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What's Actually the Plane of the Future

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Text Comments (5305)
Wendover Productions (2 years ago)
Hey I hope you enjoy this new video! Some 370 of you got to see this early as I accidentally pressed the button that I didn't mean to press so the video was live for about a minute this morning, but here's the real version! Make sure to check out Squarespace because this video *literally* would not have happened without their support.
gamingknight 47 (1 month ago)
I feel like there isnt one plane design per year
Mechant Loup (2 months ago)
High-speed train makes short haul flight slower and more cumbersome than train teavel. Airports still remain airports, no matter what.
Michelangelo Buonarroti (2 months ago)
5:45 Well @Wendover the a321neoXLR has just come out and with Cabin Flex you could make it just large enough to seat 245 people and it has a range of 8700km, so the LR wasn't their last try. So if the 797 comes out in 2 variants it will definitely be good competition to the smaller version. Also, it will be finished 2 years before the 797, a massive advantage to me.
Haroldo Miyaura (3 months ago)
please, don't forget the possible airbus a350-2000
Orange (4 months ago)
@Epic Screen name smelly
john williams (1 day ago)
IT has to be able to have the same runway capabilities as the the 757.
Joe Williston (1 day ago)
Alexandria Cortes says the future is no air travel.....
Felix P. (1 day ago)
You cant compare a brandnew plane with the 2nd plane of airbus since they were build for very different demands.
rick dees (3 days ago)
Hyperloop ever existing is a pure delusional .
sanch Sanchayan (3 days ago)
All electric is the future.
N M (4 days ago)
Boeing Fanboy detected
CryptoCrazyJoe (4 days ago)
2 years pass now and we managed debunk hyperloop, oil crisis etc etc.......so we can clearly see this video been done by morons :-D
Eric Blade (7 days ago)
I hope they look more like starships from star wars movies..thats how I like them too look like and fly..compare to todays planes..they all look the same and look boring..
Anson Li (7 days ago)
I heard that The Airbus A380 will retire 2020 or 2021 so enjoy your Airbus A380 flights if you have any booked.
Ninja HasLigma (7 days ago)
Anyone noticed the lady at 0:34 was standing there for about a solid 3 minutes
Exclusively Aviation (7 days ago)
Airbus has a lot of bad timings...The A380, the A310...
josue Kay (8 days ago)
electricity isn't free, someone pays to produce it!
Naid Khan DXB (9 days ago)
Hi reader... I really need your help brother . I want to become a commercial pilot can you give me information about it .. how much it cost in your own country .. or from where it should be good to do Aviation. Is after cpl a job will be found easily or not?....... Do u think that the Aviaton field is good or not ?.. I m pakistani..... I really need your help my brother plz reply
Alesh (9 days ago)
Whoever researched this does not know the first thing about the Tokyo-Osaka bullet train route. Comparing the train time to a potential fly time is comparing apples to oranges: The bullet train conveniently starts from several stations in central and suburban Tokyo that are easier to get to. Once you factor in the hassle of getting to the airport and checking in, any advantage to flying is eliminated. Add to this that there is a bullet train leaving on that route every 10-20 minutes, then there becomes even less reasons to fly. That being said, there is use in Japan for such planes: Japan has lots of regional airports and these can be used for direct point to point international tourism. But for moving within the Japanese mainland, aside from flying to and from Hokkaido in the north, nothing will beat the comfort and ease of use of the bullet train system.
shy guy (11 days ago)
The 737 MAX has a great range, of 0km!
SevenDeMagnus (12 days ago)
Humans as Amazing.
Gustavo Rojo (13 days ago)
0:32 talk about a textaholic.. 😅
Eddie T (13 days ago)
Boeing should’ve patched the max and focused of the 797..
Liza Pernia-Fulleros (15 days ago)
2019: airbus 330neo ok!!!!! 2025: Boeing 777-8 & 777-9 ok!!!!!
K Roos (15 days ago)
i hope they dont make pilotless planes cuz i want to be a pilot and if its pilotless then it could be dangerous because of the chance of wrong scanning
Direktörn (16 days ago)
heard about Airbus? Quite popular aven with US carriers
CPU (17 days ago)
Airbus doesn't need a new plane, A330 NEO is more than enough!
Stalin’s Dog (17 days ago)
Fuck electric aircraft!! Look ugly as shit
Koshin Uchiha (21 days ago)
Why am I watching this?
Wiktor Prymas (22 days ago)
why do always new thing look ugly?
phillip kalaveras (24 days ago)
It cost more to take a bus than to fly.
Teresa Gould (25 days ago)
I say the the plane of the future is Concorde 2.0
Ebros (25 days ago)
I love the Dreamliner.
Dr. Emmett Brown (25 days ago)
whats actually the plane of the future?: , better fuel efficiency, 6 inches less legroom and crappier airplane food
Israel Diaz (26 days ago)
electric nuclear planes. easy, cheap and safe. with NASA tipe batteries would be simple.
Khenjie Camasura (26 days ago)
Pilotless planes? Sounds very bad
MB Pokevids (26 days ago)
777x: am i a joke to you?
MrJohnybirchall (26 days ago)
London to Edinburgh is faster and cheaper by plane and hyper loop is a dream/scam
TheEnderWarrior- Gaming (27 days ago)
Edin *BRUH*
SuperVideoman12 (27 days ago)
The hyperloop is pseudo-science.
MAXYMILLIAN (28 days ago)
What about the A220-300?
Imaree Graham (28 days ago)
Plane beats train from Edinburgh to London in price😭
Imaree Graham (16 days ago)
@HostilePancakes, the One and Only nah if you needed to go to Edinburgh next month from London it would be cheaper to catch a plane
HostilePancakes, the One and Only (16 days ago)
Imaree Graham Only when booking months in advance. LNER tickets don't become available until 12 weeks before departure. Leeds--London is as little as £19 during "super off-peak" travel periods when booked 11-12 weeks in advance.
Matouš Mikota (28 days ago)
Answer: train
Apple User 2 (28 days ago)
A transparent cabin sounds horrifying for people who are scared of flights lmao
Person - kun (4 days ago)
Id love it, my photography skills would finally be improved.. *in the sky.*
Bleifuss88 (28 days ago)
This video can only have been made by an American :D The reality is Airbus A321 XLR
HostilePancakes, the One and Only (16 days ago)
Bleifuss88 Not enough range for Minneapolis--Amsterdam or Denver--Frankfurt.
Jhon Krasnovskiy (28 days ago)
I just noticed I'm watching and typing this at 7:37pm, what a coincidence
Fogo azul roblox (28 days ago)
What will Boeing do after 797?
Loftur Hjalmarsson (29 days ago)
half or one or two meter wide hull to reduce drag air resistance and passangers lie down , would it be better for fuel economy, or sit half reclined packed like sardines in thin seats.but then legs must be bent a bit down or could they come between nest persons legs through crotch, one leg
Jan Geerling (30 days ago)
The least contaminating plane is a grounded plane.
TNT Animates (1 month ago)
The 737 Max
SeanTheSheep YT (1 month ago)
Airbus has gotten there first. A321neo XLR released. Bigger cabin than 757, 500 nm more range than 757, 30 percent less fuel burned than the 757. Boeing gotta catch up.
MrMowky (1 month ago)
A321XLR beat Boeing to it.
747 Tctc (1 month ago)
Every time 737 Max is mentioned on this channel someone talks about how dangerous it is
Alan Caldoza (1 month ago)
hohumm still.rely on airfojil for lift
Ishi 123 (1 month ago)
The MAX 10 can fly up to 3700 miles. Or sometimes only about 21.
Eli Wesley (1 month ago)
For pilots the 757 replacement is very exiting because you can only make so much money with the 737 and the 767 or 787 can be combersome
Philipp Cutter (1 month ago)
5:08 that's an airbus not boeing
K Mckivey (1 month ago)
A nuclear aircraft would be badass i think. Our nuclear subs can stay at sea for 6 months at a time.
Daniel Moolman (1 month ago)
Well the tables have turned. Airbus is selling its A220s (aka the Bombardier C series) well, and Boeing is in a lot of trouble after its 737 Max issue. Taking this all into account, it seems that Airbus is the future.
F. Teixeira (1 month ago)
4:00 I wonder why they're not...just go Airbus.
Markens 1234 (1 month ago)
A plane that can backup by its self
Pain Train (1 month ago)
Dash 8 can fly 667 not 595 km/h
Aleksander Miskowiec (1 month ago)
Boeing 737 MAX, undoubtedly
marie joy nicolas (1 month ago)
1981, I thought by 2010 jet fighters will be replaced by flying saucers. But still I haven't seen any.
Smashing Smashers (1 month ago)
Maybe they have economy seats that are meant for sitting in.
Anthony Townsend (1 month ago)
"What's Actually the Plane of the Future". Is there an American YouTuber in existence who understands the fucking English language?
John Schofield (1 month ago)
Lol, ive travelled between Edinburgh and London and let me tell you its way easier to fly. Saves roughly 3 hours, and i paid an extra 20% because rail fares are so expensive and I actually get a seat.
John Schofield (1 month ago)
@Jan Geerling If i can save 3 hours on a friday night when I head home for the weekend, why wouldnt I be in a hurry?
Jan Geerling (1 month ago)
Why this pathological hurry?
TTV Baconz (1 month ago)
Electric planes are the future of aircraft life. We are going to run out of oil soon. And once we start to get low on it. The price will skyrocket. ⚠️THEORY ⚠️ Elon musk will began making fully electric tesla airplanes in probaly 2030 maybe later.
Miot Lyet (1 month ago)
What size.
Motti Bembaron (1 month ago)
What the hell is this? A Boeing add? The way Boeing is going, with their complete lack of respect to safety as opposed to their bottom line, I see Airbus as the future of airplanes.
Javier Guevara (1 month ago)
After all the 737 max issues, Boeing was forced to cancel the 797 program. So airbus decided to announce their a321neo ultra long range which fits perfect in that gap. Airbus is expected to pass Boeing as the largest airplane manufacturer in the world.
Eugene Harris (1 month ago)
Push the electric aircraft in the United States of America where trains aren’t as good
Neyiz (1 month ago)
In musk we trust.
Crispy ツ (1 month ago)
797 I thought of a bigger a380 D;
Crispy ツ (1 month ago)
Supersonic planes again?
christopher E (1 month ago)
New news airbus did it a321xlr
Eabord Thawn (1 month ago)
A321 NEO will replace it
Nice Yolk (1 month ago)
Student pilots like me are sweating looking at this video. What if they don't need pilots anymore
Charlie Cross (1 month ago)
They are coming
ombeni sichone (1 month ago)
I dnt trust boeing
Mart Vids (1 month ago)
Should’ve made the 757X instead of 737 MAX, just my opinion
Doggb Bggod (1 month ago)
6:25 your video production skills are great,but all you need is a small bit of research to figure hyperloop is impossible.
Murathan Kayhan (1 month ago)
It's not impossible...
Thicc boi QQ (1 month ago)
Well airbus a220
JabbaDuhHut (1 month ago)
The A321XR is the new 757.
Quinn Fastnow (1 month ago)
the bus system in my town is free
Cheeky Cunt (1 month ago)
The Dreamliner is a lovely plane and I can’t wait to see how they’ll top it
Bbkirby1212 (1 month ago)
Time traveler: hey send over productions how’s the 737 max WP: well it’s the newest and greatest single aisle plane of 2019 Time traveler: oh so it’s before the crashes WP: ... ummm what
XD7Gaming (1 month ago)
Pilot less plane?!?!?!?! THAT SOUNDS HORRIBLE
Dom (1 month ago)
At this point in time Airbus is the only option for planes - one shouldn't even be thinking about Boeing. In my opinion the only good planes Boeing ever made are the 767 and the 777
ZnR_BombsAway (1 month ago)
Wait... what comes after 797???
Blark Dexture (1 month ago)
Planes has no future #Greta
Gregg Hanson (1 month ago)
Anything that costs more than 10 cents to operate will not happen. For the past 30 years, for passengers, the airlines have been going backwards. High speed rail is desperately needed in the U.S.
worldsmostretardedperson 4715472 (1 month ago)
No plane #FlightShame #OriginSweden
ice.toxiic (1 month ago)
9:12 airport?
Jan Geerling (1 month ago)
To speed up global warming, let's fly more.
Jan Geerling (1 month ago)
And subsidize women to have more babies
Jan Geerling (1 month ago)
Build more hotels and promote tourism.
SeanTheSheep YT (1 month ago)
Or make more fuel efficent engines...
Joseph White (1 month ago)
okay if you insist
S. Nonaka (1 month ago)
I hate the A321 neo. It’s such a small plane
Ebi_Tempura (1 month ago)
Pfff, Hyperloop isn't an answer to anything. Don't listen to those pipe dreams
Dodi Pitojo (1 month ago)
what a limited if you just talking future concept is abot speed and economics
sai karthi (1 month ago)
what about nuclear powered aircrafts
Eric Henry (1 month ago)
London to Reno? Really?
Squawk 7700 (1 month ago)
The plane of the future is the mma
Toto Toto (1 month ago)
Yes, it is true more efficient economically. That's why the space between seats becomes smaller and smaller. And hope that gay who talking about efficiency will fly straight up his feet and pay for this fortune.
Richard Rudol (1 month ago)
Electric, commercial, airplane is a BS concept since batteries contain all componentes to create, valotile, explosion reaction. Carosine doesn't explode unless it is mixed with, outside taken, oxigen in proper proportions. Usually, we see an airplane aflame and people walking away, safely. With the battery, this whole thing would explode in mid air like we see in Hollywood movies.
QuickGameHD (1 month ago)
The 757 is just gorgeous
Richard Zhang (1 month ago)
We need a Concorde 2.0. I would love a 5 hour flight from US Westcoast to Mainland China/East Asia
Arup Dey (1 month ago)
Boeing doomed with its MAX...