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1979 Mint in the Box Mr. Coffee Brewer Model MCS 200

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Another mint in the box score... complete with wood grain finish! Never used before until 6/24/10.
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mr head (19 days ago)
well it's no longer mint in the box lol I would have used it too. I think those coupons may have expired
mr head (19 days ago)
I love it even has Joe DiMaggio on the box
Dennis G (5 months ago)
In 1969, Marotta set out to build an appliance that would make better coffee by controlling the temperature and flow of the water. "The ideal temperature of the water is 200 degrees," he explained to Forbes in 1979. "Not 212 degrees, which the percolators give you; 212 degrees gives you overextraction, so the coffee becomes bitter and astringent. Not under 200 degrees, because then there's a tendency for the coffee to come out like tea — too weak, not enough extraction." The secret — the challenge — was to get a mechanism that would provide water at exactly 200 degrees Fahrenheit and then control its flow over the grounds for precisely the right length of time. Now I use the older Braun (high temp heating element) and not made anymore and its fast brewing.
Gabriel Stein (6 months ago)
*Works very well>>>**** and it seems the coffee tastes better than with our old one. We like the programmable feature where we can set everything up before bedtime, and the coffee is brewed the next morning ready for our normal awakening.*
John Grabowski (7 months ago)
Oh. My. God! Back when everything—station wagons, coffee machines—had fake wood panel trim!
mr head (19 days ago)
John Grabowski the 70s style
Richard Rabinowitz (9 months ago)
I use a 1970s mr coffee for tea
TRAIN SHIPS (1 year ago)
AKA:The Percolator Killer.
John Grabowski (7 months ago)
Also the tastebud killer.
condoz2009 (1 year ago)
My mom had one when I was a kid
SuperKissFan1 (2 years ago)
Wow, brings back memories.....
JeanneMarie68 (3 years ago)
I have a vintage Mr. Coffee AD-10 10 cup switch type with water level window with little red ball. Have no idea of when made? My Keurig broke again, so emptied K Cup onto paper coffee filter & brewed. Wow was it much hotter & better. I'm not replacing Keurig, will use the old but better system. Jeanne
Ching-Chen Huang (3 years ago)
So do they still produce this vintage type of coffee machine?
M Watts- Riley (6 months ago)
No. That thing is 50y old. It's the original, now it's 50y later, the new models are 100o/o better and safer plastic. M, il
TRAIN SHIPS (3 years ago)
Does it say made in Cleveland,Ohio ?
Brent Audi (4 years ago)
Very cool!  NIB!  These were great coffee makers!  
Blue And White (4 years ago)
@Brent Audi Better than the new ones!
sleazypig (5 years ago)
That is one hell of a find.
TheAstrius (5 years ago)
I have been trying to figure out why that is I do know at some point they stopped using the drip method powered by electric coils after they sold the company in 1989. The one I remember and my family liking in 1982 was either the 1979 model and sr10 or something in between, I got an sr 10 and its better than the 2007 Mr coffee pot I just threw away, but better I mean hands over fists better. The new ones use some kind of timed drip feature or whatnot.
TheAstrius (5 years ago)
I found a few on Ebay but they sell fast, I just got a SR 10, because I dont care what anyone says, the old late 70s early 80s mr coffee pots from when I was a kid just taste better.
J C (6 years ago)
My folks had this model when it first became popular, around 1974, and served the purpose for 4 years when it was replaced with a Proctor Silex Coffee Magic. Theirs came with a separate container for the water, and the coffee saver wasn't around at the time.
Angela Goff (6 years ago)
Hi, I have a Mr. Coffee maker also in Mint Condition. I belive it's betweet 77-78. I think I may have the last one in the world! It's model number is CBS-800. Can anyone tell me anything about it? I can't find any pictures of it either. Thanks
Glenda Pahel (1 year ago)
Angela Goff A friend just gave me one, brand new, in the box, never opened! Model CBS - 800!! I'm wondeting if i should keep it that way?
Benito Aparicio (6 years ago)
I think that the way Mr. Coffee made its coffeemakers back in the '70's was much nicer and more modern looking than the way they make them now. They should have kept the original '70's design since it was the original design and the first one in home or business coffeemakers.
Johnny Anonyme (7 years ago)
That's very nice. I have the exact same coffee maker, only without the "coffee saver" basket. The back of the unit reads "model MC-IA." Mine has been used quite a bit, but it still performs as well as it did when it was new. As the old cliché goes, they don't make 'em like they used to.
BluTwistar (8 years ago)
Wow! Never been used either!? Seriously awesome, looks like my brother really enjoyed that! :3 I know how he is about his coffee ritual, lol.
Spats Bear (8 years ago)
@gusherb94 I didn't realize this at first until I got it home.... but this was my parent's very first coffee maker when they got married in 1981. I immediately recalled seeing it on the counter when I was little.
adb140275 (8 years ago)
those coffee maker POS things make the coffee taste too watered down
locohog91 (8 years ago)
@batterymaker ah ok, i figured it was a offical, but i called him mr. rogers he looks pretty clsoe to him
Chris’stechchannel (8 years ago)
Where did you find that? That was the best find of anything that old and still new in the box. That is 30 years old!!!! Same age as me!
Dylan K (8 years ago)
THAT IS SO COOL i can't believe you have that! i love old stuff :D
batterymaker (8 years ago)
Well, here's something I didn't know. Your machine has a thing called a coffee saver. That was put in use because there was a coffee shortage in the US around 1977-78, and the saver allowed you to make the same amount of coffee with fewer grounds.
clubcar98 (8 years ago)
@batterymaker Oh. Well im sure she did, Bunn machines are very tough.
batterymaker (8 years ago)
@clubcar98 They have home models. My mom swore by them.
Jamie P (8 years ago)
The plastic's still pure white! (as opposed to yellow)
clubcar98 (8 years ago)
@batterymaker Yeah, but those are the more expensive ones at like hotels? Newer ones do have a warmer feature, that clicks on after it runs out of water.
batterymaker (8 years ago)
@clubcar98 Bunn machines still do.
batterymaker (8 years ago)
@locohog91 Actually it's Joe DiMaggio. He was their spokesman for awhile.
John McDevitt (8 years ago)
I hear some fans humming in the background!!!! : D
locohog91 (8 years ago)
looks like Mr. Rogers on ther box. nice!!!!
cat number 5 and the vintage appliance man (10 months ago)
Would you like to be my neighbor
batterymaker (8 years ago)
That thing was made when I was twelve! AND, I don't think I've seen one of those in that design since I was twelve!
MrMaguire (8 years ago)
wow, it's basically brand new! thats a nice find
Dillion Johnson (8 years ago)
thats the first time i have seen hi, on camera
Maxxarcade (8 years ago)
I still can't believe how quick this vacation went by. This was on the first day of my trip, and already over a week ago.
clubcar98 (8 years ago)
Im not a hot coffee drinker, but that thing is SWEET. And it must be pretty damn hot, or atleast I think so due to the three prong cord. I like the separate brewer and warmer buttons. Something newer machines dont have..
Richard Rabinowitz (9 months ago)
It's also useful for tea. All you need is to put the tea bag over the little hole in the filter cup.