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The Bad Things About Working For United Parcel Service (UPS) - @LegendaryDancer

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Text Comments (348)
it'svenom bro (1 month ago)
I just quit today because I couldn’t take the bullshit of caring heavy stuff they scream at you when you don’t carry heavy stuff and they tell you to hurry up the managers are assholes and they have no respect for the walkers I just quit after three days because I hate this job my back is always killing me when I get home and I was having headaches terrible job at Tampa place I do not recommend this job to anyone this job really sucks
goemonronin (6 months ago)
Doing things with the union takes forever. people are like "File a Grievance" but you may be tied up in all that for months. I was wrongfully termed and it took the union 4 months to get my hearing together. Not to mention that even non due paying lower enders will get the same services that due paying members do from the union. My re in-statement hasn't gone smoothly in any way. I have had to re do my fingerprints twice, I was already supposed to have been told when to come in monday, but have heard from no one. I feel as though they are using these tactics to appease the union but also get me to just give up on it. And I may, I am very fed up with the whole affair. I am fed up in general being old enough to be most of my supervisors dads in general. I am looking for something else, this company seems to use threats to accomplish everything with their employees. I half expect to hear "Why did you no call no show monday?" because you know, then they will call me. When amazon starts doing their own air shipping a lot more UPS is screwed.
Chad Bellbowa (7 months ago)
I quit in a year I banged my boss and made life easier
MF Grinch (9 months ago)
The worst part about working for ups is being a straight up puss. How many pounds of jewelry does this chick that’s doing the video have on. Bunk beds?! Damn girl, you in the navy now.
MF Grinch (9 months ago)
Hey dipshit, working harder works great for people that want to advance themselves. If you are such a loser that you want to make more and more money for being a bottom feeder then get used to a sore back. By looking at your build you aren’t cut out for manual labor anyway. You should get a job folding clothes at baby gap.
skYWeezy (1 year ago)
the job is full of shit.. want u to work like a machine day one...
Bob Ravenscraft (1 year ago)
Been there done that be glad it's 20hours if you worked 40 would be lot of fights yes it blows chunks
Volcano 301 (1 year ago)
You lost my respect when you “called out” your ex-coworker knowing full well you weren’t really. Say it to his face.
gman gannon (1 year ago)
Plus free health care and payed days off and vacation, moron
gman gannon (1 year ago)
You are a idiot, if you stayed to be a driver you could have made$35 an hour , my driver made a $ 115 thousand last year. Tell me where you can make that kind of money with a high school diploma!! You fucking dope
GTmaniac (1 year ago)
gman gannon drivers are overpaid
Ruben Garza (2 years ago)
Damn bro I feel you on this vid you got everything accurate
Back Nforth (2 years ago)
I hope all the honor bs at ups from the comments are capitalized by the bug wigs and investors. they don't care about their, they care about your honor that makes them money.
Jose Lopez (2 years ago)
Kid a loser
Boston Pete (2 years ago)
I'm sorry but I simply can not listen to any of your negative comments about a global giant such as UPS. I mean c'mon man there are BUNK BEDS in the back ground for Christ sake! Anyone else pick up on that? Instead of bashing UPS you should have toughed it out b/c A. you'd have the financial freedom to afford you own place and B. you'd have your own room and BED you bunk bed bitch!!!
Yolanda Wright (2 years ago)
I like your video. I am about to start working for ups as a package handler.I need the money and muscles lol
Yolanda Wright (2 years ago)
do you have a gf?
Yolanda Wright (2 years ago)
so they pay 15 dollars a hour?
Dubl A (2 years ago)
I'm about to start workin at UPS tomorrow is my first day. However I worked at a warehouse at Ashley's furniture, similar work... 250 pound boxes.... the elements and physical labor is part of the job description. But if they thing about payroll is true Ima go to HR and raise hell
Gus Ramirez (2 years ago)
I work for UPS. I have done everything. Except driver. Well, I have done driver helper. Don't do it. College wasn't for me. So, I decided to try to labor my way up the corporate ladder. Learned a lot. But one thing you can't get back is your time. Good money? maybe. Job security? don't count on it. Because I think machines are going to take over. So, yeah. Last thing would want to say is that corporate jobs kill creativity. You are just a number. Nothing more. Having a job is a thing of the past. Don't every apply for ups or any other job ever! Create your own job. That's where its at. See ya later.
Yahawashi Yahweh77 (2 years ago)
ups is not hard
Tite Paget (2 years ago)
well talangang part ng job moyan kahit saan naman mahirap talanga ang trabaho
E.B.K (2 years ago)
i like him leave him alone hes just looking for work and people need be more respectful towards others who they don't even know
Horizontally Living (2 years ago)
This kid is just a bitch I finished my seasonal driver helper couple weeks ago and everything was fine no pay errors great environment and additionally good people to motivate yourself to do more. Now I'm currently waiting for the call to start the loader\unloader and trust me it really isn't bad at all its just getting use to it like any other job.
Horizontally Living (2 years ago)
I do have experience with loading since at first I didn't have a assigned driver so they had me loading really isn't hard work trust me just be a man and go on your way and 1 more thing don't have a misload.The whole no phone music shit is bs where I'm at just as long as your working you can do whatever you like.
Enrique Benavides (2 years ago)
anyone know their pph? lol
Richard Mohabeer (2 years ago)
listen bro a lot of people is working for ups cause of benefits overtime after 5 hrs is amazing
Ant Loc 30s (2 years ago)
fuck ups!!!!
big brown (2 years ago)
Young man, truly understand your opinion. Sadly misinformed though, the packages do not magically get unloaded and loaded you will sweat. Any over weight packages there are proper lifting and lowering methods to lift a package(s). At any job you should always have a personal record of the hours worked to have a paper trail. Sounds like you had some unjust manager(s) and employees, you should of immediately notified your union rep. or stewart, or business manager. And if you didn't feel represented correctly then call a national 1800 line to address any unresolved work situation. The elements, if you work in any warehouse or outdoors it's about being prepare of the elements. Should have several bottles of water with you and in the winter have several layers of clothes. I hope you make tons of money being on YouTube, more power to you. But truly misinformed about UPS.
The Crazy Toad (2 years ago)
i work at the biggest one in Chicago n its lit every one is 18 - 22 yrs old I'm about to be a supervisor
lilmikey690 (2 years ago)
I work for FedEx at the Indy hub, and it's not that bad. I mean peak season sucks, but, other than that, not that bad. I load these big metal containers called "cans", and then they get loaded onto the plane. If you do your job, your manager leaves you alone and does his or her thing. We're supposed to get 400 scans per hour, but, I've been getting about 200. The managers don't yell at you, they encourage you and talk about ways you can improve. Also, my manager gives candy to the top three scanners on my team. I hope to get out to the planes soon and do onload/offload. I don't like scanning/checking, but, I don't hate it. I just want to get out to the planes. I know we're talking about two different companies, but, FedEx is probably a better company if you want to give it a try. Plus, for package handler, you start out at $12.62/hour.
lilmikey690 (2 years ago)
I work for FedEx at the Indy hub, and it's not that bad. I mean peak season sucks, but, other than that, not that bad. I load these big metal containers called "cans", and then they get loaded onto the plane. If you do your job, your manager leaves you alone and does his or her thing. We're supposed to get 400 scans per hour, but, I've been getting about 200. The managers don't yell at you, they encourage you and talk about ways you can improve. Also, my manager gives candy to the top three scanners on my team. I hope to get out to the planes soon and do onload/offload. I don't like scanning/checking, but, I don't hate it. I just want to get out to the planes. I know we're talking about two different companies, but, FedEx is probably a better company if you want to give it a try. Plus, for package handler, you start out at $12.62/hour.
James Bond (2 years ago)
I used to work there...some homosexual was following me around and shit, it was so creepy , i told h.r., they wouldn't do anything, i ended up quitting :(
GetsumJ (2 years ago)
I do admire what you learned at UPS. However, you must have overlooked the Policy Book with regards to social media Marc. May want to check it out www.upsers.com - Don't mind me, just the UPS Southwest Region Manager with many years :-)
big brown (2 years ago)
This young man was just misinformed and didn't know his contractual rights.
Devar The Car Enthusiast (2 years ago)
GetsumJ it's a free country the guy can say what ever he wants.
jonnyboat2 (2 years ago)
GetsumJ So, are you warning this guy? Seems if he was doing something detrimental or illegal, he would be forced to take down the video. Your comment seems to play into what he's talking about regarding management. If you have something specific to say, just say it. He already stated that he will welcome anyone's comments.
ITz That Guy (2 years ago)
I'm a loader and it's stressful as shit.
Michael Norris (2 years ago)
HR told us they were gonna talk us out of working for ups lol
adu1991 (8 months ago)
Michael Norris Yup, the person who gave the tour at the UPS interview I was at, told us that he'll scare away people who either aren't fit for the job or really don't want the job. I'm not going to put up with that crap, and I'll look somewhere else. I'd rather be okay with them saying that they're not hiring instead of playing that game with me. I'd appreciate the honesty, at least, lol I'll fill out an application for Public Storage instead.
Michael Norris (2 years ago)
HR told us they were gonna talk us out of working for ups lol
Gender Male (2 years ago)
"you might get your hours fucked in the ass..."
Pop Off (2 years ago)
It's too late to try and start a long term career at places like UPS and FedEx they're do to become fully automated by 2035. Including the drivers.
Devar The Car Enthusiast (2 years ago)
Drumma Dre I was wondering why there hubs aren't automated.
Ghost 78902 (2 years ago)
how old u have to be to work in the ups?
bwakel310 (2 years ago)
carlos Martinez 18
daniel zamora (2 years ago)
carlos Martinez any age
Duffy Unknown (3 years ago)
1 can't belive you used that one you sweat too much really wow 2 they print the hours each day 3 you canT get OT on Sunday cause that's the beginning of the week you would get 6 day pay Friday 4 once your Union you learn what they can and can't do and I talk back to sups and they can't do anything about it
daniel zamora (2 years ago)
Duffy Unknown all the salt from our body
Willisforillis 1 (3 years ago)
Ladies and gentlemen I give you millennial's.. upset because they have to work hard to earn good pay and mad because there wasn't a wall of water fountains so he can get a sip of water this country is doomed because of people with this type of mindset everything is too hard I shouldn't have to work like this blah blah blah..
Devar The Car Enthusiast (2 years ago)
pumper thumper l you love blue collar work don't you? Go ahead and wear your knee and your back out for chump change
Jonah Francois (2 years ago)
pumper thumper l Nah it's kind of the point of living in America I mean if you really feel we are doomed go to China and be a labor slave seems to be your thing
Willisforillis 1 (3 years ago)
Welcome to the real world bro if you want to easy job you should've filled out an application at a tanning salon
Pop Off (2 years ago)
so you're saying them fucking up hours he actually worked is cool ?
HALIFAXJAYR (3 years ago)
Had that problem i worked for UPS didn't get paid for like 2 months quit called human resources at the head UPS corp office and got my money within weeks I keep getting calls from the bitch from UPS trying to apologize
Cesar Ventura (3 years ago)
what a lazy I used to work for UPS that's why you get few interviews before they will hire you nothing but a lazy mf
Ant Loc 30s (2 years ago)
don't be a hero lol! ups don't give a fuck
Mazarita Village (3 years ago)
So, basically you get paid to workout? free membership? lol
Chris Foster (3 years ago)
im sitting here taking a NASTY shit while im watching this video
Jon RD (3 years ago)
what shift did you work on? I'm a Preloader
Donald Porter (3 years ago)
Wow, what a whiney little bitch. Sack the fuck up.
DDrummer (3 years ago)
Dude, you're all blinged' out....You must be *RICH*
mark Davis (3 years ago)
is that a bump bed lol... join my unite in the army black line 11b so we can turn you into a man stop bitching and grow sum balls
Mike Siegel (3 years ago)
I worked as a loader in a Illinois hub and I can vouch for most everything your saying
Mike G (3 years ago)
Question: how fast do you have to work as a package handler? Do you literally have to move packages as fast as possible, or can you move at a reasonable pace? I'm considering this job for while going to college, mainly due to the large amount of tuition reimbursement.
Jen Glozzer (3 years ago)
There r no numbers that the union but the managers will yell at u and harass u to work as fast as u can
sadieness (3 years ago)
I just seen some ups loading vids,and I can say fuck that from here,,,I drive tanker,finxin to switch to forklift load and offload home daily,,,I seen dollar general is basically same way,,,no thank you,,,much respect for you even trien that shit...I don't go to work to work,,went to school to drive and hear Howard Stern haha,.
DarkLane Tattoos (3 years ago)
Don't want union dues? Then don't join the union idiot. Lol
MKouthere (3 years ago)
I don't know what location this guy works at but it sounds shitty. Most of the stuff about the work is pretty true, but honestly what can you really expect, it's a labour warehouse job. I've found that as long as you do your work, you'll be fine. There is a union for a reason, you're practically unfireable once you become apart of the union no matter what. The only way they can fire you after you get unionized is if you steal or harass. Also, becoming a supervisor is pretty easy, just wait till your probrationary period is over, apply, and wait till you get selected. From there, it's a lot better. Also if you're a student like me, take advantage of the tuition reimbursement, that's a huge reason why I work at UPS. Overall, the experience is what you make it, and it definitely gives you the motivation to give yourself a better life. Gives you an outlook on how tough life can be if you don't take it seriously.Side point, keep looking for a better job. Working is always better than not working. NEVER, and I mean never, start planning to work at UPS forever, it'll only drain you. You will find better for yourself eventually, but UPS is a good stepping stone.
turbobenx (3 years ago)
u dont like to sweat? R u a virgin?
ray taylor (3 years ago)
how much did they pay you?
BreezyDaKinq (3 years ago)
10.15 per hour
VDMG (3 years ago)
Ups with union is not that bed, if anyone works for ups with no Union, well they will use and abuse of the employees!!!! So if anyone wants to work for ups look for UPS with the Union !!
David Lemmo (2 years ago)
The Union at UPS representation a joke. UPS is nothing but guaranteed dues to the IBT.
AVOLITE (3 years ago)
ANOTHER fine example of the generation growing up. Not all, of course, but unfortunately what really seems to be the majority ..... ESPECIALLY on "social media". The Bubble : (1) Wants a job sitting down making an ungodly rate per hour. (2) Often speaks with words such as "bitch, fuck, or shit" included in what is already a fragmented pile of words to begin with. Seems to be completely voided it is even happening (3) Thinks the world is out to get him/her. The stereo-typical "victim" of abuse on any level concerning anything about everything. (4) Will turn on their chosen iGadget or device and complain, moan and rattle off about anything at the drop of a hat. Its just all about you. The Reality: (1) YOU took a job at a package sorting facility for low pay. Hard to believe they didn't make that clear prior and at every step of the way (2) Myself and many people i know also use course language at times. NONE of us are at work or in any form presenting ourselves to the public at large while doing so. WHAT you say and HOW you say it REALLY does matter. I couldn't make it past 3 minutes of this ridiculous video clip because of it. Not in any way offended, but makes it hard to follow your rambling, in part, because of it. (3) Congratulations young man, you've learned a valuable lesson in the world of low end part-time employment for some mega huge corporation .... the lesson is this, YOU will get left out, forgotten about at times in the logistics of red tape and paperwork. Even a crap manager or loser department head has people to answer to and has his own problems, try making your point when it more appropriate, and not just because you want it fixed 5 minutes ago . Completely agree it stinks when your paycheck gets messed up ? ... but it is most obvious from your callus attitude here to be a safe bet that your approach was ill-conceived and most likely covered in snark when any discussion happened from the go. Another lesson learned? until YOU actually hold a working title of higher frame at any job?, expect it to never get better other than just plain dumb luck with whatever your problem is. (4)The internet is forever. Over two years ago you posted this and here it is just waiting for a potential employer down the road to find and completely let it effect his or her judgement on a possible great job opportunity down the road. Until you are some pop culture rock star with celebrity clout, doing silly stuff like THIS very thing is not in your best interest. But i suppose as long as you felt better after posting then just throw basic caution to the wind.
MeZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZ (3 years ago)
@AVOLITE "E-hurt" wow you really must be old, don't kid yourself gramps. 30 huh? For the 15 year in a row right? Yeah me too..-__-
AVOLITE (3 years ago)
@MeZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZ ... Now. I get it ... you are just kid yourself so determined to have the last word and so desperate to E-hurt my feelings. Nice.
MeZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZ (3 years ago)
@AVOLITE Hey it happens, you should have been more responsible, maybe you should start taking some of your own advice.
AVOLITE (3 years ago)
@MeZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZ ... "GRANDPA" at the age of 30. Nice.
MeZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZ (3 years ago)
+AVOLITE not excusing anyone, don't pretend to be the great Buddha with infinite wisdom. No one wants your shitty advice grandpa.
Tina Lemus (3 years ago)
Lol you're adorable ♡ but yeah I've been working at Ups for almost 8 months now, and they sttttiiillll mess with our hours. 😑 And I've been waiting on my raise, and Ausbbhshsshshsjkksh!!!! I still haven't gotten it. 😒 and yeah, I definitely hate my Union Dues. 💔 But I'm trying to become a supervisor because a lot of the supervisors are jerks, and I'm trying be that difference there. But lol! Slaves, I can definitely relate. 💔 But I'm scared to quuuit. 😵
Chris Mejia (3 years ago)
+Tina Lemus I don't know if you're a supervisor yet or not, but I just wanna let you know that you're gonna get your buttons pushed as a supervisor and honestly don't let it get to you. You will get yelled at sometimes (depending on how your management is) like I said don't let it get to you and just be sure to try your hardest and take your production personal. If you're strict but fair with your employees you will have a successful area. Don't be a douche, but hold people accountable.
xXFatmanForeverXx (3 years ago)
I work for UPS for 3 years now and it just wearing my body down especially on my feet and I'm actually a pretty fit guy. but go for supervisor help save UPS with your awesomeness. but let me warn you, it's going to be stressful.
Pete the killer (3 years ago)
You're a loader? Damn 150 pph o what? Lol
Tina Lemus (3 years ago)
+Matthew Gooding Well I started at 10.10 , now I get 10.15 , but I should've gotten 11.00 by now, but the pay is good if they give you good hours. Like if I get offered to double shift, I normally take it, because the overtime is pretty good. In a week, I get 18-20 hours, so for part time, it's fair. c:
Matthew Gooding (3 years ago)
+Tina Lemus oh!! 1 more question. I'm not sure.. but is the money good working for ups?
Rubble (3 years ago)
Me and my supervisor talk shit to each other.
DTrey FloatGoat (3 years ago)
"nobody wants your money taken away from them when they worked hard for it." .....I worked a month of hard labor at a private construction in a new house, my dads friend. Just horrible physical labor, not to mention the danger hazards. Aching hands, back, debri and dust being inhaled, etc..  a full month of that, paycheck was probably near $2k. Asked the guys dad for payday but he said his son, my dads friend gives that out.. couldnt find him. Asked my dad and he said, he's going to hunt him down for my paycheck. Then I went back and found out that the boss already gave the paycheck, and my dad lied about it pretending they wernt going to give me paycheck..dad finally admitted after multiple confrontations...I was extremely furious about to KTFO my own dad, but held back, he only gave me back a small portion $600 when he still owed me from borrowing a 1000 bucks. End rant.
Nick Dacunto (3 years ago)
Their nice to me..
s jones (3 years ago)
You can't work at UPS if you keep saying LIKE, LIKE, and LIKE. You need to communicate with people.
Christopher Senge (3 years ago)
part of a spoiled, entitled generation.....grow up and realise that it's not all about you.
ConwayTheGreat (3 years ago)
I agree, he did nothing wrong
ConwayTheGreat (3 years ago)
+Christopher Senge I work at UPS trust me he is right it isn't all fun and games. And I am sure this video wasn't meant to be about him it was warning people about how UPS works because I work in Columbus Ohio UPS and he live in another part of the country and its the same shit here.
Kelvin (3 years ago)
At UPS its military strict. I understand why though. a lot of the supervisors/higher ups in the hub are in the armed forces. i know one who is an officer in the army. I can say that the first 3 months there was hell but it wasnt because of them. It was because i was loose lipped and kind of an asshole. Also, i wasnt used to the workload, which is INSANE!!!! youre expected to sort at least 600 packages an hour. Yes, the work can suck but its up to you to have fun with it. theres loads of different positions there and its up to you to find what youre good at. ive been with UPS for a year and a half and i thought about quitting multiple times. Im happy i didnt though. Paychecks can be messed up but its usually not human error. The clock in system is heavily flawed. Im sorry you had such a horrific experience at UPS.
A. Gutierrez (2 years ago)
Kelvin Lee
Dmoney95 (3 years ago)
so where you work now lol
Kanesha Thomas (3 years ago)
it depends on the ups were r located in the united states I work at the Hartford ct one I been there 25 years I load for about 12 years sorted for about 7 bagged about 6 years I didnt have any problems I talking to them or listen I just do my job one thing about me I don't anything bother me u talk to me wrong I talk back to wrong iv been working all around the ups building I check my hour don't play with my money I won't play with yours I'm a female
yamatoneko1 (3 years ago)
except the pay discrepancy which is serious and has legal repercussions, all other things you complain about are every job ever.
Allante Hunter (3 years ago)
I start my first day today and I'm depressed about it
A. Gutierrez (2 years ago)
tay ski
EbonyBuuurrd (3 years ago)
I just finished working there for peak season. It sucked.
Allante Hunter (3 years ago)
+Jason am man it was a stressful environment I hated it so I used my check to get my guard card and went back to working security! ups is not worth it I would only work there till I find a better job
Jason am (3 years ago)
+tay ski How was the job man?
Allante Hunter (3 years ago)
@Itachi Uchiha drivers helper seems like a cool job tho
Baker gx Mayfield (3 years ago)
My Dad is a aircraft mechanic for ups. I know totally different job,but he told me the supervisors who are in charge of the loaders/unloaders act like pricks for a reason. That's how how they want the atmosphere to be like at that department. I will be working as a drivers helper this peak season,it will be tough,but not as stressful as a loader. I know loaders who work there 3 years and still haven't been promoted to driver. i don't see myself at ups for a career. I need a new job after the holidays.
shylildude (3 years ago)
if you don't mind me asking how old are you?
ventor11225 (4 years ago)
I quit working there a couple months ago, after working as a loader for about 5 months. I couldn't take it anymore, the job was a nightmare. The first trailer they had me working in was the hardest on the belt, which I didn't realize at the time but it all makes sense now. No matter how hard you're working you'll still get yelled at to work harder. And it was HARD work. Some will argue that it gets you in shape, but overtime it will definitely destroy your body, even working there a few years. No music/headphones allowed. It was too stressful of a job to only get 10 an hour.
Luke-o 1234 (7 months ago)
Im a driver but for the time being they have me loading since its slow. I hate it im starting to look for another driving job
Not a-Theist (1 year ago)
ventor11225 all hubs aren’t like this, but I can’t believe you guys let supervisors take advantage of you like that.
Anthony Garcia (4 years ago)
lol you dont know what being treated like shit if you havent worked at a family owned super market
Johnny Sanngoen (3 years ago)
Daisy (4 years ago)
Monolo Montana (4 years ago)
all of you that run into trouble. have you even looked at your union contract? your putting up with all those issues for no reason. There union.
Steve Furno (4 years ago)
Did you drop out of high school?
Tyler Tran (3 years ago)
+Steve Furno He graduated high school but didn't go to college.
newsandmedia (4 years ago)
Do they allow you guys to throw packages? Like is that in your training?
ventor11225 (4 years ago)
Where I worked, yes. Well, in your training they evaluate you constantly to make sure you're careful and don't throw things and build nice walls. But as soon as training is over the other workers and supervisor will show you that you can throw, crush packages, and build imperfect walls. UPS is all about number.
richmond283 (4 years ago)
I did loading for two years worked in small sort too I did evening and midnight shift
richmond283 (4 years ago)
Only positive * benefits * union * no top out pay as a part timer * become pt sup fast * become driver * cool co workers * the old heads are sweet and give good info * help for school & credit union even after you leave Negative * cold and hot * no ac * they don't like you to leave the trucks * complain when you go to the break room * during peak you can come in early but they don't want you to have breaks * hours stolen * checks get shorted * never the same start times * expect to have high pph when the flow is low * the harder you work the more they send you all over the building * no one ever knows the start time * sorry ass checks * you can come in and they'll send you home if they over staff or have enough ppl * they'll lie about needing ppl when you call out but get in the building they sending people home * you can come to work they'll ask if you want to go home instead of texting you that you don't have to come in they waste your gas a lot
BlocK BuRNeR (1 year ago)
richmond283 ..i work there ..well said bro ..well said..smfh..but you gotta have determination and heart...fuck what they say just do the job...maby in the long run it would pay off ...have patience stay healthy ...to see if theres light at the end of the dark ass tunnel....but you right tho....
Kazuro Jinzo (3 years ago)
"The harder you work the more they send you all over the building" Bruh! That one totally applies to me. I've worked doing different roles and I always end up doing something somewhere else. The less hard workers just stand around and barely get any orders.
Rose Umbrello (3 years ago)
ive been there for over a year and its not that bad, top rate is $24 and theres tons of benefits and discounts at retail stores
James Fenian (3 years ago)
+richmond283 "no top out pay for part-timers" is a negative not a positive. They never get to full scale
richmond283 (4 years ago)
@Rose Umbrello how long you plan on staying? i stayed for two years i quit two months ago. i couldnt do it i was making 11.50 but was still making the same amount of money when i was making 8.50 shit wack i need a full time it would been ight if i had a full time at the time i would of just stayed for the benefits got tired of breaking my back for 150 a week and 180 on a good day 
rob allman (4 years ago)
Our hub is so heavy that everyone everyone and I mean fucking everyone throws stuff just to keep up with the heavy volume.
newsandmedia (4 years ago)
+rob allman but how about when you deliver to someones house? you still do that?
rob allman (4 years ago)
Listen it sucks but I'm a man about it. I show up. Load my ass off and sweat. Shitty rollers than don't roll. Rollers built in the trucks with an extendo that doesn't flow... Slows me down like a mother fucker. But I'm still doing my best to keep the expected 300 load rate. Im not the best loader in the world. But I try my best and I'm not a pussy wigger about it.
tonkpils197666 (3 years ago)
dumb ass
NoNamesLeftFuk (4 years ago)
do you sweat in winter?
richmond283 (4 years ago)
Duh you still get hot from wearing layer of clothes
Jarrod Derrick (4 years ago)
As a former upser I must say you're telling the truth, I worked for the as a supervisor for 10 months and a handler for 2 3/4 years. I been in two different hubs it does have some good motives and pretty much bad motives like you said, I can admit it's good for a stepping stone for people that can't really find other jobs, and it does make you thick skinned even when you don't realize it, but it's a flat out bad company and part time supervisors get it the worse because I was one of those guys, the best thing I did was quit, especially if you have other life goals planned
TheChessii (4 years ago)
any advice on how to get the job during the interview.?
richmond283 (4 years ago)
Just say you have a reliable ride because that's ups biggest problem understaff a lot of ppl don't show up they have a lot of no call no show have some warehouse experience have a clean background basically bullshit about you being a reliable person a hard worker experience with warehouse and a open schedule
JoeyDailyShow (4 years ago)
I don't get all the hate towards him, who wants to be treated like that their whole lives? Don't take shit from anyone.
newsandmedia (4 years ago)
+MrPhil0267 let me guess, they let you throw?
MrPhil0267 (4 years ago)
@JoeyDailyShow Hi I have to agree that a bad manager can be disastrous. But i have worked for UPS for seventeen years and most of my bosses have been really decent. My best advice is to be ontime do your job well and the good days definitely outnumber the bad. This guy may have had a personal problem with his boss which can suck. But if a person does the best job he or she can their career with UPS should be successful. Yes it does get hot during the summertime so be prepared to sweat. And fortunately the winters where I am are not terribly bad or long.
Zel PaidNFull (4 years ago)
Everything you saying is what I'm going thru now at ups lol Thas crazy I work unload graveyard shift
Holliwood Ru (4 years ago)
I like that u wanna be black
TheeHundreds214 (3 years ago)
Shut your stupid ass up
Grand Wiz (4 years ago)
Im black and i dont see it..
coolgamer thebest (4 years ago)
Thanks man straight up though I load about double what everyone else does I know this because every morning they tell us how many packages each person loaded..does anyone think thats equal work?? Because they tell me its all equality
coolgamer thebest (4 years ago)
Dudes I load about 1000 packages a day into 7 trucks its fuckin tough but this week ill be there 8 months.looking.foward to being a driver one day..
TalkToTheFilipinoGuy (4 years ago)
@Brittni Leal pretty much every package handler does that lol, i wouldnt bother about counting the packages regardless since it is literally endless. good luck though being a driver =)
kurupt mob (4 years ago)
I hate that i have to use united piece of shit service. Righ5 now im still waiting on a package i ordered 6 days ago and it was suppose to be here today. I've been tracking it and its here in the city but its been two days i guess sitting there at that post office. The last time i bought two cds and for one i have standard shipping and the other i piad for faster shipping. The standard took two days to come in and the quicker shipping took a week. They came from different areas so im guessing someone did a lot more wih their job than the other. Lazy fuks probably have my shit sitting their ready to go.
TalkToTheFilipinoGuy (4 years ago)
@legendsoilder21 i usually get mine pretty fast. when i buy an item through amazon or something, it would come in the mail 2-3 days after i ordered it even though the shipping said it would be a month or so lol
PHILLY JED (4 years ago)
They treat you like a piece of shit I can't wait until I quit I'm going out with a bang
+PHILLY JED you still work there ?
PHILLY JED (4 years ago)
Yea unfortunately
Daisy (4 years ago)
but you still work there?
PHILLY JED (4 years ago)
I load the trucks now it's just a horrible company filled with narcissistic assholes.
Daisy (4 years ago)
what do you do?
devin francis (4 years ago)
Do they drug test
camaro95408 (4 years ago)
Your such a little b*tch dude.
croseille pongparnsana (4 years ago)
Was there for six years glad I left ups I am at FedEx now the pay is better and people and just how everything is run there so much better then ups
TalkToTheFilipinoGuy (4 years ago)
@croseille pongparnsana nice =D
Misael Lainez (4 years ago)
No your so right lol I hate it haha!
Bunk Garage (4 years ago)
I weight 110 and I'm 18 and I applied should be going in for my appoint this week, out here in LA... I can carry 30lb don't mind sweating... You sound like a bitch
Alex Dimas (4 years ago)
30lbs.. IRREGS in which come in the dozens can weigh more then 120lbs.. Hahahah
Erick P (4 years ago)
Oh what the hell I have never worked that shift, didn't know that existed. I was pretty sure the only entry jobs was either pre load ( 4am-9am ) or local sort ( 5pm-10pm ).
Erick P (4 years ago)
Tell me are you talking about the morning shift like this guy is talking about or the afternoon shift. I've worked both
Erick P (4 years ago)
Nick Diaz (4 years ago)
What do you think of the job now?
Jesse (4 years ago)
I'm sorry you must be the only person to sweat while they work.
I V (4 years ago)
Lmaoo " Like wtf like biiiitch you better give me my money "
sirpsychosexy (5 years ago)
you are a lazy little bitch
auroraionaa (5 years ago)
I watched your video before i went in for my UPS interview and i got freaked out a little thinking it was a very difficult job but its not at all. Ive been loading for 6 months now and i love it, i think you were just unmotivated to work...
auroraionaa (4 years ago)
+TalkToTheFilipinoGuy I work at the Phoenix, Arizona hub.. now im a supervisor its a good job.
TalkToTheFilipinoGuy (4 years ago)
@auroraionaa you must know that even if you do your job, you may still be treated like shit lol it happens when i worked for them but im sure your hub is much different so i can base it just off of my area
TalkToTheFilipinoGuy (4 years ago)
@auroraionaa everyones different pretty much, i was motivated dont get me wrong at the start, but as time went on you pick up things pretty much. im just surprised i stayed even a year at the time
auroraionaa (4 years ago)
@Corey Willis Stand up for yourself man, don't let them treat you like shit. As long as you're doing your job and doing it well they cant do shit to you.
Corey ! (4 years ago)
I've been there 3 years! It's everything he said & more. UPS's reputation of mistreating workers is well documented. It's not just some sort of figment of the imagination. It's real! If you let them mistreat you, you won't last long.