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Russia paid Hillary Clinton $3M to influence Uranium One deal?

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Attorney Victoria Toensing on an FBI informant's allegations related to the Uranium One deal.
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Stan Brass (47 minutes ago)
Hillary recroved $145 M and mueller got $9M for staying quiet despite being Ditector FBI OBAMA HOT HIS SHARE FRPM HILLARY.. STOP LYING
Israel De Los Reyes (2 hours ago)
Hah trump Is the only person here selling out his country https://youtu.be/Ex1HJB7llh0
Marilyn Dargis (5 days ago)
Can you imagine the damage Hillary would do if she became POTUS ?!!! M.D.
Oralia Oharler (5 days ago)
Shady Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton are so crooked their mothers disowned them. ,
Oralia Oharler (5 days ago)
Plus trillions for Uranium One. !
Andrew Paczuski (15 days ago)
Mueller is sitting there empty handed, chasing Face Book posting Russians in Russia to prove he is doing something for $40 millions he spent since May 17 2017. Mueller is stuck in his own trap, aiding and abetting Hillary Uranium One sample delivery at the tarmac of Scheremetyevo Moscow airport Sept 21 2009. Hillary got $145 million for Clinton Foundation, Mueller got an albatross over his neck he will never be able to shed to preserve his "honest scout" image criminal Dem mafia is cultivating and broadcasting through CNN and other progressive' megaphones. Mueller supported Boston Mafia years ago against Mafia's enemies, now aiding and abetting Clinton Mafia with his Gestapo inherited zeal and no results since May 17 2017, paid for with $40 millions of our tax money.
Bobby Ryon (25 days ago)
Marvin Guigar (27 days ago)
She's the real spy for Russia her name is comrade Clayton
Bonnie Robinson (1 month ago)
This is a fake story created by Steve Bannon and passed to Trump, who is too stupid to research what is easily found online.
Ringo 17 (1 month ago)
This is an out and out LIE Please read the Uranium one report if you can read.
Elvis dinkel Dinkel (1 month ago)
Yet NOTHING from liberal, racist media about this
Daniel Johnston (1 month ago)
Yeah, she's got this countries best interests in check eh? Sell our uranium to the enemy? Sounds kinda sneaky.
Vicki Floyd (2 months ago)
Apparent.. Hillary can be bought for almost any price
Ted Pert (2 months ago)
Scambuma knew about everything!
Ted Pert (2 months ago)
Corrupt to the core! Politicians selling out America!
Ted Pert (2 months ago)
All traitors must stand in front of military tribunals ! They must be convicted AAND hanged!
Cherian Mathai (2 months ago)
the money was paid not for his speeches. the speeches were just a front. the money was commissions paid for the brokering of deals. pretty much the US was being thrown under the bus and the clintons were getting commissions for it. this is accumulation of wealth at the cost of selling the nation to foreigners is how the clintons afforded the huge campaign funding towards her two failed attempts at the presidency. look back and you will see billary was the biggest campaign spender.
Right SaidArt (2 months ago)
Prepare the guillotine.
Dennis Hartford (2 months ago)
And Mueller is looking into trump
Oletta Wisemon (2 months ago)
How can they expect to enjoy all that money??. The best years Their Iives Are Gone!!,_"They are old people!!_", And they can't take it with them when they Die!!. They Should Be Enjoying The Remaining Years Their Iives, "Not Embroiled In All This!!. "Sounds Outrageous, Stupid To Me!!!. 12/09/18.Sun.@5:33PM.
Jane Dough (2 months ago)
The very definition of treason.
PGTMR2 (2 months ago)
Okay, so work out the details of how she's going to turn herself in. If she refuses have her secret service agents bring her in.
PGTMR2 (2 months ago)
My money is on... she's going to blame Bill.
Victor (2 months ago)
People are getting sick of being strung along with all of this . TWO YEARS NOW people have been waiting for JAIL TIME for those WITH (MOUNTAINS) OF EVIDENCE against them and what has happened , someone got demoted, someone got fired , some resigned ...And. Guy takes a selfie on a submarine and goes STRAIGHT TO JAIL , one law for these people and the full force of the law for everyone else.....forget it folks , it ain’t gonna happen , there are too many in the SWAMP and I hate to say it but it appears SOME Republicans are in it as well 😢😢 hence why NOBODY HAS BEEN CHARGED .
James Grigg (2 months ago)
Nothing to see here.trump may have talked to Russia.impeach him.
Michaelangelo Raphaelo (2 months ago)
Uranium One Scandal Articles as of 11/16/17 and Updates #1, #2, & #3 thru 11/21/17 https://michaelangelo-raphaelo.blogspot.com/2017/11/uranium-one-scandal.html?spref=tw
Jerry wtf (2 months ago)
And nothing being done WOW
Truth seeker (3 months ago)
And??? Hillary still in charge
An L (4 months ago)
The uranium was mined in Canada by a Canadian company sold from Canada.Because they have an office in the US the department of Energy approved the sale because it low grade, sold on the open market. There is no proof of wrong doing in the Clinton Foundation. If Hilary is not indicated of anything that means you all where play for fools. from fox , Trump, and the Republican Party. All the accusations have been proven as false. No indictment just lying Polls and the sheep
#MarkAnthonyGiven Given (4 months ago)
Uranium One USA Inc. Willow Creek Uranium Mine USA Producing 100% interest #UraniumOne @realDonaldTrump @GOPLeader @ChuckGrassley @Jim_Jordan @DevinNunes @RepDeSantis @RepGoodlatte @RepMarkMeadows @FoxBusiness @LouDobbs @KimStrassel @AndrewCMcCarthy #MAGA http://www.uranium1.com/upload/iblock/aa4/aa444bc52f7f4413c6681843ce1e8dd5.pdf …
Philip Mcdonnell (4 months ago)
It was more than that. She payed everyone off. To shut up. Pay to PLAY. Scandal. F.B.I ARE SCUMBAGS FOR LETTING DRIFT BY. OR MAYBE THAY GET MONEY TO SHUT UP. NO DOUBT.
Mr.Right 07 (5 months ago)
Uranium is worth a crazy amount of money an oz. Everyone of them corrupt democrats and FBI agents made millions
e r (5 months ago)
Bill Clinton, while draft dodging, not once but at least twice, , visited Moscow back in 69 participating in "peaceful" protests there and in Europe. Relations for quite a while...interesting. No wonder she wore a Russian hat. The Rosenbergs were executed for their disclosure of US classified info.
Kathie Logan (6 months ago)
After which Hillary received 400 million Hillary is a 40 year criminal the habitual criminal act should apply lock her up!
Boris (6 months ago)
Here is the real collusion. KKKrooked Hitlery is the real traitor!
David Soltai (6 months ago)
$400,000,000 TAX FREE
candicek61 (6 months ago)
Yet nothing has happened to wicked. Hillary .FbI is were truth goes to die.
Angela Atteberry (6 months ago)
They threaten the others with specific Intel on their families if they didn't vote Yes. So it wouldn't have been just their life at stake. When someone tried to be a whistle blower they were quickly shut down with these threats and/or with treason due to NDA.
Robert Montoya (6 months ago)
Putin doesn't make accusations without proof. He has the receipts.
Frank Gomez (7 months ago)
Lock HRC up ASAP
Jane Doe (7 months ago)
Why isnt this being reported on CNN or MSN
tearl (7 months ago)
Don't forget about paying Slick $500K for a speech.
PhoenixAshes13 (7 months ago)
Missed it by a little. Try $400,000,000
sweekim yeo (7 months ago)
Everything Hillary does is for money. And now Obama is following in her footsteps. He set up Obama Foundation and President Library should Hillary get arrested to carry out her operations and money-laundering.
michardav (7 months ago)
You mean like when Trump got $500,000,000 or like when his daughter got those lucrative licenses? Or when Russia loaned the Trumps all that money? The difference is this has been debunked for a while. What hasn't been debunked is this same uranium mining company was given the rights to mine in a federal park in Utah. BTW $500,000 is a lot of money. Heck Flynn was only paid one fifth that!
TOM PETERS (7 months ago)
lying bitch russia gave $400,000,000 to HILLARY campaign... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZoxdqGBX8fU
Temporary Billy (7 months ago)
Indicte now !!!!!!!
Jason Mcdaniel (8 months ago)
one world one life live to love love to live
J Pol (8 months ago)
Seems that many countries were paying the Clinton Foundation multiple times and still are, and that includes Canada despite the fact that most Canadians resent this. Seems we are all just paying too many taxes that enable our own politicians to donate it to enemies bent on destroying our own countries. Proves money will buy anything. https://www.newyorker.com/news/amy-davidson/five-questions-about-the-clintons-and-a-uranium-company Trudeau Liberals catch heat for $20M to defunct Clinton Foundation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cb94kw3CvNo
Darrell Westphal (9 months ago)
I agree with all of you that say that she's a criminal and should be locked up maybe even shot in the traitor but what gets me is no one's doing anything about it they're more concerned with trying to prove that Donald Trump had something to do with Russia all I can holler is the Russians are coming the Russians are coming with no proof a whole Years Gone by and all they do is investigate Donald Trump why are we the people standing by allowing our justice system to be run by crooked politicians and special consoles run by Mueller in his crooked console they are wasting our time and money president Trump is said so many times but they continue to do it the whole reason behind the special console is because the doj FBI CIA no one has ever been able to prove one thing about Donald Trump having to do with Russia meanwhile the true criminals are walking free and no one in Washington is doing anything about it. We the people must stand up against these crooked politicians they're the ones that should be impeached we are waiting the sitting by expecting these people in Washington to do this for us but they are not and will not for they are in bed with these people. If we don't stand up for our country we will not have a country very soon all the evidence proves that if we stand by and let things go as they are we're doomed. I called to all patriotic American to stand for America !
John Deckenbach (9 months ago)
The following agencies all approved the Uranium One deal...Each department head had to approve the deal. Stop lying about this! Department of the Treasury (chair) Department of Justice. Department of Homeland Security. Department of Commerce. Department of Defense. Department of State. Department of Energy. Office of the U.S. Trade Representative.
John Deckenbach (9 months ago)
You all are brainwashed by fake news...How many different agencies had to approve the uranium deal? Over 10...LOL...Stupid republicans
David J. Schulte (9 months ago)
I’d be willing to wager they sold uranium warheads too, not just yellowcake
Larry Turner (9 months ago)
Joshua Breault (9 months ago)
Larry Sherrill (10 months ago)
What might be the reasons to sell the Uranium if such a large amount to Russians... For profit... alleged they were paid. Also though you must consider that Uranium stock price is up... To create a shortage you must move enough Uranium out of the market so that demand will outpace supply... Twenty percent to Russia accomplished that. Then knowing you have created a shortage you buy Stock that is about to Go up... Russia tweaks demand by threatening the US with new nuclear weapons.... Our national government in response to that is going to renew and expand our nuclear arsenal.. some group with a large amount of money to invest in "New Sources of Energy" might be in the right position to create a shortage... The goal, by enough stock that is about to go up to create enough wealth to buy much of the industry... Create a cartel to sell higher priced uranium to the Federal Government... The wealth created by this shortage and rising stock will dwarf the 150 million to the clinton foundation, and any three million dollar payment...by orders of magnitude.... The investigation needs to look into the big players in uranium to see if any familiar names pop up.... A shortage now exists... Higher prices will follow.... Those that sold the Uranium would have known this shortage condition would occur when they sold the uranium. Higher prices, rising stock prices,,, guaranteed demand from the federal government, and others. Control of the Uranium cartel by a small group is possible... All of this seem possible. The federal government, the department of state would know all of this from their analysis before Clinton signed to allow the sale... They must have made an analysis. ??????????????? Russia is an enemy state...???????
Zugget Harderbb (10 months ago)
Lean on her underlings
Zugget Harderbb (10 months ago)
Why is this Traitor ,Not ...in jail for life or worse.
GrayEagle48 (10 months ago)
The only collusion there was, was between, Hilary, Russia. the media, the FBI, the FISA court, Fusion GPS, The DNC, Christopher Steel and probably others. Actually it is not collusion @ all. It's really called conspiracy, and a violation of the RICCO Act. Lock them up lock them all up, and confiscate all their assets. TREASON I want justice, scratch that I DEMAND justice. 702 must be repealed it is too easy to be abused by tyrants & dictators, as we have recently seen. And then covered up by classifying the documents. President Trump is sending The Florida Skunk Ape, "The "Swamp Thing" The the "Fouke Monster" the "Cajun Werewolf" the "Creature from the Black, Lagoon" and all the rest after you swamp critters, It takes a swamp monster to catch one. There is nowhere to hide. I need your help. If you like my videos and comments pls subscribe. I will subscribe back to you. Thank you.
powerball201 (10 months ago)
Bull shit conspiracies made up for Obvious retarded Trumpturds www.youtube.com/watch?v=7A9EV64aX_Q
WA9KZY (10 months ago)
Love the British accent, and a reasonably polite presentation.
Sonoma Mia (10 months ago)
illbbback (11 months ago)
Obama's motivation : His hysterical, fanatical hate for Israel. That's why he shipped 100's of MILLIONS in CASH to Iran; Israel's enemy #1. So they could pay Russia for the uranium and go nuclear .
Kathie Logan (11 months ago)
40-year criminal Hillary Clinton stated during the presidential, " If Donald Trump is elected president, WE WILL ALL HANG!" High treason Espionage spying drug trafficking birthing financing and arming enemy terrorist uranium one the Russian dossier Fast and Furious murder of our troops in Benghazi murder of our ambassador Benghazi murder of Justice Scalia many many other murders covering up the criminal Acts of this twisted Duo, Obama and Clinton! She may be right, they could hang?
max keebler (11 months ago)
Just lock the bitch up please
Doc Hunt (11 months ago)
Pants suit Hillary! You can’t accept that Americans hate you and didn’t vote for you because you’re a woman! No it is your power hungry pie hole, bitterness, hate, cheating, corruption, lies like you can’t believe and how you can’t handle government secrets! You think your above everyone else and we owe you! Well toots we don’t owe nothing so I suggest you dry your cheating eyes and leave the country because not one male will ever open a door for you and the ladies thumb their noses at you. I suggest taking up a hobby like filling your mouth with Mayonnaise and walk around your parties going pop I’m a zit!
B Mullin (11 months ago)
Bullshit Reich Wing Propaganda at its finest!
Mid West (11 months ago)
I hope Bill & Hillary stay alive so we can execute them. This might be a mass hanging!
J. Muller (11 months ago)
She got $145,000,000  in the Clinton foundation
Oregon Cephaloproctic LLC (11 months ago)
Five Years After Obama-Hillary Sell 20% of US Uranium to Russia – Putin Threatens West with ‘Unstoppable’ Nuke Bomb http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/03/five-years-obama-hillary-sell-20-us-uranium-russia-putin-threatens-west-unstoppable-nuke-bomb/ by Jim Hoft 1 March 2018 355Share 89Tweet Email In October 2017 an FBI informant stepped forward and said there was “on-the-record quid pro quo” surrounding the Uranium One scandal with the Clintons. Bill Clinton received a $500,000 speaking fee from a Russian backed bank and the Clinton Foundation received millions of dollars from people involved with the Uranium One deal. The informant, Douglas Campbell, broke his silence on a Russia plot to steer millions of dollars to the U.S. in an effort to benefit the Clinton Foundation. Campbell braved “35 intense radiation treatments after being diagnosed with cancer during his time with the FBI. Mr. Campbell also accused the Obama administration of making decisions that ended up benefitting the Russian nuclear industry, which he said was seeking to build a monopoly in the global uranium market Obama was briefed at least twice on the corrupt deal to sell US uranium to Russia and did nothing. The US turned over 20% of its uranium reserves in the deal. On Wednesday Russian leader Vladimir Putin threatened the West with unstoppable nuclear missiles. Putin boasts Russia has developed an intercontinental nuclear missile that can’t be stopped or shot down by any country’s defence system. Vladimir Putin said the rocket travels 20 times the speed of sound and has unlimited range.
Miss Kimberly (11 months ago)
Okay. This is all speculation. If any of you people knew what the Uranium One deal was, you'd feel like morons. Uranium One is a Canadian company. The Russian company, Rosetom, wanted to purchase a share of Uranium One, not uranium, just a share in the stocks of the company. So this deal is between a Canadian company, and a Russian company. Uranium One gets a fraction of its uranium from mines in Wyoming. Because of this, a counsel of nine folks, one of which is the Secretary of State, had to meet to assess if our national security was at risk. They didn't make any decisions, just an assessment. They passed the assessment on to the President, who told the Canadian company that it was no risk to national security. No uranium was sold in the Uranium One deal. No uranium was shipped in the Uranium One deal. It was a Russian company purchasing a share of a Canadian company.
ViKing Tut (11 months ago)
Imagine if trump sold uranium to Russia
CUI BONO? (11 months ago)
I am know Clinton fan, but if that's the case why would Russia prefer Trump over Clinton?
Rob Scott (11 months ago)
They didnt pay hrc. The brbed officials to tell hillary everything was fine...and the uranium is still in America
Wayne Hancock (1 year ago)
The NRA spent 31 million on trump's election and in contributions as well. Now i know why he will do nothing to stop these school and mass shootings. He was paid off. SORRY FUCKING BASTARD
karin smith (1 year ago)
We have to see HRC in prison, punished etc. Too many crimes!!!
ED MAGIC (1 year ago)
Can you please answer this? Why isn’t what the Democrat Party is doing being reported by the national press? Aren’t they having their share of leadership problems? What about rigging the elections? Why are we looking for unknown Russians after nearly two years? There are Democrat leaders who have been rigging our elections for 50 years, right here, serving right in Congress where they can easily be subpoenaed and arrested. Everything we need to forensically pull them apart is available to us.
Dibblydooda (1 year ago)
Auto-Tech-Tronics - Div: Telamax (1 year ago)
God saw it fit that Russia is not a world terrorist organization not like America !
Auto-Tech-Tronics - Div: Telamax (1 year ago)
This bitch traitor needs to DIE !!
LaughTooHard (1 year ago)
The Clinton Foundation is a Farce. It's been nothing but an expense account for the Clintons and their Minions. How can a charitable foundation pay for Chelsea's wedding? What kind of charity is that?
Jimi Henrod (1 year ago)
I'm getting tired of all this talk. We need justice, and not 10 years from now. The Memo came out and nothing happened so I'm not holding my breath. Our justice system failed us again.
Vindicated Rascal (1 year ago)
I will lock her up but i need your help. take to the streets!
Bret D. (1 year ago)
Shits getting deep for that bitch! Lock her up already!
Jeremiah Nato (1 year ago)
Lock Trump up!
celebrity19812004 (1 year ago)
The Walking Monkey (1 year ago)
She needs help to put these people away. Anything helps. https://www.gofundme.com/student-trying-to-make-it?pc=sms_co_c
BBBBodatious (1 year ago)
I use to be a Democrat,  no more.
Rumple Stiltskin (1 year ago)
So the FBI is investigating the wrong person for Russian involvement. Do tell!!!
The Perspective (1 year ago)
Indeed. Here's a great documentary detailing how deep the Clinton swamp is - https://youtu.be/7LYRUOd_QoM
Dorothy Gears (1 year ago)
Will Roberts (1 year ago)
Clinton actually hid the $145 million donation and was later forced to disclose it. That is an undisputed fact.
Will Roberts (1 year ago)
It's hard to believe some dispute or doubt Clinton corruption. How are they able to get away with this time and time again? Politicians have no products to sell outside of the influence we give them, they all get wildly rich, and we can't seem to find any corruption anywhere despite mountains of evidence of pay to play.
Edward Hartzell (1 year ago)
You stupid b**** you sold out your country I'm a Russian born American do you know what you have done going to do to you increased our nuclear power greater than your own country yes you have great military technology but you you stupid b**** gave us more nukes then what your country can stop yes we have just amount as you people have in Stock in caves Underground matter of fact you put us over the top of the UN nuclear arms agreement you can't stop all of our nuclear weapons your can stop some of are nuclear weapon but the Strays would destroy majority of your country and people then we will come in with China round your people up that's left kill them then dig you politics out of your case you stupid b**** and Democrats are just as stupid as a Republican keep spending Trump you're getting your country farther into debt what's your High Cost of Living and wages not matching it you're setting your people up to a civil war that we will come in win your people and take your country we will dig your rich out of there bunkers like magic they're nothing but a bunch of maggots
Not sitting idling by anymore. Only one solution to TYRANNY.
Aj Jones (1 year ago)
no Varney or whatever your name is....she just laid down the kicker finally,....and you just say, "Thanks for coming, I'm steward varny"...Fu**ing IDIOT !!
dee jay (1 year ago)
Where's the reporters drilling this topic instead of drilling sara Sanders
brickman291 (1 year ago)
She is never going to be charged at best they'll always have an asterych
Reinitin Texas (1 year ago)
Oh my 71 officials of the company Hillary worked with to purchase the uranium were just killed in the Russian plane crash.
Gyut Loki (1 year ago)
Hang that Fucking Bitch!!!
George Blisson (1 year ago)
Clinton is the biggest crook and bribe taker to have been in office for a long time, she IS the only one who is colluding with the Russians. for personal financial gain, plus her husband is the only REAL sexual predator, and she was going to put him straight back in the Whitehouse. that's why Clinton screamed at the start of election night when Trump was starting to look good, WE ARE ALL FUCKED IF HE GETS IN, she thought that when she was president, she was going to get away with all her crimes. she is the one who needs a proper investigation and charged. but she thinks she has alllllllll the dumb celebrities that will back her up and cause a lot of trouble if they lock her up. like protests up the streets, on TV, and never let it go. She actually has the wool over their eyes, they are just allllll too stupid to see it.