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Commercial E-Waste Pick-Ups (part 1)

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Small scale e-waste recycling can be a rewarding part-time venture. Advertising to local businesses and households with flyers gets me enough e-waste to keep me busy at a comfortable level. Some may take it many steps further and I think it's possible because whilst at the highest level of recycling it's all covered, Servicing small business & residential homes is still very open for anyone wanting to pick up e-waste in smaller qty's. Space is always an issue for me so it's a balance between bringing stuff in, researching and then either selling or scrapping.
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Text Comments (39)
Judy Beckner (1 month ago)
All the cable is overwhelming. Thanks for sharing Ben
100 000 Subscribers with no videos (3 months ago)
I cummed
Shane York (8 months ago)
Wow! Those Cisco 1600's are really loaded. I started ewaste scrapping almost a year ago (Sept. '17) I've come across many routers/motems, they're pretty good but they pale in comparison to those Cisco 1600's. I live in the U.S. I've not seen a Cisco yet. Is that more of an Australian item?
scraping together (9 months ago)
I don't like this tablet it changes words on me I save the cercetbords now
scraping together (9 months ago)
Ben I just started saving all the notes from PC's I was just dumping them in the trash after getting the cooler and aluminum off of them if been whatching ur utub Chantal I just got a new place to pick up from a computer repair shop so I am whatching and learning from u u rock
KHHE NKKI (1 year ago)
Tha hồ mà dọn nha
Turkeydoez Minecraft (1 year ago)
you have an ibm model m keyboard theysell for 50dollars used
House Bat (1 year ago)
Turkeydoez Minecraft this is from years ago :p
rob garcia (1 year ago)
you can hire me as your assistant..
Dieter Soegemeier (2 years ago)
Hi Ben I am just starting an e waste business in Brisbane as I am getting out of the building industrie this year and building a job at home. could you tell me if there is any one that recycles the heavy plastics thatyou get heaps of.
jbindallas1 (2 years ago)
invest in a cheap trailer
Ricardo Reddy (2 years ago)
hi do you do this full time ?
eWaste Ben (2 years ago)
If you take it seriously like any business then you can do ok, more hands = more income as getting it is easy enough, processing it takes a lot of time. ewasteben@gmail.com
Ricardo Reddy (2 years ago)
And do you make a decent income ? reason i ask is im looking to start up some thing like this .....if you don't mind can i have your e mail address i have a few questions that i would like to ask u ..will not take up a lot of your time
eWaste Ben (2 years ago)
yeah pretty much
Scott Allgood (2 years ago)
hi greetings from Nebraska USA! Damn how does a guy go about doing the escrap thing like getting clients and or do you need licence and such? love your videos also!!!
Scott Allgood (2 years ago)
+eWaste Ben thank you for your reply Ben ! I'm sure it will be very helpful! see I'm just bored mostly i had to cut my hrs at wrk because I take care of my mom so I thought something like this would keep my mind occupied a bit! so thank you!
eWaste Ben (2 years ago)
No licence needed as I collect e-waste, sort, prepare (scrap) and send the components to various recyclers to process, so basically the middle man, technically I offer a free pick-up service, small biz', schools etc. large recyclers don't have time to go round picking up 10-20 items, they focus on corporate volumes. So yeah, setting yourself up as a small biz' and go out and about, walking into offices and handing your flyer to reception etc, over time you build up clients until you may not even need to go out advertising, schools, pc repair shops, electrical companies, offices all build up e-waste, have a 10 item minimum, took me a year to get a steady flow.
Scott Dunn (2 years ago)
Do u ever try testing the computers out to see if they work 4 the fun of it
eWaste Ben (2 years ago)
if they're new enough yep, i'm using one right now.
Zenka Garbali (3 years ago)
in wich country u live? looks like u could use few pair of hands while scrapping all the stuff u got... at least i dont care about money in this business, i just like breaking stuff =) money is just good add to it...
Nate Chaps (3 years ago)
how do u find it departments in ur area and get them to give u all that stuff please tell i need help with this thank you and its greatly appreciated
Nate Chaps (3 years ago)
eWaste Ben (3 years ago)
+Nate Chaps how do i find your email?
Nate Chaps (3 years ago)
ok, thank you was wondering if you might be able to show me your flyer so i can get some ideas how to make mine.if you don't want to send it here u could send it to my email. i really like your videos they are great but its really hard to find computers where i live but  tvs are every where.
eWaste Ben (3 years ago)
+Nate Chaps Most come from advertising using a flyer I drop off in letterboxes of office buildings, also I advertise to residential homes and some people call me from that but they work at an IT dept' It's simply a matter of getting the word out, even cold calling, ask for the IT Tech and tell them your recycling e-waste, looking for more work etc.
uberism81 (3 years ago)
Wow! I'm jealous.
Abd ul aziz (3 years ago)
+eWaste Ben haha well said Ben . I think in the end good deeds is what counts and no one is better than the other by his profession . I am wondering how much copper you've got out of that bin full of wires if you've processed it . Peace be with you
eWaste Ben (3 years ago)
+EricTrippOnline Heh, mate don't get jealous, get even :) go out and get's some, i'm just a scrapper so I'm not in any better position then anyone else who wants to give recycling a go.
GreatScott (3 years ago)
Question: Do you advertise to businesses or are you doing cold calls,.that is a very nice haul. Have fun Ben.
GreatScott (3 years ago)
+eWaste Ben I would be happy to get that in a week.. In the business we say that you are in a "sweet spot". Picken was good up till 2012. I Live in Wisconsin ,running a small recycling/hobby business, i would hand out a business cards to everyone and got plenty of loads from businesses and residential. Then a wave of larger Corporate recycling companies brought in their semi trailers and parked them every where,.i sat in my truck, parked it a block from the main entrance to where they advertised they would be at and had my own recycling drop-off sign out..I got the upper hand on them for awhile as people were dropping their computers at my location..filled up a few truckloads of really old computers. I was approached by the bigs guys..said if i did not leave,.they would report me for not having the official state certified credentials for recycling. I was happy with what i got, kept me busy all winter. But the big guys swept every city,town and village clean.  So picking is scarce now.  I thought of approaching city officials with the idea of having me go to their landfills with a small excavator, to clean the designated e-waste spots clean. I know for a while, most cities had a corner of the dumpsite where they would have the e-waste piled up and bulldozed over. Need to be creative in this business that's for sure.  have a good one and keep the video's coming. 
eWaste Ben (3 years ago)
+bantalee2002 Mostly advertise with a flyer to business but to be honest, most businesses don't pay attention to flyers in the mail. I also have a listing on Planet Ark's business recycling website, a little cold calling but mostly from residential pick-up's, people who call can also have e-waste at work, so I get stuff like that too. The best pick-up's have been from recommendations, schools are another good avenue for e-waste.
Scrap Smith (3 years ago)
Do you harvest all of the tantalum caps and other stuff off the boards? I've looked on Ebay at the used circuitry pieces and there is some really good money in that. I think with a really good heat gun and a solder vac, it would be pretty quick to pick the parts off. You could take a picture with a cell phone and then just clean the board as quickly as possible, then do the sort after with the picture if the parts are not labeled. When things are slow or if you just don't like waste, this could be a nice little side income with the scrap.
Scrap Smith (3 years ago)
Makes sense.
eWaste Ben (3 years ago)
+Kentsmith Service Yep, everything off the boards. Tantalums & MLCC's I pick off straight away, they pick off easy with a screw driver, yeah they can sell sometimes better then refining value on ebay. The rest of the board with resistors & ic chips I will process in a hot sand bath as I don't really like the heat gun method, wastes a lot of power.
Scrap Smith (3 years ago)
Holy crap dude! That is one huge haul. I see you already have a large amount to clean. Do you have an indoor storage area to keep the stuff you may resale? Because you have a lot of stuff outdoors. Thumbs up to you !!
eWaste Ben (3 years ago)
+Kentsmith Service Yeah I have a garage, shed and a spare room for new stuff kept in boxes. it can get a bit too much at times so I can't keep everything, usually $20+ items.
Zach LaFave (3 years ago)
Holy crap that's a ton! i cant believe they are just giving all that away. great video and quality as always
Ecycle Nation (3 years ago)
hey Ben. that looked like cat5 cable. I get more for that than insulated. check around for other prices