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FedEx Interview - Package Handler 2

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https://www.job-applications.com/fedex-application/ A former FedEx package handler discusses what it's like to work for the company, about the interview process, interview questions, and how to get a job with FedEx.
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oweyougrams (1 month ago)
I’d rather unload the trucks instead of dealing with Anal line Leads
Expert Critic (2 months ago)
Package handler jobs aren't the best but at least at Ups you'll have a union that gives you a voice and protection. Doing labor without a union is a bad idea!
Israel Ramirez (9 months ago)
Does Fedex drug test for package handlers???
Travieon Sneed (5 months ago)
Israel Ramirez did they?
Skyrim2018 (10 months ago)
I just applied yesterday, wish me luck
branden aguilar (1 year ago)
Does FedEx drug test for package handlers?
Rick R (1 year ago)
vincent johnson (1 year ago)
Was the drug test
Omari The People (1 year ago)
SANDEE D (1 year ago)
Very informative...thank u. I have an interview with fedex this evening, so knowing ahead of time what to expect sure helps....Thx😋
INGLEWXXD SMOG (2 years ago)
This Job is ok it's fast paced, so if your in the unload morning sort they expect you to be at the pace of each trailer unloading 1000 boxes per hour, if your on the HD side at the Van Lines you will be expected to Stack Boxes at a fast pace with one other person or Split and sort boxes on the conveyor belt by odds & even numbers, or be a Scanner & Delivery Truck loader on the Ground Side of the Belt where you are expected to Load 2-5 Trucks by yourself depending on your work load you'll probably Touch & Scan about 600-800 boxes in a 3-5 Hr Period of time, they expect you to not misload any boxes and not to miss more then 3 boxes scan or you did not meet your scan compliance. You can also be a Tow Driver where you pull off all the Heavy IC's and the Heavy stuff that cant go on the belt and put it on ur tow and drop it off at each van line your assigned too, this one is easy you just have to be fast and be able to lift that heavy ish on and off. Just don't hit any Trucks or Vans or anyone or poles, you can Also be a QA helper and get the boxes on each line that are in the wrong line or address is wrong or no labels on it to be scanned, pretty easy or if you're a long time employee you'll get a radio and end up just covering spots where someone called in sick or just decided not to show up at all, and running around being a wanna be supervisor lol you can move up as a Manager and Transfer out to another place as one too, you can get a job in the administration office, you can also become QA, and if u get real good with the contractors who are the owners of some routes you can become a Delivery Driver lol every Fed Ex Ground has it's pro's and Con's you'll have to find that one out for yourself because every place is a different experiance and not all ran the same and managers are frequently rotating in and out
ciera shields (2 years ago)
I missed their call for an interview. Can I call them back?
Drumm3r ! (2 years ago)
Call them back! Thats what I did.
Miguel Malave (2 years ago)
what type of questions they will ask
Colin Mishima (2 years ago)
+Miguel Malave They won't ask much. "Do you think you are able to do the required work without assistance?" is probably one of the only things they'll ask.
deren Evin (2 years ago)
Do you work full or part time hours
deren Evin (2 years ago)
+Colin Tel thanks for the info
Colin Mishima (2 years ago)
+deren Evin It's up to you. Generally, you'll just work part time up to 4 hours a day (some days you reach 4 hours, some others you will work maybe 3-3.5; it all depends on how many packages are in the facility that day). You can ask for another 4-hour shift to work, making it a full-time job, but you certainly are not going to want to start off doing that because it's very hard work that you'll have to get accustomed to.
annie blancas (3 years ago)
im scheduled for interview tomarrow moning, thankyou for the interview set
Travieon Sneed (5 months ago)
annie blancas have interview a couple days from now for ground. Were u drug tested for the handler position? & if so what type (I’m prepared but just would like to know)
Linda Cornelius (1 year ago)
annie blancas (1 year ago)
Kayla Dorsey they will contact you by both email and phonecall. least that is how they contacted me
Kayla Dorsey (1 year ago)
annie blancas yea I figured the time would be somewhere in that time frame. Do u know if they would call u for orientation or they will email you ?
annie blancas (1 year ago)
thats great Im sure your in. not too many want the package handler position it was hard. but a good workout . and my position was only part time. i didn't know that till i started.id start from 4to 8 might want to ask that as well
ChrisGol14 (3 years ago)
do you need a drivers license?
ndavson123 (3 years ago)
Carlos Oliva (3 years ago)
Mm what a difference between ups and fedex I hear negative comments in ups but not in fedex
Expert Critic (2 months ago)
UPS is union an Fed Ex is not. You'll have better benefits and job protection at Ups. Also Ups drivers make 36.21 a hour and FedEx drivers make 8 bucks less. You're better off with ups on the hourly side.
Colin Mishima (2 years ago)
+Carlos Oliva From what I hear (and this is just what I've heard from friends that have worked there), UPS is a lot more militant and more strict.
Raul guzman (3 years ago)
t tevery address I could do
March (4 years ago)
Just so you know, this guy was most likely on the outbound shift
Jay B (4 years ago)
 Do you really need an interview for a job that requires you to load and unload boxes. 
Corbin Landreth (3 years ago)
+Answer4canceR Over at the Indianapolis Airport Hub. Lots of good people there, and every line and position I know of need more people all the time. Haven't met a jerk there yet though despite that almost anyone can get hired.
Answer4canceR (3 years ago)
+Corbin Landreth Nice words Corbin. What location do you work at?
Corbin Landreth (3 years ago)
+Fishy Frank I still work there myself. Great community, and great flexible hours, and the company takes care of you so much so that it's almost like a hospital sometimes the moment you feel like your ankle is hurting a bit. I used to have twig arms starting work there, but I too gained crazy amounts of muscle within the first few weeks xD Now I can pick up seventy pound boxes.. off the ground! And can carry up to about 160 pound boxes if it's the right shape. Never thought I'd be able to lift over even sixty pounds off a table. This job has amazing people, and has indeed made me a better person. Who thought working in a warehouse would be its own little secret slice of paradise in the working world? And I consider it a valuable job. So much of America depends on things getting where they need to as fast as possible. If it didn't happen like that, this country would have progressed a lot slower, and people wouldn't have the wealth and convenience of items they have today in their homes. At FedEx, we make that world possible, where we aren't stuck delivering heavy mail by train on over a week's journey, and projects (at home or business) can get done within a matter of a day. And on top of being able to basically make our own paycheck for the amount of hours we want to work, we get rather good benefits too! And even on top of that, it's the type of work where you can mostly just space out and think on whatever you want while you work. I couldn't ask for a better place to work really. I'm generally a smart guy, but using my brain for eight hours a day at a desk job sounds strenuous in the worst way. I'd rather feel exhausted physically, not mentally. I don't really feel exhausted these days anymore though after the sort at work. I probably would though if I worked as many hours as I possibly could though, which would get me a little over two thousand a month.. in pocket after taxes. I'm more or less content with the normal eight hundred a month though. There's a reason FedEx was elected 8th place by the FORTUNE's World's Most Admired Companies List.
Fishy Frank (3 years ago)
+Answer4canceR man I just ended my little go at Fed ex and it was good money and hardwork, best people i'v ever worked with.  But yeah I definitely got some muscle working for them and I liked that aspect of.  Sorry that we all aren't in the position to have a more "significant" job in your eyes +maiz mooz 
CredoVG (4 years ago)
I'm trying to land this job. Thanks that was very informative!
GR8119 (4 years ago)
Tip: Dont throw the boxes at the door, lol
The Real Drunkard Hu (5 years ago)
awesome info! this guy did a great job!