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How to Handle: an Employee Seeking a Raise

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An employee did something wrong and something right, but doesn't know which one you know about. Now he wants a raise. Or cut to the chase in the two-minute version: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xb6e8w_hth-employee-seeking-raise-s02e03
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Text Comments (729)
Rob (1 day ago)
6:17 That facial expression says "I don't feel like I drive a hell of a bargain."
Wayne Lewis (1 day ago)
Sally gave good advice.
garichar (4 days ago)
Pffft. I make more than that.
dragonslayer015 (4 days ago)
If it was me I would have asked him where he got that number from. Cause $310 isn't one of those numbers you hear often, usually it's $300 or $350.
Vince M (5 days ago)
"So you're in here now, I'm smiling, whataya want"? 😂 Best character ever..most American expression ever. Wish this show was still going.
janning schrotter (5 days ago)
Damn they suck at adjusting for hyperinflation. 300$ 1950s. Madman wall-street. My granddad made like 50k a year back than but injury and 5 boys took him out of the running for shit. So more like 20k than 50k a gain 1990s hyperinflation.
William Winder (8 days ago)
Never asked for a raise. Never needed to. I've gotten raises based on my ability and work ethic.
Moinul Hossain (10 days ago)
So many intelligent people in the comment section ...
fooloof (11 days ago)
The way you handle it is to evaluate that employee's performance and see if a raise is merited and if so, much much.
fooloof (11 days ago)
"No, why?" is the most annoying response ever. If you can't provide the answer, then don't worry about the reason for the question.
MDFlorida (13 days ago)
Roger had all the power in that meeting. And he knew it.
pittim (14 days ago)
is it me or Sal gave him the finger??? ;-)
Thomas Worth (17 days ago)
What’s this show called?
Adam Khid (17 days ago)
"Im smiling..what do you want" (shows roger not smiling) lmaoo 2 hundred a week..plus drinks lmaoooo
Mitchell McCallum (20 days ago)
How to handle an employee seeking a raise post 2015: "Sure Don, we will get to work on that right after we fire both your asses and replace you with rajesh and pajeet on two H1B visas." "Have a nice day!"
D'lish Donut (20 days ago)
Fuck married people and their feeling entitled to more money.
Jesse Martinez (21 days ago)
Me as a car dealer owner could easily navigate through any negotiation having a wanted a profitable product of course.
Mr M (21 days ago)
Client: I wish we were a different kind of company. Don: We all work for someone The writing on this MadMen is the best
Dmitry Granicin (24 days ago)
He was offered 12.5% raise in salary. When you're offered that kind of raise, you just say yes.
John Smith (26 days ago)
I hate how people use marriage and children as a reason for a raise. You don't deserve more money just because you're spending your money on a wife and kid.
Michael McClay (30 days ago)
Dude caved to early... Shouda started at $350 and held ground at $300. I didn't watch the show yet so idk who this other guy who makes $300 is but if he thinks they're similar he needed to hold out for more.
jbot91 (1 month ago)
I love how Roger stands up as soon as the raise is mentioned. Like it's a bake and he doesn't want to be on less than equal footing.
Jeremy Cornwell (1 month ago)
My first rais, went from $10.50 to $15.75. Second rais, $15.575to $30+ hour. #Construction
Michael Nivens (1 month ago)
should have held out for 250
DeVon Taruex (1 month ago)
Bunch of fags...
Daniel Clark (1 month ago)
Why do americans are so afraid of telling people how much they earn. In my place everybody knows how much everyone earns
Aaron Gottfried (1 month ago)
such bs they didnt hire gays then. shouldnt now. deviant mantality
No Body (1 month ago)
Fire them ez
jmpmo03 (1 month ago)
This show sucks
Lorenzo G (1 month ago)
Roger here: “No one makes that around here” Roger with Peggy: “How much do you make sweetheart?” Peggy: “You don’t know huh? That’s helpful.” So either 1) Roger doesn’t know, or 2) Roger liked Peggy enough to have her give him an offer like an equal.
Gregory Graham (1 month ago)
the inflation metric is mind boggling.
PMA II (2 months ago)
How much was 300$ back then ??
Holly B (2 months ago)
I loved Sal. He got such a raw deal.
Frank Hamilton (2 months ago)
Such a great fucking show
JONATHAN LOCKE (2 months ago)
Roger was one of those bosses who you went in to see, had this whole case planned out in your mind that you were gonna present to him, then it went nothing like you thought it would. You walked out thinking: "What the hell just happened?"
B H-0 (2 months ago)
for a 25 dollar raise lol. this she be retitled how not to get taken advantage of by your employer. you see a colleague making 310$ weekly by accident or not, and you accept 225 cmon man
egergarg ergergerae (2 months ago)
This is why employees shouldnt feel talking about wages is a taboo subject. Thats what employers want us to think, so we dont have the power of negotiation.
Michael Mannucci (2 months ago)
300 a week? Like $300? Lol
Joseph P Cirrilla (2 months ago)
$225 in 1965 is the equivalent of $1,806 in 2018 dollars so...he upgraded to a roughly estimated salary of $93, 912 in 2018 dollars. Context is everything...
Azeddine Makh (2 months ago)
After say yes, I would be like add another 15$ to it and thanks for the drink:)
Adri Amaral (3 months ago)
All manipulation. Ugh
Arik Thompson (3 months ago)
$200.00, plus drinks. I love it!
Ryan OBeirne (3 months ago)
Greedy keapchates!!!
Brett Mitchell (3 months ago)
https://ny.curbed.com/2015/6/2/9954250/tracking-new-york-rents-and-asking-prices-over-a-century 1960 Manhatten sales $25sq ft Average Rent $200 per month
Robert Dogg (3 months ago)
My dad told me that in those days the goal of everybody on salary was to make $100 a week. If you were making $100 a week you were on easy street.
LG1031 (3 months ago)
Employee looks to get fair compensation for his work and the boss fucks him over. and a bunch of doofuses online think the boss is cool. lol. Its no wonder this country is in the shape it is. Workers have forgotten that the bosses are always out to fuck you over, to get as much as they can from you while stiffing you when its comes to payment.
Carl Johnson (3 months ago)
Working for someone else is what most people do, but usually it sucks. The stability, if there is such a thing, usually comes with low pay, long hours, no family life, and unhappiness. Unless you are getting paid what you feel you are worth, and happen to love your job, which is rare on average I would say. When I was in high school, the minimum wage was $3.10 an hour. 38 years later it only doubled to $7.00 an hour but the cost of living increased over 10 times that. When I went on my own, I made $35 to $45 an hour as a Business Owner. Yes, it came with payroll and higher taxes, but I called the shots!
Carl Johnson (3 months ago)
It's $225 a week
Dan Lorett (3 months ago)
I haven't asked for many raises at jobs I already had, but every time I get a job I always negotiate for a higher wage. Really it's not terribly hard: know your selling points, know what the going rate for the job is in the area, and use those to your advantage. Are they hiring you for going rate or below? Never take less than going rate. Really, if you're a decent employee (or there's no reason the person hiring you doesn't know you're NOT a decent employee, lol) never take going rate either. Just have some good reasons why you should get more and say you're interested in working for them, but you need more money because X. Don't be afraid to ask for more (or just different) benefits if you can't get more money. Ask for a preferred working schedule. Or the reverse: use your ability to work a schedule they really need to get more money. It's mostly just using your brain and either having or faking confidence. Only twice have I not gotten more money, and both those times I got something else (once I got my employer to pay my contribution for healthcare instead, once I got a better schedule).
LovingAtlanta (3 months ago)
🤔Wait a minute!! What? No no no. 🤨🤔
Croatz (3 months ago)
Going from the bottom to upper management I can say that low level employees over value themselves constantly, most do not understand how little they actually contribute to the bigger picture. Every single promotion I have ever received came with double the responsibility, stress and work load. Most employees, not all, but most are incredibly needy, lazy and unmotivated—everyone thinks they're a rockstar while just showing up and meeting the standard.
Crazywaffle5150 (17 days ago)
I've been on both spectrums. Managing is piss ant work. Go do construction. That's real work. It's not hard. I know managers who played video games in their office all day getting paid 70k a year. Iv'e done real worth. While they are fat with a beer belly and can't even hold an intellectual conversation.
aaron kryder (3 months ago)
So you people all get home from work and then watch this tv show about work?
27Sport (3 months ago)
Two hundred a week.........plus drinks.
joeashbubemma (3 months ago)
I've seen better negotiation in a junkyard. Jeez what a pussy.
Tyler Durden (3 months ago)
Anyone who thinks they deserve a raise but hasn't been offered one by their company will be able to get their raise working for someone else >>> IF THEY DESERVE A RAISE <<< Never ask for a raise. If your management is not aware that your skills warrant a higher rate of pay to keep you motivated to continue excelling and you become desirous of a raise... You should look for another job. Asking for a raise from your employer is death rattle. It makes clear so many things surrounding your current job. The lack of awareness in your management, the broken protocols in company practices that have let your salary lose its competitive edge, but most importantly, it is a clarion call to the company that "YOU ARE NOT CONTENT AT YOUR JOB!" Hence my statement. NEVER ASK YOUR COMPANY FOR A RAISE, ASK OTHER COMPANIES FOR MORE MONEY FOR YOUR WORK. if you truly deserve more for your work... You will get it.
No mad (3 months ago)
Dude!!!! Law of attraction really works yo coz i was just thinking of this particular scene last night and there it was in the suggestions. And no i dont watch a lot of movie clips.
Portraitz (3 months ago)
you fire him, he knows to much then either abolish his job and give it to perpetual internships or just outsource. rinse repeat and profit
wolfhunter98 (3 months ago)
Why is he trying to be so sneaky in his attempt to hide his opening of Kens paycheck? Just go to the person who's check you got and say: "Hey man I got yours by mistake and opened yours without looking at the name, then I noticed it was yours. Here's your check, sorry about that." It's a plausible thing, and mostly true... ;) Feel most people would be happy to get their check and not have to go through the pain / wait of having the accounting office cut a new one.
wjatube (3 months ago)
Two pearls of wisdom from a retired president of a company regarding raises, so you can follow them and get your raise or dismiss them like all the other average people in the workforce: 1. It's always cheaper to retain a good employee then to hire anew. 2. I have NEVER given a raise to an employee who didn't ask for one.
THE BEARDED TEXAN (3 months ago)
That a blacks persons line every Friday except it sound like this - Yo my nig I took out the trash I need a raise and bad 🤣😂😂😂blackperson im calling CNN!!😂😂😂😂
Nola Anderson (4 months ago)
$25/week < Roger's liquor bill for 1 night out.
Pepe Le Pew (4 months ago)
Peoples do not know how to ask.
Bazzralic (4 months ago)
I heard that if you ask someone a question they have to think about while handing them an item, they will accept the item without contest. This is that trick in action.
LevKozlodoev (4 months ago)
What show is this??
Roger (4 months ago)
Harry is my favorite. He's the best dressed!
enkadu007 (4 months ago)
Find a new job, period... fuck employers
Mista_Fur (4 months ago)
I made a program for a company when I was about 22 years old, they still use it to make money to this day...but I won't see anything from it.
bmoores84 (4 months ago)
In my profession teaching - your salary is based on teaching years taught. You get more if you are in a position that carries responsibility. Noone feels bad. It's fair.
umbe2k1 (4 months ago)
3:19 "under his eye"
optimisticobserver (4 months ago)
What was Sal thinking when he heard how much Ken made?
optimisticobserver (4 months ago)
How can you expect to get a raise when wearing a bow tie like that?
LunatiqTV (4 months ago)
Don't ask for a raise. Work as if you are the owner... and soon, your boss will want to give "himself" a raise. That's how I do it.
Rene Alexis Penaloza Munoz (4 months ago)
Sorry to ask, is this part of a series? movie?
Smaakjeks K (4 months ago)
Or, you know, you could have an earnest conversation with them. But hey, I'm not a sociopath, so what do I know.
kelante Fountaine (4 months ago)
Michael Scott already taught us how to handle an employee seeking a raise!
John Jonny J Johnson Jr (3 months ago)
"I decline to speak first."
SJReid82 (3 months ago)
He also taught us how to properly declare bankruptcy.
kelante Fountaine (4 months ago)
Joe John That’s it!
Joe John (4 months ago)
Gotta mumble under your breath and lean back in your chair to achieve a position of dominance.
Redwood (4 months ago)
What is this Show ?
The Broadway Reject (4 months ago)
Is that a specific gesture Roger uses around 5:30? Looks like what I would assume to be the air quotes of the 60's
The Broadway Reject (4 months ago)
Thanks, I was wondering if it was supposed to be that, or just some kind of tongue in cheek gesture that got lost to time.
Bob Rivera (4 months ago)
The Broadway Reject I believe he was signaling a cross to suggest that he had just blessed Crane with the head of the television department job.
aluisious (4 months ago)
“I deserve a raise” is a losing argument. You sell labor and you have one customer, so you aren’t in a position to argue the price. Get more customers...now it’s not what you deserve, it’s your fair market value. There’s no argument to be had.
soapsudbud (1 month ago)
Yeah, either get more customers, increase the labor you're selling by collective bargaining or cut out the middle man entirely by cooperativizing/starting a business. Any corporation worth anything collective bargains against you to make sure they pay the least possible while still getting the labor needed by having multiple managers needing to sign off on pay as well as having an HR department.
Holdfast (4 months ago)
The playing field was defined when he first entered the room and his boss said "you're Harry Styles right?"
thedexterbros (4 months ago)
They didn't have stationary stores back then? Sheesh
Tony Marsh (4 months ago)
Eventually they will see Crane as the MAN and he will really get paid. Don is good but Crane is the upgrade.
monstersince (4 months ago)
sack the cunt for breach of contract
Hue Lu (5 months ago)
are they G and J trolling now?.... I thought they got quite a big share from me already...
PianoAmante (5 months ago)
When I was turned down for a raise after five years of working for a company with the old line “it’s not in the cards” I read the classic “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie and a year later I gave my boss a large beautiful plaque that read “Award of excellence” followed by “For your strength, commitment, and admirable dedication to building a strong company that allows men to feed their families, and for your dedication to your family “ About a month later I received three raises within the following month, got two free basketball tickets, got the immediate office treated to watch another basketball game with the boss himself, got to use the company truck when I needed to move, got treated to dinner on another occasion, got several other gifts and got my picture taken with my boss
kuja (4 months ago)
how to kiss ass 101, passive agressive style.
asambi69 (4 months ago)
Sounds like he's lubing you up for some sex games.
The Monarch (5 months ago)
I like that passive-aggressive pencil sharpening at 1:57, there's some angry and very closeted phallism at work hahahahaha.
Nathan Thompson (5 months ago)
Is that Zoey Bartlett???
whiteknightcat (5 months ago)
EVERY time my supervisor asks to see me in a conference room, regardless of the reason ... Him: Can I see you for a minute? Me: Oh no.
thedoctorand (5 months ago)
"Can I get a raise?" "No, it's up to head office, and we have no control over your salary."
Mohammad Ali (1 month ago)
My manger tells this to me every time i ask for a raise.
Jeffery Allen (4 months ago)
I lobe the pass the buck game.
Armando Sanchez (5 months ago)
Photograph And cartoon
Armando Sanchez (5 months ago)
Orange mandarin
Armando Sanchez (5 months ago)
Paycheck 146 Cahs 1
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Book 340.pages
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A mistake
Armando Sanchez (5 months ago)
JayLeePoe (5 months ago)
Roger can do everything except have a happy personal relationship that lasts.
Yiffox (5 months ago)
real negotiation would also say percentage of profits of what I do
iamchillydogg (5 months ago)
My mom's first job was as a secretary at a furniture manufacturer. Everyone there made $1 an hour no matter their job. Living on $40 a week sounds crazy as hell!
BaronZ (5 months ago)
_"No one around here makes that."_ The correct reply would have been: _"Well no one around here is working as hard as me or has a position as important as mine."_
asambi69 (4 months ago)
But he was replaceable. So yeah he wasn't important.
Brandon Key (5 months ago)
People so lazy they upload in only 240p
amattchronism (5 months ago)
"Mr. Krabs can I have a raise?" "No"
Brian Ellinger (5 months ago)
How about $300 Per week, total