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iPhone4s delivery UPS

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Dedicated to Steve Jobs Video 1 of 3...
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Text Comments (18)
Erika In Indy (5 months ago)
Its like a dinosaur in a box.
Miguel Martinez (1 year ago)
We should give money to the worker of ups?
Jason Chan (1 year ago)
ups is iphone delivery?
Jason Chan (1 year ago)
Capitan Melonus i see haha in uk is DPD
Capitan Melonus (1 year ago)
Jason Chan yes
Akın Özer (1 year ago)
Wow 2011 years going fast man
WakeUp (5 years ago)
You're lucky you have a cat otherwise the instructions would be impossible to read :D
WakeUp (5 years ago)
RodTV1919 (6 years ago)
Lol cat
JJ Farr (6 years ago)
I love the cat nodding its head like its really reading that whatever
TheRazgiem (7 years ago)
@squirehogg oh ok...its also the way u report the amount of vans, the use of the word 'location' and the way u mention the time.
Maximus Squirehogg (7 years ago)
@TheRazgiem that's an intriguing question. The answer is no, I just have a loud voice.
TheRazgiem (7 years ago)
Were u in the military?....u sound like u were
Maximus Squirehogg (7 years ago)
@MRshoz1 thanks!
Canongang (7 years ago)
This was a perfect video, thanks bro
David Andrew (7 years ago)
I think you wimped out on the actual UPS guy encounter. I mean, I know you wanted him to actually hand it over, but I was expecting some tears or something... Just sayin'. LOL! Cool stuff...
Phil Schnuppert (7 years ago)
i know this when the trucks are driving around your location :D
Wacky Wonders: The Matt & Ali Show (7 years ago)
A "flock" of UPS trucks? HAHAHA!!!!!!! Trying to get the cats interested in ordering one? Glad you got your phone.