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I'm Big Data

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Gain new insight on your big data with High-Performance Analytics from SAS®. To learn more about SAS solutions for your big data problems, visit: Big Data Explained - SAS Visual Analytics - SAS High-Performance Analytics -
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chiranjit7 (4 years ago)
All the points that you just said; 95% of them I am doing now without BIG Data. I am waiting for the data when I will need a real use case of BIG data.
Victor Elischer (4 years ago)
Thank you so much!!
SAS Software (4 years ago)
+blueoctopus89 Thank you for your comment!
Philips Wellcentive (4 years ago)
By being able to sort through all this data real results can truly be shown.
SAS Software (5 years ago)
Who will be watching the Carolina Hurricanes vs Anaheim Ducks Games tonight? Be on the lookout for Mr. Big Data's big screen debut!