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Fake-drug-warning advert shows man coughing up rat

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more on http://mastercom.over-blog.com advertiser: Pfizer
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Text Comments (76)
Rob Fraser (8 months ago)
There's a rat I be munchin', what me gonna do?
Nina Limond (1 year ago)
this advert wasn't fake. I saw it in the cinema a very long time ago.
jadenova (1 year ago)
Why would you buy drugs off the Internet?
KayWithThePlushies12 (3 years ago)
ekathe85 (4 years ago)
Advertising is about exaggeration. Metaphors. In House's words, "scare people from doing things by telling them something much scarier is going to happen than what will actually happen", or on the opposite, persuade people to do things by telling them something much cooler is going to happen than what will actually happen. You can't watch advertising without keeping this in mind.
theskwiffy1 (4 years ago)
who is the actor?
Paul Mckeown (5 years ago)
Ahh the hypocrisy...... Pfizer advertising the dangers of shitty drugs.....
Kannibal Cat. (5 years ago)
That's my ffriend ! :) Mr steve edwin, awesome actor.
illegalusername (5 years ago)
That was some good medicine, it chased that rat out real good
Funshutter (5 years ago)
Best Commercial!
Chris Blackford (6 years ago)
I have him photography at college lol
andocrates (6 years ago)
You ask me it's Teva and Dr Reddy's pushing the fake drugs. You can buy the name brand Ambian (Stilnox) by Sanofi-Aventis in Mexico for $75 or the name brand Ambian (Stilnox) by Sanofi-Aventis at a Texas WalGreens for $250
Amandamoo73 (6 years ago)
i remember seeing this on prime time telly-its one of those ads that you want to believe you didn't really see.very disgusting!ewww!
BigDaddyFlynn (6 years ago)
olliegreg0riou (7 years ago)
I know this man. He was my drama teacher at Canterbury College. trained at east 15. Also does Mr kipling adverts and looks a hell'a'lot like Craig Ferguson. name of Steven White
bighoz99 (7 years ago)
was the rat moving it's leg when he first got the legs out?
Jay Hawkbird (7 years ago)
poor rat. :(
Hanesu (7 years ago)
I like it, but it's not very well made.
LiamE69 (7 years ago)
Rat poison. Just one of the dangerous ingredients found in genuine medicine purchased from respectable pharmacies.
mayahalo (8 years ago)
eughhhhhhhhhhh that made me sick
studdles2007 (8 years ago)
I think the one with the Dog jumping out a guys mouth from a few years ago was a lot more disgusting
Matthew Moran (8 years ago)
but thats not the point of the video, its supposed to be about buying drugs online instead of perscription ones, anyway if a had a rat come out of my mouth, i'd have worse problems to think of than drugs, LOL
andrewvpover (8 years ago)
Shows that it's an effective advert then, if you were a "druggy", this would probably put you off drugs.
Matthew Moran (8 years ago)
god this ad is fking disgusting, how on earth was this given the go ahead to be shown on tv, the ones who did should be ashamed (they were prop paid off by the multi-million £ drug company). Its just as bad as hardcore porn being shown on my tv in my op. It doesnt even send a clear message, wtf has eating a rat got to do with faulty drugs, its just stupid scare tactics.
Hannah Critchlow (8 years ago)
i dont get it haha
Rhianna Crawford (8 years ago)
this commercial is gonna be on the "banned" list soon, i can see it 0_0
Litin (8 years ago)
4DFloyd (8 years ago)
Adam Abassi (8 years ago)
Cian Corcoran (8 years ago)
i saw this ad like 10 times yesterday on the same channel.its so vile
Franksalot (8 years ago)
... thats the point it's ment to be disgusting so it gets your attention and you don't buy fake drugs and kill yourself
Tom Mc (8 years ago)
@30001002 It's a warning. They usually have to be disgusting to get the point across.
DoddzyKingofSynth (8 years ago)
You may all think it's disgusting, but that's one of the factors that will contribute to its success. People will be scared of ordering fake medicine online, because of the chance it contains rat poison, or other dangerous substances.
NeenaJade (8 years ago)
i think its only shown on Tv from 11 pm onwards because of its graphic nature.... it is horrible though i have to admit :(
Sketchy Driver (8 years ago)
The advert uses shock, which is a very effective technique to alert people to very real dangers with which they may otherwise not be aware. I'm also presuming you meant disgusting as digesting is completely irrelevant. As the other guy said, voice your opinion on things when you are a little more educated about the matter. My opinion is that it's a really good ad, not many companies have the balls to use shock like this, the other one I remember was a 'Think' advert with a balloon and a drunk.
Kate Howard (8 years ago)
I love how people click thumbs down on this when he actually does teach us at Canterbury Col. Well he used to teach me anyway :D
Mully (8 years ago)
I think you meant disgusting not digesting cos he certainly isn't digesting that rat!
Calvin Campbell (8 years ago)
1. Absolutely digesting? I presume you mean disgusting. 2. The channels running the ad are not allowed to show it before 11pm and if you're eating dinner at that time, there is something wrong. Check your facts before you open your mouth.
terry4144 (8 years ago)
Rat poison (Warfarin) is used to thin the blood and stop it clotting often used for heart problems and also to kill rats
hotpars79 (8 years ago)
This is absolutely digesting and makes people vomit. Did they not think when TV showing this, people may be eating their dinner or lunch? They could give the message in a better and more clever way than showing a man pulling a rat out of his mouth in the kitchen. Please take it of TV.
Barkermush (8 years ago)
This avdert is stupid, Everytime it comes on i can't believe how stupid it is. Rat poison does not mean your swallowing a rat!!! Oh i swallowed some Rat Poision so now all of a sudden a Rat is going to appear in my mouth. pfffftttttt If your going to use Scare Tactics, At least do it correctly!
KerChoo (8 years ago)
new pet!! :3
LittleMikeUE (8 years ago)
What? Didn't know rat poison looked like an actual rat?
SolCalibre (8 years ago)
I just saw this on TV and i was like 0-O
Wing Man (8 years ago)
This is the illuminati at work again. As the previous poster pointed out the drug companies are worried about online competition. It is discusting and I will be reporting the ad to the advertising standards, i suggest you do too.
Lynsey Foster (8 years ago)
Fucking eww, lol
Nur Alobeid (8 years ago)
kingjollof (8 years ago)
hahaaaaaaaaaaa South Park
Niloo Cyrus (8 years ago)
Its a good advert but IT IS ABSOLOUTLEY SICK, im 13 and i watched this in between watching scrubs and it was disgusting i felt like throwing up & ithink it should be bnned. andy hemes; same i also feel like i can taste the hair
zombiehammer1 (8 years ago)
sick... funny but sick! effective too hopefully!
tom9987 (8 years ago)
this is disgusting
TheAlchymist (8 years ago)
Just saw this... I wasent prepared for this. Gonna be sick.
Lisa Molloy (8 years ago)
That is just sooo nasty. HATE THIS AD!
bill barker (8 years ago)
He should count himself lucky. If he hadn't taken the rat poison, he'd still have a live rat inside him.
Andy Hemes (8 years ago)
I Just Saw This On TV And I Was Nearly Sick. I an Almost Taste The Hair.
Zander Day (8 years ago)
a rat you fucking baffoon
wrrlykam (8 years ago)
This looks so like the 80s TV series V with famous rat/mouse eating scene but played backward.
nathaniel309 (8 years ago)
cool ad.
Thom Hill (8 years ago)
ha, I like the way that no-ones talking about the actual video, they're all like oh hey, that's Steve! he teaches me!
PyramidHead138 (8 years ago)
thats some scary shit
fjzjzsjzsjz (8 years ago)
pussy, millions of people around the world eat rats to survive.
supercruiser24 (8 years ago)
ask him he will only be too happy to tell you lol
Max Ez (8 years ago)
bad trip...
Nyscerion (8 years ago)
przemawia, przemawia :)
vikingo (8 years ago)
This is V extra terrestrial invasion backwards!
Lamerusha Lat (8 years ago)
Great ad!
paronomasiaster (8 years ago)
supercruiser24 (9 years ago)
wooo college drama teacher steve ... this dude is great .. one class he made us sit round the pc n made us all watch this
DoddzyKingofSynth (9 years ago)
Anybody who sees this isn't going to order fake drugs anymore. It's disgusting, but it sure as hell works.
Josh Roberts (9 years ago)
Saw it at the cinema for Friday 13th. Everybody was going mental haha.
Tom Dixon (9 years ago)
lmfaooo wta shittt advert
darkknight32 (9 years ago)
This advert popped up in the cinema as i ate my Pick N' Mix, put me right off my Chocolate Mice.
Ruey the Red Panda (9 years ago)
Just saw Underworld 3 with this in the advert.... almost threw up....
SPAGETT (9 years ago)
I had exactly the same experience.
Kate Howard (9 years ago)
Lol He's My Variety Performance tutor.. Stevey Baby.. He Was Telling Us How This Was Made.. Real Dead Rats And All That lol
ward haze (9 years ago)
he is? cool!!