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The Rise And Fall Of The Toyota Prius

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The Toyota Prius was the world’s first mass produced hybrid car and it still might be the most famous of all time. The nameplate was once synonymous with hybrids, and a symbol of the automotive future. But now sales of the Prius are falling as it has become a victim of a changing market and perhaps, its own success. » Subscribe to CNBC: https://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC » Subscribe to CNBC TV: https://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBCtelevision » Subscribe to CNBC Classic: https://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBCclassic About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: https://www.cnbc.com/ Follow CNBC on LinkedIn: https://cnb.cx/LinkedInCNBC Follow CNBC News on Facebook: https://cnb.cx/LikeCNBC Follow CNBC News on Twitter: https://cnb.cx/FollowCNBC Follow CNBC News on Instagram: https://cnb.cx/InstagramCNBC #CNBC #Toyota #Prius The Rise And Fall Of The Toyota Prius
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Text Comments (3050)
Cosmo Ray (52 minutes ago)
The styling sucks. It is boring.
Lomax0506 (2 hours ago)
Tesla killed the Prius. Toyota should have released a fully electric Prius years ago.
NHseacoast (5 hours ago)
Toyota has dealerships with service options. Where do I get my Tesla serviced??
cristian dl cruz (7 hours ago)
The rise and fall of toyota prius Sponsored by Tesla
Steven Graham (17 hours ago)
Ali Ismael (18 hours ago)
Open your eyes CNBC and look, there is a WORLD out there for the PRIUS. The US is NOT the World !
Jack (21 hours ago)
Waiting for full electric Prius, maybe Prius E?
T Tommy (22 hours ago)
Just make it look better. The end.
Dman Nevada (1 day ago)
They should of named this vehicle "Virtue", for all the virtue signalers out there who bought one.
Peter Ricker (1 day ago)
Over the years we have bought 4 Priuses. They were a nice transition from full reliance on gas. Toyota put all their eggs into the future of Hydrogen Fuel cell cars (big mistake). I now have a Tesla Model Y on order.
CV (1 day ago)
That Honda model was as ugly as a 1960's french car called a Citroen.
Sight & Sounds (1 day ago)
Expensive to buy, service and repair. Economy plummets in winter. They are not luxury cars - too much plastic. (This video is difficult to watch and listen to with all that annoying "music " - is the producer producer tone deaf?)
Craig G (1 day ago)
My 09 gets 53 MPG on the highway and high 40's around town . My brother has a 2017 that gets 71 MPG
Andy Mcnally (2 days ago)
It's time to start making Electric cars with backup combustion motors - Not the other way around! Which manufacturer will be bold enough to do it?
Phil (2 days ago)
Still see plenty of them, as I rapidly pass by
M JAraaZ (2 days ago)
Video sponsored by Failing and bailed out GM and you the taxpayer. Thank you!!
Stephen Clark (2 days ago)
When they said gas was $4.10 a gallon average in the US it was like 5:50 almost $6 a gallon in California
bajabret60 (2 days ago)
weren't early Prius buyers getting big tax incentives to buy one? that probably artificially inflated sales the first few years
Roberto Acevedo (2 days ago)
What do you mean the rise and fall?! Everyone and their grandma owns one where I live. I decked mine out with a truck horn!
Rebekah Braun (2 days ago)
I have a Prius. I love it so much I don't think I will ever be able to go back to a non-hybrid.
Chef Santos (2 days ago)
I trade my 2014 with 320k miles for the 2019 , I was getting 52 miles per gallons and on the 2019 I was getting 72 miles per gallon. I just totally and I'm going to buy another one but they are expensive compared to others like the Camry
Joe P (2 days ago)
The problems with the Prius are that it's lousy in snow due to not being able to disable the anti skid system. No all wheel drive. No ability to tow anything. The top brains governing Prius decided to ignore snowbelt drivers and anyone who needs to tow or haul stuff.
Eat Jat (2 days ago)
Behind on electric vehicles? Um, how many brands of hydrogen powered vehicles can you drive?
Marktuyet (2 days ago)
Consumer Reports is not very credible .
Joshua Dubnick (2 days ago)
The attack on Saudi oil capacity and the resultant price spike just show how volatile oil prices can be and how vulnerable they are to external forces. It's very short-sighted to purchase gas guzzlers because the gas price is low on any given day. The problem with the new Prius is that most of them have no spare tires. Until cell phone service is 100% and tire stores are open 24/7 that's a deal killer (and should not even be permitted by NHTSA)
zee7379 (2 days ago)
Rephrase In recent years it's become a victim to catylictic converter thiefs.
Dar Dedar (2 days ago)
“Consumer Reports’ 2018 survey gathered more than 500,000 responses. Here are the cars that have the highest number of satisfied drivers: 1) Toyota Prius. Nearly 90 percent of owners said they would buy the hybrid again, putting it at the *top* of all compact cars. Owners say the car is great value for the money.” The Prius Prime is #3 in reliability according to the latest Consumer Reports. The brand is getting diluted a bit because they're making many different models.
JasparTheGhost (2 days ago)
Why is the electricity component never mentioned? Factoring that in, what is the real mpg?
JasparTheGhost (2 days ago)
Spirit Donkey (2 days ago)
The Prius is alive and well. Prices are high for these cars.
altair1983 (3 days ago)
I remember when Prius first arrived, people here were mostly saying that concept will not hold and reliability of novel technology will be problem. The chief concern were the batteries. How to replace them? At what cost? Yet, we see now that it worked and it worked well. And now Toyota offers just about every model in hybrid version.
Lakshman Dalpadado (3 days ago)
With 4 people in the car, the Prius cannot go over local speed bumps without the undercarriage scraping the bottom. And the rear seats are very uncomfortable. The only good thing is the gas mileage.
Peter Weise (3 days ago)
Some facts first: Drive a Prius 4 for 3,5 years now, it was bought new and soon reaches 60.000km. Had a P3 for 6 years and 100.000km. In my eyes the Prius is the best offer you can buy, if buying a car. The car was build around the HSD. Not the other way round like the HSD was implanted into an existing car. This is a big difference. Spacey, spacey look, very reliable, it doesn't wear out parts fast, e.g. seems that the first set of all weather tires will last up to 100.000km and even some more, of course depending on the way you drive. In my case, I take my time, because I like it. No need to hurry. No shifting necessary, very smooth and relaxed ride, always. The best for last. In Germany gasoline cars consume 7,8l averagely on 100km, diesel cars 7l. The Prius 4 took 3,6l for this distance as long as I used it as an average value in all seasons. Nothing else to be written. I plan to keep the car as my last bought one. Hopefully it'll last so long.
flagmichael (3 days ago)
What remains to be seen is whether any of the competitors will be able to compete with the Prius reliability. We have a 2002 Prius that needed its first actual repair (other than 12V batteries, wiper blades, tires, and a windshield) last year at 198K miles - the inverter coolant pump gave out. The rear brakes are still the originals with no measurable wear, while the front brakes were replaced this year at about 60% wear on general principles.
SanchoSanto (3 days ago)
The problem is that Toyota gambled and lost. Instead of an all electric prius they went and developed a hydrogen fuel cell and it is a flop. They can't give that thing away!! Hahahaha! Now they fell far behind the competition. My next car will be an Audi etron because Lexus won't have an all electric any time soon.
Sun Lite (3 days ago)
Duh...Let's talk price? Let's talk miles/ fill up? Let's take cost efficiency.
M67v (3 days ago)
What Toyota needs to do is update the Prius with nice styling, more tech, more uncommon luxury features, and most importantly beefier electric motors that add more power, and make the car able to rely on electricity more. As an 07 owner, I love my car, but the biggest frustration is how it relies way too much on its gasoline engine than I would like, especially with the A/C. If it’s able to use more electric, it’d be even more fuel efficient, quicker, and better overall, because right now the biggest problems with the Prius is lack of power, it looks a bit strange(I think my 07 looks wayyy better than the current), how it’s kinda behind the competition. If Toyota can fix that, the Prius might come back. Until then, I bet many people are just snagging used ones because they’ve gotten pretty cheap nowadays.
Rob J (3 days ago)
Gas prices are cyclic. The next time gas prices surge the Prius will be a Best Buy because it's been a very reliable vehicle, which is what people want.
Drew Evan (3 days ago)
Nobody is going to mention that Toyota managed to make the Prius even worse looking in the newest generation? Not that Typical Prius buyers really care about styling, but this one is particularly hard to get used to.
Alan Hunt (3 days ago)
I drove a Prius about 8 years ago and it put me of hybrids for life, it was a very unpleasant experience I will never forget and at the time, I walked into it with no preconceived idea of what it should be or do... I just thought lets see.. today of course Toyota makes many other more popular models in hybrid formats, so I don't think the demise of the Prius is particularly significant.
Sure Why not (3 days ago)
It still gives 50 to 54 mpg, that's nuts for 20 grand car.
Rochelle Thomas (3 days ago)
Hmmm... just bought one and I LOVE IT!
Eric Wadge (3 days ago)
New emission regulations in Europe means that manufacturers will have to increase fuel economy. You can tell by the Frankfurt autoshow that there are a slew of new hybrids coming to market. Eventually, there will be a transition to full electric but hybrids will increase with those manufacturers who do not want to commit to electrification just yet.
Abdel Benhersi (4 days ago)
they just kept producing ugly car, that is why,,
Bill Sterling (4 days ago)
So, other manufacturers are "all in" with hybrid and electric, and if they don't beat the leader, Prius, they'll die. Sounds like a buyer's market to me!
Ray A (4 days ago)
I remember our company bought a fleet of these cars and I knew then what I know now that it is highly over rated and dumb just like Toyota. People still have to put gas in the Prius just to fun the electric car and without being able to just plug it in. The point of buying a electric car or even a hybrid is to be free from the chain which is gas. I rather buy a Tesla or a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV that gives way more space, power, function than buying any prius which now should just die off completely...that's what happens when you lead the way, eventually someone will know what way to go on their own at some point
Waldemar Ishibashi (4 days ago)
CNBC: do your homework! The Prius is effectively half of Toyota sales, it just looks different. In the EU, half of Toyota`s sold are hybrids. All of them are based on Prius to some extent, some of them are identical. https://insideevs.com/news/345731/over-50-of-toyota-sales-in-europe-are-hybrids-phevs-not-even-1/
Erik Griswold (4 days ago)
Story about the Prius which does not show the original Prius?
peter ssuna (4 days ago)
Just get out of the left lane. Christ!!
Dave Electric (4 days ago)
Maybe if Toyota didn't make the newest one so damn ugly people would buy the new ones.
fer na (4 days ago)
This video is made oil donors
New channel (4 days ago)
That's good cuz prius are expensive car to buy in uk now they have to think about their price
whatsthebigfndeal (4 days ago)
I wish I could get a fuel efficient car but I'm a contractor and I haul a 4,000 pound trailer every day. It would be awesome if they came out with a hybrid or electric truck that was capable and reliable. As of right now, the offerings are just gimmicky toys but they'll probably have something that's actually viable by the time I'm dead.
Sean O'Keefe (4 days ago)
When world Peace sneezes and a war or disaster occurs you will wish you had the best mileage you can afford.
BingBong Boopledoop (4 days ago)
Electric cars are still not yet practical and affordable enough for everyone. The Leaf has awful resale value, poor battery life and (because it's a Renault/Nissan) is not nearly as well built as the Prius. Tesla? Those are expensive and a PITA to service when something goes wrong. Regardless, Tesla and Prius don't have the same buyers. People cross shop Audi/BMW's with Tesla not Prius. In my opinion there is still room for hybrids. People who still need 200+ miles of range and quick refills. Specifically the plug-in hybrid's can serve this market. I think if another war breaks out in the ME we'll be seeing a come back of the compact a PHEV car pushing 100+MPG
Mark Vaughn (4 days ago)
I liked mine for 120,000 miles then the battery went out. That was $4,000 bucks. Small oil leak in the timing cover, that’s $2,200 bucks to fix. (Not going to happen). Now possible issue with the brake booster that’s a possible $3,300 fix. (Might be a recall on that). The money I saved on gas I’ve instead have spent on repairs. It’s a 2010, and has always been maintained at the dealer. It’s got 202,000 miles but spent the majority of its life in Vegas. Perhaps the desert environment is to blame for some of my issues?
jjgreek1 (5 days ago)
What about an AWD Prius?
PrimiusLovin (5 days ago)
It might still have good strong points in its favor but it's ugly as sin! And I don't really think the Tesla Model 3 will age as badly as the Prius...
Dwight Looi (5 days ago)
Hybrids DO NOT, and never ever did, MAKE ECONOMIC SENSE. It'll take 11.5 years to recover the price premium of the Hybrid Drivetrain over a comparably equipped Corolla or some other economy car -- at $3 a gallon and 12,500 miles a year. The Prius was the "Feel Good Green Creds" symbol for people faithful to the man made Global Warming / Climate Change religion. Today, those same Climate Hoax consumers are buying Pure Electrics.
Hubert Farnsworth (5 days ago)
If they get rid of the Prius what will petrol head hate on
fessells ahmed (6 days ago)
Why didn't Toyota produce pure electric cars?
Pac1fic0 (6 days ago)
Pretty sure the Honda Insight was mass produced first.
18rabbit (6 days ago)
Before u, cnbc, make a vid like this, pls learn basic sci/numericals on what aids fuel economy--- start/stop tech/feature makes virtually no measurable difference!!!!
methanial73 (7 days ago)
I like my Volt much better than a Prius. Reliable and I nearly never use gas. The Prius is UGLY! At least now there's more options as far as hybrids go.
Bruce Meyers (7 days ago)
Lol.. I trust CNBC for information like I trust CNN.. and all the rest of them.. laughing as I pass another gas station in my 2019 100mpg Prius Prime...
2A556FMJ (7 days ago)
After rebates you can get a Prius Prime for half the price of a Tesla 3
Ben Houten (7 days ago)
We have owned 3 Prius's (Prii?) and I've also worked on others in a garage. In general they are really reliable and get good mileage, I can realistically get around 48mpg and the only thing that ever broke in over 300.000miles combined was the waterpump which is somewhat common. The only reason why Prius sales are down is because they put the Prius drivetrain in the Corolla, Camry, Rav4 etc. You can now get the efficiency and reliability without having a ugly car.
Fergie Gee (7 days ago)
It's a bit far fetched because the cost of a full EV is still not attainable for the time being. What Toyota is offering here is a way to transition until there is a proper infrastructure in place for a full EV that we can driver driver and not just in the city.
MuscleDad420 (8 days ago)
Don't understand why people buy big SUV's and trucks because "LOL GAS IS CHEAP RIGHT NOW!" What about when it's not? This is a cyclical thing, though there's good arguments to be made this whole house of cards we call modern society is heading for an imminent collapse. Why not get a fuel efficient car so when gas is cheap, you continue to save by not having to get gas as often? Maybe we all deserve to die.
David Jose (8 days ago)
Music is cheap and distracting
Dorian Beeswax (8 days ago)
They were positioned really well to take cars even further, but they bet on Hydrogen cars instead of electric cars. That's where they really messed up. Now car companies that were really trying to push the envelope are starting to take over in name recognition which is REALLY important ex.(Tesla, Nissan, Audi, BMW, etc.). Toyota needs to offer a great full electric car, otherwise, they'll become just another relic of the past.
Buff Barnaby (8 days ago)
Toyota Priapism.
Womb Raider (8 days ago)
The Prius is the gayest car around...and Toyota's infotainment technology system is archaic.
Mike Neuzil (9 days ago)
This video is so misleading!! The other companies just out are just starting and watch all the issues they have and will have Prius is still the best option!
Wes Johnston (9 days ago)
Like the iPhone they stopped innovation. Toyota should have started making a serious BEV.
R Tuck (9 days ago)
I drive a Prius, I love it and people are usually very jealous of what I get to spend on gas
Michael Loach (9 days ago)
Sure buy a badly built tesla that costs three times and more that a little Prius............That makes sense!
Michael Loach (9 days ago)
If only america could produce such a quality car maybe they could corner the market? Oh, no, wait they are an oil driven country!
David C. Gulliver (9 days ago)
Elemental truths: Under 3% of total auto sales. Gas prices 1/2 of peak pricing since 2015. Hybrid tech available (at modestly increased price) across auto product line (many, small individual sales add up), High end of market removed by Tesla and others. No incentive (Federal or otherwise) to increase MPG's as carbon footprints are reduced by ALL cars (turbocharging, stop start, DGI, etc...)
cioccbike (9 days ago)
Thank God I’m not forced to drive a butt ugly car like the Prius because I can’t afford the price of gas. I live in California and yet I can afford to drive a turbocharged car that sucks premium gas like there’s no tomorrow.
K J (9 days ago)
The Rice and Bowl of China
Mizo (9 days ago)
It's a nice car, but the dashboard is very ugly, the speedometer is in the middle and everything looks weird!
Christopher McKeon (10 days ago)
I want a totally diesel-electric kind of car like what's used on ships...a very tiny motor that runs on small fuel but spins a dynamo to make electric power which produces all the motive force and electrical power to run the vehicle. I think this is way more efficient on fuel than hybrids and infinitely more convenient and useful than all-electric. It can be gas or diesel, doesn't make a difference to me.
j v (10 days ago)
The Prius looks like a tiny Aztec.
Brick Life (10 days ago)
Why people hate it its a nice car with eco friendly and good deisgn
Bow (10 days ago)
Are people gonna talk about the ugly ass design of the new Prius?! That’s probably why it’s not selling
Anand Shah (10 days ago)
If Toyota comes up with an all-electric Prius, it's going to disrupt the car industry.
VinylToVideo (10 days ago)
This thing was always a turd, and "environmentalists" never had any good reason to drive them. Far more of a carbon footprint is created in their manufacture than simply driving a used car, even if it's a V8 gas guzzler. Moreover, who gives a damn what Communist Reports thinks!?
dancer within (10 days ago)
The Prius was butt ugly and too extreme after the 2016 redesign. I think that had a lot to do with it. They have dialed it back for 2019.
A.B. (11 days ago)
It failed in Kuwait cause it couldn't handle the heat, and Gas is super cheap here. 1 litre of fuel costs around 0.263 dollars.
Omar Garcia (11 days ago)
I live in California AND trust me with the gas price here.. you'll end up buying a Prius is cheap and reliable....
Bostonite1985 (11 days ago)
This video is total BS...The Prius was first introduced in 1997 and is still going strong after 22 years with 10 million cars sold all over the world. However, Toyota has introduced a new range of Hybrid cars.
palmcone (11 days ago)
I know design is subjective like art, but the newly redesigned Prius is probably the ugliest car ever. Finally someone designed something so much worse than the Pontiac Aztec. I mean the car has tail fins! Except they point out sideways...and they light up like neon. Have you ever followed one of these at night? And one version has a spoiler that dips/sags in the center. The first two times I saw one, I thought it was damaged - like a fat person sat on it. But then I realized it is built that way! I can’t believe an executive signed off on this. I bet sales would go back up with a redesign.
Solomon S. Buyco (11 days ago)
Oil Industries...
Nathan Wells (11 days ago)
I'd rather get the new Corolla hybrid over the Prius to be fair.
Brick Life (10 days ago)
my mum got the new 2019 corrolla hybrid in july as the 2019 camry and prius dont look that good. they have weird lines everywhere and is unpleasant to look at
Luis Zian (12 days ago)
I wish to know the gas station in California that offers gas at $2.26 a gallon .
Thatrandomguyinthecorner (12 days ago)
There never was a rise...
beschken (12 days ago)
shares of Prius dropped because Toyota(Lexus) rolled other hybrid cars :D
Karthikeyan Jayachandran (12 days ago)
Electric cars are still not efficient. They consume electricity which doesn't comes clean.
m Cave (12 days ago)
AKA speedbump