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How to pack your regular size Forex box

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This video will show you how to best prepare your Forex balikbayan box (Regular Size) by taping it in an easy and secure way before filling it up with your groceries and gifts for your loved-ones back home in the Philippines. Happy Packing!
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Text Comments (38)
BenGunns (11 days ago)
i use strong duct tape.
Mellany Gary (1 month ago)
how many months before they. recieve in the philippines
Barbara b beaty (8 months ago)
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Barbara b beaty (8 months ago)
Contact him via Williamsdevid1952@gmail. com
Tess Largosa (9 months ago)
Any branch in bloomington/normal Illinois?
aurelia agbuya (10 months ago)
Do you hsvr an office here im macau and pls . send to me the tel. No. Thanks.
Mr Naveed (1 year ago)
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hazera abdillah (11 months ago)
Hi po saan po ba dapat makabili ng box
nestor nota (1 year ago)
Any brand in Perth
Honey Aliocod (1 year ago)
at saan makakabili nang karton...para sa package
Honey Aliocod (1 year ago)
kung dito po sa medina anong adress para mag papackage po.ano po #.nyo please reply po..
Jovelyn Muros (1 year ago)
This video is a very helpful. Thank you for sharing.
kishu amin (1 year ago)
Jackson Tattled (2 years ago)
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Diahann Micheleaux (2 years ago)
What is the tape dispenser that you are using as well as the tape.  You seem to be able to just dispense that tape with ease.
Nate (2 years ago)
You didn't actually show how to pack the box.
Tim Tong (3 years ago)
Hello, what brand and model tape dispenser are you using? That thing is smooth and quiet. I would like to get one like that.
Haskell Princeed (3 years ago)
I think ANDY LANK TOOLS is better than this.
M. Rizzy (3 years ago)
Can you combine two boxes to make one bigger box?
jocelyn patten (3 years ago)
I send forex box to my family in mindanao it's arrive about 3 months usually.
Mari443Garrett1 (3 years ago)
Really? I never tape the inside of the box. Now I know you're suppose to do that. I love Forex because it arrived and delivered even to the far flung villages of Luzon even without a road access. We've been using the Forex service for many years now. However... I'm sad to find out a few months ago that they Forex partner in the Philippines permit has been cancelled, So now they're illegal. Have you settled the situation in the Philippines now so I can start shipping again? Reply would be much appreciated... From the US to Pinas. ...
Fiona Pangilinan (4 years ago)
San ako pwede tumawag para mka hingi ng boxes
Vivian Santos (8 months ago)
Sino po ang pedeng pumik up sa houston...el mundo st
kishu amin (1 year ago)
Fiona Pangilinan yoo my name is kishan amin kissssss
0011clem raptor (4 years ago)
where is the video for... how to pack a premium box ?  it has different flaps all round.
SAlahudin (4 years ago)
lol didnt expect the last part :p
Cosmin Pperfims (4 years ago)
Where do i find to buy a dispenser like that? 
Ty Perdon (4 years ago)
PNY LabRat (5 years ago)
Any branches in denver?
Mj Simple (2 years ago)
Guys saan ba pydi.mgpadala ng gamit.. Ppunta davao... Andito lang ako sa mynila.. Please help me Guys
Lance Sy (5 years ago)
Hello there, do you have a branch in Sherill, New York? Please give me the address and the contact person with his/her number. Thanks
Pretty Nizy (5 years ago)
Hi there... Any branches in Dallas?
kishu amin (1 year ago)
Pretty Nizy hii sexy
Joshua Manalaysay (5 years ago)
If my dad did that he would use 4 rolls of duck tape on each side and 6 rolls of duck tape for the whole box
arnold carino (5 years ago)
Call Jopet Carino @ 248-559-7070
Jay Solano (6 years ago)