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This Bully Didn't See This Coming

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This is an amazing response to a bully. You'll be surprised at how it turns out.
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Text Comments (26)
Elaine Warren (3 years ago)
Beautiful and Powerful!!
Justice Trevizo (3 years ago)
amazing ever kid should see this😀
Michael AndGod (5 years ago)
This is going to happen with the rich as well. I believe you are all going to stand against them and make a different planet for yourselves. Very cool video though, stand as one and make a change to bullying and everything else.
LuiNight (5 years ago)
Made my teary eyed!
CelesteK (5 years ago)
Cristina Perazzo (5 years ago)
Bravo Morse Pond!
Chandlers Attic (5 years ago)
Nice work! What a fantastic school project
Cyndy Chandler (5 years ago)
Well done everyone at Morse Pond School.  Powerful message.
Ashleigh Jaima Osborne (5 years ago)
very well done
Tom Kenny (5 years ago)
OUTSTANDING! - pardon the pun.
Julie Veres (5 years ago)
They did a great job on this video.  The entire school community should be proud.  I know I am.  
Joe vassallo (5 years ago)
This is the age it starts and as long as you live you will remember the bully it's all in the way you handle it now.its a heads up make a good thing out of it make a change do something No violence. You don't need violence
Joe vassallo (5 years ago)
Every one hates a bully and a sucker puncher. STAND UP!!
Meg Graham (5 years ago)
Awesome job! Thanks for making me smile...
Serena Lo Piccolo (5 years ago)
Team City Kidz (5 years ago)
We love this!
Paul Tessier (5 years ago)
This video makes me very proud of my alma mater (back then it was called the "Intermediate School."  Great job!
Jack Goldman (5 years ago)
This is probably the best video supporting anti-bullying yet made, The music is the best part and the production is excellent.  
Sam Schipman (5 years ago)
Great Job
Beth Rintala (5 years ago)
Stand up and Stand by. No More Bullying Allowed!!
Karen Morrison (5 years ago)
Awesome job great video
Cheryl Cabral (5 years ago)
Great job everyone at Morse Pond School !! Now remember to live it.  Please don't let anyone be bullied. 
Steve Clay (5 years ago)
Loved seeing the Falmouth sweatshirt.  So proud of everyone at Morse Pond School. This is one that should go viral to help anti-bullying programs.
kim fahringer (5 years ago)
my 3 children went to Morse Pond School in the 80's and they were progressive then.  I am glad to see they are taking an active approach to bullying.  GO MORSE POND
Master_Keyblade (5 years ago)
Bravo, Morse Pond!
Tracy Bouton (5 years ago)
Nice job Morse Pond!