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10 Crazy Cool Gadgets You Must Have in 2019

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Text Comments (262)
francesco valli (2 days ago)
92r189m 1m9n9 (3 days ago)
TheDanMan (5 days ago)
title: 10 Crazy Cool Gadgets You Must Have in 2018 - 2019 Description: Published on Dec 5, 2016
NeNa Pse (5 days ago)
Spam. Not very serious people in this channel. Just republished some old stuff from 2016. Lazy people
Neptune Fish (5 days ago)
10 crazy cool gadgets you must have in 2018 and 2019 Shows fidget cube from 2016
Officially Here (7 days ago)
1: nintendo switch
Ruth Clayborne (8 days ago)
you rock
Pwnstar (9 days ago)
Im here from the future of 2018 to tell you that we are not into useless shit that takes up space anymore.
Awesomeness Is awesome (9 days ago)
The ads were unbelievable
Greg Furlong (10 days ago)
Should be labeled cool gadgets 2016
Aswathy Jose (12 days ago)
I want that black bear, whats its name? where can I get from? whats its cost please say ASAP
CowRedbeard Games (14 days ago)
17 ads? That's an ad every minute
Sabrina O (16 days ago)
Those zip up shoes look ugly...
Sabrina O (16 days ago)
Lol I don’t even use remotes... I barely use my tv...
Tim Hansen (16 days ago)
Yeah, lets store dandruff and grease in our wallets. Because a decade of finger residue isn't enough.
jaboyjanaro 395 (23 days ago)
Coolest gadgets (Shoes) Not what I expected
TheBlanco951 (28 days ago)
Alot of the inventions in the video can easily be replaced by an app. Does anyone else agree?
Rodrigo Moreno (28 days ago)
Los anuncios nisiquiera dejan ver el video. Una mierda
Andrei Irimescu (28 days ago)
16 min video, 16 ads! For real?
Luke'in GOod (29 days ago)
honestly these are all horrible. the fidget cube is super noise btw
Sadik Toys Review (30 days ago)
ap dispensers?? why does it matter if the soap dispenser has germs on it, your literally washing your hands right after touching it....
GamerXy1 (1 month ago)
Ad Simulator 2018?
A Walker (1 month ago)
That tape 16 one is actually pretty useful
Kaylee Cooney (1 month ago)
The phree is the same as a wireless mouse but just is in the shape of a pen
Squadz (1 month ago)
more ads plz
Antonis Demian (1 month ago)
LIam Dawber (1 month ago)
How Many Ads ?! WTF dislike and unsub for that. Like 16 Holy shit
J.J's World (1 month ago)
I started to think this video was like 3 hours long when I saw the bar, but nope just a money whore dislike
Man From Uncool (1 month ago)
Seems like the first gadget eliminates the need for everything but sexism.
VirXually (1 month ago)
15 ads...
UNiCoRn PeGaSuS (1 month ago)
What the fuck is the 2nd one?
kitcatmeow studio (2 months ago)
The bear is soooo cute!
mdt10 (2 months ago)
tape measure is really cool. got mine here
Patrick Star (2 months ago)
Top 10 wastes of money
Sports (2 months ago)
Holy shit technology is advancing at a very fast pace! What's next? An app to wipe your ass?!
Pulamoul (2 months ago)
Video from 2016. 2019 Gadgets ? Nop...
little miss Quincy (2 months ago)
Jānis Zukulis (2 months ago)
8:55 yay it's free
Tamás_ (3 months ago)
WOOOOOWW,I don't need any of these,I wasted 15 minutes of my life,THANK YOU!
Snappy Frag (3 months ago)
15 adds on on a 16 minute vid!
Auintie58 (3 months ago)
This is stupid too complicated and so many adds -1 subscriber
leon lee (3 months ago)
cykcyko1 (3 months ago)
2:25 with one button you can go from "STANDARD to metric" WTF.
M D (3 months ago)
wayyyyyyyy too many ads...a complete turn goodness!!
asm esm (3 months ago)
extremly helpless stuff
Lance Payne (3 months ago)
Greedy fucks, too many ads
Lanser Montero (3 months ago)
Stupid tech as always!
Jerry Liu (3 months ago)
CIMA (3 months ago)
The last song sounds like time after time by cindi lauper
Nostract Goshstot (3 months ago)
all of these are shocking
Monique Tucker (3 months ago)
too many ads
Shop Picks (3 months ago)
They are cool though
randy dunfield (3 months ago)
Good video poor placement of the way to many commercials, would not watch others form this source or recommend to others
Nina Messeck (4 months ago)
16 ads? Hell no. Thumb down.
Ty Hoffman (4 months ago)
When I don’t know what to blow my money on
Michael Seo (4 months ago)
Why cant i find geyser for sale on amazon?
gamehoek Ian (4 months ago)
Nothing is usefull
malik (4 months ago)
Disliked bc of the ads. God some people are greedy.
True Jinn (4 months ago)
You know you're gonna be laughed at for pulling out a digital measuring tape on a construction site.
Neko (4 months ago)
Da hora
MrCleansForeHead (4 months ago)
Has an iMac pro. CoUlDnT AfFoRd An AiR cOnDitiOnEr
ruben sildeyna (4 months ago)
big fat ads....
Hadi Al zayer (4 months ago)
I am watching this in2020 I am the future
SwatAlex alexkeong (4 months ago)
top10 use 360 IR,
Mohammad Siddiqui (4 months ago)
What is name of 10 black bear gadget
Anna the Introvert (4 months ago)
Mile Jukic (4 months ago)
Top ten useless things you can waste your money on
jake thasnake (4 months ago)
Lol 25 ads smh
JDSmagic (4 months ago)
16 ads. I'm not even gonna watch.
Christina B (4 months ago)
That bear remote is dumb lmao
Techno friendly (4 months ago)
great bear but It would have been nice if she was a girl :-)
ma-chan ma-chan (4 months ago)
the etape has "standard and metric measurement".
Ishan (4 months ago)
Pedobwar ! :3
Wacky Reactions (4 months ago)
wow such cool items, i will probs showcase some of the products shown here on my channel, so others who haven't seen this video can see what amazon really has to offer
KG ENTERTAINMENT (4 months ago)
Wow this is so good mind blowing love it
Андрей Ильин (4 months ago)
Alexander Wonder (5 months ago)
Great video but too many ads.
Gadget Mania (5 months ago)
can't wait for the new Stuff..
arun babu (5 months ago)
ad in every min are you kiddin
Garrymshlarry ‘ (5 months ago)
The ads are extremely excessive
Garrymshlarry ‘ (5 months ago)
I agree
Michael W (5 months ago)
These gadgets are as useless as all these gadget channels.
StirFry cupp (5 months ago)
wtf is with the ads
Fox West (5 months ago)
Wonder how much phree is...
You is A dumbass (5 months ago)
William Hicks (5 months ago)
jesusfucking Christ could there be more ads??? FUCK
See Through (5 months ago)
I hate technology, nature is better.
Sports (2 months ago)
I absolutely agree with you!!!
Sports (2 months ago)
Holy shit technology is advancing at a very fast pace! What's next? An app to wipe our ass?!
Naveed Hossain (4 months ago)
See Through if you really hate technology, I'd suggest not using electricity, man made heaters and coolers, the phone and computer you have or even transport other than your bare feet :P technology makes life more convenient for us, and while true a lot of these gadgets are ridiculous, technology in general is something a modern person living in a modern society just cannot hate without being hypocritical
Miss Lucky Ducky (5 months ago)
There are 16 ads on this 16 min video
Gavin Laster (5 months ago)
The fuck with the ads
Brenda J (5 months ago)
What about high heel and stiletto shoes?
Schinishi Kudo (5 months ago)
20 ads in 16 mins? WTF M8? FU SUN OF A BITCH
Eric Markowitsch (5 months ago)
Its not Christmas, remove some ads. People without addblock maybe will get angry about that
SATISH THORAT (5 months ago)
Goldie Dover (5 months ago)
Wow that’s a lot of ads for a video witch is essentially one long advert.
Alexandrea Hrytsak (2 months ago)
Gabriela Mercedes Hdz (5 months ago)
No mistake s for this..I don't believe it
Sephra Ardan (5 months ago)
Magnet plus my phone?? No way 😆 Phree looks awesome 👏🏼 Geyser looks great for an apartment dweller like me. Zipper shoes look like the zipper will bust on me at the least convenient moment 🙄 And the last one looks so clunky like carrying around a wii remote, it’s to big 🤭
Bonifacio Aba (5 months ago)
Is the Belkin Rockstar a power bank? What is that?
KingDerpyGoat (5 months ago)
Dinev1000 (5 months ago)
I am a simple man. I see more than 3 - 4 ads , i dislike.
asdasd asdad (5 months ago)
4:15 that cooler cannot give 360 degree ventilating all around because it has 4 legs on corners wich reduces 360degree