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The Rise And Fall Of The Toyota Prius

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The Toyota Prius was the world’s first mass produced hybrid car and it still might be the most famous of all time. The nameplate was once synonymous with hybrids, and a symbol of the automotive future. But now sales of the Prius are falling as it has become a victim of a changing market and perhaps, its own success. » Subscribe to CNBC: https://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC » Subscribe to CNBC TV: https://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBCtelevision » Subscribe to CNBC Classic: https://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBCclassic About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: https://www.cnbc.com/ Follow CNBC on LinkedIn: https://cnb.cx/LinkedInCNBC Follow CNBC News on Facebook: https://cnb.cx/LikeCNBC Follow CNBC News on Twitter: https://cnb.cx/FollowCNBC Follow CNBC News on Instagram: https://cnb.cx/InstagramCNBC #CNBC #Toyota #Prius The Rise And Fall Of The Toyota Prius
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jommoner (1 day ago)
Prius means ‘first’; it made the competitors sit up and take notice. Without the Prius we would still all drive gas guzzlers. I use a Nissan Leaf for commuting, Prius for long journeys, and a whole range of turbo or large-engined cars for fun! Also the Gen 1 insight manual is a fun car to drink e :) EDIT - I get 70mpg with a heavy right foot, 90mpg driving at the limit, and can drive several miles at 120mpg when in a traffic jam (US mpg) - great cars new or secondhand!
[i] ven (1 day ago)
I still want a 1st gen insight.
Christopher Adams (1 day ago)
Why does everyone hate on something that is good?
Saintly Beginnings (1 day ago)
I was not a big Prius fan, but when my oldest daughter approached driving age, we began researching. We wanted a reliable car that would be affordable, safe, & would handle some winter weather. We bought used w/ 110,000 miles, and have been very happy with it. It even started right away on a -10 morning when my van refused to turn over. The only negative on our 2010 Prius is the gps system it comes with. We don’t care for it at all; but a newer one we test drove did have a better gps system.
PhillipJohn Fitness (2 days ago)
The problem here is that the new Prius, the current generation Prius is behind in design. When they redesigned the 4th generation Toyota Prius, they actually made it uglier. It looks horrible. Its hideous. Toyota screwed up the design. Whoever is in charge of the design of the Prius, should be let go. If you want to be a standout do it in a good way because the Prius was always a standout vehicle. To stay ahead of the pack you have to have a good design. The design on this fourth generation is horrible and it's disappointing. I'm not a Prius fan at all, but Toyota gets my props for establishing the hybrid name. However, if they want to stay on top, they need to improve and fix the design of the vehicle. The technology is there, but that design has to go. Look at Tesla's design language and become inspired. Keep the next design different, but give it a sporty design. Give it some appeal. The current design is just awkward.
jbn675478 (2 days ago)
other hybrids are better that's why. Prius 0-60 is like 12 seconds! Ford C-Max is 8. Also, they showed the prius prime, which is a plug-in hybrid, it can do 25 miles in pure EV mode before it switches back to traditional hybrid mode. That's different than the original Prius which was a standard hybrid.
Jens Ericson (2 days ago)
Tesla’s “boldly design”? No, it’s just that Prius are ugly and Tesla models look more normal modern and like a competent designer drew the cars.
jbn675478 (2 days ago)
why would anyone compare a tesla to a prius?
mazterarius-youtube (2 days ago)
Toyota Prius offers electric drive AND gasoline AT THE SAME TIME. That's unique. If I wanted pure electric, I would go elsewhere. BMW i3 also has electric plus gasoline, but they fon work together. The gasoline in i3 is to charge the battery.
jbn675478 (2 days ago)
the i3 has an "onboard generator" but is always driving by the electric drivetrain. The Chevrolet Volt is exactly the same way.
Eduard Gherasim (3 days ago)
The new car is extremely ugly. Toyota needs to change the designer. Such a shame, great cars but ugly design.
Vincent DiNoto (3 days ago)
I think the beauty of the prius is that now that it's out of the limelight there is a wonderful used market for millions of Americans to tap into. You can often find them well under 10k and with fewer than 100k miles. Much more affordable than a new car, and to boot their reliability is proven and there are a number of quality battery replacements available should you need that (thankfully most batteries seem to last well over a decade and 200k+ if cared for properly). As far as sedans go, in my opinion it is the ultimate utilitarian vehicle currently available.
Ed Rod (3 days ago)
They are still the best, anyone who actually cares about fuel economy/price is still going to get one , you cant beat 50+mpg for $25K , especially when the cars are proven to last 200k miles plus
Dom Yeo (4 days ago)
It's becoming taxis in Southeast Asia.
Chuan Feng (5 days ago)
But it is ugly.......
Anthony Rausch (5 days ago)
I know this is off subject but does anyone remember in Toyota Vitz?
Carol Fisch (6 days ago)
I am still driving my 2004 Prius, over 710,000 miles on it and still getting 48 miles to a gallon. Good car.
jbn675478 (2 days ago)
that's awesome. People need to realize how good hybrids are, from Toyota, Ford, or any other manufacturer.
RockTheSix (6 days ago)
Think about the emissions produced by power plants to produce the power for electric vehicles. Everyone thinks they are 'GREEN' Yet dont understand that power has to be actually produced somewhere to power that car. In the end...Emissions are produced no matter if its car that runs on gasoline or electric. I'll buy the gas car.
jbn675478 (2 days ago)
this point has been debunked many times. Hybrids are more green than traditional ICE vehicles, always.
John Doe (8 days ago)
Hey Stewie, show this to Brian.
ASRoces (8 days ago)
A Promo for Tesla ans EV..... nice try CNBC.
metta8888 (9 days ago)
I have had a couple Prius'. I stopped getting them for three main reasons. The design of the newer versions looked ugly to me (especially that back). The newer versions felt cheap and the price kept going up. I just want an affordable reliable car that looks good and gets good gas mileage. I don't care about luxury or having a bunch of stuff added to my car that I will never use.
Robert Rishworth (9 days ago)
I’m struggling to see her Prius is failing I have a new one it’s averaging 55 miles a gallon my car has nothing to do with my status symbol as a man and I love that car
NoWay Thanks (9 days ago)
The rarest thing in the world is a Prius with a MAGA bumper sticker.
Whatzit Tooya (9 days ago)
The Prius is still the smartest car on the road if you're looking to stay cheap. 45-60mpg for $20k? Tesla isn't beating that. And no hybrid has.
Basicyapper69 (10 days ago)
50+ mpg. About $20 to completely fill up. And you can go about 600 miles to the tank. Very reliable and doesn’t need to be upgraded as often.
12 years and 250,000 miles later and NO repairs, just maintenance, best car ever, reliable, versatile, amazing, quiet, inexpensive !!! INVER GROVE HEIGHTS TOYOTA IN MINNESOTA IS THE PLACE TO GO FOR AMAZING WINNING CARS AND TRUCKS like PRIUS !!!
Greek ART Vlog (11 days ago)
Im about to buy a used Prius year 2004-2009 , it cost about 6000$ now. Prius petrol engine can be converted to run on LPG or CNG for even lower running costs. It can also be converted to plug in hybrid by an electrician for about 3-5000$.
Curt Flory (11 days ago)
In my opinion the styling of the older Prius's is a big drawback. However the cars are virtual perfect urban cars; excellent fuel economy and really good usable space beneath the hatch. And they are Toyota reliable and very comfortable on long trips. If gas prices were to go up again people would flock back to them again in a microsecond.
Steven K (11 days ago)
The Prius is the best car ever. Getting one is the best thing that ever happened to me.
Jesus Villa (11 days ago)
Even if Toyota was behind technology. They hold their value darn good. They are well worth the money.
Jesus Villa (11 days ago)
Prius are not going anywhere, they are all over the world. As long as they keep changing the design, people will keep buying them for their reliability. Toyota are known for reliability all over the world.
Nick H (11 days ago)
I like my Prius, no complaints.
Benjamin Buss (12 days ago)
My 2014 Prius just blew blew a head gasket.... 215,000 miles on it. Plus at 140,000 it needed $1400 worth of work. At the end of its death it burned oil like it was its candy. The current version is too expensive for my taste; I bought a 2019 WV Jetta, the Jetta has pretty good gas miliage, not the 50 mpg of the Prius but close to 40mpg. And I feel safer in the bigger car.
Todd Dennis (12 days ago)
Now the RAV4 hybrid is the fastest selling suv. Combined with Prius sales I would say Toyota is doing just fine. They also now have an awd Prius version.
Gia Zadora (12 days ago)
I love my PAID OFF Prius. It just keeps going and going. Best car I have EVER driven. I will be buying another.
emancoy (13 days ago)
Sales are down? But they're everywhere.
Ramzy Marwan Monir (13 days ago)
2:47 The Prius isn't innovative. The only thing it did was convince people to take away my big old V8s! What's a life without V8s? It's like a house with no weather protection.
Ramzy Marwan Monir (13 days ago)
The Prius is dumb. All hybrids and electric cars are dumb.
Kenneth Jacobs (13 days ago)
I have a 2012 Prius I love it !! 50 + mpg Highway !!
YOUnity 369 144 (13 days ago)
I’ve been doing exhaustive research on the most dependable, most fuel efficient used cars on the market. Hands down, the Prius is the head and shoulder winner. This feels like a skewed report. Maybe bought and paid for by ummm, I don’t know, the electric car lobby? The Prius is so much more convenient and reliable than electric vehicles.
Linda Novak (14 days ago)
I have a Prius and it is the best car that I have ever owned-155,000 miles and have only done normal maintenance and that is it!
Raj M (14 days ago)
The getaway car. You can run faster then the car. The most annoying frikking drivers of prius. They drive as if they have put blood in the car instead of gas.
kay (15 days ago)
I was literally looking at Prius' on carmax the other day
Gray Au (16 days ago)
the fall of......... lmao......... cheaper cost per mile than full electric or gas cheaper to buy than almost any car super reliable Ok
Supreme Auto Broker (16 days ago)
*This message is sponsored by Tesla*
BeefCakeBill (17 days ago)
Wow even at its highest, gas prices in America are so cheap! Amazing for them to not add all sorts of taxes on taxes like up here in Canada where it is a descent deal at the pumps when you pay 4.65$ a gallon
sugarbar (17 days ago)
Expensive car for a fake electric
rambo4war (18 days ago)
4:12 , just as with Apple products such as the iphone there is still a majority of toyota prius owners out there and used prius owners some of which are on 200k , 300k , and 400k miles. The new sales may be slowing but it's only because owners are keeping these things for 10 or so years. I have had two hybrids from toyota one a 2007; the other a 2015 (lexus). I will not replace it for a long long time. They make their money from "services" not just from new sales. The chart is misleading and not really accurate. Lastly, there are videos out there that show that between a Telsa and a Prius on the same commute, that the Prius is cheaper to operate. It is the most fuel efficient vehicle on the planet....there is no equal. Not even a big heavy Tesla is more energy efficient. Again, two vehicles conducted the same route....the prius filled up in 2 minutes; the Tesla recharged in 2 hours or something absurd like that, the prius was cheaper to fill up than the "electrical" costs for the Tesla to "juice" up. Tesla needs to make "small" EVs like the new Honda E; only with a "small" vehicle can you actually "save". Burning energy going zero to sixty in 3 seconds and "zooming" around doesn't seem fuel efficient to me.
SJ (18 days ago)
Is this a TESLA advert or sth?
Jaayo (18 days ago)
My car runs on a atomized fusion reactor,
Sandeep (18 days ago)
Are you able to turn off the auto breaking? I don't like that feature.
Wim Schoenmakers (18 days ago)
I drive a nine year old Toyota Auris ( baby Prius ) and its about the best car I ever owned. Today's Toyota Mirai, that run ons Hydrogen is like the new Prius I from tomorrow. Toyota will always be the leader in innovative car manufacturing.
Andrew Stancioff (19 days ago)
An amazing vehicle. Our 2006 with 230,000 miles, still running strong. With no mechanical problems and original battery. 14 years and still going strong through 14 Maine winters.
Mike Morgan (19 days ago)
210,000 miles on my 07 and I've never done anything but change the oil. Maybe that explains why sales are down. I'll definitely buy another one. Maybe in 2028
Armadillito (20 days ago)
Is the license free patent use a ploy to maintain the current market in hybrids, in the hope of delaying pure EV charging infrastructure? That would let Toyota try to catch up with EV development or push hydrogen vehicles instead, as they seem to want to?
Mike Castellon (20 days ago)
Do one about why CNBC hates Donald trump and is working furiously to overturn the results of the presidential election.
Charlie-Carlos Mejia (21 days ago)
It's just so ugly
LadyBug (21 days ago)
I want a Prius for my next car. I've even seen how people sleep in them when they are on road trips, lookup Prius car camping to see what I mean. They are extremely roomy with the back seats folded down
Kimmi Hellman (16 days ago)
That's right! 256K and counting in my 2008 and we've driven up and down both coasts and cross-country a bunch of times - car camping is easy and it's one of the rarer cars/SUV's that's actually got a fold-FLAT second row! love my Dora the Explorer Prius! xoxo
bmxer123ist (21 days ago)
Propaganda I see. Where I live, the Prius is more common to see driving around than any Tesla (New Jersey)
Michael King (21 days ago)
Yeah...Prius....what a piece of junk. Although it is one of the most reliable lowest cost of operation vehicles on the road.
A person (21 days ago)
There is also toyota’s own cars
A person (21 days ago)
Not really a fall... not selling as well, but still selling
Sarah Settimo (21 days ago)
Literally just bought a Prius C last year. I’ve never loved a car more
Dan lee (21 days ago)
You mean if you stay stagnant and dont innovate you will lose market share?? Who would have thought!!
Changxun Li (21 days ago)
what fall
Hazzalofta (22 days ago)
Christina Luscious (23 days ago)
What! Gasoline is not that cheap in California! We still pay between $3.50 and $4.15 so I don’t know where you got your numbers 😂
Janet Young (23 days ago)
I bought a 2008 in 2007 and I’m still driving it. Not one time have I broke down or had any problems. I’m waiting on my new one now bc mine has almost 200,000 miles. I just want a new car. Nothing wrong with mine.
Victor Britain (24 days ago)
So you comparing prius to Tesla in which sence ? Tesla is not a normal ordinary person affordable car but prius do, so feel sorry ur logic looks like you just imposing tesla in public Minds....
m med (24 days ago)
I have a 2012 Prius. The 2020 model has the exact same battery technology (lead acid) which is mediocre by today's standards. I won't be getting a Prius because the line has not improved at all in the past 9 years.
jbn675478 (2 days ago)
m med that’s really rare: because of automatic features and a dedicated computer designed to take care of and monitor the battery, expected failure rate for life of vehicle (they used 180,000 miles) was less than 1% Also you have a 100k to 150k mike warren on them
m med (2 days ago)
@jbn675478 well, I have had to replace mine at 90k. I also know three other Prius owners that have had to replace their battery packs around the same time. It is abundantly obvious that the Prius will need a battery pack replacement somewhere down the line.
jbn675478 (2 days ago)
@m med if you mean over the life of the vehicle, no, they will both last many miles due to the way they never fully discharge or fully charge
m med (2 days ago)
@jbn675478 performance wise you might get similar mpg (still debatable as the highest performing hybrid in 2020 has a li-ion battery), but the lithium ion battery will last much longer. The only reason why Toyota hasn't changed it in the base hybrids it's because it can get away with it and it's cheaper. Meanwhile, other car companies are offering hybrids with lithium ion cells and offer a lifetime warranty on the battery (being li-ion, it is unlikely you will need to replace the battery during the lifetime of the car).
jbn675478 (2 days ago)
@m med yeah, that's obvious, however for a hybrid it just doesn't matter: https://www.greencarreports.com/news/1120320_lithium-ion-vs-nickel-metal-hydride-toyota-still-likes-both-for-its-hybrids. You wouldn't notice a difference either way.
MOBB AJAX (24 days ago)
My mom recently gave me her 2007 Prius , Great car with only 127,000 miles wonderful condition only cost 25 bucks to fill on empty empty
Cody Johnson (24 days ago)
When I bought my 2010 Prius, I remember reading and hearing from Prius detractors that my regen battery wont last more than 50K miles...and will have to replace for thousands of dollars. I’m now at 200,000 miles and still get over 55 mpg on my daily commute. I figure, over 10 years, I have saved close to $10,000 in fuel cost when compared to my former car. There will always be detractors of the Prius that are full of chit. That said, The Prius has not significantly changed in about 2 decades. The technology hasn’t radically changed....and that causes prospective buys to buy other brands. But the Prius is still incredibly reliable and has wonderful utility.
John K Lindgren (25 days ago)
*Thanks 'CNBC' Here in the amazing, tropical THAILAND the Korean Hyundai has two EV vehicles on offer; the IONIQ and the KONA. However, they do not stand a chance against the much cheaper MG ZS EV (ZULU SIERRA ECHO VICTOR). Voila! here is the MG ZS Petrol, ICE, Fossil. Basically the same vehicle except the drivetrain and the engine. Stay tuned soon CarSanooK Media will give YOU the Full Electric MG EV review* https://youtu.be/cFS0IUTF2rE
planemod (25 days ago)
I cant believe the first generation has navigation
Jeziah Chevalier (25 days ago)
I just bought the 3rd gen prius 64,000 miles for $15,000 it's so nice with heated seats sunroof solar panel on the roof and heads up display serious xm and maps all included
Dreamw8ing2cometrue (26 days ago)
They're great cars it's just the extra weight they should work on. The lighter the better
Robert Psotka (26 days ago)
i'd buy one
chris janowiak (26 days ago)
"fall"? the prius alone accounts for probably at least 5% of all cars on the road in my city; and fuel costs are NOT down overall lol
Earl Edward (26 days ago)
You failed to mention that the Prius Prime has a all electric mode that has a range of 25 miles at speeds up to 84 miles an hour.
Kerly Q (26 days ago)
I love my Prius. I also love that its paid for in cash. I love that I can fill up with $20-$25. And when or if I need a new car, I’m buying another Prius cash again 😊
Flavius Dadu (27 days ago)
There is no fall...
MrStyle23 (28 days ago)
The Prius is ugly and has always been ugly. Especially now you have Tesla which is making great looking cars that is also high in technology and eco friendly.
MrStyle23 (9 days ago)
​@Andrew Stancioff Yes, you can judge a vehicle by the looks among other things. Design of a vehicle is as important as MPG but it's good that you are happy with your car. People usually buy what they want and need. You have something you like, good for you but it's not a pretty car unless you like cars that look like hump back whales. Which is cool too.
MrStyle23 (18 days ago)
@Andrew Stancioff Why not make the full jump to electric?
Andrew Stancioff (18 days ago)
It may look bad or ugly to some but you cant judge a vehicle on looks. The beauty is on the inside, and I have found that's where it shines. Mine has 230,000 miles with no mechanical problems save for a front wheel bearing. And at 50 MPG what's not to like? Alot better than many better looking gas guzzling cars. I only hope that they will double the fuel economy soon. We're stinking up the planet too quickly. Solar electric is an ok solution yet expensive.
MrStyle23 (19 days ago)
@Andrew Stancioff The Tesla Model 3 is about 10 grand more than a base Prius. So, not double but yes more. Tesla's are way better looking, even better for the environment, and much faster.
Andrew Stancioff (19 days ago)
And Tesla is more than twice the cost.
track1219 (28 days ago)
Good car
정윤걸 (29 days ago)
I don't quite trust electric vehicles. Accordingly, I stay away from ETFs that own Tesla stock. With unintended sudden accelerations, all electric vehicle technology still has a long way to go. The only issue I have with hybrid cars is that they are too quiet for safety.
jbn675478 (2 days ago)
lol, none of that is true. Hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and EVs are leaps and bounds ahead of traditional ICE vehicles. They perform better, are cheaper to own, and are more reliable.
Wingless (29 days ago)
WHO THE HELL RESEARCHES FOR YOU GUYS, either they are reading bad sources, or they are plain STUPID
Sarah Akhtar (29 days ago)
Simple answer: SUVs.
struggleboy (30 days ago)
The reason the Prius (and other hybrid vehicles) are falling? People are slowly realizing that they are simply GAS vehicles - not electric. They are very efficient, but all the energy comes from burning gas.
Pj Sneeringer (30 days ago)
SO: Thank You Toyota
Pj Sneeringer (30 days ago)
BS-I have 17 Prime, 21579k,8 tanks of gas. 25 miles,pure electric
Pj Sneeringer (30 days ago)
Ill buy 20 prime
Alan Daniel (30 days ago)
Face facts your driving a Prius your a creep
Alan Daniel (30 days ago)
They look like cockroaches like the people that drive them🖕
b unangst (30 days ago)
I’m on my 2nd Prius and used to sell them. I get 50mpg and I drive fast. These cars last for several hundred thousands miles without much maintenance compared to most all other cars.
Mark Rossi (30 days ago)
FALL ??? didn't see any falls of prius! its a very popular car !!!
Duruf Grade (1 month ago)
The Tesla many cars Fired in park the driveway, Prius sale high again. And World War of Oil spent of blood.
Golan Dogmel (1 month ago)
chevy volt has better hybrid system than a prius only if you consider MPG. Ooh yes! MPG of a volt is much better than a prius. Why did GM stopped production of volt? I don't know!
Curtis (1 month ago)
The fall?... lol, how much did Elon pay you guys to say that?
Rodrigo Rojas (1 month ago)
The rise and fall? It never rose...
Chad Girardin (1 month ago)
Sounds like this video was put out by the gas companies. The stats are manipulative and it obviously has a bias. Follow the money.
carlos ruiz esparza diaz contreras (1 month ago)
La diferencia es que los autos Tesla son pesimos; y los Toyota exelentes.
faekz (1 month ago)
These things are everywhere you look in Japan. Just got back from there.
Casey Kittel (1 month ago)
They got uglier and uglier. How could they pick grosser looking wheels? I have a 2012 plugin. Came with really nice wheels and features. It’s great. I wish the new ones looked nice.
Fyn Kynd (1 month ago)
I'm loving this comment section; so much Prius positivity! My 2007 is at 177k miles and doing great. Going to drive her until I can afford a new Nissan Leaf.