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Sebastian Vettel se pasa a mecánico loco

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El tetracampeón del mundo de F1 se disfraza de mecánico y asusta a sus clientes con trompos y derrapes.
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Text Comments (354)
Ddd Dd (18 hours ago)
Infiniti FX vettel edition. Video its fake
René Pretschner (1 day ago)
Super geil 😂
David Sewell Clarke (3 days ago)
At least he can handle a car , even though its in a garage area. Not like some of the DICKHEADS , On our roads today they all think they are Schumachers of the open road. Me being a cyclist, I'd rather get grieve from pedestrians on the pavement, rather than ending up in A and E , by some car drivers that they're the only ones on the road , and it belongs to them.
Luca Gi (4 days ago)
Hope ferrari win soon .....stop smile be winner !!!
Bostiog Maria (5 days ago)
Werry nice !!!
daniel laurence (6 days ago)
The woman is an actress. She knew before...
Eduardo Garcia (6 days ago)
tudo combinado
Fab Co (7 days ago)
Da pilota loco a meccanico loco. Ha fatto presto sto bidone.
nomon95 (14 days ago)
Dirk Bach (15 days ago)
Antonio Carlos (17 days ago)
kkk e o susto em ótimo piloto!
Rio Roca (21 days ago)
Я бы его сразу узнал)
Moises Pereira (22 days ago)
Moises Pereira (22 days ago)
biene (22 days ago)
2:06 "Hörn se dat quietschen ?"
sergio lepore (23 days ago)
ma quando muore sto pz di merda
Maurizio Albera (16 days ago)
dopo di te, stronzo
Ru Ru (23 days ago)
Феттель, ты ибанулся?Людей так пугать)
snake in the grass (24 days ago)
Actors. If not he would have a Lawsuit on his hand he he couldn't handle.
Herbert seidler (24 days ago)
Its fake
jim t Kirk (25 days ago)
Hijo de la gran put...!! jajaj
jota (26 days ago)
Supongo que serán coches parecidos a los suyos no?
Boban Pavicevic (27 days ago)
DK viking KD (27 days ago)
how can you not show us their faces when you reveal Vettel's identity? Sex without a happy ending is just not the same..
markstephens36 (1 month ago)
Whats the point of this rubbish Its not funny Its just scaring people He is a sadist
Sir Dope (1 month ago)
Dat is dat quietschen 😂😂😂😂
Mario Lodico (1 month ago)
Quando Sebastian Vettel era Sebastian Vettel. 😂
Miguel Ángel Muñoz Machin (1 month ago)
Como lo has disfrutado...
UnReal Situations (1 month ago)
Vai Seb ahah
kurutze (1 month ago)
Die Frau ist schön!
Magegro (1 month ago)
Ja jaja que bueno
Vova Sato (1 month ago)
Она аж по русски заорала "ТОРМОЗИ"...
Mauro Pozzi Barco (1 month ago)
... uahahahahahahahah
Paolo D'Ascenzo (1 month ago)
Claudio Vitorino (1 month ago)
frédféric NUTTIN (1 month ago)
chuck norris is not dead!!! thank you Vettel
soundspur (1 month ago)
Se olvidaron de incluir la parte mas entretenida: la reaccion de los pasajeros cuando descrubren que NO es el mecanico loco pero Sebastian Vettel !!
ronald Rönnspieß (1 month ago)
und wo ist die auflösung ?
Iceman Thunder (1 month ago)
Vettel Ehrenmann 😂👏
juckie69 (2 months ago)
Alex And Or (2 months ago)
He seems a mix of Ali G and Brüno! XDD
Dietmar Berger (2 months ago)
Seb du bist echt bekloppt die Leute so einen schrecken einzujagen!"
Christian Lemes (2 months ago)
cranman C (2 months ago)
Vettel can drive!
Bulletman7 (2 months ago)
whos he suppose to be Chuck norris?
Liron Diaz (2 months ago)
it's a montage
Stefan F. (2 months ago)
Ruhig ruhig Frau Hansen... 🤣🤣
Sigi B. (2 months ago)
Eine Schande, für so einen Mist die Umwelt unnötig zu belasten.
AC GT (2 months ago)
He can drive a car like a Red Bull X2014... coff coff...there's nothing to worry about.
Arkadiusz Bloch (2 months ago)
Issam Duludum (2 months ago)
Fake. Worst actress
Hector Rivera (2 months ago)
me en canta
[ESP]CristianCupra (2 months ago)
canada painter (2 months ago)
big deal.....
Gamze (2 months ago)
wat in assi
Brisa A (2 months ago)
Genio vettel, te sigo en f1 desde chiquita... Vamos por un 2019 con muchos logros y el campeonato...🏎
Goodknight (3 months ago)
Whahahaha, they drive a powercar just to show off, but they use it properly, like Sebastian just demonstrated. :-)
rbmjf (3 months ago)
Wer ist Frau Hansen???
Асхат Ерденов (3 months ago)
Seb very 😂👍
Marcel Rebmann (3 months ago)
Super gespielt Herr Vettel. Mein S5 hat auch so ein quietschen ;)
Joor Champi (3 months ago)
Ya puede ser Vettel que me hace eso a mi y en cuanto baja le meto una ostia .... ajaja
Lucho Alejandro (3 months ago)
Es un loquete... podría a Hamilton disfrazado.. pero cantaría mucho XD
omega93830 (3 months ago)
Chuck Norris training to expendable 3.
Diogo Ara, Jr (3 months ago)
TETRA WHAT !?!?!? With the rules under his arms.... This guy is just a regular F! drive...maybe almost a NYC Taxi Driver
Jinu prince (3 months ago)
I thought that was his real beard 😂🤣
ycr .lhur (3 months ago)
Quel gros con ! ¿Y si se encuentra con alguien cardiaco, termina con un hombre muerto en sus brazos?
sinisab69 (3 months ago)
Sorry for being stupid, but where do i find subtitles? My fault I don't understand Deutsche.
bernard alain (3 months ago)
Nilo Skf (3 months ago)
aspic59 (3 months ago)
Me too!!
BernieFrynell (3 months ago)
Željko Puhovski (4 months ago)
oppenheim00 (4 months ago)
they didn't show the part where there was some rain, and he inexplicably drove off the lot and got stuck in some gravel
Wellington Teodoro (4 months ago)
Grande Vettel.
Helgard Höfinger (4 months ago)
Ta Ha (4 months ago)
Hörn se dat Jeräusch?
Hayrettin Candan (4 months ago)
pAiStE - aSbA (4 months ago)
Vabbé, non è che serviva Vettel pe' du' testacoda da dilettante...
XRYTH SQUAD (4 months ago)
foppo leeuwerke (4 months ago)
This made me laugh they were having a shite of fear.Wunderbar ja?
David Bartel (4 months ago)
I remember in the U.K them doing something similar with David Coulthard around the same time, looked more genuine than this though.
Billie Bleach (4 months ago)
Sportglasses 😂😂😂
Alexander van Wyk (4 months ago)
Aagh Vettel you're even better as a movie star. Laughed my but off. So happy I don't have to buy the tyres.
jan @broad (4 months ago)
GuillermoLowe (5 months ago)
Nic Pro (5 months ago)
only infiniti in this video...😒
Nikola Todorovic (5 months ago)
Komplimenti, Komplimenti BRAVO SEB
Nebojša Ivanović (5 months ago)
Vincent Vega (5 months ago)
Ein Punkt für den ...
Mike Sobirey (3 months ago)
2:10 ... Mein Auto! Göttlich ... hier ist nichts von Besitz.
Gregory Hill (5 months ago)
Right on !!!
cleanview70 (6 months ago)
that look says 69 charger daytona with demon engine & brem brakes
Chris Costa (6 months ago)
Queria estar dentro desse carro ☺♥
roasthunter (6 months ago)
Vettel is really owning the mullet, damn cool look for him
commodore665 (6 months ago)
at last he looks like a German with the mullet and beard
john jensen (6 months ago)
cool www.in-joy.dk
Cooper Hickmott (6 months ago)
It took this much to be Aussie. Well played
Jay Young (6 months ago)
Ala Jeff Gordon....
Mari Angel (6 months ago)
azis maulana (6 months ago)
Consuelo Francis (6 months ago)
O banco do carona ficou com um furo. Kkkk