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Why the Shortest War in History Lasted 38 Minutes

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Text Comments (1868)
Pablo Lucas Cambeses (2 hours ago)
If you watch this video 5 times and a half, you already lasted more than this war...
honociti 3 (3 hours ago)
imagine how embarassing and awkward it is to get rescued by enemy soldiers because they felt bad for your makeshift warship.
david.photography wedel (7 hours ago)
Where can I find this Music?
crunchy guava (7 hours ago)
Less than how long it usually takes me to poop lmao
Priyanshu S (9 hours ago)
How to bomb a city CURIOSITY STREAM
Akshay Prashant (9 hours ago)
How did the British learn to Bomb cities? . . . . . Churchill used Curiosity Stream!
Mond Exponent (17 hours ago)
The Sultan of Oman lives in Zanzibar now... that’s just where he lives
ChoppaFN (17 hours ago)
*Nobody:* *RealLifeLore: Shortest fortnite game ever*
Carver Bradley (23 hours ago)
this video was a little over 1/5 if the length of the war
Tsz Ho WONG (1 day ago)
Wanna know how to bomb random innocent countries? Check out CuriosityStream!
OK! But then again. (1 day ago)
So you talk about Zanzibar then go over to a completely different war trying to use it as an example... Shame.
Timmity3 (1 day ago)
The "British" with Ireland highlighted. Suspicious.
Kinang Eagle (1 day ago)
YEAAHHHH, Philippines revolt against Spain!! Only to be sold to America by the Spaniards even if we declared independence 😢
British Lion (1 day ago)
Q:Is 38 minutes a lot ? Ans: Depends on the context For a game to load *Yes* For a war *No*
DimaSTR (1 day ago)
Small Island: *Exist* Also Small Island: Why do I hear a boss music?
Ponderer Of Pointless Dreams (1 day ago)
British: We won a war in just 38 minutes. Americans: _Cool and all, but guess which country's average BMI just went up by 6 points in just 34 minutes?_
Max Kopstein (1 day ago)
Video: The Brittish empire took Zanzibar without asking Me: fuck those guys, they're the badies! Video: So Zanzibar formed a rebellion Me: yay, go zanzib... Video: so that they could keep their slaves. Me:.... Huh....so... I guess... everyone's the badies?
Damian Freeman (4 hours ago)
That's more or less the moral of any and all history. There are rarely ever good guys in history, only competing villains with their own motives. In the end, we look highly on those who did the least damage or else earned the most respect by their actions.
o hgdrtgrlu (2 days ago)
Where can I get the music ??
megamike15 (2 days ago)
they had more men but they still lost. and it took one building blowing up to win. i feel bad for them.
Skydoeskey (2 days ago)
That one British guy that got hurt probably got hurt from hitting his foot on a wall or something.
petersl (2 days ago)
This video was 1/5 of the time the war took
Ijaaz Abdulla (2 days ago)
My Grandfather Lived in Zanzibar in his childhood
TheBushdoctor68 (3 days ago)
Funny how Brexiteers think the world still works like this.
ProLpiu (3 days ago)
We all have been prisoned for 9 months.
MC. Princess (3 days ago)
HEY! YOU STOLE MY SANDWICH! NO I DIDN'T! *_repeats_* *_Guy walks by with a sandwich_* Oh.
Patrick Glaser (3 days ago)
Let me guess... shit meets goose?
The Confederacy (3 days ago)
British man: hey guys imma go get a sandwich before the war begins *40 minutes later* British man: ight I’m back- WAIT WHAT THE HELL?!
PassionateAboutPonies (4 days ago)
There was a "war" that lasted 1 minute, look up the Conch Republic.
Aihara (4 days ago)
Why the Shortest War in History Lasted 38 Minutes *When you and your best friend had a disagreement*
Sweaty Dragon (4 days ago)
England and Scotland are still against each other you do the research but I'm pretty sure it should be longer "conflict"
Cold Coffee Gamer (4 days ago)
If this was a video game the entire royal fleet would have been parked outside.
jd swain (4 days ago)
Diamondevelyn YT (4 days ago)
British empire: lets fight Sultanate of zanzibar: k british empire: nvm Sultanate of zanzibar: k
Tyler Starr (4 days ago)
Why Zanzibar
Eduardo Memije (4 days ago)
This isn’t targeted towards you RealLifeLore but I have to say this. IM FUCKING SICK OF THESE KEVIN HEART ADS, YOUTUBE FUCK YOU
Nicktrains 22 (5 days ago)
You forgot the funniest bit about this war. The only punishment the British demanded of Zanzibar was that they pay for the cost of all the ammunition expended!
Sandra Hawxhurst (5 days ago)
the Area 51 Raid was 19 minutes long
Arctic5 (5 days ago)
Did you do it? Yes. What did it cost? 38 Minutes
Wet Math (5 days ago)
*ignores the conch republic*
mraaronhd (5 days ago)
This is a re-enactment of the injured British soldier at the battle of Zanzibar: *Guns go off* British guy: “I say, old chaps! You could have warned me before shooting off the guns! Now I’ve gone and spilt hot tea all over myself!”
TLM (5 days ago)
Korean War?
Aiden Mandeville (5 days ago)
The war still lasts longer than an anti-vaxxers life
Ian Erickson (5 days ago)
I feel like Britain has attacked every country on the planet
OK! But then again. (1 day ago)
LO OR defended themselves.. Nice try learn history before making such an asinine comment!
Yeong Heo (5 days ago)
Sounds like a typical Tropico gameplay to me
Colin Kennedy (5 days ago)
It's disgusting what the British did to the Germans at the end of WWII. The Blitzkrieg on the UK was not even close
Malaquias Alfaro (6 days ago)
The music is killing me lol
GloriousTube TV (6 days ago)
The war was shorter than this video
Ascdren (6 days ago)
I've had quicker wars in ck2
Din Aur (6 days ago)
Video Audio: The subtitles: *on on on on on on*
MissionKnown2103 X1 (6 days ago)
What is the background music called?
wanderlustwarrior (6 days ago)
As soon as I saw Big Ben, I figured this would be "alright, here's another case of 'white people invade Africa again.'" But at least they did one good thing in abolishing (de facto) slavery.
SirBallistic (6 days ago)
Do it again bomber harris!
The warlords micth and Jacob’s Sukityeet (6 days ago)
I visited st helana
Il EzSenpai lI (7 days ago)
I had to replay that you said huh? *unforgivable sin banning slavery*
Animax Senpai (7 days ago)
USA: Who did it ISreal and Egypt: We didnt We even stopped fighting
Jan Leutner (2 days ago)
Wrong video 😂
GamingKing2436 (7 days ago)
Who was that one guy on the British side? I want to meet him
Gavin Tantleff (7 days ago)
YouTube thinks your video is in Russian and watching it try to generate Russian captions is pretty funny
I D K (7 days ago)
So basically a sibling argument/fight, that’s how I see it anyways
FriickBoy (7 days ago)
Wasn't freddie m born in Zanzibar-? if he was begone thots, you cannot touch that island istg
The shortest war was 25 minutes, The Charge Of The Light Brigade
KnifeWatch (8 days ago)
Whats the music hes using?
An Australian Idiot (8 days ago)
What about Ureaka battle m8. Shut uppppppp.
Buggybug222 (8 days ago)
The emu war was more one sided. Those Australians didn’t stand a chance
Arthas Menethil (8 days ago)
This reminds me of when your friends little brother goads you into a fight and you try to pull your punch and you still manage to floor him with a single punch, leaving you feeling kind of guilty and he lies crying on the floor
BNANA Xx (8 days ago)
That voice crack at 5:35 😂😂😂😂😂
HYPER DUDES (9 days ago)
Kid: mommy do I have to go to school Mom: yes Kid: look outside Mom: ....... Kid:see it’s people with guns Half an hour later Mom: you have To go school
Dharsh Srinath (9 days ago)
Nishikata (9 days ago)
I learned of this from the teacher's question on Persona 4.
The EU Prisoner (9 days ago)
Shortest ok but 2020 in Britain might be interesting? 😞🇬🇧
Kobil Shakur (10 days ago)
What retards
Forgotten Soul (11 days ago)
*Why is this making me laugh **4:38* 😂😂
Tony Watson (14 days ago)
August 25th is my birthday
Tony Watson (14 days ago)
Wait so your saying the emu war is the largest war eyes could see............ Wait they pecked your eyes out.
The BROS (14 days ago)
4:22 150 Bristish?? Why is it wrong?
Puddle (15 days ago)
I lose in "homework for life" my mom win that in 30 second
Harven Sahota (15 days ago)
Sultanate of Zanzibar: *Accidentally presses Get annexed by Great Britain* Great Britain: Ho ho you are mine now
Hptx7777 (15 days ago)
Friend 1: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Me: SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE <Fights for 1•0289 Seconds> <10 second later> Friend3: Are you Done yet? Me and friend1: Ofc we did where watching a war for 38 Minutes In 1893! Friend3: But this is 2019.... Friend1: Exactly
Kristian Cazorla Cahill (16 days ago)
If the British got it their way boris Johnson would build a bridge,many bridges
Vanz :O (16 days ago)
The way he said “1 guy”
Francisco Rendón (17 days ago)
Okay so no one has noticed that the beginning's song is a rip off of John William's "March of the Resistance"? That's REALLY odd.
Austin Moi (20 days ago)
While the british side only suffered 5:36 1 guuuy
Siún Coogan (21 days ago)
>Britain >Includes Ireland Bold words for someone in mortar range
lebronjamesfan (21 days ago)
People: *fight to the death* 38 minutes: *wait what were we doing* Commander: *Alright boys, let's take it home* !
Johan Westin (22 days ago)
If you're planning to bomb a city, you should check out CuriosityStream.
Elevated Nigga (24 days ago)
"unforgivable sin of banning slavery" Bruh whoever considers that a sin deserves life in prison
Azeret Worrizová (24 days ago)
Czechs were weird.. in one war Husité started sing a song Ktož sú boží bojovníci and they won by that... wow... they were scared of their horrible singing.. good job XD
Bob Domler (25 days ago)
Wouldn't the Sunni-Shiah war of succession be the longest ongoing war in history? It's been going for 1400 years with no end in sight.
Not MeIRL (25 days ago)
17 minute war in Costa Rica, take it or leave it
Amiel Singo (25 days ago)
It lasted so shortly, even a class lasts longer in Finland
Afikoman (25 days ago)
The sultan of Almar lives in Zanzibar now. That’s just where he lives.
not hitler (25 days ago)
6:26 and we thought the British were the good guy's
sarmad ali (26 days ago)
A country having no trouble with anyone and living their good lives and then all of a sudden BRITISH comes by and be like: Hippity Hoppity this country is my property! Seriously ,like whats wrong with british they cant control their own small island and wanna rule other countries, forcefully. Well not for long now.
sarmad ali (4 hours ago)
@Damian Freeman for there own good,right? Btw i dont know where or even what Zanzibar is,so I wont say much about it.....
Damian Freeman (4 hours ago)
You seem to completely miss the part where Zanzibar was not independent for centuries and that Britain came in to take it because they wanted/needed to stop Germany from doing so.
ROBLOX TV (26 days ago)
The longest war was actually Netherlands vs the isle of Scillies which lasted 335 years! The Reconquista had a lot of chapters but the total franchise did last 774 years in terms of all wars fought between Spanish and Muslims in total count!
Dark Wolf (26 days ago)
When people say Denmark and Germany had the quickest war ever that only lasted 6 hours
Fred Garvin (26 days ago)
actually The Conch Republic Declared war against the USA and surrendered one minute later.
Luky0805 (27 days ago)
Noah Bowie (27 days ago)
How bad must you feel if you're the only one who got injured during an entire war.
Samuel Krebs (27 days ago)
Imagine being that one guy who got injured in that war
Falcon (27 days ago)
The shortest war in history war thunder tank battles: hold my T34-56
jaxxstraw (28 days ago)
This is how you do it.