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Iceland Is Growing New Forests for the First Time in 1,000 Years | Short Film Showcase

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The landscape of Iceland has changed a lot in a thousand years. When the Vikings first arrived in the ninth century, the land was covered in 25 to 40 percent forest. ➡ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/NatGeoSubscribe ➡ Get More Short Film Showcase: http://bit.ly/ShortFilmShowcase About Short Film Showcase: The Short Film Showcase spotlights exceptional short videos created by filmmakers from around the web and selected by National Geographic editors. We look for work that affirms National Geographic's belief in the power of science, exploration, and storytelling to change the world. The filmmakers created the content presented, and the opinions expressed are their own, not those of National Geographic Partners. Know of a great short film that should be part of our Showcase? Email sfs@natgeo.com to submit a video for consideration. See more from National Geographic's Short Film Showcase at http://documentary.com Get More National Geographic: Official Site: http://bit.ly/NatGeoOfficialSite Facebook: http://bit.ly/FBNatGeo Twitter: http://bit.ly/NatGeoTwitter Instagram: http://bit.ly/NatGeoInsta Within a few centuries, almost all of the island’s trees were slashed and burned to make room for farming. This rapid deforestation has resulted in massive soil erosion that puts the island at risk for desertification. Today, the Icelandic Forest Service has taken on the mammoth task of bringing back the woodlands. With the help of forestry societies and forest farmers, Iceland’s trees are slowly beginning to make a comeback. Watch this short film by Euforgen to learn more about how their efforts are working to benefit Iceland's economy and ecology through forestry. Produced by Duckrabbit: http://www.duckrabbit.info/ Directed by Ewa Hermanowicz.: https://ehermanowicz.wordpress.com/ Euforgen: http://www.euforgen.org/about-us/news/news-detail/regreening-iceland/ Icelandic Forest Service: http://www.skogur.is/english About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible. Iceland Is Growing New Forests for the First Time in 1,000 Years | Short Film Showcase https://youtu.be/pnRNdbqXu1I National Geographic https://www.youtube.com/natgeo
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National Geographic (10 months ago)
Who knew selecting the right kinds of trees to plant could be such a difficult task? What do you think about Pröstur's efforts to combat deforestation in Iceland?
choices4good (14 days ago)
It is very comforting to know someone truly cares about earth and is proactively doing something on a grand scale. God bless him!
fallenSlave (17 days ago)
Kent Hovind was right: you are National Pornographic
Karrola Srikanth (29 days ago)
గ్రేట్ ఎఫర్ట్.. 👌👌👌💐💐💐🌷🌷
songstra (1 month ago)
He is an eco hero!
Andreas Aristokrates (1 hour ago)
This could have been an hour long, just to be clear: I would have watched a detailed explaination on the species, the composition, the thoughs behind, the concerns on bringing in "invasive" species, etc. tell me, I am amazed there could be trees at all, I always saw Iceland as a cold grass desert.
Rugia 1168 (2 hours ago)
"The forests were not obvious"...???  Maybe now even the Irish will catch on.
julkkis666 (7 hours ago)
Is it just me or are icelanders much easier to understand than danish people?
thisfool89 (15 hours ago)
"Pagan church" lmao hahhaha love it
FocusFanatic (20 hours ago)
And to think that the governments of Borneo, and in the Amazon are so busy cutting down trees and destroying forests with Glee.
Pamungkas Dewa (1 day ago)
its very good.. because tree get waters with its leve in night until morning.. and in morning until evening get carbon to make it grow and to get energy for get water in land.. its can fix atmosfer problem because to hot because to much carbon and can fix rain problem too because reduce carbon chance for oxygen mix with hidrogen up chance for rain..
FocusFanatic (20 hours ago)
Shut up Indonesian. You talk too much while your country is quicky destroying your own rainforest.
F.B.l Agent (23 hours ago)
Pamungkas Dewa ok
Harry Heywood (1 day ago)
Okay, that's awesome, but do we know what kind of effect the new non-native species of trees planted will have on the wildlife who are used to native birch forests?
aaron 5 (1 day ago)
long live what ever
cattigereyes1 (3 days ago)
The world needs more adaptive trees!
Licher salsa (4 days ago)
Little do you know... that greenhouse's real purpose is going to be growing marijuana.
B.C Drisk (6 days ago)
people unironically do the norse pagan thing in Iceland? wow
Grace Sy (6 days ago)
Security Officer Harry J (6 days ago)
i wish Florida would do the same, all they do is build apartment complexes and to many buildings while cutting down so many trees
Perun Wszechmocny (7 days ago)
That's the most amazing job on planet Earth!
Muhammad Abdullah (8 days ago)
Would you please come to Pakistan to help us Here is a huge potential for forestry, we have a lot of fertile land but without trees
Lars Høj (10 days ago)
If you get lost in a forrest in iceland. Just stand up
THE CLAIRVOYANT (11 days ago)
Thank you so much for all the efforts that you have done for making a fit environment for humans and all other creatures. I just wanna say that, all the products that we get from the tree is unnecessary but the important role is the environmental purposes like a carbon dioxide reducing and weather refining. Briefly tree is a vague life saver.
Chris Van Bekkum (12 days ago)
Sounds to me like regular conservation and adapting wants to availability.
walter byrd (12 days ago)
Glad I'm a vegan. Imagine if more people decided to eat less meat.
Johny Doe (12 days ago)
A Pagan Church are you stupid JESUS is your SAVIOR
Johny Doe (12 days ago)
The most conservative thing Iceland did to preserve itself was arrest all the Marxist Jewish Globalist Bankers. Who tried to subdue the Nordic peoples by usury and crushing debts........
Mark Pilant (12 days ago)
Beautiful we need more stuff like this well done
Francisco Francisco (13 days ago)
Arnar (13 days ago)
Lmao just use bone meal
Dovahkiin Septim (14 days ago)
Building a pagan church?! Yea
Per Perald (14 days ago)
I Live in Norway, when i was a kid forests covered 28 % of our country, today they say it's 35%. It's not actually forests, but they call them that, it's tree plantations. 1000 years ago, 70% of the forests were leafy trees like oak. Today oak is 2%. It's the barren trees like spruce and fir that dominate.
geronimo8159 (14 days ago)
I am wondering why he has no accent at all...
The Tupolev Tu-160 (14 days ago)
0:47 edge of Minecraft map
Peppermint Candy (14 days ago)
Too late for that optimistic; self contradiction of science changing the planet for the better.It's science which is destroying the planet in the first place or is this something you don't want to admit to yourself? The climate change is caused by science and it is not for the better but for the worst imaginable end.
Some body call that Ugly Orange Orangutan Donald Duck Trump to go to Iceland and learn from these Great people how to rebuild lost forests of America.
Mihai Ilie (12 days ago)
EMPIRE STRIKES BACK He wouldnt learn much from Iceland.If you think to help native american forests you have to look at the only similar forests that are in China.
Arthur Pfaelzer (15 days ago)
the mini ice age lasted from 1350 to 1850 the vikings had to abandon their settlement Maybe this is good news for global warming
Ian Holla (15 days ago)
Go Vegan for yourself, the animals, and the environment 🌱
Michael D (15 days ago)
Did he really say a pagan Church
Don Jon Lon (15 days ago)
iceland is most important country for study of vocanoes along with the many plates which seem to meet in or near iceland .
Elena Korchuganova (16 days ago)
And then meat eaters claim it's OK to eat grass fed cows...
Steven Martin (17 days ago)
fallenSlave (17 days ago)
Please tell me what does that accesory is named? At minute 2:00
unboxing theboxx (17 days ago)
Hunter Hotch (17 days ago)
that guy sounds 100% American for being Icelandic. actually has a north eastern accent aswell
Philly Paypa (18 days ago)
Looks awesome!
Rangdajied Sutong (18 days ago)
People who disliked this are all aliens; aliens who don't care about our Green Earth, at all. They must be living in Mars or something, I must say.🤨🤨
The bull Mc cabe (18 days ago)
So advanced and open to change , imagine this in the u k
flo sem (18 days ago)
Don’t blame catle and farms. Blame IKEA. and others
Marcin Dryja (18 days ago)
Forest is what I miss most in Iceland as a Polish
JR Kipling (18 days ago)
Another dose of Globalist Leftist propaganda from  National Geographic. You thinkits about Iceland.. but its a lecture about saving the world from Global Warming and Donald Trump
neonyx (19 days ago)
Greenland is green iceland is ice
soundidesign (19 days ago)
The backround is dead trees lol
MidnightFox (19 days ago)
Iceland is to cold for trees to live there
Jay Walker (20 days ago)
Hemp bud big money
Trilobyte (20 days ago)
Fake Documentary : Its really the vikings cutting down trees to make fancy battle ships!!!
Laurence Goldkamp (20 days ago)
Special thanks to anyone who can pronounce Icelandic names.
M C (20 days ago)
Why did it take 1,000 years?
Craftsman Sheng Can we get 10K Subs (20 days ago)
Brazil and Borneo "used to be" forest need to do this, like seriously
herr haller (20 days ago)
Iceland today ~ Greenland tomorrow !!!
Ronnel Espadilla (20 days ago)
Honestly i thought Greenland is Tropical country and Iceland is like Antarctica . 🙄
Matthew Ingram (21 days ago)
Bless you sir.
CMW18 (22 days ago)
Plant pines and Douglas firs. They survive very well in cold environments. Plus, they would be growing on the same latitude which would be good.
Donovan Howell (22 days ago)
Forestry 101: Diversify your tree stand
Ravindra Kulkarni (22 days ago)
A Nobel initiative.
Peter Dawes (23 days ago)
Willow is good for holding soil back and restore bogs which hold the water back too allowing a greater biodiversity and improve soil rich in nutrient. Have been restoring the plains in America with this method.
spikedpsycho (23 days ago)
Let me get this straight....Vikings raized the forests 1000 years ago...No one, at any point in the 1000 year timeframe did anyone consider planting any new trees?
I’m stupid, but (23 days ago)
just pick a new seed
Good Luck (23 days ago)
Don't worry bro when the volcano ash blacks out the sun in about 10 years nothing will grow anymore and we can all relax into the afterlife
Damn Nation (23 days ago)
"The green hope"
Joe York (23 days ago)
In the book "Third Millennium" there was mention of developments in genetic engineering. The scenario called for the dispersal of binder organisms to hold the soil to allow pioneer plants and small trees to take hold. It annoys creationists but science holds keys to our salvation.
Look Away (23 days ago)
So awesome
Snehal Tandel (23 days ago)
Robert Winslade (24 days ago)
Another way people can help to plant trees is by switching your default web browser to Ecosia. Ecosia are a non-profit organisation which uses money made from ad revenues on their web browser to fund tree planting projects across the world. They have recently passed 42 million trees planted (currently planting at a rate of a tree every 1.1 seconds; over 28 million per year!), and that is with just 7 million users. Imagine what they could do if they were anywhere close to the size of Google or Yahoo... Doing this takes hardly any time at all and costs you nothing, but if enough people do it it will make a huge difference in the mission to reforest this planet to protect against climate change and biodiversity loss.
KJames Jr. (24 days ago)
Why are they replacing broadleaf hardwoods with evergreens? This isn’t going to help with anything but having to import lumber, which seems to be what they’re true goal is.
Patrick O Connell (24 days ago)
3.52 Pagan church I knew that was the problem all along and vegan fishermen
Ted thesailor (24 days ago)
He speaks very good English...
Malcolm Watt (25 days ago)
Why would anybody want to build a pagan church? Don't we have enough of those already?
House Majority (25 days ago)
Well see where climate change lands
MrPathorock (25 days ago)
Results from global warming.
Constanze Steegmiller (25 days ago)
such a great guy. I always wonder why everybody is complaining that the Amazon rainforest is getting smaller and smaller. Instead of being concerned about it, we should plant out own forests, There are so many places in the world like Iceland, that have plenty of space. In the US and other countries we polute the air but really do nothing to stop it but complain that Brasil is cutting down the rain forest. We all have cut down nearly every forest and don't do anything to replant, therefor "GREAT JOB YOU PEOPLE OF ICELAND"
Larry Janson (25 days ago)
how about talking to the demegods in kelifourna about not burning up the forests for political gain.
Claude Armstrong (25 days ago)
"We want lumber for a pagan church." Is any available for real, honest, non pagan church?
William Iwneferi (25 days ago)
It's so nice to see good news. I applaud their efforts to regrow forests. It's exciting to see applied science in action.
ejis yopicus (27 days ago)
This guy runs a capitalist tree making business, so it's no wonder in the end the results will be positive and sustainable. A socialist economy and government doesn't have the capability of adapting itself until the people get fed up with it and tear it down.
ejis yopicus (27 days ago)
It's not the least bit surprising that trees all planted at the same time, would die off around the same time, especially for a short lived tree species...
Jetdot37 (27 days ago)
I’m just glad it didn’t end up being a car commercial.
Norman1951 Norman (27 days ago)
They should consider doing tree plating on a vast scale in Greece. Denuded by many centuries of ship building and grazing/browsing by livestock.
eX196 (28 days ago)
As an air breather, I just want to say thank you!
Gathering No Moss (28 days ago)
In America, in New England, but the beginning of 1800, 75% of the land had been deforested for timber and farming. Today, New England is the most heavily forested area in the country.
Damnit Bobby (1 month ago)
Iceland is beautiful. It reminds me of Alaska.
David Musial (1 month ago)
I really hope they're not promoting GMO
Bob Elschlager (1 month ago)
On a gut level, I felt much better about stuff like this than some of the hyperloop and trees-on-skyscraper videos that I watched in the last hour. Much much better. Very nice.
Jay Maharashtra (1 month ago)
Every single person who save forests I personally respect that person
Almighty Alious (1 month ago)
this's how the world should be
1powelrainbow2 (1 month ago)
The almost 800 dislikes must be from Sahara desert...no forest thanks!
Stonemansteve II (1 month ago)
It'd be nice if the U.S. could watch and learn from it's European neighbors, but always looks, sees the good that they're doing, and says we can do it better with more Capitalism and explosions!!!
sdfklsdfls (1 month ago)
Build a pagan church??? Uhh... No thanks! What a relic of backward, dark times!
Gathering No Moss (28 days ago)
The worship of nature is not backwards or dark
Einar Jungmann (1 month ago)
Is it possible to come to Iceland and attend the programme of renewal forests ?? Thank you.
HASSAN HIJJAZI (1 month ago)
Appreciated sir great job save envinment save human beings greeting from pakistan
BroMaster (1 month ago)
I love that this is happening. But my only question would be, how well does the natural wildlife acclimate to the new species of trees?
dustinfisher29 (1 month ago)
Plant kudzu!
Saurabh Raj (1 month ago)
He need to Go with India Or Chinese Bamboos , they grow Faster then others....
Saurabh Raj (1 month ago)
abhishek jha (1 month ago)
God knows wen India will take dis move ?😒
Rano Takhar (1 month ago)
Iceland needs forests, thanks for sharing.