cutburth (21 days ago)
The 4 wheel motorcycle is new generation of vehicle with greater safety. They seem to have worked out the proper suspension. The issue may be cost.
Dr. Ronald Cutburth (21 days ago)
The VW huver vehicle has a great potential market.
E. Coon III (21 days ago)
air car looked like cgi
Whatstrange Timeswerein (21 days ago)
Were getting closer to the hoverboard... fk yeh 😍
Joe Putnam (21 days ago)
V.W. hover car is totaly awesome...how does it stand against the elements of nature?
Thomas King (18 hours ago)
It is fake. It does not actually exist. Check the Snopes page.
Barbara Jones (22 days ago)
There seems to be something here for every age group and different landscape challenges. Love this group!
Sunil Ganta (22 days ago)
i want ALL
Lingymingy123 (22 days ago)
9:21 welcome to the future!
Erica Key (22 days ago)
I like the last one
Erica Key (22 days ago)
I.want the last one
M M (23 days ago)
Ride a bike it’s better for you
Dragan M (23 days ago)
Very neat vehicles, especially the hover car.
Юрий Брашкин (23 days ago)
фольц прикольный
Vivian Vivian (23 days ago)
Amazing inventions
Shek-tim Ng (23 days ago)
I love to have the last vehicle in the video!!!! I guess that it will cost much money!!
Sophie Sadeghi (23 days ago)
I love ❤️ the VW
로또골프 (23 days ago)
건강을 위해선 좀 걷는게 좋죠^^
iank muin (23 days ago)
Sepeda jalan di air
MappeR HD (23 days ago)
https://youtu.be/Xs5_4Em9WLE watch please!!!
Lansdowne Virginia (23 days ago)
Florencio Afonso (24 days ago)
Composição feitas por Deus canal Florêncio Afonso e Florêncio Santos
anthony james (24 days ago)
the last vehicle i would not mind having
Eric Kivler (24 days ago)
Which means the last one
Eric Kivler (24 days ago)
The hover one please