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The Freshman 15

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The Verve Pipe's famous song puts on a few more pounds of tragedy. See our videos a month earlier at http://www.collegehumor.com and follow us on http://www.twitter.com/collegehumor
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Text Comments (2126)
Mistr Nobod3 (5 days ago)
damn i want pizza
Nicholas Sciurba (27 days ago)
...I got a six-pack as a freshman. community college
Caleb Penner (1 month ago)
Nan I hate the new political college humor that takes out the college. BRING BACK THE COLLEGE IN COLLEGE HUMOR
KellseyAlexHipo (1 month ago)
My campus has a bunch of hills and stairs, but the all you can eat style dining commons essentially prevent any sort of weight loss for anyone not actively watching their weight
Muhammad Lee (1 month ago)
college is such a contradiction. College students are always hungry. They also over eat and gain weight
Johannes Vildmarksskola (1 month ago)
he's so fat
james lane (1 month ago)
I lost like 30 my freshman year got In good ass shape too.
Addison Chaabane (1 month ago)
Best nickelback song I have heart yet wish all of the songs had vocals like this
Eboni Pride (1 month ago)
can't u just like party (active zumba) and have.. ya know...that activity...
Brenan Desch (1 month ago)
is that fat John C Riley?
Rihanna K. (2 months ago)
I really love this so much ♥️🤷🏽‍♀️
unclepoopoof25 (2 months ago)
6 weeks into uni ive put on 3kg fml
T-Chain (2 months ago)
I gained 10 pounds, then lost it pretty easily by working out and walking 20 minutes to class
Olaf Manwithaplan (2 months ago)
This song hit a little too close to home :/
Laverne Blaszczyk (3 months ago)
this guy has an awesome voice
Avatarplushworld (3 months ago)
The guy in the beginning kinda looks like a fat Jim Morrison
Juw T (3 months ago)
I miss when college humor actually used to be about college
Wolters World (3 months ago)
Still one of my favorites...
Marc James-Finel (3 months ago)
I've gained 17 pounds as a freshman, a high school freshman that it, I've also grown 3.5 inches
Johnathan Troutman (3 months ago)
Dude can actually sing
Sad Walrus (3 months ago)
This is pretty good imo.
Mychi Tran (3 months ago)
I am putting my hopes on gaining that Freshman 15.
Christoph Matthews (3 months ago)
the begining of the food fight scene was seriously fucked up
EssArJayBee (4 months ago)
Little Murf!!!
Pavel Nedvedovic (4 months ago)
This hits too close to home
Andi Darkshade (4 months ago)
I actually lost weight cause I can't buy food and I have no time
Muhammad Lee (4 months ago)
The freshman 15 happens at home not at school. I eat one meal a day at college.
Sploogmaster2 (4 months ago)
An entire frozen pizza is cheaper than 3 healthy meals a day. It sucks...
InfinityTemplar 你好 (5 months ago)
sadly true
sina yyy (5 months ago)
who is singer???? please help
Steven H Wang (5 months ago)
I can't believe it's just freshmen 15 in this video after all the bs he mentioned.
Dutchik (6 months ago)
ha no. doesn't happen to me. since I just cycle to my college and still live at home! what my college is like 3 streets from my moms work. and it's just 2 kilometers further than my high school. why would I get an apartment when the college is like a 15 minute drive! half an hour on bike! (yeah the distance for cyclists is shorter)
simpatiko86 (4 months ago)
Dutchik Okay? So? Good for you.
Rebekah Beall (6 months ago)
best parody ever 😂😂
VodShod (6 months ago)
I lost 15 pounds my first freshman term
Random Person (6 months ago)
I feel like I might lose weight in college (I'm a freshman in high school). I'm planning to do marching band, which is pretty strenuous. I'm also probably going to be broke so I can't buy food
Random Person (6 months ago)
Lane Holliday I'm also probably going to be broke.
Lane Holliday (6 months ago)
I march in a college band, and there are a lot of obese people in it. Marching isn't enough on it's own.
Matthew Whittle (7 months ago)
I actually really like this song lol
mewmewwolfangel (7 months ago)
:v this is the exact opposite of me. I barely eat because of so much work and the doctor told me I have low blood pressure
Dutchik (6 months ago)
eat some salt. or licorice (real licorice) those lemonade ice tea. passion fruit but seriously the salt is the most "effective" it's bad for your blood pressure. well that's what my doctor told me. I have a high blood pressure gene. so it heightens your blood pressure
Russell Wright (7 months ago)
I thought that was the guy from man vs food
Operation : Black out (8 months ago)
wait do they mean freshmen in highschool or college?
Purple Reign (8 months ago)
Operation : Black out freshmen college since he mentioned getting to this college on a football scholarship
Darth Vader (8 months ago)
Holy shit, I didn't know Murph was with CH back in '09!
sina yyy (5 months ago)
Darth Vader who is the singer?
Vegetarian Soylent-Green (8 months ago)
I always thought it meant the age people go to uni/college
prairiepanda (8 months ago)
The only people I knew of who actually gained weight in first year were the ones who partied every weekend and ended up dropping out. Everyone else either stayed the same or lost weight due to the sheer amount of walking/stairs and lack of money for food/alcohol
Sam P (8 months ago)
this music video would probably be better if the 23 year Olds shaved a little bit
Dalton Stewart (8 months ago)
Jokes on you College Humor, I did a freshman -100
WayywayyH (8 months ago)
I lost 20 pounds
Mother Fucker (8 months ago)
I can't imagine gaining weight cuz I'm too broke to buy food so I only eat a small portion of disgusting vegetables that my mom makes And this is why I'm underweight
Mother Fucker (8 months ago)
+Fella Mabooshnik where I live we don't use food stamps
Fella Mabooshnik (8 months ago)
sheesh, get on food stamps! that's what they're for.
Mother Fucker (8 months ago)
+Fella Mabooshnik too broke to buy beer too lol
Fella Mabooshnik (8 months ago)
drink more beer...then you'll see how easy it is, lol.
Friendly Sand Man (9 months ago)
Holy shit, this guy looks like Smash Mouth
Casual REL (9 months ago)
I gained the Freshman 25 :)
Liliana Galindo (9 months ago)
Scrub Wrecker (9 months ago)
Bdeamo N (9 months ago)
you wish
Edomias Semere (9 months ago)
I actually lost weight.
Blue Dragon (10 months ago)
Let me tell you about the unspoken rules of tech colleges: If you are skinny, you will get skinnier, if you are average or fat you will just get fatter. By graduation 'average' weight people will be just a 15% minority.
Blue Dragon (7 months ago)
+Twelvetree12​ Sorry but here in mainland Europe I have lunch, breakfast and dinner in the menza. Still better than my cooking or fast food.
Twelvetree12 (7 months ago)
I got a say, this seems to be mostly a US thing, as most people at UK unis are in self-catered halls or flat shares, meaning most people learn to cook and are relatively healthy. There are always exceptions, but that's true in my experience.
Blue Dragon (10 months ago)
+Ohmygodwhy _ Plus people from non-tech colleges eat regularly  from student restauraunts as well but they do stay fit.
Blue Dragon (10 months ago)
+Ohmygodwhy _​ People like that are an exception not the rule. Plus it is not a question of how well you cook, it is a question of self discipline.
Richard Nixon (10 months ago)
What about the people who know how to cook and stocked a freezer with well balanced nutritional foods to last about a month
Luke N (11 months ago)
I gained 15 pounds but actually filled out more than getting fat.
Aki Okami (8 months ago)
same except it was around 30-45 pounds. Then over the summer I worked and lost all the weight
J. A. E. (1 year ago)
Swimming is the best defense against fat gain. I eat whatever I want and I only gain muscle if anything
noah larson (1 year ago)
the beer armor is like red fangs prehistoric dog music video
stevenan93 (1 year ago)
this is better than the actual song
Blaise Archer (2 months ago)
The Freshmen by Verve Pipe
Laverne Blaszczyk (3 months ago)
umm something by Dashboard Confessional...really freakin depressing song about suicide
No No (3 months ago)
What is the song
humudu (1 year ago)
I couldn't really afford fastfood and such (it's SO much more expensive here) so yeah. I just lost weight.
Adrian leon (1 year ago)
Enoan (1 year ago)
`if I already spend most of my life sitting playing games and watching videos inside, and am continually failing to gain weight despite trying (6'1" and 125 pounds) I am still gonna manage to get overweight as a freshmen?
ASDFGHJKL dfghjhgcgyuigfyuij (3 months ago)
Same height as you. I went to gym and ate more, gained 20lb of muscle in a year. Never too late man.
TheIrishPinata98 (1 year ago)
+Enoan if you actually want to gain some weight, eat like shit and go to the gym for like a month, you'll put on like 10 to 15 pounds
Isaac Nunez (1 year ago)
+Enoan Well everyones metabolism slows down at some point, some sooner than others but if your metabolism slows down you might easily reach 140.
Michael John (1 year ago)
+Enoan lol yer good. More relatable to people with more avergae metabolisms
TheIrishPinata98 (1 year ago)
I pretty much stayed the same weight freshman year. working out and having to walk to walk like 2 miles to and from class would shave a few pounds off, then getting hammered and eating 4 gordita crunch wraps at taco bell 4 to 5 times a week would gain it all back. It was actually a beautiful cycle
ShadowSlayer (8 months ago)
CAl Gond (1 year ago)
I'm anorexic. So... freshman 15 wouldn't be a bad thing
Clara Kolterman (9 months ago)
Oh no sweetie, I hope you are getting help to recover
CAl Gond (1 year ago)
+Xylynthian how?
Xylynthian (1 year ago)
+CAl Gond you're still a pussy bitch
CAl Gond (1 year ago)
+Buzz Killinton I'm a guy -_-
Buzz Killinton (1 year ago)
Colin X (1 year ago)
Haven't gotten to college yet, but I can't imagine gaining too much weight since I skate everywhere.
Jen Jung (1 year ago)
at least he's in college TT^TT stressing about college apps right now #senoritis
Colonizer-Chan (1 year ago)
lol, wrestling. weight loss guaranteed.
Pablo Zoom (3 months ago)
Colonizer-Chan ya I'm a freshman rn and I'm on the wrestling team lost 20 pounds
bob bob (4 months ago)
Actually whether a wrestler wants to gain or lose weight depends on where they are in their current weight class.
Physicorum est valde This is Latin (8 months ago)
+thehockeyhawk20 In wrestling simply not eating a side in lunch meant i lost 2 extra pounds per day.(The side was cheetos)
Colonizer-Chan (8 months ago)
+Physicorum est valde This is Latin i don't know anyone who can
Physicorum est valde This is Latin (9 months ago)
I do wrestling and the workout you do means you basically can't gain weight.
Pivitrix (1 year ago)
No worry, if you gain wight the first year you will run out of money for food the next year. Have fun loosing wight by not eating.
jelly donut (1 year ago)
I'm a freshman starting next year and since I'm a commuter I'm just hoping all the walking will keep the weight off
Evelyn (1 year ago)
What song did they parody?
SkullMasterSakai (1 year ago)
Shit, I'm a college freshman next year. Time to make a fitness routine I guess
Heather Smith (1 year ago)
Ha. Really? I have to walk 5+ miles everyday just to get to class- most of it uphill. I haven't weighed myself, but I seriously doubt I've gained weight.
Nick bensongton (1 year ago)
whats the song called that they are doing the parody of? like what's the original song? i dont know how to ask what im trying to know its so frustrating!
Jeremy Peterson (1 year ago)
+Nick bensongton Seriously!?!?!?
Nocturnal Howl (1 year ago)
Darude Sandstorm
Mazter1veteran (1 year ago)
+Nick bensongton the freshman - verve pipe
Junk Rat (1 year ago)
that guys voice is fucking silk
Lulu Calliope (1 year ago)
I'm a college freshman now, and I've been limiting myself to one sweet thing per meal! I'm also going to start teaching my roommate how to swim, so I'll start swimming again!
Gytu (1 year ago)
The lead singer is amazing!
Ron Barzilai (1 year ago)
The drummer's sticks sound like brushes. Must be magic LOL...
Qua-Z (2 years ago)
I walk around a mile everyday just by going to class and back. That's not counting everywhere else I walk. I mainly just began to live off of rationed peanuts and pasta roni (not much of it of course) and I've lost some weight.
Andrew Bow (2 years ago)
Am I the only one who lost weight freshman year? Walking a mile back and forth to class really prevented any weight gain haha.
Emily Kuhn (3 months ago)
I just hated the cafeteria food.
Richard Nixon (11 months ago)
I am constantly in fear of a zombie apocalypse so I got into running it's not as hard as you think to run 3 miles in 23 minutes if you visualize murderous shells of people you used to care about chasing you down
Gene Glagolev (1 year ago)
+Andrew Bow Same. College is when I started gaining confidence and working on myself. In grade school and high school I was an unsightly fat fuck, but in college I just picked myself up and began exercising 5 days a week. Now, the popular fit jocks and hot chicks from high school are 250+ lb. blimps with 3+ kids and failing marriages and I'm.... A single 24 year old who's in good shape but still has crippling anxiety issues that keep him from talking to the opposite sex. ...Yeah, I guess we all lost.
Michael O (1 year ago)
+Archer Laughlin it is called Pell grants, scholarships, and working. I would work from 8 pm to 5 am as a waiter, then get to my first class at 7:30.
v8ali8 (1 year ago)
+Archer Laughlin ha! I wish! loans and scholarships (which I'll hopefully get more of in the future)
Caleb Evins (2 years ago)
I went from 159 at the beginning of the year to 119 at the end of the year. I understand that's more of an exception than the rule, but still...
Quavo YxRxN NBA (1 year ago)
I hope you're a girl cause 119 pounds as an adult male is fucked
Daniel Kim (2 years ago)
Hey sion
MetroJet2000 (2 years ago)
Does anyone else here think the guy singing is kinda cute?
sina yyy (3 months ago)
dude help me find this guy...he is on other video about fat people i guess....help me find him help me!!!!
OpinionsAndAholes (3 months ago)
MetroJet2000 Super hot!
sina yyy (5 months ago)
MetroJet2000 yes i think he is super cute but i couldnt find him in internet
lolofthedead (2 years ago)
Last line doesn't make sense, if anything wrestlers have to watch their weight more than any other athlete to stay in their weight class.
Rilley MacConnell (1 year ago)
+lolofthedead they work out a lot more than any sport
Florian Laplanche (2 years ago)
Starting College: 165 After Freshman Year: 165
name not found (2 years ago)
I lost 15 pounds my freshman year.
Ivelisse M (2 years ago)
This speaks to me on a spiritual level.
Brenan Desch (2 months ago)
Ivelisse M cause your fat?
Sid Bhadauria (2 years ago)
I actually lost weight cause I stopped working out freshman year.
GhostyLizardX (2 years ago)
I go to college next year, and I know as a senior in high school you probably have a lot more time on your hands than in college, but I still want to continue to go to the gym and stay at a healthy weight. I think in some colleges you have to make "meal plans" or you'll be broke, but hey, those are healthy, right... 
Lulu Calliope (1 year ago)
+GhostyLizardX I'm going to college at the end of next month! I read a book with a lot of tips for college students, and it said that the Freshman 15 is more like the Freshman 5. According to the book, you should fill half of your plate with veggies, then divide the rest of it between protein, whole grains, and fruit. Drink plenty of water, and when you see a pizza at a party, eat only a slice or two, not half of it! I think you'll be fine! Good luck! :)
EbonysBlaze (2 years ago)
+GhostyLizardX if it's just about weight, the less meat, dairy, and eggs you eat and the more calories from whole foods you eat the leaner you'll be long term. Good luck, have a blast!
DrJohnZoidberg125 (2 years ago)
Hey just sign up for a sport, like just a club sport it doesn't have to be varsity. I see it as a way to, stay fit, take a break from homework, and make friends. Good luck. *thumbs up*
MisunderstoodAlpaca (2 years ago)
More like freshman 70.
Courtney Clark (2 years ago)
Funnily enough, I eat better at university/college because I have to plan my meals or I'll be broke.
Nicholas gabriele (2 years ago)
Am i the only one that wants to gain weight? I've been bulking since September and love the "un-wanted" weight. 
linkviii (2 years ago)
Glad I've not drunck beer so far. I did say I was gonna go to the gym today though...
Boom Bam Bop Badabop Boom Pow (1 year ago)
+Nick bensongton That's genius.
Nick bensongton (1 year ago)
+linkviii just drink till you puke then you just juke the calories out no harm done.
SuperSparrow45 (2 years ago)
+Nicholas gabriele Drink more and run more.
Nicholas gabriele (2 years ago)
Drink more and lift more.
AnyaNekoFTW66 (2 years ago)
You have no idea how fucking happy I am that they mentioned wrestlers at the very end of this song. As a wrestler that hopes to continue on in college, I was thinking about those 15 pounds the whole damn song, and how I'm so totally screwed. Lol, but also FML.
Baker4life777 (2 years ago)
Last summer I made sure I wasn't gonna gain weight when I went into college. A bunch of pop tarts sugar cereal and mcdonalds later I've gained 7 pounds in this past semester
Blake Mcnoscopez (21 days ago)
Baker4life777 I
SuperSparrow45 (1 year ago)
+BigTallYetiG Man, I wanna know where these protein pop tarts are sold.
SuperSparrow45 (2 years ago)
Just run it off man. What's weird is I've gained more weight in the military than I did in college (of course I was a commuter student, so my mom cooked dinner). 
jacob marchand (2 years ago)
Halfway there!
Luke Mulligan (2 years ago)
This guy is a really good singer
astrangeone (2 years ago)
Bad food, and stress eating doesn't help. I'm out of university.  And I was just diagnosed with an underperforming thyroid.  Urgh.  At least the replacement hormones don't make me want to eat any more.  :D
concealedknight (2 years ago)
I lost 15 pounds my Freshman Year. I do not know why though
dashielle98 (2 years ago)
I never understood the freshman 15 thing.  I lost weight when I started college because I didn't have as much time to eat and I had to walk so far across campus to get to my classes I got more exercise than before
Brendan Gordon (2 years ago)
the idea is that you party so much your freshman year that the huge amount of beer you drink makes you gain 15 pounds.
neldabg (2 years ago)
Ikr?! I wonder about it myself. This is the first time in my life where I haven't gained any weight. All the walking is a major help. I haven't lost anything either, but that'll probably change since I've started group fitness classed after hearing that they were free.
lordblazer (2 years ago)
am I the only dude that hit the gym everyday and weight lifted when I was in undergraduate?  fuck man we had awesome facilities. might as well take advantage and not be fat.
EricCris10sen (2 years ago)
When I lived in the middle of nowhere, our housing had a nice little gym right across from where I lived.  I planned to get into shape and work my ass off every day.  Unfortunately, everyone else used it and there wasn't a single day where people weren't piled in there playing their loud ass music.  It was so loud I could hear it when I was inside my ROOM.  Shit pissed me off that I felt discouraged from working out.  Now I live 15-20 miles from the nearest gym. I still do some exercises at work and when I'm home and when it gets warmer, I plan to go running, but fucking sucks to be where I live.
drink123binge (2 years ago)
+Bodybuilder X No I say it because you are the one who think that being in shape is the be all and end all.  So you judge people for not being buff I never said anything about you being in shape just you are a douche which you did so well to prove. Now stop taking those ball destroying steroids and get off your high horse.
Jake M. (2 years ago)
+Bodybuilder X Found this so hilarious because of your name.
Bodybuilder X (2 years ago)
+drink123binge you sound like a fat lazy slob who criticizes people in good shape
drink123binge (2 years ago)
You sound like a douche.
crazy4corbinbleux (2 years ago)
I legit got the freshman 15. Like exactly on the dot. Went from a healthy 125 lb to 140 at the end of the year. I feel sick and gross
shianne brown (2 years ago)
now I feel bad I'm a high school student and I weigh 120 but I'm like 5 foot something. Jesus I must be fat.
Isaac Thooft (2 years ago)
I'm a 5'10 17 year old male of very slight muscularity. I'm pretty sure being 125 at this point for me isnt good.
dashielle98 (2 years ago)
+Icedragon481 Um...you do know that not everyone is the same right?  If you're 6'2" and 125 lbs your a stick.  If you're 4'10" and the same weight you could be considered overweight. depends on gender and muscle, etc too
crazy4corbinbleux (2 years ago)
For a female, I would imagine so.. it depends on your height too. 
Isaac Thooft (2 years ago)
Wait... so 125 pounds is healthy? Here i was thinking i was a fucking stick...
Lynn (2 years ago)
On a side note, this guy is pretty cute.
Xylynthian (2 years ago)
I'm not in college yet, and I'm not even fat, but this song gets me right in the feels
Xylynthian (2 months ago)
Carlos Vasquez I always come back
Jake Therien (3 months ago)
Rest in pieces your once thin belly.
Carlos Vasquez (3 months ago)
The Negromancer holy shit u actually came back
Xylynthian (6 months ago)
Ok now I can fully relate to this song ;-;
Channel Weapon eX (3 years ago)
Hahahahaha, as a wrestler the ending really hit hard. "Unless you're here for wrestling"
AnyaNekoFTW66 (2 years ago)
All the truths were spoken this day. Glad to see some of my fellows.
DeadDoser (2 years ago)
truth...time to go drop a weight class
Mr Saucy (2 years ago)
same hahah its so true
mark H (2 years ago)
haha same