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Oral-B Brush Ups Commercial

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Television commercial for Oral-B Brush Ups (Oral-B Brush Slips in Europe).
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Text Comments (69)
sugar833 (13 days ago)
Don't mind me just brushing my teeth in the middle of the subway
CombatHD (1 month ago)
i found one from 2003 in my parents drawer lol
Luke Holmes (7 months ago)
I had a friend in elementary school and his dad helped design these. I remember he always brought a bunch of free ones in to school. They didn’t work at all
NemaMudia (9 months ago)
I knew this wasn't a product of my imagination.
William Harris (10 months ago)
They were soooo garbage
Kyla M. (11 months ago)
It's 2018 and these people were living in 3018. BRING BACK THE STRIPS!!!
muskatDR (1 year ago)
Had to look this up to see if i was remembering correctly or just fever dreaming. Did ANYONE think this would sell at all?
M B (10 months ago)
muskatDR me 🙋🏻‍♀️ when plaque is on your teeth you can get it off literally with a wash cloth. And this wasn’t meant to replace brushing completely but if you forgot toothbrush or were on the go. I think it’s a great concept, still do
David Cervone (1 year ago)
This exact commercial has been stuck in my head for 11 years.
Brandon cavazos (1 year ago)
I remember this commercial.I miss the ice breaker balls.
Eli Myers (1 year ago)
If you were born after the 90's you probably don't remember these things. I remember first seeing this commercial when I was 6 or 7ish (2003 or 2004). I thought they were so cool, I begged my mom to get them. I used them on my loose baby teeth. Lol good times
sleepy avery (2 years ago)
Loved the advert as a kid but god these things were utter shite
The Fabulous Master Bats (2 years ago)
it's based on a number from Chicago
Guy Ghoul (2 months ago)
...which one, though?
powerpup97 (3 years ago)
The idea of the product sounds great on paper, but I'm sure nobody ever bought these just because of this annoying commercial!
Sarah Slaughter (3 years ago)
Do they still make these??? I want some. This commercial has been burned in my brain since I was like, twelve years old.
Bill (11 months ago)
I just found a video of a 1967 pilot survival kit with one of these in (obvs not oral-B).
Alec Eisenbeis (2 years ago)
They don't make them anymore, but you can buy a box on Ebay!
Maya Gabby (3 years ago)
thank you buzzfeed snapchat for making me search this up and jolt this commerical back in to my memory
Haley Fouts (3 years ago)
Anyone here because of snapchat?
LookUpWaywardLepers (3 years ago)
Never felt so uncomfortable in my life.
redfoxbennaton77 (4 years ago)
Stuck in my mind forever.
Nicholas Fardy (4 years ago)
Dumb advert, , as if your guna start brushing your teeth using your finger whal waiting for the train or whatever. ..
keltar2007 (4 years ago)
Awesome commercial
Angela Brendza (4 years ago)
love this commercial!
James Hill (4 years ago)
rip slip thrust ahh
Benjamin Ward (10 months ago)
This is an oral b commercial not a Trojan commercial...lol!
keltar2007 (2 years ago)
James Hill I see what you did there as well.
DizzyYouUp (2 years ago)
James Hill lmfao I see what you dis there.
Tomoya Furwakawa (5 years ago)
This old ass commercial yo XD
A Johnson (6 years ago)
Brush Ahhhhhh
fdrdevotee (7 years ago)
When this commercial was still on, I would sing this jingle all the time. It drove my brother NUTS!
Kelsea Enriquez (7 years ago)
I wish they still made these!! DDD:
Tazia (7 years ago)
Ha! I always wanted one of those when I was younger..But when they "discontinued" it was like my parents telling me there's no Santa Clause.
Jonathan H (7 years ago)
these failed really bad
tijuan19 (8 years ago)
lmao i loved this commercial...to funny they was feeling it.
orlandoboi258 (8 years ago)
@steveninvictoria no he said "Minty and textured"
Karen Green (9 years ago)
i loved this commercial when i was younger
SammehSyanide (9 years ago)
me and my bff used to quote this commercial religiously like 7 years ago.
Sallyallie89 (9 years ago)
@mplsridah This isn't meant for regular brushing though. It's just for when you're out and get food stuck on your teeth or something. So people who used this as a regular toothbrush and got gingivitis and perio are dumb.
MiZoSpaDe (9 years ago)
silly commerical :D you sure that was 2007 ?? not 80s ??
Steven Case (9 years ago)
Minty in texture? WTF?
creepsrus (9 years ago)
everyone i actually talk to doesn't even remember this anymore ;_;
girlygirl0831 (9 years ago)
thats what she said.
baggedyman (9 years ago)
Way to go ORAL-B! You finally found a way to redistribute and recycle the Peppermint Condoms no one wanted because they burned.
FunnyAnimatedNewb (9 years ago)
mplsridah (9 years ago)
i know, that's why people who use this got gingivitis and all gu disease, they don't really brush
mplsridah (9 years ago)
ppl who use the oral-b brush-ups got gingivitis lol
gal lery (9 years ago)
Bob Fosse-like choreography in celebration of a thing that scrapes crud off the tongue. The girl at :20 looks like she's demonstrating how to slide on a prophylatic. The haircut on the guy at the end looks idiotic. A classic in unintentionally funny advertising. Four Stars
Jaguar1362 (9 years ago)
I mean this product appears to make brushing one's teeth a near-orgasmic experience. Move over, Herbal Essences! I've got to brush my teeth.
Jaguar1362 (9 years ago)
I never bought one of these, but oh, how I wanted one. Very effective advertising. I wanted to Rip. Slip. Brush, and Ahh! my way down the street after watching this commercial.
Sandra Rodriguez (9 years ago)
i remeber this!
SmashItWithaHamma (9 years ago)
This commercial is so fascinating. I've been enamored by it ever since it came out like, 6 years ago <3. Rip, slip, brush, AH!
no el (10 years ago)
I remember this is was sickkkkkkk
Sam Chun (10 years ago)
"rip slip, brush AHH" would go perfect for a condom advert "now remember just follow these instructions!" then the rip slip bit starts going :P
3S88Sat (10 years ago)
lmao i remember this shit
musicforlife (10 years ago)
lol, it's true!
musicforlife (10 years ago)
they don't even work! it doesn't do anything to your teeth! the whole idea is dumb!
th1sV1de0sucks (10 years ago)
Moritz Hoffmann (10 years ago)
dramaqueen872005 (10 years ago)
haha i love this commercial... rip, slip, brush, ahhh!
Ionut Vlaicu (10 years ago)
This is perhaps the worst ad I've EVER seen!
Furious Dan (10 years ago)
Rip, slip... douche, ahh!
Geforce2187 (10 years ago)
This commercial was from maybe 2004 or 2005?
Discreetarcher3 (11 years ago)
hahaha that is so gay
KarateDude97 (11 years ago)
lmao funny
scootin06 (11 years ago)
if they work why dont they sell them anymore?
KooraziiAly (11 years ago)
They work.. you just shouldn't use them to substitute normal brushing and stuff
TheRealJJJ (11 years ago)
I like the redhead in the white pantsuit. :-)