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iPhone4s delivery UPS

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Dedicated to Steve Jobs Video 1 of 3...
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Text Comments (12)
WakeUp (3 years ago)
You're lucky you have a cat otherwise the instructions would be impossible to read :D
WakeUp (3 years ago)
RodTV1919 (4 years ago)
Lol cat
Samnang Farr (4 years ago)
I love the cat nodding its head like its really reading that whatever
TheRazgiem (5 years ago)
@squirehogg oh ok...its also the way u report the amount of vans, the use of the word 'location' and the way u mention the time.
Maximus Squirehogg (5 years ago)
@TheRazgiem that's an intriguing question. The answer is no, I just have a loud voice.
TheRazgiem (5 years ago)
Were u in the military?....u sound like u were
Maximus Squirehogg (5 years ago)
@MRshoz1 thanks!
Damian Wright (5 years ago)
This was a perfect video, thanks bro
David Andrew (5 years ago)
I think you wimped out on the actual UPS guy encounter. I mean, I know you wanted him to actually hand it over, but I was expecting some tears or something... Just sayin'. LOL! Cool stuff...
Phil Schnuppert (5 years ago)
i know this when the trucks are driving around your location :D
Wacky Wonders: The Matt & Ali Show (5 years ago)
A "flock" of UPS trucks? HAHAHA!!!!!!! Trying to get the cats interested in ordering one? Glad you got your phone.