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How The NRA Ended Up On The Verge Of Bankruptcy

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The NRA is mired in controversy. With about 5 million members as of July 2019, the NRA is one of the most powerful special interest groups in the U.S. But, claims of financial wrong doing have led to multiple investigations in Congress and in New York State that are threatening the groups survival. And, while the group did have some money problems in the past, 2016 proved to be a devastating blow to its finances. The NRA reported a staggering $46 million loss. » Subscribe to CNBC: https://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC » Subscribe to CNBC TV: https://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBCtelevision » Subscribe to CNBC Classic: https://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBCclassic About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: https://www.cnbc.com/ Follow CNBC on LinkedIn: https://cnb.cx/LinkedInCNBC Follow CNBC News on Facebook: https://cnb.cx/LikeCNBC Follow CNBC News on Twitter: https://cnb.cx/FollowCNBC Follow CNBC News on Instagram: https://cnb.cx/InstagramCNBC #CNBC How The NRA Ended Up On The Verge Of Bankruptcy
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Text Comments (1156)
Francisco Susana Canela (1 day ago)
Why it is so difficult to eliminate the second amendment?
Rois Ibn Mukhlas (1 day ago)
at least NRA protect American Interest, unlike aipac
fer na (1 day ago)
Terrorist organization. You couldn't make a more pro NRA segment if you tried harder.
looneyflight (2 days ago)
More misuse of the term assault rife. Assault rifles are already banned.
Hammond Think (2 days ago)
Dont worry, they will buy more republicans to advertise for them and do tveir dirty work so they can survive
PinoEE (3 days ago)
I hate guns Take them away from people It would eliminate most crime
Ung Grabb (4 days ago)
Terror organisation for sure.
Jief Yang (4 days ago)
Please, god, please,, let this evil organisation die!
PhantomMatrix (4 days ago)
No bailout for NRA this time!
Xxxx Soto (5 days ago)
ASMR touch (7 days ago)
Lol the right to own guns is the only right left. Congrats, constitutionalists!! Great job. Kasshoggie murdered, the NSA is listening while Edward Snowden lives in exile, Moscow mitch is making sure Russia can meddle in another election.... Keep talking about defending those rights, dumbasses.
Jayyy Zeee (12 days ago)
I don't own guns and never will because personally, I don't think they're not worth the risk of accidents. Even with training, people still get injured and killed. However, even without additional gun control, a mass shooting could occur once a week and it still wouldn't represent a significant risk relative to other threats we face in our lives. It's true that if it happens to you, then it's a big deal, but it's not reasonable to think in those terms. Now here's my conspiracy theory: I think the government does want to confiscate guns so they're programming people to commit these mass shootings and will continue to do so until a majority of the public will support giving up guns. If you think the government isn't capable of similar things, then search for "MK ULTRA" and "Operation Northwoods".
Eileen Cloonan (12 days ago)
Recent Shocking Reports Show NRA's Lavish Spending On Luxuries For Wayne LaPierre and his Wife! See Rachel Maddow | MSNBC recent report here on Youtube.
Fragrant Cane (13 days ago)
Sounds about white💊💉😂😳😡😈😵
Adventure Film Production (13 days ago)
*I think it's safe to say that if the NRA went bankrupt America would be in a better place*
Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh (14 days ago)
Criminals, bigots and psychopaths all have the right to defend themselves...NRA
Chris evo (14 days ago)
Please, get rid of the NRA
Ace1000ks1975 (15 days ago)
The last gun I bought was in 2008, and I haven't bought a gun since. I sold 80% of my guns in early 2013 when you had the gun ban scare due to the Sandy Hook shooting.
Ace1000ks1975 (15 days ago)
NRA is a non profit organization? Really???? LOL
Potato (15 days ago)
If it wasn't for my local gun club/range requiring NRA membership, I would not be a member. GOA is the way to go.
ben_dover (15 days ago)
2:41: „Honey ? What’s trigger discipline?“ „What ?!“
Grant bgyy (15 days ago)
guns good people bad
Grant bgyy (15 days ago)
at 2:42 those people needed to keep there booger hooks off the bang button
LoganKirkman (16 days ago)
I’m a gun owner and we hate the NRA more than the antigunners do. They claim that they use their donations to fight for gun rights but what they really do is give them to Wayne LaPierre and his henchmen. Then when gun rights come under attack, the NRA surrenders faster than the French during a world war. They’re not the National Rifle Association, they’re just Negotiating Rights Away.
Jacob Monroe (16 days ago)
God Bless the NRA!!! End the bias media
Stevo F (17 days ago)
When you get an objective video on YouTube by a mass media company. Lots of info and references
S B (17 days ago)
If guns are banned, no mass shooting will occur and there will be no need to protect yourself from it. It’s a simple logic, Americans. Why you don’t understand it?
Daniel Benington (18 days ago)
What happens when an organization sells out its supporters and starts negotiating away their rights, looking for an organization that supports the the 2nd? Then Gun Owners of America is the answer for you.
Magnets Travel (18 days ago)
If owning & Driving Vehicles requires Licence & Registration, Guns & Owners also be. You don’t let Mental/DIU people to drive, ohh 2nd Amendment yes there were no “AR-type weapon.” at that time & it was time of Private Army’s.
Tech Help Portal (18 days ago)
Why does every cbnc video have a leftist undertone the 2nd amendment shall not be infringed read the constitution
Adam Jenkins (18 days ago)
1mil paycheck, oh its business as usual draining member's fund to enrich themselves. Given increases in shootings, expect the young ones (the future of America) to abandon what is an obsolete right in this day and age
Martin Joyce (19 days ago)
Time to stop to allowing people to have guns which are not needed in cities. In the places which large animals then a rifle or small hand gun is needed. The rest of the time guns are not needed.
Jack Ryan (19 days ago)
The NRA is a terrorist organization
Riicho Bamin (19 days ago)
Wait a minute ! Civilians in the USA are allowed grenade launcher attachment ?
Mace Maylion (19 days ago)
The nra’s goal is to sell guns. They don’t care about anyone’s right, just their money flow.
Michael Tobin (20 days ago)
Gun manufacturers realizing that without the Vietnam war their profits and sales were plummeting, solution by the manufactures was to arm the gangs with semi automatic weapons to create fear in the general public especially the conspiracy prone republican party. At the same time bribed the NRA leadership to spread the message of fear caused by the gun manufactures arming the gangs, The NRA spends far less today on training,and helping public gun ranges to be built. The NRA and gun manufactures are responsible of the expansion of white nationalist and mass murders. Lapetier and other need to be charged for bribery, acting as agents after taking bribes and sent to prison.
pilotsebastian (20 days ago)
For the non firearm people when they mean “Assault Rifle “ during this segment they mean “Assault Weapons”. This is the correct term for political and media usage.
pilotsebastian (20 days ago)
Good when the NRA finally withers out, the Gun Owners of America a far better organization (more radical for the anti gunners) will fill in the void.
pure garbage (20 days ago)
*If the NRA falls will that really change anything? They've already turned millions of supporters into rabid gun bots*
BluMac. (20 days ago)
That’s a good thing
funny clips (21 days ago)
nra should die
a. barker (21 days ago)
Still got to hand it too them Charlton Heston and voice of Moses is the goods. Might as well of been a staff.
a. barker (21 days ago)
Starts at the top!
Lumis Sappier (21 days ago)
*Where is the input of Russian money? Weren't they sucking Russian ass for money?* *Moscow Mitch and Trashy PEDO Trump got a shitload from them!* .
James Ricker (21 days ago)
On the bright side when the NRA goes bankrupt the Republican party will no longer care about "gun rights" because no one is paying them to
Gabriel Molina (21 days ago)
Claims the NRA is the last group fighting for their rights. Also dead silent when the ATF mandated anyone that smoke cannabis isnt allowed to purchase fire arms. Seems fair drink alcohol buy all you want smoke cannabis nope none for you. But of course theyd stay silent this issue mostly effects minorities.
BasedSif (22 days ago)
What’s the benefits of being a member? Why can’t I just own a rifle?
Ben Hawkes (22 days ago)
They are an awful group
kalbs89 (22 days ago)
I hope so, the NRA is a evangelical gun con game.
Shawn Travels The World (22 days ago)
Anti NRA paid Propaganda
fuckfannyfiddlefart (22 days ago)
Matthew Gaines (22 days ago)
The leader of the NRA uses member fees allegedly as a personal piggy bank and they blame their opponents for their problems? It appears ex-con Oliver North spilled the beans and they also blame him for their problems too. Hey, here's a thought, use some of that 'personal responsibility' and stop the ridiculous compensation and gifts for the leader. You don't need to buy him a house, wardrobe, and perks. He surely makes more than enough to furnish all of that for himself. The NRA had become a corrupt institution full of grifters.
q dog (22 days ago)
the NRA is a political party
danny holguin (22 days ago)
Come on NRA I believe in you guys keep up the hard work 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯👍👍👍👍👍👍💪👍👍👍👍💪
unclewilliamderek (23 days ago)
kkonas lul
Abram Carroll (23 days ago)
"How The NRA Ended Up On The Verge Of Bankruptcy" Russia stopped giving them money?
repairdrive (23 days ago)
NRA sole purpose? Scare more Americans to sell more guns = more money. Brilliant
SaiiBoost (23 days ago)
Ask Wayne LaPierre about his $40k Italian suits, paid for by morons that surrender their money monthly
CaneFu (23 days ago)
GOOD, as a gun owner I'll be glad to see this corrupt organization gone. The NRA has never been interested in protecting the rights of individual gun owners; they have only been interested in preserving the customer base for gun manufacturers. Don't believe me? Then cite just one case where the NRA sent a lawyer to defend an individual member involved in a self-defense shooting. There aren't any that I know of.
Unit 031397 (23 days ago)
Wow, YT is really pushing the leftwing propaganda hard, huh? My auto play ALWAYS manages to immediately start playing authoritarian sources (did I spell 'authoritative' correcly?) whenever I finish a video. It doesnt appear to matter that I report CNBC, CNN, MSNBC vids as spam/misleading (generous on my part), or that I have chosen the "not interested" option for these particular "sources"..... they STILL get jammed down my throat... it is ALMOST as if I am given the *illusion* of control over the content I want to watch. Either this is to further artificially inflate the view counts from the establishment "ministry of truth" or to just use the ol' "repeat a lie a thousand times" trick... who knows. I bet if we asked google they would say the have made some "mistakes, but dont worry.... it is for your own good."
GERALD N (23 days ago)
The NRA's is robbing poor "cave dwellers," while getting richer.
robert shindel (24 days ago)
Sporting rifles are NOT the same thing as Assault Rifles, you need to do your research. An assault rifle has to have a select fire capability (beyond semiautomatic) and chamber an intermediate cartridge. Everyone vilifies these rifles even though handguns are FAR more deadly and involved in significantly more homicides. Attacking "assault weapons" wont do anything until we fix socioeconomic issues, treat the cause not the symptom.
Kratos Meng (24 days ago)
I love the NRA.
pablo guajardo lobos (24 days ago)
Finally!!! Woo hooo!
Sound Offense (24 days ago)
God please let this merchant organization of death finally go away, the bloodbath in mexico and the us is on their hands
Craig Crawford (25 days ago)
The NRA has these problems because they are greedy liars...
Lord Morgoth (25 days ago)
Great news, maybe we can finally get gun control.
Elias Bell (25 days ago)
The NRA is nothing but racist republicans let’s just be real
Kristopher Ryan (25 days ago)
I have no problem with the existence of the NRA. I have a problem with the existence of it's corrupt leadership. To claim that the NRA is a non-profit organization is laughable. You don't spend millions per year on propaganda and lobbying unless someone's making a profit.
Michael Edlin (26 days ago)
When they aligned with money instead of the people the corruption started you get millions of Americans duped into donating money to an organization that could care less about who they say they do. I was a member. Unfortunately our voices are not heard. The problem with guns is not the guns fault. That gun will not function unless it has hands on it. The brain that controls those hands is either right or wrong. I enjoy shooting at paper targets and occasional hunting trips. None of my guns have ever committed a crime. I was taught to respect them for what they are. Unfortunately you have people that have a disconnect between their brain and their hands. Once we get that straightened out maybe it will change to the way it is supposed to be.
Duerf (26 days ago)
The NRA is literally being kept alive "thanks" to mass shootings.
TheMsdos25 (26 days ago)
Good riddance, only 3% of their budget goes toward defending our rights anyways. Hopefully the GOA, or better yet the SAF takes thier place.
Dan Customer (26 days ago)
btc coins (27 days ago)
2nd Amendment, A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. It said "A Well Regulated Militia", regular folks are not "regulated militia", it was referring to gov't, not the people
TheMsdos25 (26 days ago)
But section 8 of Article 1 in the constitution already gives congress the power to arm the military, why would the founding fathers add an amendment that's completely redundant? Further more: if the 2A was referring to the government why is it in the bill of rights, a set of amendments specifically added to protect individual liberties? Why would the government need to protect its right to bear arms..from *iteself* ?
AntiSocial Atheist (27 days ago)
The only reason I would need a gun would be to fight off a right wing terrorist or lunatic with a gun from shooting me. Guns are absolutely the problem and we can prove that. We've seen what happens when you ban guns. Gun violence drops to nearly zero. Remove guns and our children will be safe finally. And everyone that supported the NRA will finally sees how horrible and immoral they were. They are basically allowing innocent people to die so they can show off their AR15 on Friday night to their drunk friends. That is horrible
AntiSocial Atheist (27 days ago)
I guess we can only hope the NRA is destroyed soon and we can fix our broken country.
Guinness (27 days ago)
Notice that all pro-NRA people in the video are obese? They are confirming one stereotype about America, why not confirm another?
Guinness (26 days ago)
@E.Duane Mitchell for European standards, yes
E.Duane Mitchell (27 days ago)
That female instructor was obese???
Justin K (27 days ago)
That's what happens when you NEGOTIATE THE RIGHTS OF AMERICANS
granskare (27 days ago)
NRA forgets the first part of the 2nd amentment.
granskare (27 days ago)
Heston is a good actor but when he headed the NRA, that was the end of him.
RIXRADvidz (27 days ago)
the Putin came along and pumped MILLIONS of Rubles into the NRA to influence local elections for the cuntservative candidates, after the elections, there were millions left over so the top bananas started misappropriating funds for their own personal use and well...the National Rifle Association is soon to be taken over by Conceal Carry of America CCA
Bichr Salhi (27 days ago)
yet they find thousands of $ to pay for the CEO's wife' make up and stylists.
Steven Ray (27 days ago)
Well I also believe that if more Americans had more money in there pockets and not so many using all there income to just keep 1 car and 1 roof plus the normal utility's and food. And that looks to be a little over halve of America lives this way now. So thoughts are fewer consumers for every industry not just Firearms.
MaximGhost (27 days ago)
You're gravely mistaken if you think the NRA is going away or was close to going away. They basically are snoozing if for a few years until another loser dem becomes POTUS.
Soren Ingram (27 days ago)
The Ironic fact, is that the "Business Model" of the NRA is more effective when instilling fear in its members. With a Democrat President
noob noob (27 days ago)
Remmington went bankrupt due to being forced to take on debt that did not belong to it.
DalekZ (27 days ago)
so in other words, if you wanna bankrupt the NRA and gun manufacturers...Just keep re-electing republicans to the whitehouse XD
David against Goliath (27 days ago)
This video is wishful thinking by the Left.
AstronomyToday (28 days ago)
shouldn't of taken them billions in Russian dollars and had ya communist carpet ripped out from underneath your golden feet.
David Olson (28 days ago)
The NRA should never have been granted non-profit status. The pathetic female spokesperson is utterly laughable. The NRA is culpable for the deaths in all mass shootings in the USA. Remove the gun lobby from OUR Congressional Halls. Destroy the NRA.
11joeg (28 days ago)
Nra Will no longer excist
Daniel Ramsey (28 days ago)
Too many guns being sold, fact is we've made too many armaments, and not everyone has the money to purchase more of what they already have! This is the same problem the military has. Fact is, they WANT money, and justify the constant Factory churning just to maintain that money. Their Using mas production as an excuse to cover their own greedy spending habits!
Avenged-Metal (28 days ago)
They turned their backs on defending the 2nd Amendment. No compromises.
Linus A (28 days ago)
Wait, The NRA is accused of providing insurance coverage in case the insurance holder in the process of defending him/herself shoots and kills someone. Isn't that something that gun control activist wanted? One of the proposals I keep hearing gun control activists demand is that gun owners be legally required to have liability insurance in case they shoot someone.
frisco kid (28 days ago)
uckBay Nguyen (28 days ago)
Good riddance. An organization that blurs the line between hunting and assault rifles? Hmm...
David Grover (15 days ago)
uckBay Nguyen, The Second Amendment was never about hunting and a strict reading of the U.S. v. Miller Supreme Court Ruling backs that up. Also most hunting rifles fire more powerful ammunition than the intermediate (read that low medium power cartridges) of assault rifles.
TheMsdos25 (26 days ago)
@uckBay Nguyen Assault rifles have been banned for decades...
uckBay Nguyen (27 days ago)
@noob noob I'm not sure I get your point, I live in the 2019
noob noob (27 days ago)
Good riddance. An organization that demanded black people have ownership of guns during a time of segregation, blurring the line between the slave and master? Hmm...
mercenarybdu (28 days ago)
A Q (28 days ago)
NRA used to be a gun safety organization. NRA today is an organization that supports domestic gun violence and domestic terrorism. NRA is partly to blame for domestic gun violence. NO MORE NRA.
StuCarb (28 days ago)
Any gun law is unconstitutional
Piccolo's Grunts (28 days ago)
NRA = Northern Rail Alliance ᕙ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ Fight me...