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Ford CEO predicts an end to congestion

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New Ford CEO James Hackett speaks to CNNMoney in his first interview since taking the job. (Part 1)
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HERRO (5 days ago)
Tesla master race
Серж Шуляченко (6 days ago)
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doomtomb3 (6 days ago)
Autonomous vehicles will make congestion worse
Greg Shaw (6 days ago)
Ford better get their EV together or their going to lose customers
Greg Shaw (6 days ago)
We have problems with young people that don't talk to anyone already
doomtomb3 (6 days ago)
Greg Shaw fault of bad parenting
Christopher S. (7 days ago)
This guys voice is so obnoxious
Deekshant Belwal (7 days ago)
Interesting news but this anchor need to use autotune for his voice.
Master Joe (7 days ago)
Very interesting interview I like it a lot!
Max Mohr (7 days ago)
Think of the cute little autonomous pizza cars that will be driving around