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Aviation Memes #2 | Airline Pilot Reacts

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My first Aviation Memes video caused people to send me a bunch more through Instagram and so here is another round of pilot and aviation memes with some flight attendant memes. Boeing 747 airline pilot reacts to a different memes in aviation. Be Part of the 74 Crew: IG: https://www.instagram.com/74gear/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/74gear Facebook: https://facebook.com/74gear Flight Simulator Gear I use: Yoke: https://geni.us/SimYoke Computer: https://geni.us/GamingComputer Flight Gear I use: Aviation Headset: https://geni.us/AviationHeadset Backpack: https://geni.us/PilotBackpack Traveling headset: https://geni.us/DHheadset Video Gear I use: Camera: https://geni.us/VideoCamera Action Camera: https://geni.us/Actioncamera Flight Audio Connector: https://geni.us/FlightAudio ND Filter: https://geni.us/NDFilter I may receive a commission on some of these links but it will not change the price you pay for the items.
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Text Comments (1297)
맥스 (12 hours ago)
You can really feel how desperate he is for female attention and it's off-putting the way he talks about women.
Rainbow Pony (14 hours ago)
Dallmyd's outro lol😉
Potato Lazer (17 hours ago)
3rd time watching this video
teoman deniz (20 hours ago)
i demand moreee
justsomeone (21 hours ago)
Chemtrails are real and often used to control weather before major events. Not necessarily dangerous just because of the word chemicals.
C.J. van den Crommenacker (1 day ago)
Chem trail? Overhere in The Netherlands we’re telling oud kids its a pilot from belgium and he does that so he can find his way bag 😂
mhoward181 (2 days ago)
Ahh man. Everyone that jumps up the moment the plane stops is so funny. I just sit there and wait. I Carnt be bothered with that. Same as when boarding they quickly form a que. I just sit there. No stress. Then I joint to que when it’s nearly at the end. Guess what you still have to wait to get seated anyway. Why spend extra time in a que that everyone hates. Just sit and chill plane doesn’t go till your all sat down.
RepoDraghon (2 days ago)
If there was a delay for not having enough fuel and then having to fuel more, what if at all do the pilots tell the passengers? I used to fuel planes and always wondered if pilots tell the passengers if it's the fuelers fault... Most of the time it's the airliner that changes the fuel load on us last minute. I've had this happen... Most people don't know that the airliner only takes just enough fuel for that trip, we do not top off the tanks...
TimesThree (2 days ago)
Wait a minute so your guys do Mind control and Mass Sterilization? I knew it!
Love airplanes (3 days ago)
7:28 thank god for ADSB now
rwdplz1 (3 days ago)
"How we make up time in-flight" aka "What do you mean you lost my bags?!"
Hoshimaru57 (4 days ago)
If it’s any consolation I usually know what kind of plane I’m flying in. I think most often it’s 737 or A300 (the small ones). The largest plane I’ve ever flown in was a DC-10, and that was going to Alaska. Face it, until you’re a military pilot flying the best of the best or a freakin astronaut, no one’s gonna be impressed.
Hoshimaru57 (4 days ago)
Chemtrails are supposedly those non disappearing thin trails that come off the tips of the wings and linger in the air for a long time after the rest of the plane trail has disappeared. To which I say: chemtrails do exist, but the chemical is aviation fuel from planes dumping excess fuel before landing. Which IS something that happens.
Helen Hebert (4 days ago)
I can do sympathize not jumping in to conversations. I’m a forensic architect. My firm is often working on major collapses or building disasters and we cannot talk about the work, not even to colleagues. So yeah. I usually just move away from the conversation.
tasha ruth (6 days ago)
When he was talking about when people make jabs at the size/type of plane, I remember I had a flight on a 50-ish seater prop-plane. It was the smallest plane I'd ever been on, and I texted my mom, "We're going to hit a butterfly and crash." No jab at the skill of the pilot, just the size of the plane. I'm used to 737s and 747s 😅
That Meme (6 days ago)
Lol. Condensation.
Sir Fluffington (6 days ago)
I have a story about delays. My flight was delayed for a bit because the engine stopped working before we took off, and we had a delay for a couple hours after we had gotten back off of the plane. We found out we were going to be delayed until at least 7pm, 6 hours after our 1:00pm takeoff time. It ended up getting canceled and I had to take two separate flights to get back home, at 1 am instead of 3 pm. I’m surprised with how well the airport handled it. We were given meal vouchers and they got us onto another flight. The staff must have to deal with some crazy people and I respect that. Also they have carts full of snacks at the terminals.
Rex McStiller (6 days ago)
Do you ever land on the BER? :D
Paige White (6 days ago)
love the channel. keep posting everything
Rach (7 days ago)
I'm ground crew for an airline in Australia and I laughed my ass off at the delayed meme. Guests definitely don't believe it when we say it's weather related! Or they get upset if it's unscheduled aircraft maintenance... so you want to fly on an unsafe aircraft then.....?!
PortuguesePirate99 (7 days ago)
Flying long haul passenger planes would seem fun for a few years but i think Cargo seems so much more easier as you are dealing with professionals who know what they are doing rather than random people bothering you at airports
Captain Geronimo (7 days ago)
OMG it said chemical mix and you said chemical trails.. You slipped the truth! :P
Cobb (7 days ago)
Contrails and Chemtrails are not the same thing, however Chemtrails arent a conspiracy anymore. There is an actual degree program for it call stratospheric-geoeningeering, as well as another name I don't remember with solar in it.
G Thom (8 days ago)
Water is a chemical...
The Gaming Ferrets (8 days ago)
I wish I could understand this I’ve only flown a cirrus
Wolfe Mike (8 days ago)
Hey 74 Gear I have a meme for you it's from cards against humanity This is your captain speaking, fasten your seatbelts and prepare for *survivors guilt*
CMDR Sweeper (8 days ago)
OF COURSE you chemtrail! You emit chemicals as byproducts of your combustion process as well as disturb water molecules that sometimes causes condensation stripes! Naturally, so are us on the ground when we exhale on the ground, and even water is considered a chemical in chemical sense, so... Go figure :D
bakuga tencho (8 days ago)
Nah man those ain't chems they're the foundation's amnestics
Liam Greenfield (8 days ago)
The fact airplanes exist is obliterating my mind. Like how the frick does that thing stay in the air?!
PixieoftheWood (8 days ago)
I'm confused as to why someone would think flying commercially is better? To me that's like asking a semi driver if he'd ever consider driving a bus.
1953Stephan (8 days ago)
The Girls Taking Selfies must be at Maho beach in the Caribbean Island of Saint Maartin, the airport is literally yards from the Beach
Nathan Holt (10 days ago)
Why do idiots blame the crew/staff? Whatever’s wrong is usually either bad luck or corporates fault. Also don’t get why people are in such a rush to get off the plane its not like you wont still end up waiting on luggage.
Adam Hlali (10 days ago)
I study to become a flight technician in Sweden and I had a course in aerodynamics. And the last thing the instructor mentioned was spoilers and how they work. And when I took the train home there was this girls studying to be a doctor, and she said "When the wheels are 1 meter above the runway, that's when you want to lose all lift". My head just screamed "RYANAIR PILOT?"
kingkam78 (10 days ago)
Freight Pilots: 16 hour flights are too difficult. Me, who drives trucks: hah. i drive some routes that are at least 72 hours.
Schlo 7G (10 days ago)
Showing people in their swimwear is "super creepy" just because it's on a video? If they don't want to be seen then they should wear less revealing swimwear. If you're in a public pool you can bet that somewhere there's a camera recording you. And no, you can't get in trouble for filming as nobody has any right to expect privacy whilst in public. At least you would be up front about it. What creeps me out is spotting a "hidden" camera in hotel pools. You don't know if it's part of the hotel security or not.
Jonathan Hamlett (10 days ago)
I don’t know why I got this video, but I used to work in a hotel in Charleston, SC that had airline contracts and I am now trying to remember what the inside of the rooms looked like...
Jonathan Hamlett (10 days ago)
@74 Gear No longer in that area, I left Charleston about five and a half years ago. Now that I am on my computer and can see your profile picture I have definitely seen that plane before many times. I believe there are 4 of them, and I can remember seeing at least 3 of them. I was one of the hotel staff authorized to drive the shuttle for drop off on the run way. But, I can also tell that you were probably in a different hotel in this video.
74 Gear (10 days ago)
😂 well if you ever see me around CHS come say hi
Rasitha Senevirathne (11 days ago)
bro you don't even pilot a falcon 9?
t e r I N E E D L E R (11 days ago)
Not ATC but curious about what was curious to what was done to the 737 so no more DB Coopers could bail from it. I know there was a modification- just don’t know exactly what it was.
Graytail (11 days ago)
I think you might have read the flight instructor one wrong? At least I read it differently - I train pilots Would you travel on a commercial flight? O_O'
BUTTERCUP Jones (11 days ago)
I hate that. When the plane still needs to full stop and the passengers are already getting up. Especially the ones all the way in the back. No patience in some people
McBehrer (11 days ago)
10:22 There is nothing wrong with that English, besides maybe forgetting to put quotes around "fasten your seatbelts."
N A (12 days ago)
9:43 We haven't forgotten about you. We just have separation anxiety with our planes. Think of it like sitting on the sofa with your significant other. You don't need to be doing anything, but minding your own business together is nice. :)
Voltaic Fire (12 days ago)
I wonder if he finds plane spotters to be weird, I'd be freaked out if I was sat at my desk and I had people nerding out at me.
Ody meme (12 days ago)
Mach 8,5 like 8.5% of the speed of sound or 85%? Also I thought pilots used knots.
GenericFakeName (12 days ago)
7:28 one time I flew to an airshow with my dad in his Cessna 150 and as we were leaving we heard on the radio that the restored B-17 that was there would be taking off and leaving aswell. We circled around decently close but obviously far enough away from the airport to conflict with traffic and tried to spot the war bird leave. You'd think something as massive as a flying fortress would be easy to spot but it took a long time to spot it.
sapphire dawn (12 days ago)
Well AIRLINES are awful with acatually handling flight delay so....
Jerzy Radzewicz (12 days ago)
This feeling when passengers after the landing are saying that the flight was not good because after the takeoff you forgot you have passengers on board but you started to think you were on cargo plane, so you started to fly less comfortably and ruined a whole career.
yes'd (12 days ago)
he looks like if the word Doritos was a person
The Gaming Banana (13 days ago)
I literally had to wait 10 hours for a plane once, while the weather was clear and was not showing any signs of bad weather soon
Uncle Creepy (13 days ago)
Chem Trails Mind Control Population Control Mass Sterilization Pilot spends over a minute trying to convince us Chem Trails aren’t real. Says nothing about mind control, population control, or mass sterilization. 🤔
Jimbob The Rambo Dude (10 days ago)
They aren’t. He explains this with frustration. If you believed this was sterilizing and controlling peoples brains, I’d call you damned bonkers.
Mcrayfish (13 days ago)
Morkff (13 days ago)
I live in sc (lexibgton area) and most charlston views are better than that!
Sionnach Meaney (13 days ago)
I know they aren't chemicals, but I still refer to them as chemtrails because I don't know what else to call them
iona (13 days ago)
Not air traffic control, but an avid listener to compilations of their discussions with pilots (I considered going into it). I get the impression it's more when they're busy dealing with traffic build up nearer to the building - where the passengers get on. And then you calling in and asking if they're ready is a bit annoying when they're dealing with a situation elsewhere. Just stick to being polite and they'll give you clearance when they can!
Croissant208 (13 days ago)
9:9 that actually happened i saw in a video
William Huang (13 days ago)
lol the 747 me 787 meme is so captain joe
Rick gage (13 days ago)
when someone ask you if you fly commercially or just freight you should say just freight, (dramatic pause) then ask them if they wanna know whats the best freight ? then answer people!
反社会的 Weeb Trash (13 days ago)
11:17 “Ask any racer, any REAL racer, it doesn’t matter if you win my an inch or a mile, winning is winning!”
Sean Nash (13 days ago)
Chem trails consist of a combination of chemicals which may or may not cause cancer. The chemicals is/are dihydrogen monoxide. The "ahhh" in the announcements come from VOX. A method by which sound activates the transmit function of the radios. "Ahhh" allows the circuitry to transition to transmit without cutting off the beginning of the transmission. Oh, and duh!
joshua christopher (13 days ago)
oh when I have a plane next to me I go full throttle
SailorIda3 (13 days ago)
Question: Do you ever meet some really REALLY old pilots? I remember reading about pilots during WW2 and they had to fly with ice on the wings, through fog and what not without the technology of today. How do these old schol pilots talk to newer pilots?
LichtdesMorgens (14 days ago)
Btw: when working with a VIT LEJ flight which had technical issues ,things took to long and looked like it was going AOG and the crew went missing. Turns out they were over their hours and went for lunch, as the plane was actually fixed but no crew :D
LichtdesMorgens (14 days ago)
I work near LEJ airport, you ever come over to us ? Sorry I'm new to your channel :)
Suwin Khamchaiwong (14 days ago)
wolf wing (14 days ago)
hehe I love how he denies the chemtrails...but not whats in them DUN DUN DUN!!!! j/k
Tristan (14 days ago)
Welcome to doctor mike planes edition
Ricardo Gonzalez Cancelo (14 days ago)
Delay due to pilots being late. Man, brake that shit and blame it on maintenance.... Yeah.... reasons to hate specific pilots when working line xD
Gaming Master Anthony (14 days ago)
“Chemtrails is just a conspiracy” Hmmm, so the mind control, mass sterilization and stuff are true then?
Gaming Master Anthony (10 days ago)
Caleb Flores I’m calling shenanigans on you. But in all seriousness watching that part again I saw that.
Caleb Flores (10 days ago)
Those were all options for the type of chemtrail...
Marie-Ange Rahir (14 days ago)
You're sweet, great knowledge 😊 but I feel like you don't get the jokes? Or maybe you just don't laugh at them idk 😂
AndroïdPrïest (14 days ago)
my aunt was a flight attendant for American when i was growing up and THANK YOU for the shoutouts to attendants and gate staff, and encouraging other pilots to look out for them! dealing with people, esp angry/upset people, is sometimes the hardest job in the world, and pilots have a lot of sway in the minds of travelers as the final authority of the plane; if the pilots are good to and vouching for crew and staff, the people tend to take note. hope that lady was able to reschedule her job interview thanks to your photo evidence and thinks twice before lashing out at airline/airport staff in the future recently came across this channel but ill be hovering around the airspace for sure c:
x. su (1 day ago)
AndroïdPrïest she wouldn’t have gotten the photo evidence if she did not scream at the gate agent. So the lesson here might be scream until you get someone with evidence and real answers
00Billy (14 days ago)
I think for pilots flying skydivers might be the best job. 15-20 flights a day..and no autopilot... I was around when an Air canada pilot with 20k hrs dropped by a resume. i told em we have an astronaut flying for us currently. (no lie...Bjarni Trygvesson flew some loads !)
Josh Dyer (15 days ago)
The meme about "I'm a flight instructor. -- Would you ever fly commercially? -- Shocked face." is definitely a joke about trusting your student to fly. My brother is a CFI and he's had to actually tell people they will never fly with him again after a particularly stupid event. Considering some of the people I've worked with myself, I'm glad you can't just rent a plane to fly it like people rent U-Hauls. Some people can't even drive a passenger car, so why in the world are they allowed to drive large heavily loaded vehicles. Same for flying commercial vs a small single engine.
Josh Dyer (15 days ago)
The bad thing is these students that get rejected can often find some idiot CFI to finish "training" them, training in quotes because "you can't fix stupid"!
DARK GOLDEN (15 days ago)
What was that movie? 01:10
Aon (15 days ago)
Kaila Y (15 days ago)
First it was Dr. Mike. Then it was Legal Eagle. And now here I am watching an airline pilot youtuber. My arsenal of knowledge is coming along nicely.
Amy Smith (15 days ago)
I love flight attendants they are the sweetest people ever and i don’t get why people are rude
Damián "el Salsuero" (15 days ago)
Horrible English? Really? Missing one comma is about all I could come up with as "horrible". What am I missing in your interpretation?
STHFGDBY (16 days ago)
Kelsey, love your videos. Just wondering if you ever did the Air Canada Gimli Glider 143 made for tv 1985 movie with William Devane as the hero pilot. The movie was called Freefall. And another reconstruction on National Geographics was televised too. That was more realistic than the movie. So if you haven't done it, could you?
A. C. (16 days ago)
When crew scheduling calls you: "Why are you Runin'...? Why are you Runin'...? Why are you Runin'...?"
0MindSwept0 (16 days ago)
I used to be afraid of some catastrophe happening whilst I was flying, but the more I fly the more I think about weather and stuff potentially canceling the flight and now that's what I'm mostly concerned about 👀
Prjndigo (16 days ago)
Exhaust vapor trails behind the aircraft are because combusting hydrocarbons produces just as much heated water vapor as carbon dioxide... and when it cools it becomes a fog.
Patman (16 days ago)
"Would you fly commercial?" "Nah, ****** people. I just wanna fly"
Aaron (16 days ago)
10:41 MACH 8.5!
Vahur Joa (16 days ago)
Money to eat? I knew that pilots make so much money that one of the options to get rid of it is to eat it
Robert Marks (17 days ago)
On the whole “are you going to ever fly commercially?” When coming from someone who doesn’t fly. It’s not them ‘throwing shade’ as the kids would say. What’s happening is when people think of a commercial pilot, they are thinking of something very specific ‘mainly the dude flying the plane when they visit there family during the holidays’ and not knowing that flying commercially is actually very broad ‘anyone flying for pay’
Agent Parker, Federal Bureau of Snowflake Control (17 days ago)
Robert Vantine (17 days ago)
I think that woman with the job interview was smart to get the picture of you and the phone with the radar. That's thinking and covering your bases.
Ross Eaton (17 days ago)
So you're telling me a fuel dump isn't a chem trail? Just teasing, great videos and funny memes.
Guillermo Hernandez (17 days ago)
a good friend of mine from highschool tried to be a pilot, his GF at the time was a military brat, his father kept grilling my friend when was he going to be a real pilot and not a pussy (Air force). There was no coming back from that one for my friend.
Ichigoeki (17 days ago)
I would've most likely taken a photo with you and the radar too in that situation. Higher powers have decreed that no can do right now, I have my excuse. X)
✿MJF✿ (17 days ago)
Nice video! Tho many of the memes... flew over my head
J Paterson (18 days ago)
Several friends and I were traveling to Florida with one friend flying on the flight from Kennedy to Phila and we’d get on in Philly. The gate attendant said our flight was delayed do to weather in NY. Our friend on that flight quickly texted they were taking off. His flight was rerouted and went straight to Florida while the gate insisted it was still on the ground. I hate it when they lie. The gate very easily could have just told us it was the weather in Philly. We ended up taking another airline since our flight was canceled.
Weeaboomaster 2 (18 days ago)
Dr mike Legal eagal 74 gear
Garth Goldberg (18 days ago)
Passengers=self-loading cargo.
TheBoyScout01 (18 days ago)
So what type of plane do you fly?
Paxmax (18 days ago)
Pretty funny stuff! (only a frequent passenger)
Paxmax (18 days ago)
Key component missing from the 5:20 story: Hair color
MyEconomics101 (19 days ago)
14:30 That was reasonable. Like a sick note from the doctor. I would ask the flight attendant to have it written down.
Malachi Bathurst (19 days ago)
he sounds like Morty (Rick and Morty) after he hit puberty
Maryse Bowen (19 days ago)
I followed you simple to support fellow airline workers my uncle is a flight attendant