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Horrible UPS Driver

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Real 1018 (12 days ago)
U fuckers are laughing but you really should be informing The company about what this fat fuck is doing because of how many damage packages people are going to get packages that they paid for and trusted this company to get delivered safely I'm so tired of people recording shit and not doing anything about it man people need to grow a pair of balls
Dewayne Wilson (16 days ago)
man this ain't shit when we was loading them truck we kick box's like a football .open some box's just to see what was in them ... .an why da fuck yall recording anyway.... lmmfao
Marcella Sheridan (18 days ago)
People actually PAY for this service.
ジャメル (1 month ago)
Ha you think this is bad? Come to one of the hubs packages get tossed around like shit and dropped on the concrete floor. As a preloader I can tell you I sling packages everyday just for the sake of time lol it is what it is. Do yourself and your receiver a favor and make sure that box is packed properly and taped well.
Nash Doyle (1 month ago)
Package arrival status: TERMINATED.
matt johnson (1 month ago)
lol, im a sorter on primary for over a year and the one thing we dont do is hand to surface which they tell us to do.. but when you havin boxes come at you in a mad rush, you throw them on the belts cuz they also dont want the lines to stop moving.
BobLoblaw23 (1 month ago)
bouchie ass white collars trying to tell blue collars how they should work.
Donna Peroche (2 months ago)
This is what they call UPS standard service
Donna Peroche (2 months ago)
Must be one fucked up mess in that truck.
sNstRflyEr (3 months ago)
typical high school drop out ups moron.
Todd Cogan (4 months ago)
Lol if you think this is bad you should see how the employees handle the packages inside the warehouse.
Rwcdude (6 months ago)
Get a life idiots !!!! The guy is working, he has to handle 100's of packages everyday, if he takes the time to load or unload as you people expect he would have to work 20 hours a day, therefor, ups would charge much more per delivery and YOU would also complain that is too expensive, so, if you receive a package that is damage then call ups or Fedex or whatever courier you're using and complain about that eso exotic package, they'll make sure you get another one, mind while.... Mind your own business faggots !!!
Marvin Mitchem (10 months ago)
Good job
Yankie Doodle (11 months ago)
Imojojojo Yo Bro Fo Sho (7 months ago)
wuts tipical?
Chris Lehman (11 months ago)
If you people think this is bad, why don't you come by UPS and watch the loaders work. We're expected to load at a rate of 350 packages per hour and with packages flying down the rollerline, you have no choice but to throw/toss some of the packages. Not to mention during peak season, the piles of packages are so high, you have no choice but to step on them to even get in/out of the trailers.
Armando Rodriguez (2 months ago)
Josie Orozco Which Hub in So Cal. Grande Vista Hub?
Josie Page (6 months ago)
Please, rookie. I used to scan and load 470 pkgs/hr BEFORE they had smart scanners; using rollers in the heaviest hub in SoCal in noonday shift. Believe you me, the job can be done the right way if you have the correct attitude and have great work ethic.
-Draxo - -Top10- (6 months ago)
turbobenx (1 year ago)
It's funny how the people who are bashing UPS r the ones that never step foot on UPs as a worker and the ones that defends the driver r the ones that actually work in UPS.....well, it's not taht funny, but it's pretty obvious why....
Jose Gerena (1 year ago)
pkgs wouldnt be tossed in the truck if the ass whole with the camera stopped recording and passed the driver the boxes.
sleepywaves / (1 year ago)
90% of UPS drivers are like this...I work at a corporate office and all of the mail is disgusting, and sometimes we, somehow, find mail with tire marks on them. hahahha!
Tyrone Bonaparte (4 months ago)
sleepywaves / get a life pussy 90 percent MY ASS
Danzou Justiniano (1 year ago)
I would rape hero Benedict ass. Stop filming hard workers ups drivers.
Kris Cantu (1 year ago)
lol, this isn't mishandling. Your shit gets crushed, stacked and thrown a lot more then you think once in process. if anything it's your fault for not properly wrapping and boxing. UPS has pressure standards for what ever you ship so look that up. Following that, he's tossing those packages on certain shelves, accurately. I know this because most drivers,90%, work as pre loaders for atleast a year. within that year you get real accurate and doing shit like this.
Hero Benedict (1 year ago)
I'd like to mention that we loved our regular UPS Driver... This obviously does not reflect on all the hard working and respectable employees at UPS. This video was taken to insure that our product and the services my company paid for are handled in the manner that is dictated in our contracts. Also to everyone that for some reason decided to post such hurtful and uneducated responses, too this video and to each other, shame on you, takes a special kind of person to post such hurtful things, and I personally apologize to any and all who were spoken to in this way. Too those just saying their opinions and not trying to state uneducated facts, thank you for your input. Again, please know this video does not reflect UPS as a company, merely reflects on this one particular drivers lack of work ethic.
Josh Morris (1 year ago)
you people have no idea LOL thats nothing. we launch boxes across trailers all day. Why ? Because you don't have time not to.
Brad Szalach (1 year ago)
completely agree. especially on Mondays at the end of the night 😂😂
Joe Green (1 year ago)
+newsandmedia exactly.
newsandmedia (1 year ago)
+Joe Green you know sups don't want you getting caught doing this at people's homes when delivering...it's all ok unless they catch you on video.
Joe Green (1 year ago)
+Josh Morris If they thought this was horrible they have no idea. This was actually decent compared to the rest of UPS ops. It all boils down to the company wants you to "GO GO GO GO GO GO" but stay within "safety" specifications in small print. People think driving at UPS is an easy job, but its not. Its freaking hell; UPS is a codename for hell......but with decent pay and good benefits.
Kris Cantu (1 year ago)
+Josh Morris haha yup, especially in Primary. Got a quota to meet.
ericisthere (1 year ago)
nothing better to do than film another guy doing honest work. you guys need to get a life.
Joe Green (9 months ago)
+0_0 You are seeing the true value of the company right here. When you have 1 driver responsible for 200 stops in 8-12 hours they dont want you to spend too much time in one spot. So hopping up and placing packages in nice and with care falls by the waist side. When you have 1 loader responsible for loading 3 18wheelers at a time in 4 hours care falls by the waist side. When you have 1 unloader unloading 3-5 or more 18 wheelers a night in a 4 hour period care falls by the waist side.  Sure this guy may be wrong for getting caught, but welcome to FEDXUPSPostal. We all do the job the same way. Alternatively they can slow down and miss delivery dates, but start missing delivery dates and you get 1000s of people mad. 1 or 2 smashed packages wont hurt especially if the contents are not damaged. Now you know this the take away should be better packaging on the customer end. Or let the CS center do it where it is ensured to make it through the system.
Snafubar (9 months ago)
+Joe Green lol if this is how they perform on the job due to being overwhelmed, tired, or just lazy then this job is not for them. They are getting paid and customers are paying for a service. If you are going to provide a service don't do it half assed with weak excuses. They can find another job and if they don't this is plain and simple a pathetic PUBLIC display of an employee that represents the true values for their company. Jesus wept.
Joe Green (1 year ago)
+obsolete8210 You know it is Xmas time and UPS is hiring like a mofo. If you are so much better at package handling you are welcome to come on down and show the company how it is done. I give you 2 weeks tops before you quit, and Thats depending on your area if you are in a hub area I give you 3 days preloading before you tap out. Anything more than that you will say this guy was a B+ driver at least. Good luck ;) you will need it.
Too Flashy (1 year ago)
+obsolete8210 Haha whooooooooooaaaaaaaa
Hero Benedict (1 year ago)
honest work??
GoodVibes (1 year ago)
U.P.S Forces you to do that, they set up your schedule where there is no room to treat packages properly because their idea is always have less employee process more in less time. then they want to act like they care when they lose customers.
Joe Green (1 year ago)
+ozrallyguy Now that is UPS. More in less with less UPS! Do a good job and finish early today we will give you more tomorrow.
knightryderbelow (2 years ago)
I don't think he's supposed to do that! lol
Stacey Brown (2 years ago)
When are you people going to learn that no one gives two shits about your packages. Stop being lazy and start taking your asses to the store to buy your shit. 
The 4th Horseman (5 months ago)
Stacey Brown lol. People rather buy shit online than drive 3 mi. to Wal-Mart and just buy it take it home. I get so pissed off when I have to deliver a fucking 30lb box to someones house and Im driving a fucking tractor. 53ft trailer!
MrSurferlonely (9 months ago)
+Stacey Brown I see your point but here is a plan / idea for you how about you tell this to all the people all over this world who buy stuff online as well a lot of merchandise they purchase from sites online such as Amazon ETC they can not get in their area as well tell those who are disable the same thing and I mean the people who are disabled and not faking it like some people do and see what they have to say when you tell them to get off their lazy asses
Snafubar (1 year ago)
+Stacey Brown Total failure of a for profit shipping company.
virginia vicenteno (2 years ago)
This driver has no excuse... tired or not tired hes gettin paid and should do his job period. All i can recommend is to use proper packaging to avoid any damages.. pay that little extra so you get your claim approved in case something happens.. unfortunately at the warehouse you dont get to see or keep an eye on every employee..so sad that we get a bad reputation because of these people...
Hero Benedict (1 year ago)
I don't condemn all UPS employees, just this one that I caught in the act. I loved our regular driver.
mike florence (2 years ago)
If you do not have permission from this person to show this video, you can and will BE SUED!
Hero Benedict (1 year ago)
Actually you are wrong. this video was taken on private property, and I was recording images on a public street. so before you claim anything get your facts straight.
Snafubar (1 year ago)
+mike florence He doesn't care about the packages he won't care about this video.
159Aaron Wilson159 (2 years ago)
I work at UPS and throwing packages tick me off, if that stuff break I might feel my cash hurt somehow, I should report him
Snafubar (1 year ago)
+Stacey Brown Yeah we just tolerate scumbags, lmao SMH.
Stacey Brown (2 years ago)
Stop being a kiss ass.  Your paycheck isn't going to hurt. You will still get paid.
Frank Martinez (2 years ago)
This is why I never ship thrue ups
j6282 (1 year ago)
+Frank Martinez through*
Frank Martinez (1 year ago)
Nope I'm the transporter...i deliver with care or your money back
Getalife Fag (1 year ago)
MrAlwaysbored1000 (2 years ago)
The reason why he is tossing them is because he is beyond tired, and nobody except people that work for UPS, Fedex and other places similar will understand. Most of them boxes are not being damaged. 
GoodVibes (1 year ago)
+Hero Benedict every one starts wanting to be the best employee ever.. the reward system changes your attitude. if you take the time to do things properly they will send you home early because you will be considered "inefficient ". and supervisor praise the people that cut corners because those are the ones that help them get a bigger bonus towards the end of the year.. simply because the work got done in less time. and trust me they never lose money. insurance company pays for damages
Joe Green (1 year ago)
+Hero Benedict Like I said earlier UPS is hiring. They are always hiring for a reason. How would you know what is expected from a UPS driver? I know what you expect from a UPS driver, but you are not his supervisor or Business manager, and loosely speaking those are the only expectations that matter.
Hero Benedict (1 year ago)
your department is false...if you can't do the job, then being a UPS driver isn't for you. instead of costing companies thousands of dollars replacing broken items, get your shit together and find another job.
Snafubar (1 year ago)
+MrAlwaysbored1000 If the box says fragile or handle with care I doubt he cares or reads them which someone paid for and what he is being paid for.
Dart Maul (2 years ago)
Fucking guys, for workers like him we receive our brand new lap top damaged, and yes ups had to pay, but it was a long time to resolve
John Siliga (2 years ago)
Work smart not hard, fuck going in and out of the truck hand stacking everything, thats why you wrap the contents in the box legit before you ship it, if you think thats bad you should see the warehouse loading and unloading of boxes and what, no box is safe lol(evil laugh) hah hah hah haaaaaaa....pff hahaha
Mr. White (2 years ago)
Not good, luckily these instances are rare with UPS drivers.    Guess the losers recording him had no work to do ??
Stacey Brown (1 year ago)
+TheEwing69 No it isn't rare at all. People are always calling the UPS call center and complaining about their damages package or their package being delivered the wrong address or how the package got lost.
ericisthere (1 year ago)
+Hero Benedict shut the fuck up,
Hero Benedict (1 year ago)
actually I was the store manager and four boxes that this guy was tossing into his truck was worth 5k in antique bulbs. box had a fragile sign on each side of the box and every bulb was broken due to his actions. so if you think that I want doing my job recording this then you obviously have no idea what it takes to run a business. This driver was suspended for 2 months without pay, and deserved it.
Snafubar (1 year ago)
+ericisthere Nah, you butthurt little bitch. Go suck some more cock faggot. 
ericisthere (1 year ago)
+obsolete8210 shut the fuck up, faggot
maximumengineering (2 years ago)
You would think by now, that the entire world would know how UPS (Universal Package Smashers) handles your packages. If you choose to ship UPS, then you better pack your stuff so that it will withstand a drop from 6' or more. Expect it to be tossed, kicked, dropped and worse. You do know that they unload some trucks by raising one end on a hydraulic platform and everything slides out the back.......
Getalife Fag (1 year ago)
Dash 9 Railroad Productions (2 years ago)
The UPS shown here yes, I will take that advice. Although, I must give credit to most UPS drivers in my area. I see how careful the truck is loaded and how the packages are handled. Nice job to them. Fine china I have had shipped by them countless times, never broken! The really heed that fragile stamp here!
B Dawg (2 years ago)
UPS has damaged MULTIPLE items over the years for me.  I run a packing and shipping store.  We NO LONGER deal with UPS.  I have NEVER had a damage incident to this day, shipping via FedEx.  PERIOD.  UPS is garbage.  And guess what, FedEx is cheaper now anyway.
ups man (2 years ago)
Get a life. Snake
SWIFT95330 (2 years ago)
If your boxes are packed properly there's nothing wrong with this
Hero Benedict (1 year ago)
Regardless of how something is packed, there's standards one expects and standards UPS claims to invoke in their practices.
rude boy (2 years ago)
Lol this is nothing compared to loaders in the building ...the packages have a blast
Joni Hip (2 years ago)
My grandpap hates UPS.  The only benefit of having them is that he avoided buying anything and had money in the bank.  He still has a toolbox they destroyed.  He kept it because the customer service was so arrogant he thought he might kill someone.
Catfish James (2 years ago)
Lmao u think that's bad i work for ups as a unloader son we unload 8 trucks by hand between the hrs of 4am-9am and we throw the hell out of packages. Guess what all the big men stands and watches and dont say a word. If seen packages fall from truck 6 feet down and smack the pavement.
PopAxSquat (2 years ago)
I worked for ups u should see how their handled in the factories it is unfair the time limits and the time they want things done at ups if he stacked them neatly he would get in trouble for taking so long ups knows this stuff happens they just want it done quickly they don't even care
Hero Benedict (1 year ago)
I hear that comment allot. Time restraints and the like... I can't speak to that... I can only speak to how this one particular driver was doing his job.
Stacey Brown (2 years ago)
That is because UPS was founded by some old ass crackers that probably believed in slavery.  Fuck them and the packages.  If you don't like the way your packages are handled, take your lazy asses to the store and buy your shit!
Sabrina's World (2 years ago)
He just does not care.
Hero Benedict (1 year ago)
+obsolete8210 thank you!
Hero Benedict (1 year ago)
+obsolete8210 thank you!
Snafubar (1 year ago)
+Stacey Brown People who paid for it care. So yes somebody cares.
Stacey Brown (2 years ago)
No one cares.  He is union anyway, so no one can touch him. 
DmaxHd (2 years ago)
Guy on camera needs to be fired  and also could use a good shit kicking . Doug Heffernan piece of shit .
Michael Logan (2 years ago)
... Dumbass
DmaxHd (2 years ago)
Yeah you edited your spelling . Aren't you special . You must be one of those dingus UPS guys like in the video .
Michael Logan (2 years ago)
Haha what? I rest my case... Dumbass
DmaxHd (2 years ago)
If I'm another Dambass , then your the first dumbass micheal loogan
Michael Logan (2 years ago)
Hey DmaxHd lol first off great name douche. Man I just saw your comment and I just had to say I appreciate your freedom of speech but maybe whisper it into a pillow in your lonely bedroom or something. Nobody needs to hear another dumbass. I mean seriously if you're that pissed off call management.
Cory Jones (2 years ago)
I dont know about you guys, but the hub that i work at hold everyone at higher standards and we do get into trouble and we are talked to by our management if we are caught throwing or mishandling packages. Not every driver is like that. When we are trained we are trained to use hand to surface. Not all employees are like this. At least not at the hub I work at. 
Hero Benedict (1 year ago)
I completely agree... This does not reflect all of UPS. It specifically reflects this driver, and this video was seen by corporate and the driver retrained and suspended without pay for two months.
Stacey Brown (2 years ago)
The hubs suck ass.  Piss poor attitudes, the clerks seldom answer the fucking phone and when they do, they sound retarded. They clearly don't give a shit and why should they. 
PricelessDollar (2 years ago)
That`s how my packages break and get ripped cause of this guy over here...
Isai Aguilar (2 years ago)
Yea that's nothing! He's doing he's job, no package will be treated like a princess only hazmats
Javaris king (2 years ago)
ups vroom! ups 
Jan knight (2 years ago)
Why don't you guys just put yourself in the ups guys situation. If you had a certain time limit to deliver a bunch of shit packages, you ain't gnna take your sweet precious time to put it in your truck like you're building a fucking stable brick wall. That requires too much time and movement. Go fucking figure.
Hero Benedict (1 year ago)
+TheEwing69 Actually this is part of my job. making sure the services we pay for are working for us, and doing what they claim they will do. Unfounded and uneducated response.
virginia vicenteno (2 years ago)
Not an excuse im sure ups can hire more drivers to avoid this from happening.
Mr. White (2 years ago)
The UPS driver has more job security than the idiots who are supposed to be working, but instead are looking out the window.
Andres Jr Baez (2 years ago)
im the same!!!!
otzey (2 years ago)
"This has gotta be the good life"
Machmaloow Fondu (2 years ago)
Jimmy Curk (2 years ago)
an "UnDocumented" Illegal worker
Chris Alvarez (2 years ago)
Is UPS the new garbage truck guys??
timmy D (2 years ago)
no pride in his job.
ericisthere (2 years ago)
hes so clueless.
SafeShack (2 years ago)
As a former employee there  I can promise you a huge amount of the packages are being treated in this manner. If not by the driver then in the hub where it is being sorted. My best advice is to make sure you secure the contents with as much protection as possible so it can take a toss or two. Fill the box up to the brim with foam peanuts, bubble wrap or something similar that will absorb potential carelessness.
dongofast (2 years ago)
I have worked with UPS for 24 years as a driver. This guy is a lazy P.O.S. This one guy gives the entire company a bad rep. We get paid to provide a service, we don't manufacture anything. This guy should be fired, we are not taught to handle this packages like this.
Hero Benedict (1 year ago)
Thank you for this comment, finally someone with common sense! And to make things clearer, this was not or usual driver, we loved our regular driver!
Victor Wadsworth (2 years ago)
He's parked in a no parking zone, notice the read curb. 
Victor Wadsworth (1 year ago)
+Joe Green They deliver to me, I grab the package & shut the door, they yell, I say it's my policy to not sign for packages.   
Joe Green (1 year ago)
+Victor Wadsworth Its cheaper to park in a no parking zone and get the ticket than to drive around looking for a spot wasting gas or risk having an accident. Just get the ticket make the stop and drive off. Dont wait for the ticket let them figure out how to get it too us.
dgraham013 (2 years ago)
Ha.. If you think that's bad you should see what goes on when the trucks are loaded in the mornings
virginia vicenteno (2 years ago)
+newsandmedia what happened???
newsandmedia (2 years ago)
+virginia vicenteno you work for cs for this company? It would be great if you could help me out on what I should do
virginia vicenteno (2 years ago)
+newsandmedia wtf... and thats why we deal with our upset customers.. i work in cs and i put myself in their shoes this driver has no excuse ... you get paid to do your job and thats why ups charges more than other companies.. not cool at all ... so dissapointed...
newsandmedia (2 years ago)
+jeff darnell " but you gotta do what you gotta do" doesn't mean you have to throw them AT someone's home. 
mightymaxdrummer (3 years ago)
You should sue
jimmy unforgivenn (3 years ago)
Salman Ghani (3 years ago)
That guy actually works for FedEx and he's just trying to make UPS look bad :)
Hero Benedict (1 year ago)
hahaha okay this comment cracked me up lol
Batas Batasi (3 years ago)
IF you want something done the way you want it. DO IT YOURSELVES! Yeah id love to see you deliver all your packages yourselves! This guy is doing his best and yeah instead of filming him why dont you help him! Dicks!
Hero Benedict (1 year ago)
Help him out? Do you get people to do your job for free? he is the one being paid to do this work, and I'm the one paying him to do it. This is by far the most idiotic response.
newsandmedia (2 years ago)
+SteezeInTheSnow Doesn't mean you should throw them at people's homes. Sometimes all it takes is an extra step. 
Jeff Darnell (2 years ago)
+SteezeInTheSnow Ex FedEx driver here, I agree most people have no idea how hectic a day can be as a delivery driver. They get paid to deliver the packages to the address on the package not the warehouse across town as so many customers ask after you arrive to deliver. This is one of the many reasons this stuff happens because they forget the driver has time expectations for businesses as well and sometimes you need to rush and throw just to get it in to make it in time to  deliver the next package.
SteezeInTheSnow (2 years ago)
Honestly, I think people have no idea how much work being a package delivery actually is.
pelainter (3 years ago)
Nie ma w tym nic nadzwyczajnego. Kurier który odbiera paczki z danej firmy wie, które są delikatne, a które nie. Na tym filmiku widać, że te lekkie bardzo paczki wrzuca na górę by się nie pogniotły w transporcie, a te delikatniejsze układa. Jak dla mnie plus dla tego pana. Ja sam układam co prawda każdą paczkę osobno, ale w tym nie widzę nic złego. Każdy kurier ma swój system.
Flandry Flandrien (3 years ago)
UPS stated Receiver's location was closed on the 1st delivery attempt, but we were at home all day and had a BBQ in the front garden... didn't see an UPS truck all day !!!!  Claims don't have any result :-(
Michael McClure (3 years ago)
Trying to find out what is going on with your package is almost impossible.
Michael McClure (3 years ago)
It is now one month since UPS has had my package for delivery. I specifically asked the shipper NOT to send it by UPS. UPS was supposed to give the package over to the Postal Service but decided to "deliver" it themselves instead. I wish this company would just hang it up.
Ray Haynes (2 years ago)
wow are you ignorant, fedex, post office, dhl, express overnight. They all have the same handling policies. And all these co's have some bad apples.   
honeybun33 (3 years ago)
as a UPS driver helper, we made PISS cups, and this means if you gotta piss , you go to the back of the truck and piss in a cup if no bathroom is available. being UPS drivers get a different truck everyday, some times we would get PISS cups from previous drivers.
Iman Axbert (3 years ago)
No we don't ALL do it! If that driver was from my center, he would be in the center manager's office explaining why he should allowed to keep his job, for which he would surely be fired.
dfierros83 (3 years ago)
get out there and help em , lazy ass people watching and complaining instead of helping
Hero Benedict (1 year ago)
Help? really? That's your response? I'm getting paid to run a business, not help a driver who is being PAID to do this.
Iman Axbert (3 years ago)
Why did you delete my comment you tube? All I was doing was telling it like it is
Iman Axbert (3 years ago)
No, we don't ALL do it. If that was a driver from my center, his sorry ass would be in the center manager's office, explaining why he should be allowed to keep his job. To no avail, as he would be fired. 
John Miller (3 years ago)
WOW you people have no idea how your stuff is handled at ANY company, do you?  If you think putting "fragile" on the side helps, you're an even bigger fool.
John Miller (1 year ago)
+Hero Benedict Guess what?  It's not just UPS.  Any shipping company handles your packages like this.  It just so happens that this guy was on video.  Spoiler alert!!!  They do this with your luggage to.
Hero Benedict (1 year ago)
Regardless if something is fragile or not, UPS makes promises that this type of handling won't happen. When your paying a company for a service you get your ass they should be held responsible for this type of treatment.
Glenn Panella (3 years ago)
  CHRISTMAS SHIPPING WARNING I dropped off a package a few days ago with UPS.   The box said fragile "This Side Up" In big letters across the top.   The receiving agent picked up the box right in front of me and flipped it over and over as he walked to the conveyor ,,.    ,, .. I said .. "it says THIS SIDE UP in big letters"..   He responded,, "It isn't clear and I didn't see the top of the box"    HE THREW IT ON THE CONVEYOR      
Izakokomarixyz (3 years ago)
all companies have idiots so if you don't use UPS that's fine but what are you gonna use? FedEx? They're not any better...
PwninFace4u (3 years ago)
Funny thing is this is how all the packages are handled in the UPS ware house hahaha. "Fragile, handle with care.....?" "Chucks across the belt*
PopAxSquat (2 years ago)
Lara Gilliam (3 years ago)
What u don't see is there is another helper inside catching the packages and putting them in a certain spot
Mental Michael Jamieson (3 years ago)
I work for ups, trust me you wouldn't give a fuck about packages if you worked there
King T Squared (3 years ago)
I started at UPS as a loader and now 5 yrs later driver, but the sad part is that this guy should know better than to throw stuff in the middle of the street.We all know how the shit gets treated when its in the building, but come on dude not in the middle of the road. I personally only know 2 or 3 lazy drivers at my center but for the most part everybody has to move as fast as they can so they can go home at a decent time being 7 or 8 at night. This guy has lazy wrote all over his body language. It sucks that everybody thinks their package is the only package on the truck. People don't realize how stressful it is to be put in the situation to be at a certain place at a certain time SOOO many times a day. Your completely right though the place makes you hate the shit. I don't think anybody goes to the fuckin store to buy anything anymore.
declann27 (3 years ago)
Wish I had time at my job to take time out of my day to make a vid you probably could use more work. Also if your that concerned about your 2$ product being handled like that you would flip to see how ALL!!!! mail services sort out the packages. Trust me I've seen it. You think this job is easy it's not. What I do is put the package on the tail until its full get up and then put them on the shelve. This guy lost his job and a means to provide for his family if it was that much of a problem grow a pair of balls go out there and tell him to stop if he don't then that's on him.
Hero Benedict (1 year ago)
Also this was not a $2 product, it was 5k worth of product... all damaged from his actions.
Hero Benedict (1 year ago)
After I recorded this video, I did in fact go out and speak with the driver, his response: "Call UPS if you have a problem". And if you think recording this was not part of my job then you obviously have never been in management. This was an uneducated response.
Jenny S (3 years ago)
+declann27 just because the job is hard doesnt mean its ok to toss shit around and break things people payed for
declann27 (3 years ago)
Also if you hate ups that much use a different provider and when not if but when that package comes to you damaged good luck getting a claim to go threw. We don't do that to your package the belt conveyors planes belts so on and so forth plus take that box turn it upside down and yopu will see a circle with info that's the packages limits so if the SHIPPER ships a 25lb printer in a box that only holds 10lbs and that box get's to you destroyed that's your shippers problem not ours.
Morgan Freeman (3 years ago)
UPS- United pot smokers
chux chux (3 years ago)
I doubt that you were shipping glass.. the dude is not ganna go back and fourth in and out just to carefullly place that shit.. I he has hundreds of boxes to pick up and deliver
vnlk65n (3 years ago)
Just remember, fragile is French for throw underhand.
Glen Moulton (3 years ago)
Guys goes through way worse at sorting stations. Get a life
Glen Moulton (3 years ago)
Guys goes through way worse at sorting stations. Get a life
David Delasko (3 years ago)
excused me (3 years ago)
the moral of the story is pack your packages right because it go threw worsted at the station.
Mazdaman (3 years ago)
Ya I got my safe last week the box was in bad shape the corners was dented and scratched
Jorge CH (3 years ago)
A few years ago I paid $400 to this fucking company to bring my tv, an all in one printer, some clothes from Boston to California, when they got there like a month later, everything was broken, I called this motherfuckers, asking them to refund my money, and they just washed their hands saying that it wasn't their fault, it was my fault and staples fault cuz I did the transaction through them, so they didn't give me shit back, it was staples that gave me my money back, UPS FUCKING SUCKS.
Jorge CH (3 years ago)
Ups its such a piece of shit company, you can mail a fucking letter, and takes them 2 weeks to get to the destiny, even if is just 20 miles away from where you reside.
Really Bruh (3 years ago)
they all suck
Mazdaman (3 years ago)
I just ordered something and UPS is so fricken slow I was sopose to get my order like 5 days ago I will be checking for damage and if there is any damage UPS will be paying for a new item I bought .
Mazdaman (3 years ago)
this is why UPS should be out of business.
Mazdaman (3 years ago)
UPS sucks .
Mazdaman (3 years ago)
well if you are a driver and I am paying YOUR WAGE for my goods to get shipped with care throwing them is not caring for my stuff , WHY DONT I THROW YOUR SHIT AROUND AND SEE YOUR THINGS BREAK MAYBE YOU WILL CARE MORE WHEN YOU PLACE A CUSTOMERS ORDER IN THE TRUCK NEXT TIME .
realss chevelle (3 years ago)
OlderG0ds (3 years ago)
hahah i work there, this is nothing. your laptops are thrown around, crushed, dropped, soaked with water, etc. I'm shocked anything works when it gets to its destination.
joe dadday (3 years ago)
Baach Mk (3 years ago)
no gosh !!! my ebay item :(((
Baach Mk (3 years ago)
no gosh !!! my item :(((
petarimmer (3 years ago)