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Amazon Vs Fedex | Which Delivery Driver Job Is Better? Vlogmas Day 13

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Coming at you with this Amazon vs Fedex delivery driver job video. All statements made in this video are my sole opinions. Any Questions?? Leave them in the comments section! Don't forget to subscribe to my channel! Nikki Marie Vlogs -- https://m.youtube.com/c/nikkimarievlogsNMV?sub_confirmation=1 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• FOLLOW ME: Snapchat @queennixx86 Instagram @nikkimariebrand Business Inquires: nikki.biz1986@gmail.com My Website: www.thenikkimariebrand.com =============================== Affiliate links: Sign up for Uber with my code-nicoler25433ui www.uber.com/a/signup/drive/deliver/?70307t=&invite_code=nicoler25433ui Try Cash App using my code and we’ll each get $5! NMHRCPF https://cash.me/app/NMHRCPF queennixx Tubebuddy -a tool to help grow your YouTube https://www.tubebuddy.com/NikkiMarie Referral Cars Signup — https://go.referralcars.com/start?affiliate_id=1124280 Support my channel - check out my Teespring shirts -https://teespring.com/stores/nikki-marie Teespring travel shirt women’s— https://teespring.com/new-hashtag-plane-tee#pid=370&cid=6546&sid=front Teespring travel shirt men’s — https://teespring.com/hashtag-plane-tee#pid=2&cid=2397&sid=front Filming Equipment I use: Sony HX80 — https://amzn.to/2BsuXq0 Campark ACT74 — https://amzn.to/2GoHLlJ Canon T6i — https://amzn.to/2SyCuO7 Ring Light — https://amzn.to/2SkYL2t Webcam — https://amzn.to/2I5NazE Laptop — https://amzn.to/2MWdrPu Editing— imovie — https://www.apple.com/imovie/
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Text Comments (79)
Mohamad Aldaher 16 (17 days ago)
Can someone please give me the website for both companies i would like to give it try and apply to work for one if them and i am in boise Idaho and if just told me which one the the best i am still new in America and i don't know how is that work? And thank you
rene tobar (21 days ago)
Seems like fed ex is better by a long shot. Fewer stops and u getting a guaranteed salary.
Red Fox (1 month ago)
ok im applying at fedfex
Nikki Mendoza (1 month ago)
Great video coming from a Fedex contractor and so hopefully a amazon dsp ... spot on ...
Spaz Tek (1 month ago)
I heard FedEx express delivers way smaller packages compared to ground
HeSoCisco (1 month ago)
Spaz Tek it depends but sorta true
Eric Hill (3 months ago)
Thanks for the tip I currently work at FedEx ground I am thinking about being a delivery driver but I have to say this you are a cutie pie are you single?
Russ Cast (3 months ago)
Always FedEx will be the best!
Texmex Prepper (3 months ago)
Fed ex and amazon both suck!!
Dave S (3 months ago)
Seems like FedEx you are dealing with heavier stuff that you might have to carry upstairs etc. Body probably wears down faster
Nikki Marie (3 months ago)
ElGranBetoo (3 months ago)
i work for fedex HD Here in Htown , i get a day 100 to 140 stop , i do the same route every day. i go in by 8:30 am and i finish with my stop by 2:30 pm and Saturday by 1 pm , fyi i leave the warehouse by 10:30. this is to easy just be patient and learn your costumer and your route . my mng are cool AF so i seen alot of people posting video and saying negative thing about the job, i work 5 days bring home GOOD MONEY EVERY weeK AND I WALK IN EVERY STOP!!!! I DONT RUN FOR SHIT.
FrequencyOo (3 months ago)
Do you get hourly or salary or flat rate ?
Jose Ayala (3 months ago)
What state do you work in? Nikki Marie
Nikki Marie (3 months ago)
JG638 (3 months ago)
I wouldn’t want to be hauling around big ass tables and furniture. No way in hell. Amazon wins hands down for their smaller packages
DEMETRIC RYLES (1 month ago)
I use to work with furniture 10 to 12hrs a day shit about cross over and flip these boxes easy money coming from job use to work at💯 I start driving for Amazon June 27th
cool kids (4 months ago)
So glad I drive for UPS. It took me a few years working the preload shift in the early morning to work my way up to a driving position but it was so worth it. Incredible health and retirement benefits and I’m on track this year to make around $105k. I see these videos of drivers for other companies making a fraction of UPS drivers and I feel for them. Hang in there!
My leg! (1 month ago)
@Spaz Tek yeah its true
Spaz Tek (1 month ago)
cool kids is is true that you need to work in the warehouse first to become a ups driver? And how long on average does it take to go from warehouse worker to driver if it’s true?
JG638 (3 months ago)
I did the preload job for UPS .. fuck that haha. That shit was was the worst. I quit after a week. I’d rather go straight in as a driver. The more you make the more you spend anyway. No thanks
Rich Dollars (4 months ago)
I made 105 my first year in the MTA and got a pension. Take those civil test people
Keith Carter (4 months ago)
Nikki is the vehicle you drive for a stick shift or automatic?
Nikki Marie (3 months ago)
Maureen Auguste (4 months ago)
Still working for fedex? If so, has the pay gone up?
Vernon Johnson Jr (4 months ago)
I for FedEx and it's not worth the money they pay especially the heavy loads and packages they pay my opinion they should be paying the same amount of money the usps and ups pays.
Nikki Marie (4 months ago)
I agree.
Isaiah40:22 (5 months ago)
The Post Office paid well, the managers were kinda nice, even when they wrote you up twice a week, every week for over 20 years and threaten it would get you fired, for failing to follow orders that conflicted with the other orders they gave you.
DarthTsarkon (5 months ago)
Heh...did FedEx for a while. LoveSac is the worst...
hose armando (5 months ago)
hey i saw that you have do amazon delivery and ramp agent n the airport right?if you could choose what work would you like to do for more which one would you pick?!
Nikki Marie (5 months ago)
The job is not hard but you have to be quick or they will give you write ups. The airport probably offers better benefits too so I would go with that.
hose armando (5 months ago)
@Nikki Marie o ok is a person that it looks like you alot :P so how did you like it amazon is it hard to working the app?i just ask because i have offer from a company that works for amazon and a airline so i try to find out how hard is amazon delivery cause alot of people complane about that job that is stressful,for example if you are not on time can the fire you?
Nikki Marie (5 months ago)
I never worked at the airport. I’ve been doing driving jobs for like 4 years. That’s what I like.
Sam Porter (5 months ago)
Why does it take you 10 hours to do 60 stops? Pickups?
Nikki Marie (1 month ago)
They had me all over the place. I didn’t have a route so they took stuff from different routes and gave it to me.
Phillip Nunn (1 month ago)
@Nikki Marie What are the different reasons?
Nikki Marie (5 months ago)
Different reasons
slambig (6 months ago)
Hon FedEX Express!!! Express!!! Express! stay away from everything else
William Pitts (2 months ago)
I drive for freight and made $107,000 last year....I hear Express is great but if you want to make money get that CDL and drive for Freight
Kid Rock (6 months ago)
Amazon gives you 130 to 200 stops??? That’s a lie.
Jose Ayala (3 months ago)
@Nikki Marie what state do you work in ???
MrAlexq4 (4 months ago)
@MegaGio001 where do I begin? Federal Express started delivering overnight packages only, then in 1985 FedEx Express bought a delivery company called Rps, and made it into FedEx ground, what is the difference? FedEx Express moves their freight through airplanes, Ground through trucking, FedEx Express drivers are paid hourly with full on benefits and ground drivers work for contractors that owned the routes. With very few benefits or no benefits at all, in my area, FedEx Express drivers average about 50-100 stops per day when Ground drivers go 200 plus a day, from what I have seen, Express drivers are usually more professional then ground drivers, last but not least, if u send something with Express and it doesn't get there by the time.it's supposed to it's free, as to where ground is very inxpensive but it takes way longer with ni guaranteed time.
MegaGio001 (4 months ago)
Rus Soul wym by real fed ex drivers?
Maureen Auguste (4 months ago)
You’re probably just trolling but as she mentioned in the video, the packages are way smaller... I had a 210 stop day once... That shit was crazy but all residential so not that bad. Took the entire ten hours to complete though.
klazzikk (5 months ago)
@Kid Rock you gotta remember Amazon is delivering to probably all resis and mostly in major cities where all the neighborhoods are super dense. UPS has routes going out with 130 stops 170 miles.
Beast Boì (7 months ago)
i like gettin off early, seems like UPS/FedEX works longer hours. Amazon's is a bit of a wreck at the warehouse sometimes we don't get out until 11am when were supposed to be loaded out by 9:45. if we get done in 8 we still get paid for 10 hour day. sometimes we finish waaaay early and still get paid. We must help each other out though (rescues), so we all get done around the same time and the dispatchers aren't staying so late for just 1-3 drivers. i work for a company that Amazon hired to do the routes, there's like 5 companies total in the station then the flex drivers who do all the missing, miss sorts and etc
Sparky Corrigan (15 days ago)
I've worked at both driving and at a sortation warehouse (same place i was driving for) and to be honest, every time we ran late was due to the lorry (truck) that was due to deliver parcels for sortation missing a boat or messing up his hours and being forced to take their break before they could come (uk)
Sparky Corrigan (15 days ago)
@electric feel Most companies would pay per day regardless of how long it takes you.
open mind (7 months ago)
Who provided the vehicle, them or you?
Nikki Marie (7 months ago)
Tr Vlogs Car Life (7 months ago)
5:34 yes dude.
Ollie De olifant (7 months ago)
angelique rodriguez (7 months ago)
Girl I work for a DSP in Oklahoma and have been doing it for about 2 months now. I’m already looking for another job. In the beginning it was awesome. I started up with this company after a month of them being on the ground here. Things were simpler and now that it’s been a few months amazon has decided to start sticking their noses into everything. They took away the dispatchers and managers ability to decide which routes go to which drivers, amazon decides that now which makes ZERO sense to me because they aren’t there first hand. I had a route one day that was so stressful and terrible I called dispatch to vent and say how frustrated I was and then amazon put me on that same route the next day. It’s ridiculous. They have started giving everyone big routes and then randomly adding more stops onto the routes mid-day and sending drivers back out when they finish at 4 (10 hours worked already). I work 3 days a week and average 35-37 hours. I hope I can find another job ASAP because I dread going to work. Thanks for making these videos, FedEx sounds like a winner when compared to amazon.
angelique rodriguez (7 months ago)
Nikki Marie Vlogs thanks girl! I’m trying to get on with Starbucks because they do tuition reimbursement for my college and that would be pretty sweet!
Nikki Marie (7 months ago)
That’s really crazy but why am I not surprised! When I started at Amazon it was sweet too but suddenly got worse. I think moving on is better than staying. Good luck on your job search.
Bruh (7 months ago)
Never delivered for Fedex so I cant really compare the 2, but having worked for Amazon I can honestly say that it sucked. No lie, the manager there called me 26 times, sent 10 text and left 5 VMs all in the span of an hour, just to ask me if i could work the following monday. I couldnt believe it. On top of that, i was training my 3rd day and was never given that "baby route" they talk about. I started off doing 200+ boxes. I did 2 weeks of that mess then told that same psycho manager i wasnt coming back lol. He text me 5 times before i blocked him lol. Best of luck at Fedex 🚛
Kobe Bryant (4 months ago)
Lol 200+? How many stops? That sounds like a nursery to me
Tr Vlogs Car Life (7 months ago)
Yes, that calling is annoying.
Nikki Marie (7 months ago)
Wow that is amazing. It’s definitely not as easy as people think it is.
The Wallace Life (7 months ago)
When you say Amazon delivery job are you talking about Amazon flex? because I work for Amazon flex also.
JG638 (3 months ago)
If you wanna ruin the interior of your own car go with Amazon Flex
angelique rodriguez (5 months ago)
Yellow Blue Oklahoma
Yellow Blue (5 months ago)
@angelique rodriguez what state?
angelique rodriguez (7 months ago)
open mind nope I am an employee of the third party company who contracts through amazon. I am not an independent contractor. We have the prime vans and also use a few uhaul vans still because it’s crazy busy for the holidays.
open mind (7 months ago)
@angelique rodriguez no wonder they're on you constantly. You're driving their vehicles. Are you 1099 worker?
TheGeek2050 (7 months ago)
First finally.
Nikki Marie (7 months ago)
You’re up early I see!