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HOW TO GET A JOB AS A DELIVERY DRIVER/REQUIREMENTS Quick video about hour to get a job as a delivery driver/requirements. Also, i talk about the chance you'll have of becoming a DELIVERY DRIVER. If you enjoy this video smash that SUBSCRIBE and LIKE button. CTHOMPSON CLAN! INSTAGRAM -https://www.instagram.com/cthompson1135/ TWITTER -https://twitter.com/CThompson1135 SNAPCHAT - CTHOMPSON1135
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Text Comments (43)
eric nguyen (4 months ago)
1 year driving experience for the truck or the normal car??
Carlos Lugo (4 months ago)
Hi. Thank you for the information. Do you need a commercial driver license for delivery driver?
galickgunner (3 months ago)
Carlos Lugo no, if the truck exceeds weight of 28,000 and has air brakes then yes. These trucks do not.
Ayrianna Star (4 months ago)
Skip to 1:30
FireAlarmBoi (5 months ago)
Can you show us your scanner
FireAlarmBoi (5 months ago)
CThompsonTv I mean show us how it works
CThompsonTv (5 months ago)
What do you mean
Whiplazh (5 months ago)
I've applied for FedEx express did my interview and drug test then I was told i need 3 years of drivers experience ... any thoughts?
Whiplazh (5 months ago)
CThompsonTv before all of that I got a brief screening over the phone ... after the interview and drug test that same person told me this ... but I just got an email for orientation so... UPDATE: I was told the same thing again
CThompsonTv (5 months ago)
That's false. Who told you that?
Kaitlin Bunge (5 months ago)
What if you dont have any driving experience with ups or fedex..and are the vehicles stick?
Nicole Cote (6 months ago)
Passed the interview and have the drivers test tomorrow. Came across your channel a week ago and have been binge watching all your episodes. I hope I get the job !
Solitude (2 months ago)
Did you get the job
LoCcdOutSS (6 months ago)
I just got offered a job as a CCA for the post office. But im hesitating because I heard that job sucks!! Walking 13 miles a day.. but the pay is good!! Lol I have an interview for FEDEX tommorow as a driver! If I get offered that job too which one would you reccomend?
Whiplazh (5 months ago)
LoCcdOutSS It does suck trust me
Henshin Ikeda (1 year ago)
I noticed the 3rd party companies which buy the routes are not really well staffed or know what they are doing most of the time. FedEx or in this case the 3rd party route owners are sticklers on the minimum 1 year delivery experience and end up letting so many possible applicants go. (Found away around that if you transport legal docs or do pickups for your current employer) Being an owner of something different I feel as if these route owners really have no idea on how to run a business let alone know how to operate as a driver in a FedEx vehicle. (wonder how many 3rd party route owners have driven themselves or how they set the bar on driving) Would you turn away an application that holds an MBA with previous business experience or just settle for the pizza delivery guy w/ no real background? Love seeing your Vlogs CThompsonTv :)
CThompsonTv (1 year ago)
Thanks man! Appreciate it
Rock The Elle Media (1 year ago)
Love your energy in this video. New subbie. I'm a WAITR driver, please check me out as well.
CThompsonTv (1 year ago)
Thanks! Will do
Jossy Alvarez (1 year ago)
Can yoube hired with points on your license?
Kevin Briner (1 year ago)
They had a class if you didn’t have s year of driving experience for the company I worked for. I had a year of experience but because the way it was classified I still had to take the class.
Chris H (1 year ago)
So what's a usual day for stops and packages for you?
Pierson Barnes (1 year ago)
Love it
Bobbynator 4 (1 year ago)
You are the best
CThompsonTv (1 year ago)
Ha appreciate that man!
Suavepedro90 (1 year ago)
Wear a santa clause hat when u delivering 😝
Suavepedro90 (1 year ago)
I do , but sweat a lot with it still pretty fun and xmass ready lol
Scott D (1 year ago)
I did too
CThompsonTv (1 year ago)
Not even going to lie, I thought about it lol
Timothy Moore (1 year ago)
Hi c Thompson
CThompsonTv (1 year ago)
What's up homie
RTM Dustin (1 year ago)
That’s weird, it’s different with my contractor 3 years driving experience is a must But he also offers a Texas certified driving school you could do instead if he likes you
YotaFire28 (1 year ago)
Is peak season not here for FedEx!?
CThompsonTv (1 year ago)
Where is the notification squad?!
Zanda Williams (9 months ago)
CThompsonTv How do you get the experience?
CThompsonTv (9 months ago)
Zanda Williams (9 months ago)
CThompsonTv Will the company provide you with a truck?
CThompsonTv (9 months ago)
Yeah, they have people tatted up at Fedex
Zanda Williams (9 months ago)
CThompsonTv And do they provide you with a car or truck to do the delivery.
Tommy Staylor (1 year ago)
What’s up