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TOP 10 Extreme plane Landing (hard landing)

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Top 10 most extreme plane landing (hard landing) Full HD description: In this video compilation 2018 you will see plane hard landing in extreme weather condition extreme landing airplane on water plane emergency hard landing at the forest when the engine stalled landing plane on most dangerous airports in the world And many more spectacular plane hard landing videos The link on this video - https://youtu.be/q65mCLCoEwA 📌THANKS for WATCHING📌 📌SUBSCRIBE: 📌THE TOP 10 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6t9VvQ4CDQKUO1xlTztOPA More interesting Videos on my youtube channel: Top 15 the Most EXTREME Helicopter LANDING Compilation 2018 https://youtu.be/MiTIZR1ICQw High EXPLOSIVE, TOP 33 Spectacular BUILDING DEMOLITION https://youtu.be/mrXBfupd8W0 Thanks for watching!!!
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Text Comments (899)
jasoncatt (3 months ago)
The wingsuit landing on water is a fake.
pinky83mp (12 hours ago)
the drop down rate as a falling human with this small wings is way to high.. simply physic..
Harry Brown VIDEOS (2 days ago)
If it’s fake the special affects are like the best ever
hav hav KH (4 days ago)
that real fake
Ricardo bailando (5 days ago)
totallybreal  topsecey don't ask don't tell Hund du bist ein faschistisches Schwein mit Keksen für Gehirne  dam knuck
Tropical Island Roleplay (15 days ago)
You can slow down enough to actually land on water without dying, but there is a way to less marge to in stability between sliding and collapsing, therefore it would not be possible without breaking your neck. Except if you're extremely lucky and precise.
Rainbow Epic Face (9 hours ago)
6:25 Me at FSX
moanyoldbaastaard (11 hours ago)
3 advert breaks within 4 minutes. Ridiculous.
Silverback (2 days ago)
Another good video ruined by shite music, why do you feel you have to do that?
Victor Von Dorf (2 days ago)
Ouref codoy dengo"fouud namucabay £yn¢anayr, dhiprus joulous
Wyvern The Fourth (3 days ago)
Ah nice, another youtube channel uploading old ass stolen content. He even goes to as low as adding his own music selection to it AND watermarking it. They even have a email for BUSINESS Inquiries, hahaha. Facebook tied to the channel links you to a profile of probably a fake women with obvious plastic surgery probably to encourage horny men to donate. When a human hits an all time low in life. My guess its some bored dude in some deep piss poor european country who just figured out how to illegally download video editing software.
celio santos (3 days ago)
it only works at 3 airport?
Benjamin Schroeter (3 days ago)
Fucking stand-ass landings and a fake wingsuit video - Fuck you assholes!
mtlart (4 days ago)
4:39...was that a prop strike?
Nikhil Singh (4 days ago)
Very rough landings
Colin Ashby (4 days ago)
what started off as a good plane video, turned into some music video with rubbish stunts. thumbs down
El Diablo (4 days ago)
A hard landing is when they come down hard, not when it is a difficult landing
thisismedgr (5 days ago)
Misleading title.
bluumax (5 days ago)
Yep, definitely real.... FAKE.
Max Bien (5 days ago)
andre Gerard (6 days ago)
Darryl alexander (6 days ago)
their all good.
Gemini899 (7 days ago)
respect 5:25
handsupbud (8 days ago)
Brain Salad Surgery (8 days ago)
I was thrown into this Planet in order to domesticate Mankind.
Mark - (9 days ago)
6:40 - short base leg.
Adolfo Ustarez (9 days ago)
The one that lands on the woods omg
Imrahil (11 days ago)
Number one is especially hard because the pilot must manage his steel balls to clear the crest...
Micheal Sergeev (11 days ago)
number 6 is just a bush plane
tremorist (11 days ago)
Fuck this channel
Momer Shang (11 days ago)
not dangerous at all.
Jcsandy Gobot obkkbo (12 days ago)
7:10 it's not a plane it's a man
Music4songs (12 days ago)
Most of.these are vr ya know
Ex Essex (12 days ago)
You should say where these places are.
Adair Silva Içara SC (13 days ago)
camarogs1 (14 days ago)
why include the fake wing suit water landing?
jörg methfessel (14 days ago)
mostly crappy bull shit landings - boooring......
Mahir & Sophie's World (14 days ago)
laneding on water wasss 100% fake
тнεηιяø (14 days ago)
Why did the guy at 0:42 land in the water ??? Perfect amount of land with nothing in the way all around him
ButtTrumpet100 (12 days ago)
+John Blount you should still aim for land even with a gear failure, water is always a last choice
John Blount (13 days ago)
No word, but probably gear problems
Mr. Travel (15 days ago)
15 ads? Im outa here
The Joe Schmoe Show (15 days ago)
Too many adds, f this.
Ziro (15 days ago)
7:18 FAKE
Luke Hay (15 days ago)
6:09-6:18 You can always go around 🎤🎷🎼
Blei Hagel (16 days ago)
Track name @ 6:25 please. Its sick like... Chemical Brothers? Prodigy? Crystal Method? mmmh....
Still Rolling (16 days ago)
I think #4 was running something Illegal.
Serge SG (17 days ago)
5:00 This is ficking great!
Georgia Smith (23 hours ago)
Chicken Wizard89 (17 days ago)
1:56 What's the name of that music?
Sasuke Uchiha (14 days ago)
+Chicken Wizard89 Sandstorm-Darude then
Chicken Wizard89 (14 days ago)
+Sasuke Uchiha Jeez mate, I ain't stupid like you.
Sasuke Uchiha (14 days ago)
Brent Key (17 days ago)
5:22 that's a brave landing
Nicholas Gidaro (18 days ago)
Gave up 25% of the way through. TOO MANY ads
Matt Lodge (18 days ago)
Tankslapper in an A380 looks fun!
reikun141217 (18 days ago)
Schnurboy (19 days ago)
1:56 nice neighborhod, what city is that ?
NetAndyCz (19 days ago)
1:35 Does not seem to be a landing.
LandoCowDelicion (19 days ago)
3:31 anyone know where that was shot? looks like a beautiful place.
Sha Dow (20 days ago)
so much Stolen footage from good channels.. Seriously..
THE TOP 10 (20 days ago)
i have a license
MARK LOCKWOOD (22 days ago)
Pucker but.
محمد عبدالله (23 days ago)
Don Cooper (24 days ago)
Calling COMPLETE BULLSHIT at 7:30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
U.S. Military Technology (24 days ago)
crazy ability
Allclass GamingTv (24 days ago)
6.40 Min Very Good !
Allclass GamingTv (24 days ago)
+ 7.50 Holy shit
Elizanne (24 days ago)
What a magnificent beast the A380 is! Like a giant eagle in the sky, even manages to make a cacky landing look good!
Wayne Rivett (25 days ago)
Some of those should have gone around, that emirates pilot was lucky he wasn't in the record books for the first A380 crash with fatalities. Any landing you can walk away from......!
rjcass33 (26 days ago)
(Closed Captioning) Intense music plays.
Сергей К (26 days ago)
Посадка вингсьюта на воду - фейк.
Th3CrypticGamer (27 days ago)
What happened to the engine on the Pitts Special where it cut out? Oil starvation? Around 1:52
Per Steinar Hyldmo (27 days ago)
smokeystriper (27 days ago)
stopped watching @ 7:33
Ian Sammut (27 days ago)
What os the name of the music in the first half of the video?
Marc Scanlon (27 days ago)
Where is landing number 10
Jeff Wulf (28 days ago)
worst titled video ever.
kabeauregardajax (28 days ago)
Thumbs up for the dude landing Uphill @ 5.14 lol. Just another day in the wacky world of..
danilton luiz dores (28 days ago)
fly emirates the best landing.amazing
\_Tv_XweXteNdeR_Tv_/ Cz (29 days ago)
Pinnacle studio?
Jimbo 0117 (29 days ago)
6:25 - There are old pilots, and there are bold pilots. But there are NO old, bold pilots.
Michelle Tag (29 days ago)
Fake stuff poorly edited. Don't watch except for laughs.
Poots MuhGoots (29 days ago)
#2 clip, that pilot has balls of solid titanium. That was a nuts short 90 degree final.
Airwave 25 (29 days ago)
Click bait go to hell 👎
WolfLover324 (30 days ago)
Some of these landings are almost smooth can be. And the dude who stalled his plane didnt even land.
Javier Martínez Gusano (30 days ago)
What's the name of the song between 6:30 to 7:35? Thanks!
Blei Hagel (16 days ago)
mee too!
Mori (30 days ago)
badly edited, some of those clips were so unnessesarely long
THE TOP 10 (30 days ago)
i'm sorry
Thomas Jones (30 days ago)
@6:25 Now that's a base turn baby!
Bob Jack (1 month ago)
FAKE FAKE FAKE wingsuit landing. Not even close to believable.
Nole Fan (1 month ago)
Too many ads for this video!
SLM TEK (1 month ago)
too much f***** ads! dislike!
Roberto bianchissimo (1 month ago)
Numero 10😱😱😱😱
Pranav Ranganath (1 month ago)
The 747 was actually a good landing considering the situation.
Bob Outdoorz (1 month ago)
Sky diver landing in water is some fake bullshit
Ekipa Fortnite (1 month ago)
Where is the Polish plane landing without wheels?
surveyguyor (1 month ago)
which one has a hard landing? I'm half way through and haven't seen one yet.
surveyguyor (1 month ago)
i did see some difficult landings, but no hard landings.
ArtWorld Sakib (1 month ago)
wow.. beware of the experts in the comment section. These super skilled pilots in the comment section are watching planes landing on Youtube and think that those pilots are landing the planes poorly
Jerimiah Lion (1 month ago)
Did the right engine on #9 fail
Philipp Stürzenhofecker (1 month ago)
2.50min...are you kiddin' folks... this is not a landing lane....do Olympics there.. Bobsled... Super G... Ice scating ... Even ski jumping... Anything would be better...congrats to the pilots there (yes I know it's not thaaaaaat difficult...but anyway.. Imagine coming down to this Rollercoaster! 🤔😂😂👇🙈... you need balls... for sure.. 👍)
LeakedsBg GamePlay (1 month ago)
6:54 soo.. u call this a plane?
bartek12177 (1 month ago)
3:50 can anyone tell where is this ?
TheDude (1 month ago)
How is a person in a wingsuit an "extreme plane landing"?
FIFA 18 video Games (1 month ago)
Number 9 was a crash not landing
Dutch Shifters (1 month ago)
the 2nd isnt even a landing
flourescent adolescent (1 month ago)
Interesting... but wasnt quite ready for the A380 at the end..fuuuck!!!! 750 passengers plus crews lives in that pilots hands, handled awesomely as far as i could see. Damn.
Pauly whal (1 month ago)
Nice landing @4:55 I thought they was going to Crash and Burn into the trees
Pauly whal (1 month ago)
@3:40 if that pilot lands on the beach he is a ace fucking pilot that's some G shyt because in GTA5 I can land that Titan cargo plane anywhere especially on every Beach in the game
Pauly whal (1 month ago)
Oh shit I thought the second plane was a seaplane that shit was underwater wow
graham winchester (1 month ago)
One of the best compilations ive seen,thanks
Nova Garcia (1 month ago)
Es c
Antonio Scotti (1 month ago)
1:53 just press E on the keyboard dude, auto start up, works for me on FSX
SavannahsDad23 (1 month ago)
8:01 I thought that guy killed himself. 🤔