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What Angela Merkel's exit means for Germany — and Europe

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The European Union is about to lose one of its last anti-populist voices. This video is presented by CuriosityStream: https://www.curiositystream.com/Vox Help us make our channel more ambitious by joining the Vox Video Lab. Becoming a member brings you closer to our work and gets you exclusive perks, like livestream Q&As with your favorite Vox creators. Learn more at http://bit.ly/video-lab Subscribe to our channel! http://goo.gl/0bsAjO German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been called the most powerful woman in the world, the liberal West's last defender, and the de facto leader of Europe. But 19 years after entering politics, she has announced she won't be running for a fifth term as chancellor and will be stepping away from politics. Her announcement comes at a pivotal time when nationalism is on the rise in Europe and the continent is still reeling from the 2015 migrant crisis. So what does Merkel stepping down mean for the future of Germany — and for the European Union? Vox.com is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out http://www.vox.com. Watch our full video catalog: http://goo.gl/IZONyE Follow Vox on Facebook: http://goo.gl/U2g06o Or Twitter: http://goo.gl/XFrZ5H
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Text Comments (16731)
Vox (7 months ago)
Happy Friday everyone! Thank you for watching our videos 🌻🌻
Sebastian Thimm (9 days ago)
0:50 I think you missed making loads of EU countries in blue. Why?
umut barat (30 minutes ago)
Germany soon to become an arabic country.
Kexin (11 hours ago)
There's a simple rule when it comes to immigration. Let the Asians in. In 10 years your investment in welfare will be paid off with a flood of college grads and pro gamers.
Murder Doll (16 hours ago)
Merkel's trademark hand gesture: *The Seig Heil!*
broomsterm (18 hours ago)
Merkel is the Hitler of the 21st Century.
Loyalists Lix (18 hours ago)
She is taking over Europe *Diplomatically*
Frank Yan (19 hours ago)
One Me In Myself (20 hours ago)
Luckily by now climate is becoming a way bigger topic than nationalism. Next election will be about climate and green will take over not nationalist parties.
natoraf (20 hours ago)
It was strange when I saw Pakistan on the migration map then I saw who made the video... found the reason
Omar Delawar (21 hours ago)
This is excellent coverage VOX!! You won't ever see something like this on mainstream US news! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!
mp3ky (22 hours ago)
Ralph (23 hours ago)
Merkel has kept Germany's economy at the top during her tenure. That's impressive. The left or right must concede her ability towards prosperity has skyrocketed.
Mace Koshmot (1 day ago)
As a european you ommited too much informations about the greek crisis etc...
アイス・クリーム (1 day ago)
What I fear more, than "nationalism" in Germany, is the left-green populism and using little naive children for questionable climate debates.
Wendy Smith (1 day ago)
Angela Merkel's has ruined germany Nationalism is the only way now
charles aniel (1 day ago)
what about elepants i can shovel at the circus
Lon Gordon (1 day ago)
Angel Merkel is a cancer to europe
aten ashram (1 day ago)
Safa Safa (1 day ago)
the biggest donkey in eu
Sebastian Szefer (1 day ago)
Mucstar [Mucinator] (1 day ago)
When i See Merkel i would say HAU AB
Peter Sharp (2 days ago)
History goes round in circles. ,
Arjen de Kock (2 days ago)
Europe is the new middle east and africa.
Wilhelm II (2 days ago)
SlCKB0Y (2 days ago)
a glimmer of hope
Mohammed Warfa (2 days ago)
Angela Merkel she is the best leader in Europe, she is the only woman with the supervision on Earth, we know Merkel she is the mercyful person, understandable sensetiv, she was helpful person who care the refugee resettlement in German, no one can be like Angela Merkel, we love her so much,
Pegi Aliaj (2 days ago)
Bej amnisti se po merr ne qaf te pafajshem
i cri evertim (2 days ago)
Biggest mistake in her term = letting refugees and destroying her country.
John Hazlett (2 days ago)
Just because there are good intentions, doesn't change a bad idea to a good one. There is a difference between helping people who are escaping violence in civil wars, and allowing them to enter into a country that is radically different. People behave in oppressive cultures because they have to through force. But in the freer societies in the West, small children were to be taught how to have self control. Now, please understand, I'm not saying that people in Third world countries are bad people as a whole, but many don't know how to live in Western countries, and it causes more trouble to allow them in, than to temporarily help them in the countries nearer where they came from.
bigbangnone (2 days ago)
She and Islam should be kicked out of Europe. The practice of Islam in Europe should be outlawed. Muslims originated in the middle East....and today Muslims are murdering Christians in the Middle East. The population Demographics in Europe are clear.....Continue on this Feeble Minded path, and Europe will no-longer be free in a few more generations !!!! Muslims will rule ALL of Europe. London will never see another non Muslim Mayor !!! Islam is a Family-Unit Enslaving murdering Virus and the Earth needs an inoculation !!!!!
Stephan Berns (2 days ago)
Thank God she's leaving. She's a devil woman. Europe doesn't need the Euro. Countries forced to rely on one another is nothing to be proud of. Countries should be able to stand on their own for the most part. Europe needs more nationalism and less multiculturalism.
Stephan Berns (15 hours ago)
@Chillblinton Sexpresident and you will never achieve spelling
Chillblinton Sexpresident (1 day ago)
Stephan Berns following your Ideologie you will never achieve sth called tolerance or peace
darwinism14 (2 days ago)
Merkel’s open borders policy was a great push for Brexit. Thank you Angela, I hope more exits to follow.
darwinism14 (2 days ago)
News! Germany entering recession as of september 2019.
Nikola (2 days ago)
That will be her legacy a new age of recession for Germany.
nikulaye (2 days ago)
My opinion Merkel is the best German politician Germany ever had .
Marius KLOS (1 day ago)
yep its joke
Joey Hofman (2 days ago)
Arab and African refugees are killing western culture
Sam Stone (1 day ago)
In what way what are you talking about ?
Tyler Compton (3 days ago)
Angela Merkel has been a blight on the sovereignty of nations in Europe. Germans are ready for her to go, and are at the rate of cultural replacement due to lax immigration laws. The best thing for Germany right now is nationalism. Yes, I realize government apologists are the only ones frequenting Vox. No, I don't care what excuses you can make for why overly-centralized governments commit the atrocities that they do.
Mark Landrebe (3 days ago)
She did more damage to the EU and World, than anyone else - OPEN BORDERS GOOD BYE ! ! !
petercallinicos (3 days ago)
I can't believe that Germany doesn't have term limits!! After they ruined the 20th century.
petercallinicos (3 days ago)
@R.o.b Again, term limits are term limits. There are no passes. That's the dumbest thing ever. "They gave her a pass".
R.o.b (3 days ago)
petercallinicos facepalm No they have term limits but the people wantet her to stay so they gave her a pass
petercallinicos (3 days ago)
@R.o.b That's not term limits.
R.o.b (3 days ago)
petercallinicos because the people wantet her
Keberro (3 days ago)
Merkel: Greece, you have to cut your spending or you won't be able to maintain a stable country Greek people: BOOOOOO! Merkel: Why are you booing me, I am right!
Beststormtroopr (1 day ago)
Oh my god good meme you need 1 million and five lol subscribers
Good vs Evil (3 days ago)
She did very good for Germany.
patricklivings (3 days ago)
She stepped down because she knew she could not win another election. She has destroyed Germany and done her best to drag the rest of the EU down with them. Edit - And she appears to be dying. Or at the least in extremely poor health.
Patrick T (3 days ago)
lesson learned i guess... Thats why you don't want to enter arabs shitholes on your country. they will destroy your country!
Joe Schmoe (3 days ago)
Angela Merkel is dying. She's got the initial signs of Palsy. Good riddance.
MG Sparky (3 days ago)
When she is dead I'll be happy
Joe Schmoe (3 days ago)
Her recent shaking is called palsy and a sign of Parkinson's disease. She could be gone sooner than you think.
Cookie marciano Schink (3 days ago)
She was great
Midnight (4 days ago)
She almost destroyed Europe she had no option but to stand down, heath is a questionable bit, like Hitler with the shakes sooner she goes the better so the germans can take back their own country she gave away to the worlds crooks at best.
Joe Schmoe (3 days ago)
Exactly, she's got palsy which looks like an onset of Parkinson's. She'll get to conveniently use her illness to step down and let others clean up her mess. Europe needs testosterone. Her actions remind me a wife failing to control teenage boys and she has to threaten them with the old saying, "Wait until your father comes home." I hate to say it, but I don't like women in leadership positions that encompass war and things men are superior at.
Vassilios21 (4 days ago)
E.U. went in to a coma this decade and it is 50-50 possible in the near future to fall apart!The Northern European countries either they don’t care or knowingly wronged the Southern European countries!For the banks and the eurozone they gave the last push and at the same time right to euroskepticism!The great European leaders of the past are long gone and have no mats anymore...E.U. means first come the banks and then the people...first the big and rich countries and not equal partnership with common goals for everyone!So, only Greece for us now!!!Oh and greetings to are brothers in the Southern Countries!!!🇬🇷🇮🇹🇪🇸🇵🇹🇨🇾
Alexandru Costache (4 days ago)
Go AfD!
FuckYourMom (4 days ago)
It means a big win for everyone
zondaintheair (4 days ago)
Germany is the only country in the world to have started two World Wars, I think they are going for the hat-trick.
R.o.b (1 day ago)
Beststormtroopr no you are wrong
Beststormtroopr (1 day ago)
@R.o.b you are wrong
Γιώργος Βογιατζής (3 days ago)
@R.o.b oh my God why am I even trying this 😒
R.o.b (3 days ago)
Γιώργος Βογιατζής accually they do
Pale Rejent (4 days ago)
I'll tell you what it means for Europe NO WORLD WARS Get what im saying🤣🤣
YharimGD (4 days ago)
Hey maybe we can get some guy with a funny moustache again
R.o.b (3 days ago)
Erdrick Loto accually it is
Erdrick Loto (4 days ago)
Not funny
Johan de Ruiter (4 days ago)
It can only be a good thing.. Today Merkel, tomorrow the EU. Brexit, Nexit, Gexit. Replace the corrupt EU politbureau with a lasting partnership agreement between sovereign north-European states.
Joe Schmoe (3 days ago)
Then you have to deport all the people who came. They don't belong in Europe.
Jacques Tange (4 days ago)
Merkel is the cause of discontent
Jacques Tange (4 days ago)
Thank god she will soon be gone!
Einfach Skyro (4 days ago)
UK did not play along with taking immigrants (angry face)
Joe Schmoe (3 days ago)
@Niko Chevinson What is the dark side of the UK? I've been all over the UK and outside of London is the best.
Niko Chevinson (3 days ago)
@Joe Schmoe London is a different story. Outside of London you will see the dark side of UK...
Joe Schmoe (3 days ago)
Have you been to London?
Ian Templeton (4 days ago)
Nationalism is not a threat to Europe. Progressivism is.
Beststormtroopr (1 day ago)
Oscar Castillo (4 days ago)
Curlheinz Barbellós (4 days ago)
i'm counting down the days until she is finally gone.
Turquoise Greene (4 days ago)
this is who should have gotten the nobel prize not obama
PrOntEZC (4 days ago)
EU will never recover from the migrant crisis caused by her, Im glad Czech Republic closed borders to illegal immigrants.
Eckie101 (1 day ago)
@Bryan Valencia Honestly, I think it depends on which bubble you live in. Personally, I don't know anyone who would say she is a bad leader or that what she did is wrong. On the other hand, there are people, who know nobody who agrees with her decisions. In total, I wouldn't say that Merkel is really unpopular, she is just not as popular anymore as she used to be several years ago. However, pretty much all of the loss in popularity comes from the migration crisis. And I would say that the majority of Germans now have a fear of an unknown future, because Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer is way less popular than Merkel today, even though she has not even done anything yet. There is just nobody perceived competent enough in any German party right now.
Bryan Valencia (4 days ago)
Fellow american here. How unpopular is Merkel in Germany. I know she gets a lot of hate but how much of that comes from the migration crisis?
Yuray Smirina (5 days ago)
Merkel = 🌩⚡⚡🔥☄⛈🔥💧💧💧💧 in EU
Joanna L (5 days ago)
I should have watched this before my B2 Prüfung.
atque scientia europa universalis (5 days ago)
Merkel should be thrown in jail for destroying European culture and identity.
Giorgi Meskhi (5 days ago)
her exit means happy europe.
TimSchnitzel (5 days ago)
She gave up her position and career and stood against her party and many others. What for? To do what she believes is right. We Germans will have to wait a long time until we find another leader that will be ready to make such a sacrifice to do the right thing.
Joe Schmoe (3 days ago)
Why didn't Germany help stop the war in Syria and rebuild Syria so the people didn't have to flee. That would have been the right thing to do. Do the same thing in Libya too. Let those Africans stay in Africa. Then use all the money spent on migrants on credits for Europeans to expand their families. That would have been the right thing to do.
"Rescue" Greece how funny
Kenner (5 days ago)
Thanks for the Video, I never knew, i learned something new today at 252am
Christian (5 days ago)
0:02 Trump: No! Angela Merkel: You must! Macron: She's right... Sinzo Abe: Are these guys for real -_-?
Messenger (5 days ago)
She destroyed Germany.
Florian Biesinger (5 days ago)
No she didnt
ANIMESH GAUTAM (5 days ago)
a theif will not respect your house and will destroy and take away the important items.... with refugee is the same as theif ... they don't respect the invited country , culture , its people .
End zeit (5 days ago)
..the way to the chaos..!!! yes yes ..
Venkata Nadella (5 days ago)
Mutti is the world leader of the decade. No debate about it.
Dennis Carroll (5 days ago)
Run away immigration is disastrous everywhere. That isn't even a debate point anyone can win. Leaders cannot be truthful or affective throwing common sense to the wind. The left screams racism when you do, even though it's about economics and culture. Since the left doesn't seem to understand these things they play the race card to try and silence you. The objective is to destroy western civilization. That's why when everyone can see it isn't working out well, the left defends it. Your country keeping it's unique culture, isn't the plan. EVERYONE knows this. Now, the left doesn't even bother to hide this anymore.
thesalkin (6 days ago)
I would like you to clarify the source for the Danish election, regarding nationalist parties. Your statistic seems vastly exaggerated.
FAIZAN REHMAN (6 days ago)
She is the Queen of Europe and i really like her Country ❤🇩🇪
Amit Shukla (6 days ago)
Hey Vox, thank you for some good videos, you guys are good!
Anthony Nelson (6 days ago)
What dribble! Merkel is a man! Transgender alert. Those hand signs are Masonic.
Krash (6 days ago)
Plexpara (6 days ago)
when he says Merkel..it sounds like urkel (Steve urkel)
Enrico TV (7 days ago)
As a German I don't want her to go.
Γιώργος Βογιατζής (3 days ago)
As a Greek, we ALL want her to go
Swan (4 days ago)
Enrico TV Funniest joke ever! Hahaha
Tatsuya (7 days ago)
So in short, things get better in Europe. Good to know
Stephen Porsche (7 days ago)
Kevin S (7 days ago)
merkel could conquer US if she want, but she's nice
Angelo Zullino (7 days ago)
Merkel muss weg!
Ichijo Festival (8 days ago)
Lot of angry nationalists in here. Like they, "Divided we stand." Oh, wait... Well, I'm sure Putin will appreciate the internal conflict when it comes time to annex another piece of Europe.
Buck Barry (6 days ago)
Lol, if anyone is making a conflict between Russia and Europe it's the Americans, placing rockets in Romania will only mean that Europe will get nuked first while the Americans are far away from danger, thread carefully
opinionated (8 days ago)
Thank you Merkel for increasing thousands of times the crime rate in Germany, what a great government!
Lauge Steffensen (8 days ago)
EU is about to collapse, look at England, people are tired of This EUssr political Union!..
jetfire 1 (8 days ago)
Countmaster0 (8 days ago)
She has a mean case of Parkinson disease for sure. When she stands there shaking like it's cold out, something real wrong.
ms.D (8 days ago)
those ungrateful immigrants! they get everything for free, yet they have the nerve to assault the people whose taxes feed them.
jetfire 1 (8 days ago)
A couple immigrants out of 1.5 million. Don't generalize
Wilhelm Tell (8 days ago)
The afd is soo bad for germany and not enough people notice that
KingGrooms747 Dwayne (8 days ago)
Germany will rebuild its broken country
AngloSaxon. (9 days ago)
You are german American. Germany isn’t one of the most powerful country in Europe you german American.
AngloSaxon. (8 days ago)
Jato 2.0 England has UFOS I will destroy you.
Jato 2.0 (9 days ago)
AngloSaxon. Say that to the Leopard 2 A8...
AngloSaxon. (9 days ago)
Jato 2.0 the allies have Germany back to them in 1991....... their technic is flop.
Jato 2.0 (9 days ago)
AngloSaxon. Germany has the fourth largest military and the strongest economy in Europe. Yep, not powerful.
Kelly Farmer (9 days ago)
Her and Hillary need to go AWAY!!
WantedArgonianMale (9 days ago)
Long live Poland!
Ebryn (9 days ago)
You think she and her ministers are reasonable moderates? Look up what Herr Schäuble told Varoufakis after Syriza won the elections, even when he tried to explain to him that Greek children were fainting in schools because of malnutrition: "elections can not be allowed to interfere with the EU's economic policies"
John Smith (9 days ago)
Hope it was not to late getting rid of her.
Hello Hi (10 days ago)
I respect this lady for having a big heart but look at China there doing well because they just care about them self so maybe the future might be dark where everyone should care for them self hopefully not
Anton (10 days ago)
Wird schon Durchgehen
Venkatesh Babu Ponnuchamy (10 days ago)
I don't like politicians why they don't have life.