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When You Mess With The 💥Wrong People💥 #4

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Text Comments (9550)
Starling Mckay (9 hours ago)
2:53 definitely best one you can thank me later
Matttio Eeoon (1 day ago)
I loved this video
Jude Gabriel Escalera (1 day ago)
I’ve been looking for this channel
Nick Rivera (1 day ago)
Please pick less obnoxious music Jesus Christ this is awful.
Patrick Szostak (1 day ago)
7.50 he is a fucking bad driver. Nearly crashing in the fast car and in the end crashing into a bike. He goes to jail for a long time.
Patrick Szostak (1 day ago)
7.05 the poor biker gets some of the spray too.
Creep McCreep (1 day ago)
4:12 and his name is... 4:14 JOHN CENA
Dirty Rockstar (1 day ago)
Dude that fell out of that car looked like he was break dancing lolololol
Oliver Smith (1 day ago)
2:18 the best..the 2 guy don't that the guy has a big weapon..haha
GUCCI BOY AND JV (1 day ago)
2:39 ok now that was way far this guy is a savage
GemiAh lady (1 day ago)
2:17 never mess with those idiots are me 2:46 never mess with man who knows how to drive an drink 3:06 never mess with man who are texting i did it before OMG 2:07 never stay at school when a man is outside with a bat...... he will chop when i mean chop he will kill u 4:06 never mess with a man that has his girlfrind omg he will kill u before u know it 5:00 never ever go for a walk at night with a man with a gun he will hurt u andu dead...so those are crazy men if u want to know more follow me on instagram but last one 6:00 a man driving with his kids he see a hot sexy girl he will crash and say..... bruhhh she hot tho
Ezekiel Tenido (1 day ago)
NoContentJokesOnYou (1 day ago)
This is hilarious
NoContentJokesOnYou (1 day ago)
This is so funny omfg
colliecat101 (1 day ago)
6:27 yay i understand hebrew woohoo so i didnt need to read the subtitles
MemesMerdosos (2 days ago)
dude those fuckin text on screen are so annoying cmon man
Cat Davidson (3 days ago)
that teachez you a lot lol
Cheryl McDougall (3 days ago)
2:39 damn
Ian Pedlar (3 days ago)
2:19 Let's see, how could we set up a really viral video? Well first we'll need a really good picture from someone with a phone that just happens to be parked there, then the story will go .... hey, now we've beaten up the excavator guy we both notice at the same time that someone is filming us so we go to beat him up when... TADA!!! And let's throw our arms up in despair for a little added authenticity.
Evan Abbott (3 days ago)
A lot of these put a smile on my face.😁
I'm Blue (3 days ago)
5:13 what’s that song
Stephen Apines (3 days ago)
Thats why never fight with another gender
tommy48231 Roblox (3 days ago)
the one at 3:07 look like a nerd lol
Super Sean (3 days ago)
7:14 I thought it was a fart.
Daniel (3 days ago)
Dude you really need to stop calling everyone "gangsters"
Evan Abbott (3 days ago)
It sounds like a little kid is putting these vids together.
Ryan (4 days ago)
I like how the cop went to pull out his gun
Mohit Singh (4 days ago)
Lesson: never mess with crane man
John Snow (5 days ago)
You can go to a police station with a bat and not get shot. If you aint black smh
E Bomb (5 days ago)
bear blyat (5 days ago)
5:27 he is just a kid
The Monopoly Guy (6 days ago)
I hope that third friend who waited in the car at 2:48 is ok.
Cr7 Gaming (6 days ago)
5:31 she fucking drew that spray like a fucking ninja
cool person cool (6 days ago)
Karma isn’t real people bully and are mean with no repercussions! Btw what that guy did with the excavator is illegal.
Tyler Cuthbertson (6 days ago)
this video sucks
Merphisis merph (6 days ago)
good video but the quality is shit
PANDABOY2002 (6 days ago)
6:05 what is it with people and police now a days you do realise your going to get your ass handed to you right.
PANDABOY2002 (6 days ago)
4:10 that's a fucking police station what did you think was gonna happen
PANDABOY2002 (6 days ago)
2:50 that guys getting a sued
Pollatent (7 days ago)
I feel like a 5 year old makes these cuz half the shit he says on this sides doesn’t make sense
Casey Boggs (7 days ago)
7:04 only fuckbois and pussies need a weapon to try and prove their worth. Get fucked ya little bitch.
Aspect (7 days ago)
5:28 how about you use pepper spray for self defense instead of starting shit with people and using it because you can’t fight
Ro Lord (7 days ago)
4:14 hola, you just knocked down
bright eyes (7 days ago)
the first one i fort was so funny
Goodies with. Riley (8 days ago)
4:12 oml he is so weak it makes me cringe
CharlezzBeastMode (8 days ago)
World of Warcraft?
-MOCHII- (8 days ago)
Same song again and again -_-
Alex Ander (8 days ago)
"Der I'm just gonna take my baseball bat and totally intimidate police officers inside a police station. That'll totally work." Lol what a moron
ghostattack992 Ghost (8 days ago)
Instant "Carma"
henninho1985 (8 days ago)
Lass mal den Drecksrahmen mit den behinderten Sprüchen weg du zurückgebliebener Hurensohn.
FishSticks (9 days ago)
Why does the old guy in the police station at 4:24 look like the guy from Jurassic Park.
BooCakeSenpai TheCute (9 days ago)
2:44 At this moment they knew they f*cked up
joelombrdo (9 days ago)
Goes to show that there are a lot of people on the low end of the bell curve
TheOffensiveOne Noneofyourbussiness (9 days ago)
joelombrdo (9 days ago)
Those first two guys, morons!
Charly Löf Gustavsson (9 days ago)
this fucking music in the background is trash. delete it and it would be a better video at least..
Barry Hoppins (9 days ago)
Chris Romberg (10 days ago)
Music sucks...
ARMY_ BLINK (10 days ago)
the green car though
SEAN MARTIN SIM (10 days ago)
The first one soooo funny
LUNATIC GAMING (10 days ago)
4:14 !!! Spear By EDGE in WWE
MN 007 (10 days ago)
That cop was awesome
Hafeez Uddin (10 days ago)
Song name? 1:59
freederman (10 days ago)
road race lagi jajajajaja
wilhelm smedmark (11 days ago)
7:54 how is that karma? the motorcyclist that got hit might be dead? the guy in the car got away just fine
Bibi Gonzales (11 days ago)
Soda Can (11 days ago)
red borders smd
boop shanaa (11 days ago)
These videos fucking suck.
Ruaa Rammahi (11 days ago)
At 6:06 he jumped over a police officer by doing a backflip on the cops car well he got BUSTED AND DUSTED.
Stone U (12 days ago)
4:00 you need to be a fkin moron to attack a police station with a baseball bat, in america lol
Simon Huff (12 days ago)
Damn... skaters should carry pepper spray😂
food luv (12 days ago)
the dude on 10:12 use to be a security at six flags magic mountain!
zaid rawas (13 days ago)
Fuck this shit annoying ass music
Hermamn nimo (13 days ago)
horrible channel. shit music loop
Joe Nathan White (13 days ago)
04:00 can sb explain me what he was trying to do???
Mubin (14 days ago)
This vid is a waste of time, hopefully this saved someone from wasting theirs
Mr. Durian (14 days ago)
What songs does he use?
cokernator (15 days ago)
6:15 those are some fat cops!
ianna cn (15 days ago)
Everyone eventually meets their match
Elviana lee (16 days ago)
2:36 idk but i feel so good watching that
RagnerFX (16 days ago)
No offence but improve yr music choices and improve yr English I’m not being mean I’m just giving some criticism
MatchBoi TV (16 days ago)
6:05 look it's jake paul
Johnny Cadillac (14 days ago)
MatchBoi TV LMAO
Natas 350 (16 days ago)
4:12 that makes me feel good
Captain Yummy (16 days ago)
4:13 that knock out though
JusB Aloha (17 days ago)
if you standing around watching a guy get in a woman's face, and do nothing, your a bigger bitch than him, fucking sad!!!
Dribs (17 days ago)
Music ruins clips
Dogey Play (17 days ago)
Okay no. I’ve had enough of this. On a separate video of yours a woman continues to touch and push a man, he hits her and it’s the worst thing ever. Now a man pushes a woman and he gets pepper sprayed and it’s “INSTANT KARMA”
mooseonskates (17 days ago)
most obnoxious music ever
kubilan pasalan (18 days ago)
Ali Alrefee (18 days ago)
Wtf why would u attack a police office lol
Hisham Mughal (18 days ago)
i disliked this vid because of the stupid fucking music
Peter Jansen (18 days ago)
Learn some English before you add commentary you moron.
Tyler Simpkins (18 days ago)
When someone owes you money but doesn't give it to you 4:12
Richard Brown (19 days ago)
Just look at this asshole 5:01
Akira White (19 days ago)
Happy easter everyone!
Akshay Mandal (19 days ago)
2:50 awesome
Pablo Ovalle (19 days ago)
the crawler
TheGnurgen (19 days ago)
The dude at 6:00, so he may have gotten a few days in jail, but can you say that you did a backflip from a police car over a policeman? sounds like a win in the long run.
MasterMike117 MasterMike117 (19 days ago)
2 things, 1. WTF is up wtih the song. and 2. This video does not match the video titile
Trafala32 (20 days ago)
The one in the excavator was great
Maurice (21 days ago)
haha yeah don't play hear lol.