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The Problem With Fast Trains: What Happened to Hovertrains?

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In 1974, a French train sets a speed record, exceeding 250 miles per hour. But this train is unlike any other before it. Instead of rolling on train wheels, it hovers on a cushion of air. In the 1970’s hovertrains were seriously being considered the solution to slow, antiquated railways, which increasingly had to compete with new superhighways and even intercity air travel. Without the rolling resistance of train wheels, hovertrains promised greater efficiency and much higher speeds. By feeding high pressure air through lifting pads, hovertrains float on a cushion of air much like a hovercraft. One of the most widely known hovertrain prototypes was called the Aerotrain. Lead engineer Jean Bertin and his team in France, designed several versions, including one that could carry 80 passengers. The i80HV was powered by a turbofan sourced from an airliner, producing over twelve thousand pounds of thrust. At the front, a 400 horse power gas-turbine supplied high-pressure air to hover the twenty loaded train a quarter of an inch off its guideway. The British and Americans also experimented with hovertrain technology, incorporating the linear induction motor for improved efficiency. British research led to the development of the RTV-31 Tracked Hovercraft, and the American’s developed several prototypes, culminating in the development of the Urban Tracked Air Cushion Vehicle (UTACV). But like their counterpart the Maglev, Hovertrains failed to revolutionize rail. Hovertrains, Maglevs, or any other innovative alternative to rail has to compete with nearly a million miles of rail line already in existence. With stations and infrastructure built-out in nearly every city in the world. The limitations of conventional railways were overcome not a single innovative leap forward, but by incremental improvements. Existing rail networks were modernized with sections of track that could handle higher speeds. New signaling technologies were developed along with more advanced wheelsets. #Hovertrain #Aerotrain #TrackedHovercraft #YesterdaysFuture The first 200 viewers to sign up at https://brilliant.org/mustard will get 20% off their annual premium subscription Want to help Mustard grow? Support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/MustardChannel Music (reproduced under license): Intro: "The Future": https://audiojungle.net/item/the-future/13081195?s_rank=41 Main # 1: "Puzzling Discoveries" https://audiojungle.net/item/puzzling-discoveries/21196248?s_rank=1 Main # 2: "Retro" https://audiojungle.net/item/retro-wave/18103181?s_rank=5 Outro: "Cool Funk Stomp" https://audiojungle.net/item/cool-funk-stomp/20849218?s_rank=11 Thanks for watching! Please Like, Comment and Subscribe!
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Mustard (1 year ago)
Thanks for watching! P.s. the little audio fade at the end was supposed to be intentional/joke :)
Ahmed Kazikian (16 days ago)
Brilliant ending... dot com.
Charlie Wolf (18 days ago)
Ah, Yes, The Hypervape. Well done. Similar to the "BFR", Elon expects the projects and first running prototype, to blow-up spectacularly, then cheers when they don't. The Hyperloop being one of those epic-fail moments, however, without the boom.
57thorns (1 month ago)
I liked it, I got the imopression you were emphasising that low pressure tube trains are a new giant leap, and as such will likely need another 30-40 years before the same kind of limited semicommercial applikations that maglev hold today.
Peeyush Goyal (1 month ago)
Koi baat nahi bro....chalta hai
TrolololololololoMan (1 month ago)
Joke like "hyperloop" itself?
Coco Bo (4 hours ago)
Les francais rembourser nos $1mds pour le ter si ca fonctionne pas
Ha Vu (7 hours ago)
I can see why this failed without watching the whole video. 1. Noise. Each train would pretty much have 3 jet engine. 2. Price for fuel. Making this cost as much as a plane ride.
Superstar McGee (11 hours ago)
Just create the damn transporter technology from star trek!
Superstar McGee (11 hours ago)
We are in the age of Hoover cars you tards still talking trains .
S. Hanselman (1 day ago)
What's NOT Brilliant, is being an unquestioning shill! The elites wanted to continue oil dependence.
kevin g (1 day ago)
This video sucks
red Buoy (1 day ago)
F... hovertrains! What happened to hover skate boards?
vijay saini (1 day ago)
Very nice train. please give to our country this project
Youri D (1 day ago)
There is a new project of aero train called the spacetrain, it was presented at the Paris airshow, it would work on hydrogen and go on -500km travels
Ηρακλής Eracle (1 day ago)
What happened? It took flight...
Dicas Úteis (2 days ago)
Muito bom o vídeo. Parabéns!
Super Smash Dolls (2 days ago)
Funny you mention Hyperloop given that The Boring Company more or less abandoned the concept in favor of "hey let's just build very tiny car tunnels and let you drive 120mph through em"
TheRoyalGallade [TRG] (2 days ago)
Love how theres a pic of the earth for metric but the American flag for imperial xD
probowo sandi (2 days ago)
Not energy efficient
Gage (2 days ago)
Part of the problem with planes vs trains is terrorism. Security measures against terrorism makes plane travel slower. God forbid a terrorist strikes a high speed train one day and the same draconian security measures would slow down high speed trains too. A person used to be able to park their car relatively close in to the terminal, not far from the aircraft they were about to board. The airports used to be smaller and located closer to the city center too. Maybe smaller airports will make a comeback because with precision navigation you can safely pack more airplanes into the same air space. If they could streamline the security screening, then once again high speed trains would have little advantage over airplanes.
Freekofnayture (3 days ago)
Bring this to america. Create more jobs and get rid of traffic
magnvss (3 days ago)
The thing is that there was an overwhelming sense of optimism after the moon landing in 1969: people thought that the moon would have a colony in a couple of decades, the future was closer than before and people were more acomodating to new and bold ideas regardless of practicality, investors didn't want to be caught out of opportunities, countries didn't want to be left in the past (if the USA landed on the moon at least we could make faster trains or aircrafts, etc. was the thought). Yes, some things failed but many others found their way into the present. Though it is true: technology-wise you can rarely go from point A to point D; you usually have exhaust A, later B, etc. until you are prepared to land on D.
syed hamza ali (3 days ago)
my country sill uses steam engines lol
Rakesh Sarvabhotla (3 days ago)
Miles....for gods sake, move on
Akhdan Naufaldy Nasution (1 day ago)
When most of the countries in the world using meters, some still using miles
Daniel Cafaniel (4 days ago)
Back when innovation meant actually making things better and more efficient. Now it means, making it last long enough to get you addicted and then break so you spend more money
Johnny Franco (5 days ago)
ASK Puerto Rico governor Puerto Rico need Hovertrains i CAN INTRODUCE THIS TO PR SAN JUAN TO CAGUAS TO PONCE
Jaime Fish (5 days ago)
unions, environmental regulations and crooked politicians ruined high speed rail in the US. Its just way too expensive.
Reverse Universe (5 days ago)
Mustard:Probably you've never heard of hovertrains Me: a what
Bernd P (6 days ago)
Hovertrains are loud. by their nature. Another example: The Hovercrafts formerly operating between Calais and Dover. What a noise... Because of those ventilators (Airstriction noises) or in case of jet engines, the noise which is sounding like a departing aircraft. The noisy nature of such aircompression and hovering also was found out by experimenting with Transrapid Nr. 3 in Germany. And was discarded therefor, reverting to the magnetic levitation at that time. No engines, no airstriction, no compressors or turbines needed at all. This was the point where the Emsland test track came into existence.
Pedro Beires (6 days ago)
The fact that so much is already built is really an overwhelming argument. Travel efficiency and duration is not half as critical as the problem of infrastructure. Also, conventional rail hurts the landscape so much less than any of these solutions.
子奇 (6 days ago)
Random ID 10 T (8 days ago)
Just get a train that can have a mean speed of 90 mph city center to city center
Thomas Bangalter (8 days ago)
reggiep75 (8 days ago)
The oil industry largely governs the transport system in the US and numerous non-road transport systems were murdered by the oil lobbies to ensure that oil stayed king! As for the rest of the world, as you say, incremental systems win out as fixing a problem is easier.
Clinton Grandy (9 days ago)
AriVovp (10 days ago)
What rendering software did you use for the hovercraft scene?
Kippendienst (10 days ago)
1:07 my grandparents lives by that intersection. That’s in Ukraine.
Dr Ariono Dhanisworo Indra Budhi ST MEng (10 days ago)
Kontennya inggris, judulnya Indonesia, hedeeeed min min, komen nya inggris, apa aku yg salah lihat ya 😋
ぱかすけしましま (11 days ago)
i don't understand english i wish japanese THIS movie intanesting
southchum101 (11 days ago)
Airplanes that’s what happened.
James Robert Coyle (11 days ago)
It burns a lot of fuel keeping the train lifted.
The Gaming Channel (11 days ago)
It’s always the French
Tes Ste (12 days ago)
- is easy to change things then change world - but a - world must be changed (planes goes killing us all) (fuel mean) ~ meglev concept - is not only maglev is about flying also - imagine launch platform is 100 km far and you sitting already in some sort condorde to launch you from platform to fly on free fall to australia inside 2 hours from usa because this is flat earth - is lot easier for me if would be my transport resort put in some maglev and to the sarajevo for some 100€ - then in my own driving to the there somewhere ~ ISS who orbiting globe "is on altitude 400km" vs North Korea launched an ICBM from the vicinity of Pyongsong at 1:30pm EST/3:00am Pyongyang time. The rocket traveled for 50 minutes and reached 2800 miles (4,500 km) in height ??????????????????????? (and not remain orbiting but just free fall) (which mean ISS exist not) ~ maglev already on some speed 900 km like some concorde plane made it up pull not so much fuel launch at altitude turn right direction and reach your city ~ that is where is USA army busy to testing weapons who can hit anyone target here inside two hours - there is not some other way except some free fall ~ that is not some problem - this is problem - what you think about I goes be married with Bar get included one or two children - and totally stupid women - goes this happens - starbuck coffee - daj ba šta me jebeš skuhaj bosansku kahvu a to nemoj više da spominješ ovuda - i onda rahat popi tu kahvu i lati se koja posla ~ and she goes build temple but I kindergarten - and we acting here happy family and more worse I must smile on her and thinking she love religion ~ the whole world already on such imagination known everything about yours two is lie - yours love - yours temple - religion is not ours is old one - she can not be leader of country does not have love etc etc ~ on the day of marriage in some church some speech as blessing to humanity I do not known at all what this fuckig women want from me and why I are here ~ and she - who care what this donkey talking I need them for my own purpose ~ and she remain thinking I goes them fuck deceive - but she can not forgot after Emina have get lot girls two and half marriages - no one can reach her "obedience 24/7" never ever NO (always smile always happy always clean always smels) (no jelling no laying no stupid jokes no insult me not wanted to hurt me but to protect me against everything possible etc etc) - have totally nothing done, here there some song but it must be again mixed with emina songs otherwise sounds at all not ~ Bar you want not read or understanding how she are to me Crvena Jabuka Tuga, ti i ja Ovaj tekst je pregledan 127 532 puta Evo me noci stara prijateljice opet njoj cu poci niz duge puste ulice Tamo gdje strahovi prestaju obraz mi grije njen dlan na njemu moje usne nestaju beskrajno sam, uzdah joj znam Casti me noci stara prijateljice u casu natoci zudnju da me slomije Zar nisam dovoljno gubio ko ce izmjeriti bol do ocaja ljubio namjerno bjezao da bih se vracao Ref. Opet mi se budi tuga tuga najveca koju nosi snijeg s planina vjetar ravnica Koga sad joj srce voli kazi nek' jos jace boli idemo do dna tuga ti i ja Pozdravljam te noci stara prijateljice i ovaj krug cu proci nece stic' me kajanje Sta je ovo proljece spram njeznih godina poziv njen me pokrece cak i sa dna isto izgleda _____________________________________________ she are ordinary girl but my song - who you Bar shall be here and as some song of me lead me to the marriage in Sarajevo to overtake case from her - and she would be never ever mentioned (otherwise I again fuck her live)
Yiran D (12 days ago)
Literally not rolling too fast but flying too low.
Peter Negan (13 days ago)
hovertrains worked in the 1970s because the people (80 passangers) back then wasn't heavily obese overweight as they are today.
Average_User (13 days ago)
While Europe has great train network, most of you don't realize that it's still not worth traveling long distances by train as the tickets are very expensive. In many cases train tickets cost at least twice as much as fueling up a car for the same distance.
김종성 (14 days ago)
정말 빠른 초고속열차도 있네요. 여러 종류의 열차도 볼 수 있어 좋아요. (민족과 민족이 맞서 일어나고 왕국과 왕국이 맞서 일어날 것이며, 곳곳에 식량 부족과 지진이 있을 것입니다. 이 모든일은 진통의 시작입니다.-마태복음 24:7,8 지혜로운 자와 함께 걸으면 지혜롭게 되지만, 미련한 자와 어울리면 해를 입는다.-잠언 13:20 당신은 가엾게 여겨서는 안 됩니다. 생명은 생명으로, 눈은 눈으로, 이는 이로, 손은 손으로, 발은 발로 갚아야 합니다.-신명기 19:21 잘못 인도되지 마십시오. 나쁜 교제는 유익한 습관을 망칩니다.-고린도 첫째 15:33 의로운 자들은 땅을 차지하고 거기서 영원히 살 것이다.-시편 37:29 하느님께서는 세상을 매우 사랑하셔서 자신의 독생자를 주셨습니다. 그것은 그에게 믿음을 나타내는 사람은 누구나 멸망되지 않고 영원한 생명을 얻게 하려는 것입니다.-요한복음 3:16 그분은 그들의 눈에서 모든 눈물을 닦아 주실 것이다. 더 이상 죽음이 없고, 슬픔과 부르짖음과 고통도 더는 없을 것이다. 이전 것들이 다 사라져 버린 것이다.-요한 계시록 21:4) (만성질환자는) 네 저수조(방광)에서 (나오는) 물(본인 오줌)을 마시고, 네 우물에서 흐르는 물을 마셔라.-잠언 5:15
Uhhh (14 days ago)
Brilliant.org eh? Hmmm
カッコいい名前が思い付かなかったアルギド (14 days ago)
Disney em pt-pt (15 days ago)
I still don't get it. In the end, the reason you give in the video is it was easier to adapt what already exists. Maybe that's true technology-wise. But the thing is that for high speed trains new lines and trains had to be built. And millions spent. So, not infrastrure-wise. Building at least a few stretches of hovertrains tracks wouldn't be that much of a deal (like there are some maglevs). There must something more to why hovertrains never went beyonde prototypes.
IsThis WhatYouWant (15 days ago)
I'm a rail engineer in the UK, the issue you pointed out at the start and didn't readdress (the wheels 'wobbling' on the track at high speeds) was actually a simpler fix then it sounds, Now trains are fitted with "yaw dampers" as this controls the 'wobble' movement and allows trains to travel much faster. Not because I'm biased because it's the industry I work in (I can change industry), but I fully believe high speed and faster trains are the future as long as money continues to be invested for upgrades
IsThis WhatYouWant (7 days ago)
@CaptainDuckman mate, your talking to me like im a office wombat, I'm shop floor getting my hands dirty everyday. I actually do care about customers, we don't want trains to break or crash because that's our work we've done, plus it messes up the network. How are people forced to travel by train? You can drive if you want no one is stopping you. We are definitely behind on technology, we're improving now, getting brand new trains, more electrification, upgrading signals. All the money side is done by the government, train companies don't even set the prices. And to your last point, that depends what government is in power
CaptainDuckman (7 days ago)
@IsThis WhatYouWant the railways are busy because people are forced into them. The vast majority of them wouldn't use the railways if they had a choice in the matter. And no, you're not behind on technology because you don't get enough tax money from the government, you're behind because you couldn't care less about the customer, because those customers have no choice whether to use the railways or not. Innovation ends as soon as government interference starts.
IsThis WhatYouWant (8 days ago)
@CaptainDuckman I think you're quackers. The railway isn't failing, it's busier than ever, and that's the problem, we didn't invest properly so long we got behind on technology, we struggle to move the capacity required. But you're right, if there's a public sector that we need (railway isn't publicly owned so pointless point), that is failing, then yes give them more money but govern what the money is spent on
CaptainDuckman (8 days ago)
yeah "just give us more money" has always been the answer of dying sectors of publicly funded enterprises. That and of course force to get people to be required to use your services however bad they may be for lack of alternatives.
mr fantastic (16 days ago)
I've been on my YouTube bing of trains and airplanes, love this channel for that, thank you for the good and detailed content
Jojo Irawanovic_17 (16 days ago)
Menanti kejelasan proyek kereta cepat Jakarta Surabaya Yang katanya bisa 5 jam saja
James Leopard (17 days ago)
What year did they stop having that?
Richard McLeod (17 days ago)
Speed kills and there really isn't a valid reason for trains to travel so quickly and people to get places in so short of time.  The World and its' people need to learn how to slow down and appreciate slower moving modes of transportation. They are certainly safer.
Holden Timulty (17 days ago)
Reminds me of a DC-10 with the jet. Also awesome models!
dtpc191991 (17 days ago)
I heard they sold hovertrains in Shelbyville, Ogdenville and North Haverbrook.
Jaycsee66 (17 days ago)
Is there nothing a donut cannot do?
LunaTwi01 (17 days ago)
Vid ends 9:50.
Michael Sorrells (17 days ago)
Nice Jobs
Ewan LAUX (17 days ago)
8:46 this is what we should have done with the Concorde
snurk agurk (17 days ago)
1960s: we invented a great and cheap new invention Society: I’m gonna pretend I didn’t see that
Erwin Lommer (8 days ago)
@Darc Gibson Nuclear is the ideal alternative. Without it it we are just massively slowing down our chances to fight climate change. As for nuclear waste the main issue is the super long term storage. That is a bit of a strawman because nobody talks about having long term storage problems for dangerous chemicals, nuclear weapons or viruses. There are a lots of dangerous things that are stored much less safely than nuclear waste but because people are so afraid of radiation the whole thing is without logic. Modern nuclear power plants are extremely safe. Even in fukushima the issue that caused the area to be closed down is not radiation but the flood. In fact in fukushima the evacuation cost more lives than the accident because people are so irrationally afraid of nuclear. Nuclear is also by far the safest form of energy in terms of human life cost. Look any statistic you want about it. Or radiation output. Average coal plant outputs more radiation into the air than nuclear plant. Chernobyl as a reactor type was of dangerous type that are not built anymore (but some are still in use with number of additional safety measures). Nuclear is cleaner and safer than wind or solar and only real alternative to get to our low co2 targets. There are number of big issues with solar and wind and the biggest are the co2 and cost. But you also have massive expensive issues with storate, distribution not to mention this big push for renewables creates massive opportunities for corruption. Why not build more nuclear? This should not be emotional issue. It is the biggest issue for mankind at this very moment and wind and solar can't and won't solve it for long time.
Darc Gibson (8 days ago)
Erwin Lommer yeah because nuclear is not the ideal alternative. It could be a stop-gap whilst we develop alternative, renewable & clean energy, and the required storage techs, but nuclear power still has one major downside: waste. And we’re yet to have developed a truly safe way to store waste. Not to mention the consequences of a failure or malfunction are catastrophic. On top of that it’s not great for security. If we’re considering nuclear power as the international replacement for fossil fuels, that means a lot of places with poor security or places that fall into war run the risk of letting a whole load of super dangerous radioactive materials falling into the hands of bad actors. Long story short, nuclear power - at least with current technology - is an energy source with too many downsides. Even after decades of research there’s yet to be even a theoretical technology that can make waste actually safe or prevent catastrophic failures. As well many places have to deal with natural disasters which nuclear plants are incredibly vulnerable to. See the Fukushima disaster. Rather than investing in a stop-gap tech that is dangerous, why not just invest in clean, safe and renewable sources and skip that gap? As well, renewable, clean and safe energy systems will lead to the decentralisation of energy production, so rather than being solely controlled and centralised in a handful of plants owned by monopolies, each and every community has their own system. That also means the creation of millions of jobs, and a great industry to convert fossil fuel jobs into. Basically, it’s not remotely similar to oil companies. The oil companies are relentlessly fighting change. If it was an industry made for oligarchic industries, they would stop fighting it and just join it and re-establish their empires with that, but they don’t because they know renewable energy has an infinite source (I.e. wind, sun, etc) so they can’t create artificial scarcity to drive up the price of energy.
Erwin Lommer (15 days ago)
@Darc Gibson Just like we are doing with renewal energy. Instead of building nuclear power we build massive amounts of wind and solar.
Darc Gibson (16 days ago)
Oil & car companies companies: we’re gonna tell the public they didn’t see that and that its dangerous and just keep driving your cars you idiot marks, even tho we know it’ll ruin the planet, but hey we’ve got propaganda for that too
GroundHOG2010 (17 days ago)
The thing that is often but crucially not recognized is that at the time is that most high speed systems require new infrastructure, as seen with your video on the APT. This is why the Shinkansen system works so well, being a lot of dedicated high speed lines designed for running a large number of trains. But if that was so successful, then why are they still developing the Chuo Shinkansen? The reason is deliberately seen in their use, as an augment to the current Shinkansen system as a kind of shortcut between major destinations. The current system is great for say, Tokyo to Osaka, but longer distances are always going to be an issue. Sendai to Osaka for instance is probably going to take 4.5 hours by train, with aircraft taking less. What this maglev system does isn't replace that link, as the Shinkansen often stops, but allows the current high speed network to in a way feed the maglev system which itself is a higher speed link between major destinations. Even with just an Osaka to Tokyo link, the Chou Shinkansen would cut down the time between Sendai and Osaka by an hour or so, easily bringing it within competitive range with the aircraft on the route.
Zane Seegers (17 days ago)
What about the hyperloop? Isn't that a hovertrain?
Hung Dang (18 days ago)
Nhìn thấy tàu của người ta mà ham nhìn lại tàu của mình thấy oải
فتاه - cutekey (18 days ago)
The Reverend Jim Jones (18 days ago)
America is sooooooo behind in rail technology 🤦🏽‍♂️ we just have gridlock everywhere and extremely high gas prices ESPECIALLY here in California
Finnigan Sargeant (18 days ago)
The Reverend Jim Jones only problem I’m the US and Canada is that the network couldn’t exist all over the country du to the sheer differences in the weather. High speed rail lines could never last in Canada and the Northern US, and no government is going to spend money on building half a railway network.
John P (18 days ago)
Stupid idea, jets aren’t efficient at that low speed.
Andy Miners (18 days ago)
An early test example of Maglev was shown in the UK during the 70s after the technical problems were solved, a short test track was built but Government bottled it with added pressure from standard rail interests and airlines.
Tech Build (18 days ago)
Please make videos on the Chinese high-speed railway network and the Indian railways.
Kristian Kasmuller (19 days ago)
I predict the hyperloop will fail
M T (5 days ago)
Same thing was said when Germany tried out the maglevs, look at china now decades later ?
Sun Rise (19 days ago)
If any of these concepts were to be implemented in the United States, they would be compromised, damaged, or essentially undone by labor unions and liberals. Look at any urban transportation system outside of Minneapolis [and, you should know what makes Minnesota "different" from, say, New York or Washington] and consider how efficiently it operates. Next subject.
Wolf Blitzer (19 days ago)
Back to nature, just walk, stop travelling. Now we have a pig pest problem 200 million pigs are killed, caused by travelling the virus by planes cars and trains.
zippy (20 days ago)
Dislike for ADs
WaxP3 (20 days ago)
9:06 Nice rip off from Mary J. Blige - Family Affair https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znlFu_lemsU
Keith Keith (20 days ago)
The problem including that the jet engine easily suck external objects near the ground, the jet engine make extreme noise that cannot be accepted.
cruccioscampa (22 days ago)
I think that the optimal solution could be an hybrid train that may be capable of using both magnetic levitation on special tracks but also the existing tracks as an alternative. In this way, this train could operate at very high speeds on dedicated lines, but also use conventional lines for entering/exiting urban areas or for shorter initial/terminal sections from/to cities not directly connected with the high speed infrastructure. This could be the ideal solution whereas a large network is yet existing (such European countries) and where such network represents a valuable asset that cannot be completely lost. Just an idea of course... But I think that this could be the most flexible and viable solution...
Steve Melillo (23 days ago)
so what you're telling me is that the American government is so worried about upsetting the Auto industry and the rail transport industry and the highway industry that they don't want to implement any high-speed rails that might save taxpayers money along with the fact that the American government and the world will never ever reveal there is a cure for cancer there is too much politics and money involved in both... cancer and govt.... our government has to be the most corrupt government in the world.... Americans love it because thieves always leave you alone while they're stealing out of your pockets and Americans just want to be left alone so they can do their dirty little Deeds..... I'm ashamed of our American government but I stand behind Trump....crazy huh?
Garry Bendle (23 days ago)
Wait, isn't hyperloop a massive scam :/
Marc Zhu (19 days ago)
Not really the investors go back in each other countries with R&D paper including china.
Michel Joseph Cardin (26 days ago)
I've just sorry that I've not been impressed as long as I can remember. A train can be built; where I would wonder what would happen when breaking the sound barrier. But then again I could make it travel faster then the sound and not surpass; thus not breaking no sound barrier. Any speed you want. Anything can be made to workout with any outcome that you want. Somewhat. New figure of speech.
CoolBarrow (27 days ago)
Why does the voice fade out at 9:20 ?
OD (27 days ago)
When you consider the colossal cost of road maintenance, upgrades and expansion for greater congestion, a rail system, in comparison, is a no brainer. The legal construct of the US is its own worst enemy with diminutive laws that hinder progress. I would bring a rule whereby no car travels more than 200 miles ( 60 miles in Europe) per day whereupon a railway system exists that would be similar to Eurotunnel which would allow you to drive your car on a relaxed 1000 mile journey and drive off for you 200 mile sight seeing day tour. Ideally, train stations should be stationed within 400 miles of one-another. Another great advantage of a high speed network is TOURISM! Also, as others have mentioned, why not build MAGLEV trains on the central reservation of motorways?
Mark Mark (28 days ago)
America doesn't have a decent train system, or health or education system etc, because they are busy spending 700 BILLION per year on military, and pissing the rest of the world off. Assholes.
82465amen (28 days ago)
Meanwhile in the US, instead of spending money on high speed rail, they continue to waste money by subsidizing Amtrak.
Pisk Six (28 days ago)
What is not mentioned here, is that the French National Railway, SNCF, lobbied to kill Jean Bertin's project. Jean Bertin had won a contract to build his first commercial line, but the SNCF did not want any competition for the TGV concept. Without state money, Jean Bertin had to jettison his project. He never completely recovered from the emotional impact to have seen his lifetime project being ditched by politics. He actually passed away from a heart attack a few years after his project was canned. As a kid, I went to the launch platform and walked the concrete path all the way to each end, before they actually cut a portion to let a freeway through. Even today, the concrete structure stands tall and shows how durable the concept was.
Pisk Six (11 days ago)
@qjtvaddict I often drive the I-10 from Houston to Dallas. The dual lanes are separated by terrain, and it would have been so easy to put the track in the middle. Obviously, using a jet engine propulsion system would not work today, because of the noise. But at least, you would not have the issue of having to expropriate people to lay tracks.
qjtvaddict (11 days ago)
Should have taken his concept to the USA
Pisk Six (13 days ago)
@Patricio Garcia true.... I was still in France when the warehouse was destroyed by fire. For a long time, they had 24 hours security, then it got reduced to day only one guy during the day, and subsequently no security. This is when walking the length of the structure became popular. They had signs prohibiting access, but nobody to enforce it. Had the project continued, I can only imagine what it would be today.... what a shame!
Patricio Garcia (13 days ago)
Pisk Six plus the trains and test equipment were constantly being sabotaged. Even burning the whole train at night.
Michael Smith (28 days ago)
Trains suck unless you can bring your car with you and you are the engineer, anything that removes you from full control of private cartage sucks. Just take Uber once you get there, or rent a truck? Eff that....I already live within 500 miles of 2/3 the population, I can eliminate so many middlemen by traveling privately. Everyone is conditioned to think speed or cost is the main concern, Sometimes it is, but overwhelmingly, a concern mainly for the elite or corporate interests. For everyone else, It's not, private control and freedom to alter course are the main concerns.All these railway boondoggles are just an effort by elite folks to get the public to finance and subsidize their toys of control and convenience.
Gavin Downes (29 days ago)
Hunting Oscillation. or on a skateboard known as "speed wobbles"
Austin Shaw (27 days ago)
Also known as "the wobble of death" by motorcyclists.
rambler241 (29 days ago)
This is a technical video. Is the background music intended to improve our understanding?
Core Breeder (29 days ago)
watch what comes up after most of the world will be gone...they're saving thistechnology for high freemasonry ...paradise ca ....and georgia guidestones....check those out
Bill Repairs and Stuff (29 days ago)
The hyper loop is stupid and won’t work
Edhen Uy (30 days ago)
Beautiful Tulips
small ed (30 days ago)
Yet maglev technology most definitely is utilized to facilitate transport between underground military bases and the like.
Kevin Wang (1 month ago)
At the end are you talking about hyperloop
Akali Matchups (1 month ago)
mustard forgot maglevs in asia
satyris410 (1 month ago)
8:55 " which is why incremental improvements often win out in the end" I was really expecting a segue to a paid promotion for brilliant.org
Mustard (1 month ago)
I can tell you watch a lot of educational YouTube videos lol =)
satyris410 (1 month ago)
Oh I've now watched the rest of the video and sure enough there is a segue to brilliant.org. If only I'd waited another minute haha!
Johnathan Perez (1 month ago)
The noise. No thank you.
E-Nonymouse (1 month ago)
Cool vid thanks for sharing it!
b00ger901 (1 month ago)
Where's Maglev? Am I the only one here?
Trevon's Gang and Friends (1 month ago)
Maybe monorails 🚶🚆🚏🚉🚝🚟🚠🚡🚦🅿🚳🚵
Gemini (1 month ago)
What happened oh America is a slave to oil.
RobertsDigital (1 month ago)
propulsion for trains is a stupid idea......magnetic levitation makes more sense
100.000 Subscribers Challenge! Without any videos. (1 month ago)
9:19 editing fail, and no you cant scrub it off as intentional lmfao.
Zach Brown (1 month ago)
100.000 Subscribers Challenge! Without any videos. damn you’re dumb as fuck
snurk agurk (1 month ago)
Its the 70s drop, we invent something and then throw it away
Timothy James Discaya (1 month ago)
Hyper loop one is there at 9:01
Og905 (1 month ago)
and yet here we are still with glorified buses like the class 800