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Gun Mishaps & Negligent Discharges

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Subscribe, Like & Share. Don't forget to hit that Bell! No one was hurt or injured in this video, They are just dumb people being dumb. If you have any clips you would like featured send them in! BigBeatzProd@gmail.com Follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/bigbeatzpromo or @BigBeatzPromo Follow me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/BigBeatzViralVideos/ or @BigBeatzViralVideos
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Text Comments (10249)
Charles Brown (9 minutes ago)
Lol get in na truck lhh it's so funny to me yall oh lord help me lol
JockOfAges (3 hours ago)
7.15 I ducked and turned the fone away at the same time, poor guys pants musta needed changing after that dumbass muzzled him like that.
Tim A (4 hours ago)
1:30 da nu nahuy))))
fossilguy BMF (9 hours ago)
Rule #1 through 1,000,000 Keep finger out of trigger well until you are ready to shoot. PERIOD, some of these people got very luck they did not seriously hurt someone.
Joshua Frampton (19 hours ago)
5:50 It was her ears. I was boutta comment on the weakling til she said "My ears!" An infant could take a 5.56.
Joshua Frampton (19 hours ago)
10:45 I was waiting to jump when he burned his fingers off.
Wyatt Earp (19 hours ago)
Take away from this video is dumbasses need to stop trying to show off, especially giving a gun to their girls who dont know shit about them.
Ground Pounders Place (19 hours ago)
I love how most all of these people are leaning backwards, and the people letting them shoot have no idea what the proper stance is while shooting.
doppelganger (1 day ago)
1:29 - да ну нахуй :D
Jaden Bass (1 day ago)
The one at 5:50 actually wasn't bad, just surprised they weren't wearing ears
capt obvious (1 day ago)
7:08 fukh!!! 😂
Artticus Barca (1 day ago)
Is it an American standard to shoot at or over a body of water?
Mike G (1 day ago)
Mike G (1 day ago)
How stupid do you need to be to fire a gun 1. In your house, 2. In a bathtub, 3. Into a bucket of water, and 4. With the barrel submerged in the water?
Guy8t4 (1 day ago)
Loose tooth or broken jaw@4:56!
80brax04 (1 day ago)
@4:48 I told you... I told you... don't hold it like that.Priceless!! Flmao
Russell Evans (2 days ago)
"Don't shoot it like dat.....I told ya, I told ya!" 😂😂😂😂
Andrew Lydick (2 days ago)
1:25 that gun wasn’t made in America
An Droid (2 days ago)
dcb1138 (2 days ago)
1:55. Thats a real soldier there....EPIC FAIL
Penutbutter And jealous (2 days ago)
Well son of a bitch Clyde haha
TheBro (2 days ago)
First guy needs to keep his finger off the trigger when flexing
Black Fire (2 days ago)
As a gun nut I can't help but point out all the stupid things XD
Brian (4 days ago)
The common thing every single one of these people are doing is smiling and laughing not taking what they are doing or what they are holding seriously at all!
Integ bone shyrect8 (4 days ago)
God works in mysterious ways
phorse (4 days ago)
I thought the two people in the thumbnail, were just one really fat guy at first.
opposedboot 0053 (4 days ago)
What’s that intro song 😂
Donny Vo (4 days ago)
1:27 WHATD YOU THINK WAS GONNA HAPPEN like even I know a bullet has gunpowder in it that explodes therefore shooting the bullet
SPFrobber (4 days ago)
This video sucks
Doggo4lyf (4 days ago)
He got taken out by a nerf gun 0:33
Tommy1703 (4 days ago)
1:23 did he fucking this it wasn't going to discharge..?
Raymond Marshall (5 days ago)
When I was kid my dad got me a BB gun an tough you gun safety with that. Than once he saw I wasn't a dumbass I got a single shot .22
Raymond Marshall (5 days ago)
Some people should just stick with pepper spray
Phantom Line Gaming (5 days ago)
0:34 Pussy.
Matt Grizzle (5 days ago)
7:02 she says "relax" as she points the AK at him...
Rymdiz97 (5 days ago)
why do so few people use ear protection?
R H (5 days ago)
3:45 Didn't know the Taliban had blooper reels.
Chris Katko (5 days ago)
7:37 When you ABSOLUTELY need EVERYONE you meet to KNOW that you're a complete douchebag... introducing... the gold plated Desert Eagle. ... my Ralph Lauren. That and buy an Afflicted or Ed Hardy T-shirt an complete the set.
Dev Singh (5 days ago)
How did a nerf gun make it in this compilation
Chris S (5 days ago)
I love the shooting sports but people and their blatant disrespect for the sport and safety make me sad and sick. This really and truly is why we can't have nice things.
Pengalor (5 days ago)
That last one got me...how the hell did you manage to jam a revolver?
PicklesNJack Yes (6 days ago)
I don’t know if I’d ever hand a killing machine over to someone that doesn’t know how to operate it. The whole “it’ll never happen to me” saying comes to mind
Marty (6 days ago)
7:05 "relaaax" that cunt cant figure out why what shes doing is extremely dangerous??? and she has the reflex reaction to blame her whipped boyfriend, just wow...what a dumb twat
Marty (6 days ago)
im amazed that these people are alive
Pierre Jones (6 days ago)
FUCK!!!... Lmao
Eric Kyle (6 days ago)
Well Darwin has a plan...
smokysantana (6 days ago)
Any novice with guns should never be allowed more than one round when shooting.
1naruto59 (6 days ago)
6:08 Is she pregnant?
Damian Ociepka (7 days ago)
Well to be honest... Whenever I do shooting using *air guns*, first thing I tell someone who never held any kind of gun in their hand is... DO NOT, NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, DO NOT POINT IT AT ANYBODY. Always keep it pointed down range.
BLACKFLAME4941 (7 days ago)
Holy shit the girl with the "i dont know how to do this" attitute..... dumb as fuuuuuck but her friend aint better to be honest
Dust Hunter (7 days ago)
Selección natural!!!
Flaviy Sidna (7 days ago)
1:29 Да ну нахуй
Que Dableyou (7 days ago)
dude I could NOT watch the last one bout to watch someone's fingers get blown clean off
Random ice Lol (7 days ago)
0:27 you have to be at least 24 years old to handle a NerF gun
lakingsboi (7 days ago)
watching this video gave me anxiety
Bigbassfishing 03 (7 days ago)
How do you jam a revolver
Assault Spoon (5 days ago)
Theres a lot of ways, most of them involve breaking parts of the cylander mechinism or hammer spring
TheSkittleFur (8 days ago)
"Chill" *just pointed gun at you*
zhain0 (8 days ago)
that first one was a blank
Richard Lahan (8 days ago)
Stupid people.
James Chun (8 days ago)
Poor Walther P99...
drcovell (8 days ago)
My wife suffered through a war and hates guns. I am away a lot so I taught her to grit her teeth and learn how to shoot my little S&W .38 wheel gun; if any intruders come in-- just point and shoot until all are down, running away, or it stops going bang! Anyone can learn how to use a weapon with proper training; firearms fails aren’t cute or funny, just potentially deadly!
Gty Pty (8 days ago)
Love the attitude of Americans to guns . So funny . They should make comedy shows out of all the mass shootings.
Isaiah Tufor (8 days ago)
1:47  Omg.   YOURE DONE!!?!?!    Really?    Must be a corporate exec.
Isaiah Tufor (8 days ago)
5:00 Ladies.    I know you don't THINK youre strong.    But youre not THAT weak either.   How many action movies have you seen the Female Ass Hero holding her weapon with this kind of form??? UNDAINTIFY YOURSELVES WHEN THE OCCASION POPS UP.       GUN RANGE = HARDCORE MODE
Isaiah Tufor (8 days ago)
4:53 When you don't  respect your weapon because all your gun training comes from graffiti on street corners
JhonnLT (8 days ago)
some guys here are pretty stupid.. but those girls.. wtf, they're completely brainless
Philip S (8 days ago)
All Dickheads....
locksmith db (9 days ago)
Most of these people have NO BUSINESS even touching a firearm. I've been carrying all day every day for over 10 years and I take it SERIOUS! Learn how the basic firearm safety rules first!!! I can see the disaster WAY before it happens. So many of these people are holding the gun with the trigger, pointing it at themselves and others.....etc. TAKE YOUR BOOGER PICKER OFF THE BANG SWITCH UNTIL YOUR EYES ARE ON TARGET( SAFE DIRECTION) AND YOU ARE READY TO SHOOT! If you are a Male and giving a women or a child a HUGE gun for their first time, shame on you! It is not funny and will get someone killed, maybe even your stupid ass.
locksmith db (9 days ago)
It's so funny until someone gets hurt.
Cristian 1 (9 days ago)
Someone explain why the gun exploded under water in the 2nd clip?
JLUDE01 (9 days ago)
These aren't mishaps, it's pure stupidity. So many of these are some dumbass letting some inexperienced shooter (usually a female) fire a huge revolver or shotgun. Stop.
Mr1bigsexy (9 days ago)
Complete morons
Nicolas Castellano (9 days ago)
at 1:24 he's actually shooting a blank
Andrew Wimbish (9 days ago)
John Walker (9 days ago)
Gave me fucking cancer
Chris Vaughn (10 days ago)
Did the guy at the end die?
Joby Fluorine (10 days ago)
1:58 BWAHAHAHAHA!! {GASP} HAAHAHA! He broke his pussy!
Tim Mayeaux (10 days ago)
has the whole world gone stupid ?
rony ranoo (10 days ago)
بيضاتي وقعوا من الخوف 😱😨 7:5
kedwardsTWO (10 days ago)
I love how a lot of people, even the smart guys, when they get given a firearm they lean backwards and away from it at unnatural angles.
Chris Watson (10 days ago)
8:18 what a pussy ass bitch.
Chris Watson (10 days ago)
I would never hand a gun to a female. 7:10 take that AK from that lousy bitch if you have any value for your life. She even says it herself, she has no fucking clue what she’s doing!
I M (10 days ago)
1:00 dieser Typ ....
mazzadude (10 days ago)
'Sorry relax I don't know how to do this' What a dull cunt.
Икс Болт Нержавеич (10 days ago)
curtisscott02 (10 days ago)
I am totally against gun control...then I watch this.
Ghetto Gothics (10 days ago)
Girls with guns
The Unusual Stranger (10 days ago)
4:23 God bless Safety Redneck .
Michael A (10 days ago)
lmao what the fuck were they doing letting that little woman fire that rifle. She must weight about 80 lbs.
Ian Miles (10 days ago)
Best advert to amend the 2nd amendment,
3/502 INF WIDOWMAKER (10 days ago)
Kinda want to know what happened to the revolver at the end....
Bo Bo (10 days ago)
my balls went up inside me with that muzzle sweep! geez
PalRob (10 days ago)
People who shoot without protection and treat guns like toys are retards.
Gary Caldwell (10 days ago)
Women have NO business even touching a gun.
FullHalfCircle (11 days ago)
07:05 "Stacy! FUCK!" "Sorry, relax! I don't know how to do this...!" EXACTLY! You don't hand a loaded gun/rifle to someone who doesn't know "how to do this". Well, forgot I was watching a vid on idiots with guns.
FullHalfCircle (11 days ago)
0:44 Translation: That much water should do it. Let's check the temperature... yeah, comfortably warm temperature. Now you have to cock/load it. Put the bullet in, man. The bullet's in, as you can see. Dude, if it goes off in your hand...! Stick it in deep! Under water! Right in! [shoots] Shit! You destroyed everything! Show me! What is this?! It's fallen apart! Dude, it totally got destroyed!
Malachi Baucom (11 days ago)
Good thing that guy isn’t in isis 2:53
life is a journey (11 days ago)
stupid is as stupid does ,these videos should be used to show those that all should take safety courses should mandatory for all who have not shot in so many year an the such ,an make them pay ,now those who don't forget the 10 comandments of gun safety or just keep a copy around ,for heck sake google gun safety ,there are tons of videos on how to use ,this is just part of what takes away from the rest of us
7845lptape (11 days ago)
The NRA is OK with idiots like these using guns?
Assault Spoon (5 days ago)
The NRA and just about every range in the country provides classes, but just because they brought the camel water, doesnt mean it'll drink
nono Nicolas (11 days ago)
Cunts rule the world
K.Y.E or just sin (11 days ago)
0:24 .....................i saw the video and thought real guns? Or something......idk But im petty sure thats a toy
Nutty man (11 days ago)
1:29 he just made a luger. *german engeneering intensifies*