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When You Mess With The 💥Wrong People💥 #4

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In This Video You Will See That INSTANT KARMA Its REAL... Becarefull And Be Nice To Other People Or You Will Get And Intsant Karma!! Thanks For Watching Don't Forget To Comment Like And Subscribe For MOre Video !!!!
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Text Comments (9108)
Aiden Nixon (4 hours ago)
0:14 "Top Ten Anime Battles"
HerpThatDerpSeal or qwrip (6 hours ago)
Pepper spray is the new woman’s weapon
ҜΣΣP CΔLM . (8 hours ago)
0:31 just put it in the middle
spectrum fire110 (9 hours ago)
I subbed
austin62halo (1 day ago)
Games (1 day ago)
The music ruined a great compilation
TwiggyHD (1 day ago)
Under arrest for mischief and drunk in a public place ? Fat fucking police cunt
David Zatica (1 day ago)
ANoobClawz (1 day ago)
I think this youtuber needs to learn to spell
learnordo Da vinci (1 day ago)
Aye niggas what's the song called bc my manz lookin for it
GuidoAnchovy B (1 day ago)
fck you and your garbage music faggot
Emanon (2 days ago)
4:19 old cop in white shirt couldn't even get his gun out of his holster LOL
Ryan Amundsen (2 days ago)
Idiot seption!
spongebob يبكي (2 days ago)
4:15 الله معو للبطللل ❤❤❤
Stekill Bob (3 days ago)
Fuck God bitch
Camilo Campos (3 days ago)
I Iiked when the guy comes out of no where in just spear the guy
XXL Creator (3 days ago)
9:38 American idiot
Ben Tries (3 days ago)
None of the subtitles made any sense
Lara Robinson (3 days ago)
This video is the reason i believe in karma
Prajjawal Dee Yadav (3 days ago)
4:16 To the Police:I was just practicing my shots.
Eduard Ackerman (3 days ago)
Eduard Ackerman (3 days ago)
rdo20358 (4 days ago)
Lol some of it was pure savage.
Fidel Garcia (4 days ago)
Karma isn’t real
Captain_Dirt (4 days ago)
Fucken crap for music !!!!!!!
zg32e9 (4 days ago)
2:46 imagine if there was a kid left in the car
Slim OMGDaily (4 days ago)
*NEW CHANNEL* *Deleted old channel* *SUBSCRIBE and till the 10,000th Subscriber I will subscribe back.* *Back uploading daily after my holiday guys I promise.* Much love❤️ *Slim & the OMGDaily© Team.*
Abrohm Flores (4 days ago)
Lol instant karma
bella boom boom (4 days ago)
The third clip, he deserves a 🏆
Денис Брынза (4 days ago)
Lululipes (4 days ago)
4:20 the olé lan is Just lime ok...
Hannah Payne (4 days ago)
that first one lol!!!
Krimson King (4 days ago)
Stop it with the shit music
Kylie Larkham (4 days ago)
HispanicCausinPanic (4 days ago)
3:17 his shirt says security haha
Fosi94 (4 days ago)
charlie poole (4 days ago)
3:13 - 4:13 he is just a wanker
Fosi94 (4 days ago)
2:45 Priceless
Stefan O'Dell (4 days ago)
best one was when the car got crushed by the backhoe
Tobie (4 days ago)
2:45 that deserves an oscar for best acting
Jake Paul (4 days ago)
2:55 I'd give him a high five
plnkfloydian (4 days ago)
This video is complete ass
mrsavage MLBB (4 days ago)
If someone mess me Around And no one sees what's happening... I'll bite that guys skin off so Fuck off Bullies!
BLACKEN WHITE (4 days ago)
I play cs.go counter strike only
Jhourdan (4 days ago)
The first is just like when kids are like I don't want it you take it
H. tiler (4 days ago)
Everybody in the world is a Holocaust surviver, money please?
Katie Fitzgerald (4 days ago)
Lol the first one made me choke on my pizza a bit XD
Jason (4 days ago)
5:41 that laugh omfg 🤣🤣🤣 Brilliance
xXolomonXx ツ (4 days ago)
10:14 lol
TheProKing-_- RO (4 days ago)
2:04 melodi?
Ethan Wehrman (4 days ago)
2:17, it's carma
Desalitor2 (4 days ago)
What's with all the retarded Captions left and right saying stuff like " remember!! god never sleep!!!" and " Karma is real!!! Just like plant!". Do they let pygmies make videos now ?
GRaToMiC (4 days ago)
At Large The MC (4 days ago)
5:40 never disrespect a lady
At Large The MC (4 days ago)
2:03 yo that's crazy like he thought he was hard until he got into a car accident. That's a lesson for everyone, bad karma will come back
RarePepe23 (4 days ago)
4:15 yeet
Mick Jones :DogBiscuit: (4 days ago)
What the fuck is this shit music!?
Clue Squad (4 days ago)
1:39 that's what you get:-/ just keep watching
I NEED HEALING (4 days ago)
Trey Taylor (4 days ago)
Why did he attack a police station?
georgie peorgie (4 days ago)
wtf is the car with the camera on board?
Sea Life (4 days ago)
OMYGOD 2:15 was priceless
AwakenBloxGames (4 days ago)
5:01 when your ankles get broken cars version.
Obie (4 days ago)
poop gun
Casablanca xd (4 days ago)
5:10 song???
Toby Giblin-Webb (4 days ago)
theres a new home for that green car the scrap yard
Aldin Geometry Dash (4 days ago)
Best video ever!i wqs climbing with my friends and we were on top of a cliff and he hit me in the face so then a dog owner comes my his dog and the dog jumps on him and he fell of the cliff (hes ok) INSTANT KARMA
Thaisa Lemos (4 days ago)
They use pepper spray
Janice Dickerson (4 days ago)
CHE GUEVARA (4 days ago)
8:08 "BIKER GETS HIS REVENGE" ROAD RACE IN INDONESIA ..AND THEY ARE INDONESIAN .. This link is full version of that road race in Bondowoso city ..Indonesia 😂😂😂 . https://youtu.be/d1kC87E5bbA me too.. Im Indonesian
gutta på fjellet (4 days ago)
7:00 is best
Leiff Lewis (4 days ago)
Have to stop watching the damn music gives me a headache
pootytang203 (4 days ago)
That punk ass cop ran and locked the door and hid office like a little scary bitch 😂😂😂😂😂
Rodger W. (4 days ago)
Can we stop for a moment and think about this person's grammar?
jussi kuosa (4 days ago)
Lazy Jesus (4 days ago)
I need to stay away from the interweb cos the more I surf the more I see the world is full of stupid people.
Sulaiman Alyahya (4 days ago)
mocraft gamer (4 days ago)
Maija McCord (4 days ago)
M m. M m. M. ',
Fakeacc56 And W (4 days ago)
He vaporized his car damn
DRACAX GAMING (4 days ago)
If you look very closely at 0:00 you can see the video starting
Lightning Strike (4 days ago)
8:25 you know the surprise mudafukka moment...
CHE GUEVARA (4 days ago)
Lightning Strike 8:08 "BIKER GETS HIS REVENGE" ROAD RACE IN INDONESIA ..AND THEY ARE INDONESIAN .. This link is full version of that road race in Bondowoso city ..Indonesia 😂😂😂 . https://youtu.be/d1kC87E5bbA me too.. Im Indonesian
My Pgod (4 days ago)
Who is writing this text. Are you 12?
Lightning Strike (4 days ago)
7:30-7:40 that sounds real fast, but he is smart for the police part
Dirty Kange (4 days ago)
About the last one he should have brought out a baseball bat and bashed their heads
Lightning Strike (4 days ago)
2:44-3:04 savage
Our media (4 days ago)
nimrath (4 days ago)
How pissed off must you be to attack a police station with a baseball bat?
Gary Host (4 days ago)
Fake and gay stop mixing and matching what are clearly different videos to suit your portrayal of karma for views.
spicy meme (4 days ago)
too many Malaysians fast drivers and being caught by a police :/
Chatur gamer (4 days ago)
what is the 3:09 music please
Jennor Moreno (4 days ago)
The music is so stupid.
Jamie Diamond (4 days ago)
Don't try to smash your way through some automatic doors at your local police station XD Jackass sick tackle.
PinkIsRocking (4 days ago)
The one where the cammer makes another person crash into a motorcyclist infront of police was NOT KARMA that is horrible for the biker! He might have to go to the hospital and he has a broken af bike! NOT good.
Hayleigh Dotson (4 days ago)
I don't get the last one
Louis Scott (4 days ago)
why the bad dubstep though
Kent Darren (4 days ago)
the end is in bondowoso village in indonesia
arin hanson's dick (4 days ago)
Lol what is this shit
Charles Sanders (5 days ago)
Who is the retard who narrated this?
Austin Everett (5 days ago)
The music was so fucking annoying