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24 Hours Behind The Scenes: Preparing For A F1 Race Weekend

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As the team prepared for the 2014 United States Grand Prix in Austin, we spent 24 hours behind the scenes, following Race Mechanic, Ole Schack and Race Team Co-ordinator Gerrard O’Reilly. We show you what their role involves in the 24 Hours before they leave for the race. With Formula One race cars to prepare and build and over 30,000 kilos to co-ordinate, pack and load – they’ve got a bit on...
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Text Comments (343)
Games TV (2 days ago)
Nice to meet the guys who make F1 possible.
tartredarrow (15 days ago)
I spy an SV650!
Anti-theist (16 days ago)
"Every day is different". What a load of bollocks when they are doing the same thing. Poor bastards attempting to justify their existence and job. They are go-fers. Ass lickers.
cccecider (20 days ago)
Quantoma (29 days ago)
imagine working this hard on a fucking car and a hour later its crashed
TTTMusic (1 month ago)
i didnt see this was from 5 years ago, as it popped up in my recommendations, only realized when he said, he builds the front of Sebastians car ^^ (1 month ago)
What an environmentally unfriendly sport. *note to self - don't ever watch F1 racing or support it in any way.
mpjopa tv (1 month ago)
shut up
kiran babu (1 month ago)
They announced they're gonna be Carbon Neutral by 2030. So, instead of devaluing the sport, you should take steps to improve it.
Dorian Gabler (2 months ago)
Do you guys think the mechanics fly business or economy?
Ragnarök` (3 months ago)
9:22 that blink! omg!
djdsf (3 months ago)
Fire whoever was in charge of the focus of the cameras!
Shawn Van Bakel (18 days ago)
Likely intentional if they are willing to go through that much work to change parts for set-up. They want you to see the story, not the equipment :)
Chris Hayes (3 months ago)
6:08 back when Red Bull could count on Renault engines
Salman Shafie (3 months ago)
Loose your watch please
Chiristian Hidalgo Olmedo (3 months ago)
muchas gracias por compartir estos momentos tras bambalinas que son extremadamente valiosos para quienes amamos la F1. Cordiales saludos desde Chile.
Thiago da Cunha (4 months ago)
What are those bags named? Loved them..!
RacerMan (4 months ago)
I would love to do this as a job. best get my ass to college and university for qualifications and a degree.
Hellonearth Blake (5 months ago)
i got 8 years of areospace engineering for planes 5 years in building trains applied fcor this job and never even got a reply. not even a sorry no jobs going after all the hard work i put in to my life and also applying many times for the job not one reply..
garry1085 (5 months ago)
How about an updated one, love the behind the scenes vids
GreekBoss (5 months ago)
albon at rb boiz
Sippii (5 months ago)
Damn i thought how the frick is the mechanic talking so fast... then i realized im still on 1.25 haha
amir rayan (5 months ago)
This is aston martin red bull amd you blur the aston martin logo on this guys car? Hahahahahhaauahah
RuiYi (5 months ago)
Sry mate, but have to woder if your gf is bothered more that you have small hand or you go away too much? Just have to ask this question.
3Speedboy (5 months ago)
That guy's girlfriend is 100% cheating on him
john Doe (5 months ago)
I know. She cooks a cracking fried breakfast
Robert Emerson (5 months ago)
While those unheard of guys are busting their asses every day, the drivers are sleeping in, doing bs interviews, having affairs, and flying to the next race on a private jet without the team. Thank God they thank the team when the race is over. 😕
wal (5 months ago)
3:52 Background thats alot of ugga dugga's I be shit scared to use a air tool on these car's cross threading.
The Head Angle (5 months ago)
Did anyone else think one of those guys sounded so much like Christian Horner?
Matthew Seaton (5 months ago)
AN - 'an' F1 race. Please.
Sanji_Sang (6 months ago)
I see the young Magneto (xmen).
just me (6 months ago)
Does anyone know what the salary of these mechanics are? At one level it seems to be specialised but there's also a lot of gophering and F1 teams probably aren't short of applicants
Rylie K (6 months ago)
about 35-50k a year.. much less then what I was expecting
T BZ (6 months ago)
8:53 I will guarantee you 100% he is an 80's music fan!
keith grant (6 months ago)
I would not be neat or precise enough to be a mechanic
Jamkev (7 months ago)
Guy sounds so much like Christian Horner
gfsdgfabfsdafjsavbdfs (7 months ago)
Total OCDgasm at how clean and organized that workshop is.
Javan Addy (7 months ago)
I love red bull as they are from my hometown
Mamar Amroun (7 months ago)
Red bull racing team is the best ,😍😍
Sam Johnson (5 months ago)
think you'll find it's Mercedes kid
Shifttube (7 months ago)
yea all thats great but when you dont have tires reddy at the last pit stop and cost the driver the race
fredrick malu (7 months ago)
Well done !!!! You make us proud Sir!!!
Diogo Pinto (8 months ago)
Did he say wait or weight ?
jutones24 (8 months ago)
F1... flattering to deceive
Alvarado (8 months ago)
Such weird filming, blurring the car logo on the steering wheel to not showing the red bull car at all.
Jorge Lourenço (8 months ago)
dam camera man sucks. FFS out of focus all the time
Jorge Lourenço (8 months ago)
@RoWdY The 1 i noticed they do it on purpose in the factory, so they dont leak information, but in the other hand, in their home´s dont belive they have many secrets to leak, no need to keep it out of focus mate.
RoWdY The 1 (8 months ago)
Jorge Lourenço they do it on purpose, so that your not fixated on what they have, every part of that car and the job on that car is a secret and they want to keep it that way
André Rodrigues (9 months ago)
Very cool piece of behind the scenes, we can see these are truly great professionals and dedicated people to the cause of winning. Well done RBR mkt team!
Nico Reus (9 months ago)
Bullshit, it was only 11 minutes.
Shark 09 (9 months ago)
Não mostrou nada
ULSTERISBRITISH 1690 (9 months ago)
that must be an amazing way to pay the bills, being part of that team. #jealous
N. Martínez (9 months ago)
The logistics of F1 is crazy.
Ahsan Abbas (9 months ago)
1:08 D. Ricciardo and S. Vettel. The nostalgia is strong with this one
Tentacles45 (9 months ago)
And then the lot crash it like there’s no tomorrow
josue gamboa (9 months ago)
Worst camera guy EVER!!
Derek Pink (9 months ago)
Autofocus? Really?
Wouter van de Craats (9 months ago)
anyone knows if the background in 7:02 is downloadable?
Curtis Martin (9 months ago)
I wish I could get that Brit to work on my Maserati GT?
Christian Sack (9 months ago)
Each racer better be damn thankful for all the work and money it takes so they can enjoy racing those awesome cars.
Michael Hani (10 months ago)
does the cameraman know that other f stops exist above 2.8?
mr RD (10 months ago)
i guess they go business class, i am a mechanical engineer too i hope my time will come soon
jan robinson (10 months ago)
Great content but this is easily the worst focus control from the camera person I have ever seen in my life.
RoWdY The 1 (8 months ago)
jan robinson they do it on purpose, so that your not fixated on what they have, every part of that car and the job on that car is a secret and they want to keep it that way
Rohit Chohda (1 year ago)
What is the name of the background instrumental?
Divyansh Sharma (1 year ago)
Good knows why but this made me cry and how does he care for the cat?!?!?!?
eudofia (1 year ago)
8:15 Finger boy alert!
Mazni Mustafa (1 year ago)
I guess so many of us has forgotten the word sportmanship and no doubt thats explained why Formula 1 racing is by far the most prestige embodies a solid structure of teamwork. Just about everyone in a team has their role. A noble trait of recognition in governing a team to win the race in the track.
Allen A (1 year ago)
Bunch of bloody peasants
David Winston (1 year ago)
What do sites think when a soundtrack is added? No need! Just obnoxious and unnecessary! Thumbs Down
uray meiviar (1 year ago)
then their Renault Engine explode ...
Eliot Francis (1 year ago)
A very informative video. Thanks very much for posting.
Przemo (1 year ago)
Amazing content Red Bull :D the enyoj of watching
zeus 5029 (1 year ago)
Must be a bitch when car designs change & you have to repack every single item.
Ron North (1 year ago)
Why are you all scattered around the bus not sitting together like a Team hahahaha
jello77 (1 year ago)
Which stupid prick puts Daniel Ricciardo's cars together?
Dylan Cotton (10 months ago)
RIGSBY-I-AM (1 year ago)
It's a "live it, breath it" job.
comanche180 (1 year ago)
Stopped watching F1 if you want real racing watch Moto GP
Chris Burnsed (1 year ago)
Americans are not this structured and organized. No wonder they struggle to have teams in f1. Gene Haas has his hands full for sure.
Tim Siu (1 year ago)
So the only time you can go home to see family are during the 2 week race breaks? And even then I doubt those are all allowed.
Blokin (1 year ago)
Seems rewarding but also exhausting.
All4One (1 year ago)
But its only 11:13 :(
den525 (1 year ago)
Pretty cool job!!
jbar100 (1 year ago)
long gone are the days when F1's were built in lockup's and Quonset huts loaded on an open air trailer
jakubkrcma (1 year ago)
Guys, it is "for *an F1* race weekend". It would have to be "for *a Formula 1* race weekend" in order to use *a* instead of *an* . :-)
Erik Grimsmo (1 year ago)
I love how REAL this film is. The honesty and emotion from the guys makes for a really good feel for what it's like to work on the team. It's hard work that demands a lot from life, but provides a lot of pride and fulfillment.
Rob Waz (1 year ago)
That was amazing never thought About The behind-the-scenes thanks for the information I enjoyed watching
James Kelly (1 year ago)
And here the FIA thinks people give a damn about how much fuel the actual cars burn during the race... BRING. BACK. V12'S.
Aditya B. W. (1 year ago) GP Indonesia 2020
Liam Mertens (1 year ago)
Snake dry proposed tendency shoulder column lake magazine serious cover emphasis.
HarryLopez82 (1 year ago)
I want this job so bad
rohit nautiyal (1 year ago)
I am just shocked the amount of work and preparation goes into F-1 racing it’s just amazing!!
Taras Savchuk (1 year ago)
Anybody know Ole Schacks (the race team mechanics) watch. It’s black and he’s wearing it throughout the video. Thanks
Ragnar Lothbrok (1 year ago)
08:47 who has a Danish passport? 😂
Thomas Drewel (1 year ago)
Ole has the toughest job. If the car breaks down he takes all the blame. If it runs good and they win the race. The driver gets the credit. Poor Ole.
Clem H Fandango (1 year ago)
I believe he was just putting all the pieces together for the front of the cockpit at the factory for shipping reasons. The teams reassemble the whole car on Thursday and run diagnostic tests in the garage to make sure everything is working; if Ole fucked up something, the mechanics at the track will fix it.
Andy Nixon (1 year ago)
100 years ago Britain was a world leader in heavy engineering , now we're a world leader in this type of fine engineering and technology .
Eric Lowder (1 year ago)
What a dream job. I’d work for any F1 team in heart beat to do their grunt work.
Dylan Jackson (2 years ago)
Wish they did more of these still
Farts With Me (2 years ago)
Julian Winkens (2 years ago)
What a life! Incredible, but workimg hard.
Lucas (2 years ago)
I never even thought about how these teams have to ship their stuff- and teams- to every race. So much cost involved in this sport
Newyorkcity24 (2 months ago)
ilikepie5447 so are you ! But t least he is letting it know that is not and is not !
19future91 (2 months ago)
Yeah motorsport is the most expensive sport
ilikepie5447 (3 months ago)
@DaX yet here you are
DaX (4 months ago)
Cipri yeah fair enough but wifi isn’t a necessity people are out there starving with no roof over there head it’s obvious what’s more important
First Name (4 months ago)
@DaX It does matter. Competition is what breeds innovation. You'd be surprised how much of the technology we use everyday is derived from F1. There's a few good videos about it if you're curious.
GloomGaiGar (2 years ago)
Dear camera man. If you can't focus properly with shallow depth of field, don't do it. Might as well keep everything in focus. It's not a indie film.
Gopr311 (1 year ago)
GloomGaiGar why not? Nice to see a different style from the corporate video stereotype
MegaMissfitz (2 years ago)
I cant afford to eat healthy on an f1 weekend foamy its far too risky! Sweet dreams !!!
usynn stradler (2 years ago)
A bunch of very important nobodies
Euphonik Prince (2 years ago)
How much each formula1 team has to share as budget for the racing year? ....$1 billion?
Tetris Williams (2 years ago)
*An F1 Weekend
NCB (2 years ago)
'Preparing for 'an' F1 Race weekend'
Stephen Wegmann (2 years ago)
Trump = tiny hands = top race mechanic.
el presidente (2 years ago)
Its disgusting. The Garage is cleaner than most of the Hospitals in Africa.