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Extreme Idiots Of The Internet Compilation #17 | Try Not To Laugh Challenge 2018

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Text Comments (1312)
Trendinidasdana (6 months ago)
0:00 ●━━━━━━─────── 10:04 ⇆ㅤㅤㅤㅤ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↻
Tejus Gaming and memes (10 days ago)
It's 10:5
GORAN RUŽANJI (16 days ago)
lenny108 (16 days ago)
it shows how people end up in a wheelchair for the rest of life
ragib das (17 days ago)
Duta Irinel Marius (1 month ago)
deadspace (2 days ago)
"What're you gonna garnish those with?" The floor.
John Marston (4 days ago)
thangquocnguyenmdp (8 days ago)
This is the reason why the liberal traitor coward politicians got in....
algo que ver (9 days ago)
God of especial efects you idiot
Ptx_ Scotty (9 days ago)
2:23 is that BRENDON URIE?
keksdre (9 days ago)
keksdre (9 days ago)
Wait holdon
keksdre (9 days ago)
Alban gaming tv (9 days ago)
2:05 when you are idiot
Bob Rodney's (9 days ago)
A shame to see a dodge viper wasted
Travel MadeEasy (10 days ago)
Really liked that first one. Guy is like : "Damn! Pole wasn't here. Besides, am not even drunk yet!.."🤣
Subodh Baheti (10 days ago)
And they wonder why women live longer...
Jade Luna (10 days ago)
That girl that failed the jump needs to let go of that horse’s reins 🤭
Nobody y (11 days ago)
8:18 and 8:43 is extremely SAD😭🤕🤕 some of them aren’t funny at all, they might have Eye injuries at extreme level🧐🤒🤕
Nobody y (11 days ago)
2:11 fart one!!😂🙏🤣
Chi Pa Pa (11 days ago)
It's thanks to these daredevils, that medics always have their hands full.
Lowrent (12 days ago)
I love watching dumb fuckers get hurt. They deserve it.
Jennifer Buechner (12 days ago)
I am an avid hunter and I own a lot of firearms. And it really irks me when I see idiots shooting guns and not holding on to them tightly. All guns have kick back. It is just that the stupid people that have the guns kick back and have them hit them in the face are all probabl used to shooting BB guns. Seriously, hold on to the damn gun tightly, or lose an eye, your choice!!!
Reza Pratama (12 days ago)
Gobloknya murni pemberian yss :v
stinkyapple5 (13 days ago)
1:25 i hope that fucking retard broke his neck HAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHA
Edy Ranirez (13 days ago)
I don't get it the second clip was an accident
Catch me if you can (13 days ago)
4:51 music name please?
The Kraken (14 days ago)
The thumbnail is funny 🤣
Meyer Speary (15 days ago)
The golf putt that didn't quite get to the hole? Not sure what was idiotic about that. It doesn't matter how good, bad, or idiotic you are, play enough golf, and that will happen to you at some point.
Adam Lauina (15 days ago)
lol. So repercussions wasn’t even a factor 😂
Wild Bill (16 days ago)
why don't you just do what you faget I seen you standing there in your little brown here you little screwball I'll come and find you and cut your ears off
Peg202 XO (16 days ago)
So many of these stupid stunts could end in spinal damage and life in a wheelchair.
Asus Kybd (16 days ago)
Stay tuned for "Creeps on Crutches" and "Wankers in Wheelchairs".
javelin1010 (16 days ago)
people are idiots
Dave Roberts (16 days ago)
Are you alright? No he's doomed to be a moron.
Alex Grossman (16 days ago)
0:27 They aren't idiots, they are Russians.
skYxxTuT TuTuT (16 days ago)
3.19 music name?
nora kennedy (16 days ago)
Idiots have way too much time on their hands
GORAN RUŽANJI (16 days ago)
Apk umag Omega Omega Omega Omega Omega
ANTONIO DELGADO (16 days ago)
0:22 when I feel doing yoga and acting cool but after a few seconds I fail
Wall Cutter (16 days ago)
The Ferrari and the Lambo..... don't worry. It can be buffed out
CNS racing (16 days ago)
Alors le premier c'est un pilote !
l0LlI Dvrma (16 days ago)
8:29 nice voice ARE U OKAY😍😍
mihir pathak (17 days ago)
what is the name of song at 4:51
Sujay Jadhao (17 days ago)
1.35 daaaaamn that neck
CJ Brady (17 days ago)
5:22 was the funniest for me🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
Scalley Wag (17 days ago)
How you get your neck broke
idoj654123 (17 days ago)
It's amazing, the title of this is Extreme Idiots, yet every single idiotic thing these idiots do causes me to say, Fuckin' idiots. They are a breed apart. It's good we have them. It is also a good thing these kids, whatever country they live in, probably have health insurance unless stupidity is a valid reason to decline medical treatment.
مجهوو ل (17 days ago)
ace- - (17 days ago)
Henrik Høyrup (17 days ago)
5:16 why is this on here?
Michael Mackenzie (17 days ago)
The imperial fart was the funniest!!
aleksa99se (17 days ago)
Dentist jack pot!
Dany Ramdani (17 days ago)
Some of them are accident
MANOJ RAGUNATH (17 days ago)
In this video a bgm played at 4:51 to 5:04 can anyone which song is this plz
MANOJ RAGUNATH (17 days ago)
Thank you friend
Aziz Dean (17 days ago)
Heuse & Zeus x Crona - Pill (feat. Emma Sameth)
Патрик Блоссом (17 days ago)
Всегда знал что тёлки тупейшие существа на планете.
TV KHALED (17 days ago)
9.00 music algerie
SarahK _ (18 days ago)
5:12 that thong tho😂
PatrioticConservative 123 (18 days ago)
5:07 I can't be the only guy that noticed the thong
Olimiles Youtube (18 days ago)
Whaceone (18 days ago)
1:25 perfectly sums up today's snowflakes.
Jason Jason (18 days ago)
So pretty much yourself then
praveen kumar.p (18 days ago)
8:43 ouch! that hurt. I too felt the pain. But couldn't stop laughing...
Little Isaac (18 days ago)
4:28 i wanna try!!!!
hello hello again (19 days ago)
0:44 I actually think shes not being dumb shes technically saying a statement cause 0__0 she's in a car?
hello hello again (19 days ago)
I edit cause I said it bad
Penfold8 (18 days ago)
This video didn't make me laugh, but rather weep for the future of our world.
Tina Steer (18 days ago)
Penfold8 Sometimes I think they watch some movies and think “I’ll try that” forgetting it is a trained stun person doing that. Somewhere there is a village missing an idiot. Broken necks, broken legs etc is not funny.
barry mcdougal (19 days ago)
Robert Lavelle (19 days ago)
" Ooooooh , patater- aters ! Whatcha gonna garnish those with ? " " Some Mop & Glo "
Fan Fan (19 days ago)
Can someone pls.tell the track at 1:36..???
Brandon (19 days ago)
220..if only he woulda busted the pool wall....
DailyPuppy1011 Msp (19 days ago)
0:54 you gonna diee 😂
Marie Öhrn (19 days ago)
4:51 she is not an idiot
Art Vale (19 days ago)
Is the guy that fell out of tree still in physical therapy?
Daniel Goddard (19 days ago)
These people are not idiots. And stop with your dead memes and shifty editing
Ashton Richardson (19 days ago)
5:25 Dat ass though 😍😋
MrEmpiricusX (19 days ago)
Absolutely 🇧​🇴​🇷​🇮​🇳​🇬​ shit! Stupid video with nothing interesting. ONLY idiot can do put this on internet for sharing; It Is waste of time.
Ahmad The revolutionary Channel (20 days ago)
Some of them are not idiots but simply unlucky.
Sebastian Duczkowski (20 days ago)
5:04 song name?
Funtastisch 223 (20 days ago)
sherwayne waldo (21 days ago)
Bumboclaath lol
Cherry Davis (21 days ago)
stupid humans are funny.
E R (21 days ago)
That will buff right out
StrandedPB (21 days ago)
4:05 hey i've been there
magicfok (21 days ago)
02:38 dumbass terminated.
Chameleon LMT (22 days ago)
Air horns absolutely ruined that clip.
Sonic all stars racing tranformed Gamer girl (22 days ago)
How is dropping a plate with heaving pieces being an idiot!
Jorden Henderson (22 days ago)
Haha stupid fucks
TheQuadracer007 (23 days ago)
eine Generation von Vollidioten...
Dino Jimin (23 days ago)
I’m surprised I’m not on here 🤣💀
DissidentEvil (23 days ago)
4:31 to 0.25 velocity
KitsuneLord (23 days ago)
Mmmmm nearly 2019... Aaaaand Just do it meme ;-;
Chelsea Watson (24 days ago)
Wtf is with all the unnecessary sound effects and shit?! I can't even make it through a full video of yours. Smh. Pathetic attempt at a YouTube channel.
Aaron Figurski (24 days ago)
Frosch Series 4
Ruby Ann Ramos (24 days ago)
In most of the clips I always say "WHAT WOULD YOU THINK WOULD HAPPEN!?"
Anna Boyd (24 days ago)
Ha ha Thankyou for enjoying my beach fail 😂😂😂🤦‍♀️😱
Anna Boyd (24 days ago)
Tejas Shelar (24 days ago)
That was epic...lol.
Chris - kun (25 days ago)
Cual es la cansion del min 4:43
Aidan Byrd (25 days ago)
4:28 at least he was wearing a helmet...
octavian vasi (25 days ago)
It's not normal to laugh, if someone gets hurt. Repeat, It's not normal to laugh, if someone gets hurt.
Andi Pramono (23 days ago)
octavian vasi boi its normal ppl will laugh but in thierbrain they will say is he or she will be ok
octavian vasi (25 days ago)
Some are accidents !! not idiots. you do not understand that it can happen to anyone. I'm not their fault
Lucky Day (24 days ago)
I'm not their fault either. Everyone has their own El Guapo to face!
Ste S (25 days ago)
6 seconds in 😂😂😂😂 How can you not see that
Ste S (24 days ago)
@Petr Říha come on mate even so it was right there😂😂😂😂
Petr Říha (25 days ago)
He was smokin' smokin'
Лексей Сиргеич (25 days ago)
Largo Ranch (25 days ago)
These just proof you can fix stupid, sometimes permanently.
Adrian Rivera (25 days ago)
Se fijaron ese hilo 5:7
AG Coarseman (25 days ago)
I just can't understand the first one...dear Lord... The second is just bad luck as was the lady with the potatoes-can happen to everyone...
Brown_Note (26 days ago)
Your edits are tardid
Some scrub on YouTube (26 days ago)
Wouldve been funnier without any edits
Troll gaming (26 days ago)
3:20 is the best
austin hawkins (26 days ago)
this sucks